Who said we havn't ascended?

01/30/2013 23:51



Okay let me begin by saying that no one is the same person every day of their life. No one is the same person every hour- every day- every week – and every month of their life for that matter. Every human soul represents a separate ruling love within the collective consciousness of the one Supreme and Infinite Creator. At the same time every human being is not only a microcosm of the one Infinite and Supreme Creator but the Macrocosm as well. So what this means is that you are not only a single human being but you are a society- you are a world or planet- you are a Solar System- you are a Galaxy- and you are a Universe.

Going backwards in direction and size each of you is a human being- each of you is an arm- a leg- a hand- a foot- a finger- a toe- a head- and so on. Each of you is also an atom- each of you is every part such as the proton- neutron- electron – quark- and so on [on down to the most elementary of principles or forms created within the realms of consciousness]. For everything exists and has its being within the realms of consciousness – as consciousness is the actual essence and being that is the One Infinite Creator Source.  But getting back to the human being it is the microcosm represented by every different size and form on down to the most simple principle or form there is called the Principle; Simple; or Zero Point.

At the same time every human being represents every different size and form expressing itself on up to the Super Universe and beyond- and in fact there is no essence or being – size or shape in all of existence that is not the human being.

Looking at it another way every time in life - throughout your daily life as a human being - you draw to yourself through the Law of Attraction every living and conscious soul in existence that is drawn to you through the Law of Attraction in fact. In other words every time you change your mind or state of mind you are taking on other living and conscious souls and you are releasing certain living and conscious souls at the same time as well. And every time you release a soul or take on a soul within your consciousness you are a different person or human being. To put it plain and simple you are never the same person or human being ever- from one now moment to the next from eternity to eternity.

Because you are never the same person or human being from one now moment to the next for the duration of your present life and every life ever to come - you are therefore every person in your world that is known as a human being- and you will again be every person in your world to come- and those worlds to follow on in to eternity. You see all those people you see out there in your world today exist within your essence and being as you ( God or higher self- whomever and however  you wish to term it). At the same time they are out there making up your world of third dneisty because your world can only be created by you – given that you is all that even exists from eternity to eternity.

If you try and leave the planet to get away from all your other selves you will have gone no where because time and place are both illusions you have created for your self throughout the ages and eternities. If you were to kill yourself through suicide still you will have gone no where as everything that exists either exists within the present dream world you are now experiencing as yourself (as well as all your other selves throughout your present world and all other words that exist) and the dream world you move into the moment of your go to sleep at night. You always have your existence within two different worlds or illusions as one dream world is your awakened state ( or state of consciousness) in every density of life you will ever experience - and the other dream world is the sleep state (or state of unconsciousness) within every density of life you ever experience as well.

Remember that each of you sees yourself in the mirror as an image; body; and form that is made up of myriads of different human souls (or bits of energy you might say) and every human soul no matter what its size is represented in the illusion of life and death as one level of vibrational energy or another- as all levels of energy are different depending on the body or form you choose to create as the One Creator God- Higher self- or Infinite ( as well as Finite) Source. You see yourself walking around all day long in your present world and reality and you have for the longest time been lied to and taught that you are a single human being- who is not only responsible for your own thoughts; words; and actions in life but those of your family; friends; and neighbors as well.

 In other words if you are a man you have been lead to think and are taught that you must be the head of the house hold through organized religion in most cases. And organized religion is indeed connected to those who are deceiving you all within the third dneisty realm of existence. So a man is taught he must rule and provide for his household when the truth is neither the man nor woman is actually held responsible as there are no rules to Creation and life.  You are taught that there must be a set order to every different society- that there must be rules and regulations- that there must be Laws- punishment- governments- a monetary system- taxes – banks – penalties of all kinds- drivers licenses- and every kind of insurance you can think of in life.

These things are all misleading each of you while you reside within third dneisty consciousness- and as long as each of you wishes for these types of systems in your lives you will remain in third dneisty until each of you has evolved as a living soul to the point of awakening and actually becoming more conscious- so as to move to a higher level of consciousness in your life- and therefore move up to another dneisty. But no one can win or earn their awakening or ascension (shift or rising of the consciousness) as it is always a decision that must be made individually by every human soul alone.

At the same time by raising your consciousness level you are not moving to another place within time but you are moving to another state of consciousness outside of the illusion of time from fifth dneisty and higher. Fifth density and all the other densities above it are not places but different states and levels of consciousness. Can a human being hold two or more levels of consciousness at one time and still reside within the same human body and form- as well as the same world and reality or plane of existence? Yes! And No! You cannot be in fifth dneisty and third dneisty at the same time- but your fifth dneisty self and your third dneisty self can share a human body and form at the same time in a manner where the one is conscious while the other is unconscious.

So when third dneisty self is conscious and in one of your dream worlds the fifth dneisty self is unconscious to its third dneisty self but conscious to its fifth dneisty self. At the same time when the fifth dneisty self is conscious within fifth dneisty the third dneisty self is unconscious to fifth dneisty but conscious within third density reality. The third dneisty man or human is never conscious within fifth dneisty however as the higher can be conscious within the lower but the lower cannot be conscious within the higher. Fifth dneisty man (the inner and spiritual man) can be standing there talking to a third dneisty man while he or she is in fifth dneisty but the third dneisty man ( or woman) will not know he or she is a fifth dneisty human or soul.

So you see friends you can all now live in this present world that is not only third dneisty earth but fifth dneisty earth as well- and every third dneisty human when he or she is at their awakened state of consciousness can move into fifth dneisty consciousness and fifth dneisty earth any time they please simply by making a free will choice. At the same time fifth dneisty man (or woman) can lower their consciousness or vibration any time they please and re- enter into third dneisty consciousness- if even only for a moment or two – though it can be any length of time he or she chooses in life.  Therefore friends what you are witnessing today in your world- within the now- is fifth dneisty man (or woman) living life right along side (or within as a matter of fact) of third dneisty man (or woman) and your world is changing and raising in consciousness every now moment of every day (if you are third dneisty human) - in which case your earth and planet has now already become base fifth dneisty earth living out timelines One and two simultaneously.

Timeline one is set and already exists- and timeline two was here to begin with and is even now losing human souls to timeline one so quickly that the world rulers and powers that were do not know what to do at this point. The reason for this is that our planet has now found its equilibrium- and newly awakened souls are just now coming around to this knowledge and understanding.

Yes friends fifth dneisty earth is manifesting right in front of our faces and the only ones that can see it are those who have already awakened and are now a part of the Law of One and those who are about to awaken as they will recognize it just as soon as their time is right. Everything is consciousness friends and everything is energy- and energy is consciousness. However in fifth density earth no one can own anything any longer as every human soul ( and we discussed this earlier) no matter its size or form- is now free to do and choose as it wishes in life based on fifth dneisty universal law. Therefore we will have no need for money any longer – no more use for set order to society- no more rules and regulations- no more laws of the land- no punishment- no government- no rulers whatsoever- no religions- no more wars- no more sickness and disease- ( and here’s the kicker) and no more animals or children.  

No as I do not wish to scare off those who do not yet understand fifth dneisty- fifth dneisty is simply a higher level of consciousness for the third dneisty human- and no children or animals can exist within this level of conscious or those higher up – as all life is given its body and form within third dneisty alone. Therefore when you want to see your children or animals all you need do when you have moved over to fifth dneisty consciousness in this world is to lower your vibration for that period of time you wish to spend with them – and then return to fifth dneisty at your leisure. Again fifth dneisty is not a place or world in time or space- but simply a higher realm of consciousness for the third dneisty human being.

So when we (all fifth dneisty or higher humans) manifest our fifth dneisty reality here on planet earth those in third dneisty consciousness here on planet earth will not even know we are doing so. Therefore they will all live their lives as normal- running too and fro – living their lives according to a schedule and living in fear all the time- we will be creating ours and their paradise right under their noses. They will have their money - and gold - and silver; and we will simply create abundance while keeping track of our energetic transactions digitally until eventually there will not even be a need to keep track of anything ever again. We will have access to all the things third dneisty man has access to in life (and more sometimes) but we will share everything equally and no one will ever again own a single thing in life.

So as every other third dneisty man and woman on planet earth lives out their lives in waiting of their own personal awakening and shift in consciousness they can share in the many levels of life; liberty; and abundance we experience  in life whenever their vibration and consciousness levels allow it. And believe me there is not a single human soul on the planet today that does not visit fifth dneisty once in a while throughout their daily lives even now. So I leave you all with this present thought friends: Who are you and what are you prepared to give up in order to find your own Utopia today? With much unconditional love and deep respect for all my other selves - IAM.