This is third dneisty Daniel asking a question of the Oneness Society. I would like to know if Daniel is also the Cabal and Illuminati of his own world?

Hello dear Daniel we are the Oneness Society and we come to answer your question - and it is a good one of course. Yes it is true that you are the Cabal as well as the Illuminati as you are every human and every group of human souls on your planet and in your world. Therefore as your consciousness rises in sixth dneisty levels of consciousness the higher levels of consciousness that represent the rulers of your world presently ( which did not very often visit sixth density consciousness before) will still be involved in the decisions of your life and world. They will however return to their purest innocence as the God Man is once again moving back to equilibrium. Therefore now you will provide the souls that make up your Service to self affections and ways of life as well as your Service to others affections and ways of life - and you can draw off of any of these souls whenever you please now in life, knowing there is no longer any right or wrong decisions on your part.  So again now your third dneisty human self ( as well as other selves) will be under your power; control; order; rules; and laws within their lives in your new world and system. You are now their God just as you have always been their God and each of them is your God as well. Everyone now gets to play God on his or her own terms once again, and all will come together every moment of every day and share in their lessons in life. All the individual Gods will forever continue sharing their lessons in life with the universal whole ( or Macrocosm and God Man). Each of you will now move on and continue your evolution as God Men, adding to the whole from now to eternity.

There are some differences now however Daniel; as the Cabal and Illuminati have from your own personal beginning (  when you were first created as a soul for lower third dneisty existence) represented your higher self, and have now evolved into the beings they now represent within you as well as outside of you. This goes for every human being on your planet and in your world as they too have their own way of seeing and understanding the influence of the Cabal and Illuminati on their lives as they have lived and experienced their life in your present world and system. Becasue you have evolved the Cabal and Illuminati have evolved as well ( the souls who possess them and make up their consciousness and ruling loves in lfie) and so they will now represent the leaders of the higher consciousness that is you Daniel - just as is the personal case with every other human on your world. In other words those humans who still hold to the same affections and wants in life; to the same fears and laws of the rulers of your present world; will continue to experience their wrath; corruption; and slavery they have always experienced until each human on your world evolves to a level to never again want the Cabal; Illuminati; and present system your world presently has at this day. 

Every human soul must envision and create within his or her minds thatworld they want for tommorrow, as tey are the Gods who have created their own realities from day one. It is only that before they did so from not knowing they were creating their own reality. Becasue you now know these things Daniel you will create your own world while knowing you are creating it. Others wil lfommow in yuor world until all have eventually awakened as to who they are  - in which case you as a society wil levolve more and more to etenrity. And so Daniel the ones who were once the Cabal and Illuminati in your world wil lnow need new titles or places in your world as there will be no more Cabal and Illuminati as your world will now be guided and regulated by sixth dneisty consciousness( and higher). There will be no more rules; no more order required of its citizens; no more laws; and no more punishment. All of this is gone now in your new world you have created Daniel, in which case what you feel inside of you - guiding you as your higher self- is what is now inthe upper eschelosns of yor world societies at this day. They are all waking up now and are in the proccess of really changing your world for the bettewr, And because everyone in your present world is loved unconditionally by you they will experience ( and completely be a part of) the same happiness and pleasures in life that you are - and even greater if they are awakened even a little more than yourself Daniel.

The Cabal and Illuminati can no longer hold their levels of consciousness thatuse to be so low in your world Daniel, and must therefore move on to another timeline where their levels of lower consciousness has itrs home in the spiritual realms. The changes in your world must happen gradually according to time, but know now dear ones that the changes have already taken place in sixth dneisty and higher ( the spiritual realms).


As we do not wish to go beyond our usefulness in answering your question Daniel we will stop here. We hope this has helped you dear one.