There is a love that is service to self Part -2

12/19/2012 12:12

There is a Love that is Service to self – part 2

As I have been getting a lot of feedback from my previous post I wish to make a part two of the present subject so as to further explain some things having to do with the world rulers or Cabal (whichever you wish to call them); the differences once again in better detail between Sts and conditional love and Sto and unconditional love; and I wish to show those who are just beginning to awaken possibly in the world why helping others is not always the best way to go in life. I would state once again as I have many times explained in my messages on this subject that Sto sixth density higher beings or souls love all beings unconditionally as apposed to conditionally, and cannot therefore love others in life based on what they think others would have them do in order to show that love they have toward them. Therefore if a higher being (who is in Sts and unconditional love toward their neighbor) attempts to help another in life, or harm another in any manner whatsoever, for whatever reasons, they immediately revert back to their lower third density selves as these are third density actions.

Just because a being does not wish to get involved in the life and death decisions of another human being does not mean they do not have compassion and love for another human being. And now as I have stated a few of my points based on my third density self and opinions, I want to turn the conversation over to the sixth density society Daniel and let them explain things further.

Hello dear ones it is we from the sixth density level of consciousness known to you as Daniel and we would wish to speak to you all once again this hour on the subject presently being discussed. As we are in fact Sto benevolent beings practicing unconditional love to all, we wish to explain to you why we think; do; and say the things we do as apposed to thinking; doing; and saying the things we would if we were connected to our third density selves. We realize many of you do not have a very good understanding as to why we would choose to be as we are when we are interacting with other souls who are of your third density world and system. This we shall attempt to clear up very shortly. But as we explain we ask that you each keep in mind that we do not ever actually come into contact with third density humans but only share thoughts with our corresponding societies within the collective human consciousness that represents the illusion you all have of life on your planet.

We do not touch because we do not have nor possess the abilities to use your hands in third density.

We do not speak because we do not possess the lips nor sound in order to speak among your fellow humans in third density.

We do not rule; judge; punish; harm; help or aid; hinder; heal; teach; or serve any other thought or action in your world and system as we do not possess the third density human body and form.

We dear ones possess the fifth density human body and form that is possessed by the sixth density mind and higher.  The fifth density body and form dear ones is what is understood by many of you in fourth density mind – third density form, as the inner and spiritual man. And so the sixth density human being or soul is what comes to correspond and work through the fifth density form, and again on down through and of the third density human form. This means that a fifth density human being is the guide to the third density human being when in fact the fifth density human being is connected to its sixth density mind and higher. Anything below sixth density and the fifth density human does not guide the human any longer, but the human becomes once again guided by fourth density mind.

So dear ones if you as a spiritual society and soul group ( as every human is a spiritual society and soul group) seek the higher things of consciousness then you are automatically connected to fifth density inner man, and in turn are receiving your thoughts from the sixth density human mind and higher ( seventh; eighth; ninth; tenth, and so on). With that being said we will now explain the helping thing of your world which so many third density humans just do not understand, nor could they without seeking higher guidance from their inner man. Remember all the times you heard someone tell you to go within? Well we are asking you to do this now dear ones as we continue to explain.

Long ago within our spiritual society and soul group each of you sat among us and laid out the plan for every lifetime you were to live within third density human consciousness and the material and physical realms. Therefore each of you chose the lessons you would teach other souls in agreement with those other souls and other souls chose lessons they would teach you in life based on the agreements you came to with them at that time as well. Some of those souls at the time were sixth density (and higher) Sts Beings and some of those souls were sixth density (and higher) Sto beings. Therefore some souls agreed to provide you with situations and experiences in life that were positive while other souls agreed to provide you with situations and experiences in life that were to be negative.  Once those experiences or situations were set in place however, they could no longer be changed in your present world or any other life each of you have lived.

What this means dear ones is that other timelines had to and have to be created in order to allow so that there would always be a single timeline where all things would forever go as planned, and no lessons were ever to be erased or removed from the life of the human being in third density. But those you would each call angels could not hear of this as they have great compassion for their fellow humans or souls. Angels do have the ability to change a situation or lesson in the life of a human being. How? They can make changes  when a Sto higher soul chooses to descend into the lower realms of sixth density consciousness ( known to some as the hells of sixth density) where they are capable of changing things within third density consciousness ( and therefore third density physicality) through the fourth density mind of the third density human being.

Sto souls (known to many as benevolent Sto angels) cannot do this as they cannot ever know the happenings of things within the material and physical realms of third density. If those Sto souls did know they would only suffer immensely by knowing how their lower counterparts are suffering in their lives and could do nothing about it because of their agreements long ago. Sts higher beings can however simply because they choose to descend and enter into their hells. But they don’t do this for third density man so much as they do it for their own greed and service in life. Still, because of the laws of attraction a sixth density Sts being or soul can connect and act through a third density being or soul by connecting with fourth density mind.

When they make a change however (sixth density Sts Angels or souls), a new timeline is created every time. Human beings living the third density life however cannot make changes as they are the ones controlling the experiment to begin with. They are the original decision makers of the lessons to be learned in the created world and system ever to be lived by a single soul. Third density man must remain third density man, and it is third density man (fourth density mind) that will continuously guide the human through timeline number one, without straying off course, to its end. Therefore every third density human will represent the level of evolution for a single spiritual society and soul group until that set timeline has fully been lived out to its end which will always end in the awakening and ascension of the human ( or spiritual society and soul group).

Note: In order to tell you of things in your world we too had will have to descend momentarily into our hells (Sts Mode) as our Sto being of expression knows nothing of the Cabal except what our Sts State of existence tells us. And yet we are all in fact One. So in moving on-------

The Cabal (or world rulers) is all made up of our Service to self souls as they are all in it so as to create many new timelines, given the fact that they previously knew they had the abilities to do so. They are gradually losing that ability as the shift in consciousness is approaching rapidly.

 This will allow them to further enslave mankind way in to the future, and will preserve third density existence for them and for you. It is a win for them and it is a win for each of you in the meantime, as you will always need third density material and physical man as your outer self, no matter what you are otherwise told. For without third density no human being; angel; or spiritual society and soul group would ever possess or experience the illusion of life and death to eternity. They would all cease to exist in any realm of existence other than pure consciousness. Remember that life and death is both an illusion that exists only within the realms of consciousness and is not therefore real (or should we say original?).

The Cabal ( or world rulers) do such horrible; evil; selfish; and unthinkable things to the people of your world because the closer your world gets to the awakening and ascension the worse things will appear to the people of your world who have not yet awakened or begun to awaken. Those who awaken or begin to awaken however will gradually see the Cabal (or world rulers) as a good thing. They gave you what you wanted so as to provide all the final lessons to a world of human souls who are about to return to the collective consciousness of God. The inner man can indeed connect with the higher service to other souls of your spiritual society and soul group but the outer man cannot. Fifth density man can connect to sixth density Sto self, but fourth density man (third density mind) cannot.

What this means is that now that your world is awakening you are becoming the inner higher man and your outer lower man is becoming more and more ignorant of things as the days and hours move ahead.  Again each of you (us as well at one time) is beginning to connect to your heavens whereas before most of you all connected more often to your hells (service to self mind of fourth and sixth density, mostly fourth density).

And so the Cabal (world rulers) will not go away and stop doing the things they have long been doing to the people of your world, but they will go to another world and continue doing those things. You present world is becoming sixth density mind (fifth density body and form) because it is prepared for ascension, and the Cabal( or world rulers) do not wish to live in a world of paradise; free will to all; and unconditional love. At the same time they will tell the people whatever they can in order to recruit as many human souls over to their side as possible, but they cannot recruit those souls who are destined for greatness, and those souls are each of you dear ones. This they do not know as they have forgotten over time (recent time) and can only now attempt to save their lives in the best way they know how. This is why “they” are now having to seek guidance form those awakened human souls who are now in contact with (because of the law of attraction) sixth density Sts higher souls.

So what is wrong with that scenario you might wonder?

They are being lied to and are being tricked by the same souls they once were in cahoots with. How are they being tricked? By the fact that there once was a flood of evil in your world and now that flood has subsided, and your world is now being guided mostly by Sto awakened souls because your world is more fifth density now than it is third density. Those humans who occupy the offices and seats of your Cabal (world rulers), whether past or present, are presently more guided by Sto higher souls than they are by Sts higher souls.  This is now the case because as we said your world is waking up dear ones.

What this means is that the very humans who once enslaved and lied to you (there are some acceptions still) are the very humans who will pull you out of slavery and begin the manifestation of a world with the appearance of sixth density man.

It is not the human faces that have betrayed you dear ones but those behind the scenes in the higher realms of existence. Those souls are going away and finding a new home within a new body and form on another world. And so the faces will be changing dear ones and you will know this by the eyes, as the eyes are truly the window to the soul. Do not continue to attempt to change your world as it is constantly being changed behind the scenes and the spirit world is being shaken up immensely. If you continue to want the things of the old system then you have to ask yourself why? How will these things bring about your new world which we speak of in our messages dear ones? Who do you live for at this day? Yourself or your other selves? Just as your Moses appeared to be the enemy he eventually became the savior of his people. We tell you dear ones to watch and as the old saying goes around your world in Christianity “If you attempt to save your life  you will lose it, but if you give your life for my sake (  which was originally written as “If you give your life for unconditional love”) you shall surely inherit eternal life. We tell you dear ones it cannot be explained much simpler than that.

 Do you ever wonder how it can be stated that you are surrounded by angels, and have you ever attempted to explain it to yourself as to how this is possible? There are angels who can see and act when they so choose in life and there are angels who cannot see and cannot act but only guide through their corresponding angels who are in Service to self. These are the ones in your holy bible who descended into hell, and were kept there for a time by God until their punishment had been complete. Angels are not punished by a God of unconditional love and light but by His opposite. It is Satan who kept them there as he is the god of your world dear ones. The Sts Angels come to your world to change it, and then they love what they see when they get there and do not wish to leave. These are the souls who once ruled your world and these are the souls who are now prepared to leave as things are beginning to get a little to nice for them so to speak.

Now in getting back to the subject of why we (higher Service to others beings) will not taste – will not touch – will not interact – will not speak to our third density human selves, we cannot because of our nature or state of life and existence. If we descend to help or aid you then we become as you.  If we become just like you then we will become our sixth density Service to self manifestation of our spiritual society and soul group, in which case we can only offer you third density things and nothing toward your awakening and ascension. In other words we will have forgotten who we are. If we forget who we are it can be dangerous at time as we could once again become entrapped within third density consciousness and again get stuck in one of the timelines we ourselves had created by descending. So you see there is much to consider dear ones just to change a single instance in your world and system.

So we choose to remain where we are as we can do you all more benefit by guiding you into your awakening and ascension. We will give you an example:


Supposed we were to descend into your world within the human inner mind, where we would come into contact and connection with your fourth density human mind known as third density thought? What would happen if the human form were to out of no where be killed by an oncoming vehicle while the human was driving? Remember that we have no idea what the human is doing as we descend down into their essence and being. If that human and their ruling love in life were guided by a newly born or created soul we could be stuck beginning our evolution all over again as we have no way of knowing what human we were to manifest into at the time. Now we represent a spiritual society and soul group within sixth density dear ones, and we by no means have the right to risk all those souls having to learn all those lessons over again because of forgetfulness from descending into a third density world or system. Now does this give you each some idea as to what is involved in helping or interfering in the life actions or death of a human being? We have much compassion for all dear ones but we are mostly responsible for our own spiritual society and soul group as they represent our present life and world. Not to mention we do not wish to interfere in the life and death choices of other human beings in the least for apparent reasons now.


We hope we have answered many of your questions on this subject dear ones and we look forward to our next meeting of the minds. We are the society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.