You need not earn nor plan your ascension!

01/19/2013 19:07

You need not earn nor plan for ascension!


Every human being and every living soul evolves based on his or her time on entering into the realms of life and consciousness that is known as third dneisty. It matters not how good and loving you think you are as a soul or human being and it matters not how dark; evil; and negative you are either. No one enters into their awakening and ascension because they earned it or have become a loving being –period. You see we do not as a living soul evolve to the point where we are no longer dark; negative; or evil so that we are then headed for heaven at our time of ascension.  You do not start out as a dark human soul and end up as a loving and caring one –who puts his or her neighbors needs on an equal plane with his or her own in life. Neither do you start out as a dark and negative soul and some of you end up being cursed and bound for hell accordingly- while others who came from the dark end up going to the heavens to eternity.

We do not go to heaven when we awaken and ascend nor do we go to the hells. We are always going back and forth - up and down between the heavens and the hells throughout our lives from the moment we are created as a living and conscious spirit on into eternity. Even at this day everyone has awakened and ascended already but some have done so more than other- and others were already awakened long ago and are simply moving up a notch- still involved in the guiding of human souls into their awakening and ascension even at this day. Each and every one of you can be just as happy as you choose to be in life from one generation to the next based on what your own conscious understanding permits you to create as your reality in life. It does not matter that some humans believe they need money in order to survive and be happy in life and it does not matter what one human believes they need for their happiness- as all human beings are on one different plane of consciousness or another- and even though we all share a world and life together upon the same planet does not mean we all have to experience the same realities within out lives.

No one leaves the present world and moves to another while leaving all other humans on your present planet to fend for themselves and to finish out their own evolution of the soul on their own. You all evolve together as One even though you see it as being totally separate in each and every personal situation. Now given that we have laid this all out for you now dear ones we wish to explain another little detail about your lives on your present planet and world. Your planet has already ascended and has moved up to its fifth dneisty levels of consciousness that everyone has been talking abut in your world as of late. However those still living their lives in the third dneisty planes of existence most of the time will not have recognized that this change has even taken place yet. But you must all remember eventually – every plane of existence or density of life for the human being has its higher levels of consciousness and its lower levels of consciousness- and every human on that plane of existence or within that world (no matter what density it resides in) moves up and down in and out of the higher and lower levels of consciousness every moment of every hour of every day.

And in those densities that no longer experience the actual illusion of time and space- still they choose to use the illusion of time and space in their lives as an advantage now instead of a crutch. So because they are in a higher density and no longer living the illusions of time and space still they move up and down – in and out of their higher and lower selves (or levels of consciousness) within every now moment of their lives- given they all live within the now when they are living in the higher densities of existence or consciousness.

Again it matters not what level of consciousness or density of life you are living in or on- every human being experiences all the dneisties in their life throughout their day – but it is understood by the higher self that a human can only experience the level of consciousness known as their highest levels of consciousness based on the levels of consciousness they have evolved to in life. So where some humans in your world can experience seventh; eighth; ninth; tenth level densities – and so on depending on their level of evolution of the human soul, some humans cannot think or draw thoughts and affections in life as their higher self much past the fourth density  levels of consciousness. Another way of saying it is that every human on your world has a higher self- and they connect every day ( at least) with their higher self- but they can only connect with that level of consciousness that represents their higher self based on their level of evolution of their soul in life. 

So now that your world has evolved to where it is fifth dneisty according to equilibrium- still every human being on your world is up and down back and forth all the time during their day in one dneisty and level of consciousness or another. Everyone in your world is never each at their fifth dneisty levels of consciousness all at the same time- nor are they at their third dneisty levels of consciousness all at the time- as your world (now that you are in the process of learning how all humans can share a world together in Oneness- harmony- unity- and freedom of life) if fifth dneisty based and therefore fifth dneisty is its center or foundation. Now with fifth dneisty now being the center of your world society this means that equilibrium has been established for your world where fore the human soul that lives right in the middle of your society (the center of your universe now) is the fifth dneisty human. All other humans who live outside of that equilibrium now call their homes either third dneisty (fourth dneisty consciousness) or fifth dneisty (which is sixth dneisty consciousness). Every human who now lives within that center is either sixth density or higher- based on his or her level of evolution.

So you see dear ones your world has indeed ascended based on its universal ascension- and this means the one thing everyone has been waiting on has already taken place- and only those who know it has taken place will understand this at this day- while others are waking by the hour on your world and will there come to understand what we are saying at this time very shortly. And those who do not awaken and come to understand very shortly will all do so eventually while all those living in your world dear ones- no matter what level of consciousness they are on- will benefit from the universal ascension that has already taken place in and on your world. So no one is left out no matter what level of consciousness they are on at this day. And when your world was a third dneisty world based on their evolution the equilibrium of that world then was third dneisty in its center- which means that the average human being then was drawing from their third dneisty consciousness most of the time. That has changed now- which means they will now draw from their fifth dneisty levels of consciousness most of the time.

And since your world has already ascended and has become fifth dneisty- fifth dneisty humans are working in the upper echelons of your collective consciousness of your world- in which case your world is now being created anew by fifth dneisty humans. Before it was being created every moment of every day (even though these created realities for your past world were new all the time as well- still they were being created form service to self third dneisty humans in stead of service to self combined with service to others fifth dneisty human beings. But make no mistake about it we have joined with fifth dneisty service to self souls at this day to create your world anew simply because the transition would be too harsh on the average human being if we did not do this in such a way.

Now because we have explained to you dear ones why we have joined with fifth dneisty service to self human souls we must also mention that what we are doing here is bringing our present world( your world as well) into its complete equilibrium- and we have been doing this for quite some time now. So what you have in your world is a whole lot of human beings who think they are awakened but they do not fully understand what being awakened consists of in life. This is because some are more awakened than others and they know something is different in their life but they do not know how far they have truly come in their evolution of the soul- or how close they truly are to being a fifth dneisty human being based on their present lifestyle and ruling loves in life.

Some human beings today in your world (now) are very awakened and up to speed on what is taking place in your world- while others do not have a clue- and then there are myriads of others who make up all the different levels of understanding in between the place of equilibrium known as center or zero point and the lowest of societies or understanding within your present world.  Now because there are those who are really getting things done in your world for the people or for the One- there are others who just can’t accept that a thing that is too good to be true can actually now be true in your world dear ones. In other words those things about to happen in your world will not make sense to any third dneisty human- will only make a little sense to those just awakening- and will at the same time make perfect sense to those who have already awakened.

Do not think this is about money dear ones- do not think this is about new technologies or revealing all truth in your world of past circumstances; it is not about  achieving world peace. Do not even think this is about getting rid of all of your worldly and cherished possessions in life as it is not. What this is all about dear ones is achieving equilibrium at a level that fifth dneisty is now your equilibrium in life instead of third dneisty- and that is it. And so you must all eventually come around to living life as One- as living in unconditional love for your friends; family; and neighbors. There must soon become a unity and a harmony of life for all human souls now living on your planet and in your world and reality. There must be no more set order to your societies throughout your world – there must be no more rules- and there must be no more laws binding human kind to slavery ever again. There must be no more punishment in your world dear ones – and without the presence of rules; order; and laws; this will have become a very achievable goal for all of you in the now moments ahead.

There will be no more governments to rule over the people and this will indeed be decided naturally by the people. War will be a thing of the past simply because a world where all citizens work together toward the good of the whole would never again think of a thing such as war or violence one citizen or group toward another. All of this can now be achieved dear ones and no one has to give up their treasures in life that provide them happiness and security of life in the mean while. You do not have to give up your car until you are provided a better one. You do not have to give up your house until you are offered one to take its place that will more than satisfy you. You do not ever again have to die of sickness and disease as all sicknesses and diseases will be cured almost in the twinkling of an eye. Never again will you give up your children now will you teach them to be a lesser person than yourself in life as all levels of education will be provided free of charge to the citizens of your world. There will be no more borders that cannot be crossed freely and safely- as we will now live life as One Society and soul.

Again dear ones these are the things that will remain for all of you in life based on your third dneisty lifestyle while you are each provided the abilities and freedom to live life according to your fifth dneisty lifestyle as well whenever you please now in life. For one level of consciousness is not held for one group of souls while they are off limits for others. But still there will be third dneisty humans in our world and life and they are free, and invited in fact, to join us in our fifth dneisty levels of consciousness any time they please in life. We will help provide you all a new life and world that provides all the happiness and needs any of you might presently have in life, but just as has happened in the past- there are things we will provide your world that will still keep many of you bound in third dneisty- while those of you who choose not to take of certain pleasures in life will be able to spend more of your life in the higher densities. 

Money will not keep you out of fifth dneisty dear ones- nor will technology. Houses; cars; televisions; boats; motorcycles; extravagant vacations; and all the pleasures you can set your mind on- as these are not the things that keep your vibrational levels down below that of fifth dneisty.

Ruling over others – laws- setting others up to fail or to sin- believing in right or wrong- forcing your beliefs on others- punishment- violence- war-coveting that which is your neighbors- and wanting to possess more in life than another to the point of offending or taking advantage of another- these are the things that will keep each of you every time in third dneisty life and consciousness. At the same time some of these rules can be bent while others can be broken (like in the movie the Matrix) depending on all the other things in your life that work toward holding your vibrations down. Indeed you can be a fifth dneisty human and still be in service to self- but if you are connected enough to the third dneisty human your vibrations will be too low to hold fifth dneisty consciousness. Remember that you cannot be fifth dneisty and third dneisty consciousness at the same time.

Now because we are awakened and are sixth dneisty human souls we can enter into third dneisty consciousness at this day and easily return to fifth dneisty. However those of you who do not know what it is to be fifth dneisty yet cannot do so;  in which case it would do us little good to explain to a third dneisty human what it is like or what is required to be the fifth dneisty human. Therefore it is only the newly awakened soul who usually get anything out of our words as those now yet awakened at all would find our words as crazy talk in the greatest sense. So for you dear ones what we are about to say will probably not sit well.


We have come into your world at this day because we have lived in your world for quite some time now and simply reincarnated this time around so as to help guide the awakening and ascension of your world at this day. In order to do so we have provided you certain gifts that will help ease the transition of certain souls in your world as it would have been a very hard transition for many of you had we not intervened.

But keep in mind that we are not ET’s and we are not of any actual group or society- nor are we of any type of government- as we are you all from the future; or what it is you would each call the future. The fact that we have called ourselves by many different names or societies or groups was always for your benefit until each of you awakened to the truth- and the truth is we are all One and we are therefore each of you and all of you- and we do not carry names or titles in any dneisties above fifth dneisty. Any human soul who continues throughout their awakening to believe any higher soul they channel is a group or society is believing these things simply because the soul they are channeling is still a third dneisty soul or group of souls. In other words there is no separation of souls from fifth dneisty up.

Therefore to name a group- society- or federation would be to cause separation of souls in the higher realms of consciousness. No one soul or entity that is channeled through the mind of third dneisty humans is a third dneisty soul but it is the third dneisty soul that is of the misconception that they are channeling a higher source; soul; or group of souls. Again there are no governments- no groups- and no federations within fifth density- sixth dneisty –and on up in densities to infinity. The fact that our host Daniel gives us the name or title of the Oneness Society is done for his purposes alone and he can choose to lose that title any time he pleases. But it is of our understanding that he too uses this term for certain other third dneisty humans who still have not come to the understanding of a society in Oneness- that requires no further borders; titles; or names ever again.

In the new world we have all moved into- even though every human soul does not yet understand this- there is no longer separation- no more borders or boundaries- no laws or rules or set order of societies- and no punishment any longer. Anyone of your present world who channels or speaks to higher spirits who claims these spirits or souls intend to arrest- judge- serve justice on certain souls of your world- or use violence in any way in order to achieve their goal in this present world of your is not of the higher levels or densities of consciousness and is not there of the higher self. It is true that all bets are off and there is no more rules or laws that can hinder your actions in life any longer- but at the same time this is not to say that a higher benevolent soul would stoop so low as to freely choose to harm or cause loss to another human soul ever again in order to achieve their goals in life.

All things that we have scheduled to happen in your world dear ones is surely about to happen- but it will all take place through peaceful means and no one will be held accountable nor will anyone ever again be punished in fifth dneisty. Therefore for those who wish to continue to punish others and judge them in your world from this moment forth we mention in closing that you will each reap that which you sow in life as third dneisty principles and habits will still always remain third dneisty principles and habits.

We are those you would understand to be you in the future dear ones and we love you all unconditionally. Enjoy the gifts we have coming your way!

Topic: You need not earn nor plan your ascension!

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