Who is lying to the world?

12/19/2012 11:58



*Keep in mind everyone that it is I who added the title to this message as my higher self (those benevolent souls who are in fact in service to others) would not and could not make such a statement.


It is my intention to finally let the cat out of the bag once again and tell the reading audience why there is so much false information and good information coming out to the awakened, as well as the un – awakened population today.

Whether you have noticed as of late, my readers and those who resonate with my messages are much fewer than those who resonate with people like The Galactic Federation of Light – Sheldan Nidle – George Kavassillas – Cobra- Drake – and the many others who provide you a message such as they do. A message basically that things will pretty muck follow the course they have been for all so long in your present world, but that things will be oh so much better because you will now have the blessings of the light guiding you all. At least this is their messages in a nut shell. In other words the world will still have money; still rely on technology to get by from one generation to the next; still have governments running the show throughout the world (even though they promise the governments will return to common law); and they speak of no more wars but are not prepared to do their part and work completely toward getting rid of all weapons of war (no matter what form they come in).

That’s right all of these sources have basically the same message. If one differs from the other still they speak of how we are dependent on others to come to our world to provide these things for us, or they will some how assist us in our ascension. Then you have others who truly appear to be benevolent and in service to others, but they tell you each of you who choose third dneisty will have to either go off planet or die on this present one before the shift occurs. I have read them all and I have never seen so many different mixed messages being provided to the people of our world. But why is it that so many people of your world (and mine) are prepared to hear and resonate with these messages before they would mine? Simple! They are not awakened and do not yet see my message as even being a possible reality and life for them somewhere in the future. They have been brainwashed to think they have to settle and that is what the masses are presently doing when they accept these types of messages from these groups or people.

So again – let me give you another scenario and in the end once again you will still decide which message you choose to resonate with. That is all I can do and I am now prepared to accept that as none of us is another mans Savior or truth bearer.

And so here is my message from higher self – a message many of these groups and people I spoke of would tell you not to listen to because it is channeled. But channeling is just a word as is possession. Anyone that tells you that every thought that goes into your head is not possession is speaking falsities friends as all humans are possessed by many – many spirits or souls, good and evil; positive and negative. So you decide in the end what resonates with you but choose well friends, as the hour is growing short for you to make your decisions for your new life. Whatever choices you make however will be the right choice for you. Again, keep in mind that this is higher self and not my third dneisty human speaking here.


Hello again dear ones we are the spiritual society and soul group you have come to know as Daniel, and we come to you with a new message; though we have given this message to each of you long ago in another form. And so we begin with our message for the day:


Why do you all fight and bicker amongst yourselves over something you cannot even change? Who made you as you are and why do you each think you make the choices you are each making at this day, and not the choices others are making that do not agree with your own? Is it because they are negative and you are positive? Is it because they are evil and you are of the light? And again is it because they are not awakened and you are so sure that you are, to the world around you and them. What makes you right and them wrong or them right and you wrong dear ones? We have provided many past messages to all of you in what is known as you past in time, and some were of the advanced spiritual nature while others were not. The reason we have brought our messages to you dear ones in this fashion is to speak to as many souls as possible about their awakening and ascension so as to guide them each toward their own.

If we were to simply provide a message that only the awakened souls could understand and resonate with then those souls who are attempting to awaken (but have not yet caught on) would not benefit from our message as they would be a bit too advanced for some and even completely incoherent to others. We wish to guide as many souls as possible upon your world at this time and we choose our messages accordingly so as to gain as many souls as possible. It is not that they could then ascend and come up here with us (figuratively speaking) in the higher densities so as to never again have to experience the lower densities of life and existence, as this is never possible or beneficial to the whole.

Each of you is a spirit; soul; animal; vegetable; mineral, and so on. You are each of these things and at the same time all of these things. Each of you is a human being; a city; country; planet; solar system; galaxy; and even universe. In fact you are each dear ones the microcosm as well as the macrocosm. Therefore you are a single human being and you are every human being within the created universe.

You are a world as we just pointed out to you and therefore each of you is the present world you live in. Therefore you are every human being and every plant; mineral; and representation of energy that makes up your present planet. And when each of you awakens you will understand just how it all works. When you ascend the world you each live in and represent is the world you will each take with you. Just because you choose to rearrange that worlds and add new things to it when you move to the next density does not mean each and every human being on your present planet is not the same being or soul. You are! And so those who make up your life and world make up your hells as well as your heavens in this present world and the one to come. The difference is that what you see as heavens now and what you see as hells now will all form ion your new life to permit you to exist and live outside of duality; time; and space.

There will be no more right or wrong where each of you is going, even if you do not make up the higher societies of your world when you get there. What is wrong; negative; and evil in this present world of your will be all the things that do not make up your immediate natural self and will therefore make up the outer societies of your world where you seldom will come to venture into any longer. Remember the law of attraction you were each told of? Well the laws of attraction will guide and maintain order in your new world but no one will be seen as right or wrong; positive or negative; good or evil, any longer. And guess what dear ones; that is the world you are all presently creating without many of you even knowing of this at the present time.

And so we tell you dear ones, every message you come to hear in the days ahead, no matter what group the messages come from, they are providing truths that will all fit into and create your new life and world. No one is lying to you and no ones truths are necessarily your truths but they will all be accepted in your new world by you and all others, simply because all will now be accepted as they are and free will shall exist in all places in all now moments (all timelines and dimensions) within that new life and world you are each about to move to. Presently in your third density world and existence you do not accept one another very easily in life, and this is why there are sins; laws; and law breakers running ramped in your present world and system.

Everyone for the most part believes his or her truth is the right truth, and that all other truths are either in agreement with yours or they are wrong. We did not say that all people of your world believe in this manner dear ones but we said this is how the majority of your world thinks. That is present third dneisty thinking and that will all fade away very soon, and even your new third dneisty self will no longer believe in this manner as they will all be taught a new way gradually, and they will all gradually come to understand the new way of thinking and living life for the whole.

Again dear ones there are many messages in your world this day as the shift in consciousness is very close for some, but will appear farther away for others until all have come around to a new way of thinking and knowing. Those who have already made the shift know they have done so, while those who have not will all do so in his or her own times. Still you do not know you have made the shift until it has already happened. We have spoken in your past that those who choose third dneisty once again at this day will move to third dneisty once again on third dneisty planet earth. That is the planet you presently reside on, and the same planet you presently reside on is the one all third dneisty souls (human beings) will reside on after the shift as well. No one leaves the planet as the planet is conscious of every density and frequency of consciousness that is in existence, and can sustain all life within each of those densities. All that actually happens is the inner higher spiritual man awakens within every third dneisty human who awakens ( when they awaken) and can then begin living life in fifth dneisty ( sixth dneisty consciousness or mind).

If you have not noticed dear ones this is the first time we have offered these truths to your generation as it has now come time to do so for those who are prepared to receive these truths. For those who are not yet prepared to receive them they soon shall be, and then there will be many new sources provided for them to receive such truths as well. Still if you are not yet prepared spiritually to receive spiritual truths then you will not accept or believe them, and when you are prepared( as all soon will be) then the truths are released in order as they should be given. No one human soul is over or above another human soul and all will move on as a family, just as they have been for you in this present lifetime. Those you say were not family because they are not blood kin are in fact blood kin indeed and you simply do not yet know the blood source. The life is the blood!

So you see dear ones everyone on your present planet is your family as well as another representation of you, and all will forever make up your world whether you presently like the idea or not. You created it all when you created it all. Just because you might not like someone in your present life does not mean you will not all soon remember why you must love your enemies, and then in a little while longer they will no longer be your enemies as you will come to love them all unconditionally. You might not like the thoughts; word’s; deeds; and affections of some but this is not love as it is simply all kept in order through the laws of attraction. So you will each come to remember that you do not have to like the ways of everyone but you will come to remember why and how you must love them all unconditionally.

Again every human being on your planet today who has a message for you can either be received or rejected as you do not have to like every message or truth, but you will learn and remember to love unconditionally every human soul who ever made up your world and reality.  Do they say you will have money in your new world? Do they say there will be governments to rule the people in your new world? And do they say that war will be gone but that they will still have their play toys that still harm other human souls? So be it, that is their truth and just because they want to share their truth and world with you does not mean you have to punish or destroy them, nor do you have to eject them from your world.

Love them for who they are and accept them, and then let them live their lives as they choose while you live your life as you choose. Neither soul or human being in your new world and life will be able to harm or cause loss to the other any more as everything you want; need; or wish for in life will be provided by you now, and you will have no need to take from others what is theirs in life. Neither will you hate them any longer because they are different from you as their life will no longer affect you unless both parties are in perfect agreement that you wish for your worlds and lives to connect or interact one with the other, for a time. At the same time dear ones this will take time for some based on the fact that some of your present third dneisty reality will still be in third dneisty working things out for their world and life. They will still be wanting to use a monetary system for the time being and that is okay as they will all catch on soon enough.

As the present third dneisty world you live on works these problems out they will make new laws and new rules for their world and life will go on in third dneisty until they are all to the point that they can move on and live life among those who make up your new sixth density life and world. All will soon get there but third dneisty must go on for those who are still slightly stuck in third density because of their lifelong choices. Do not any of you dare hate them dear ones as they are all truly your family, and they are just as much family to you as any human soul you have ever come to share loving affections for in your present life or those in days gone by.

Still we suggest you do not hold on to the belief that those who do not fit into the new world and life will al have to leave as this is a misconception for some. There is no where to go as no one is going to any place, given the fact that you all exist and live within the confines of pure consciousness. No matter where you go in life based on illusion alone you will still be with all those souls who are your family, and they will simply be wearing different faces for that world and timeline. Therefore going to another supposed place will not get you away form those who are not attracted to you through the laws of attraction but you are simply working out third dneisty lessons still, before you move on to your new sixth dneisty life. Therefore if you wish to go some place then go, as it will not be a wrong choice. But if you wish to stay, and you realize you have again chosen third dneisty life then you can stay as well, and will be completely accepted in the new sixth dneisty world to come. You will still be in third dneisty for a short time, but you will actually be in contact all the time you wish, with you sixth dneisty higher self now, guiding you home as you will soon surely get there.

Learn this lesson dear ones as it is one you must all come to grips with before you will ascend. Those who make up your world leaders presently already know these things because they are in contact with their higher selves (even if it is their higher service to self levels of consciousness). They don’t know it all but just enough to still believe they have a chance to win the battle. They do not! As there is no battle to be won, given they will all be accepted as themselves in sixth dneisty earth. Yes there are still those in your world who believe they must get these evil souls out of ruler ship but this is not the case, as they shall all soon see. The timelines are converging dear ones and no new timelines in third dneisty for any of you can be created as you are all moving to a higher level of consciousness, even if you will still be third dneisty man for a bit.

But if you wish to hang on to present third density beliefs in what things you still need in life then by all means do so as it will hurt no one at this stage of the game. Neither do the past evil deeds of others toward you any longer matter, as what is in the past shall remain in the past for those souls who are coming, and need to learn the lessons of the past.

We wish to stop here dear ones for we have given you our words predestined for this time. We shall see you all again within the realms of love and light.

We are the society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.