The Oneness Society - We are the world!

12/27/2012 19:46
The Oneness Society – We are the world!
Hello again dear ones we are the Oneness Society and we come to you as your friends – loved ones- and your other selves this day. We come to you as representatives of your future world and life. We come to you in complete unconditional love and we expect nothing in return, but wish only to prepare those who represent us in the past ( third dneisty illusion) for what things are soon to come to your world.
We have spoken much recently on those world leaders and rulers known to many of you as the Cabal and Illuminati, and we understand that some of you may be leery to hear our words now that the human we possess has again taken even  another turn in his subjects or groups he has chosen at this day to channel . Let it be known that it matters not who the source of your truths are in life as long as those truths resonate with your person and are indeed seen as truth from within your own hearts. For you shall each know the truth at this day when you see it, and no one will be able to steer you in the wrong direction but you. And now we say to you all dear ones to go within your hearts and hear the words we have for you at this time.
Your present third dneisty world is made up of good and positive souls as well as bad; negative and evil souls and the two shall forever continue to make up your world – even when you leave it and other souls come to take your places. For indeed not only will your present third dneisty world continue to exist to eternity but so too will every other world you each come to create within every density of life from now to eternity. However when you each leave your present third dneisty reality and life you will have moved to the next highest density of life known as fifth dneisty and not fourth. For we have told you time and again that fourth dneisty consciousness is the mind and consciousness of third dneisty man, and sixth dneisty consciousness ( as well as all other densities of consciousness above the sixth) joins  to make up the mind and consciousness of fifth dneisty man, known as the God Man.
Therefore there is one third dneisty world each of you is to live and experience in life, and it is in fact the one you each presently reside in. So when you as a third dneisty soul (humans in your world today) come to awaken and ascend to becoming the fifth dneisty man (sixth dneisty consciousness or higher) all the other third dneisty human souls (human beings) who do not yet awaken and ascend are still all there making up your third dneisty world, as there is no other third dneisty world for any of you other than the one you each presently reside in.  So when you leave it that third dneisty world will always remain so as to provide your third dneisty world and life to eternity. The human beings (souls) of that third dneisty world will grow in maturity and continue to evolve as a soul (and even as a group of souls) on in to eternity.
They all have to stay there in third dneisty for as long as they choose (of their own free will in life) third dneisty life, simply by their choosing not to give up any of the ruling loves (we did not say all) and affections in their lives that would allow them to ascend and move on to sixth dneisty and higher. And whatever things they are to give up presently so as to raise their vibrations to a level that would permit them to maintain sixth dneisty or higher, they  can always get back later as they are always capable of returning to third dneisty, even after they have moved over to sixth dneisty or higher. But you have to first make it to sixth dneisty consciousness( or higher) before you can ever get an idea of what things in “your” life are required in order to achieve those higher densities in the first place. And the more a human soul comes to raise their vibrations to the higher levels needed to ascend in consciousness the easier it gets every time.
Hear us dear ones – No one moves to sixth dneisty consciousness (or higher) and remains there all the time. It is not some place a human soul goes to in time or space as it does not exist within time or space, but within the realms of consciousness alone. So the third dneisty human body does not have to change; die; or evolve in order to move to sixth dneisty consciousness, but only your levels of vibration and consciousness thoughts have to change.  In other words it is not the human body and form that evolves but their consciousness to eternity. So when you as a human being choose the things in life that allow you to raise your consciousness levels high enough to move to sixth dneisty or even higher levels of consciousness, your third dneisty man ( third dneisty human body and form) is always still there waiting on you to return whenever you please in life. However now that you have tasted sixth dneisty consciousness, and in fact know that it is sixth dneisty consciousness (as most will not know until you have already learned to maintain that level of vibration through constantly returning to sixth dneisty and higher) in which case you will from now on only wish to return (descend) down or back to the fifth dneisty body and form.
So what happens to the third dneisty human body and form if an awakened human being or soul never chooses to return to third dneisty again? The third dneisty consciousness is still always there just in case, and the third dneisty consciousness appears to that third dneisty human to be a separate consciousness from  your fifth density inner and spiritual man. So you see Daniel (our host) can walk around all day long in his fifth dneisty body and form as his sixth dneisty (or higher) self and the whole time he is possessing his third dneisty human form (and will continue to do so to eternity) until he chooses to one day sleep for a short moment and change bodies and forms to his liking. The third dneisty human never knows a thing about this. It is a truth that the sixth dneisty (or higher) human can change bodies or forms as often as he or she pleases in life to eternity. No matter what the level of consciousness above sixth density that human will always remain the fifth dneisty human (or God Man) to eternity, never again having to live out life through the same human form until he or she once again experiences the illusion of death. There will never again be that illusion of death as this is always lower third dneisty reality.
So you see dear ones there is no need for a body and form above fifth dneisty as this density of bodily form is one that can be changed at a moments notice and instantly in life. As far as the changes and the creations of that higher human (or God Man) that all depends on the evolution or level of consciousness of the God Man (fifth dneisty man). Does it not make sense that a ninth density God Man can create things that a sixth dneisty God Man has not yet experienced in life? And so every level of consciousness that the human soul comes to live and experience in his or her evolution of the soul allows that soul (God Man) to create more evolved (new) creations in life. These things will not be new to the Infinite Source of all things, but they will appear to be to the finite. And as long as man is in his body and form, experiencing the illusions of life and death; time and space; positives and negatives, he or she will represent the finite God Man and not the Infinite.
This is not to say that sixth dneisty Man (ascended man – God Man) is not a fully conscious God and creator. He or she is fully conscious in that they can create anything they can imagine in life, though their imagination is still limits in life as long as they are still the finite God Man and not the Infinite God Man.
If you were to want to return to the Infinite Source or God Man you would eventually have that ability in life, but this comes much higher up in the levels of consciousness of the human soul. To do so however you would have to remove everything in your life that is finite and illusion, and no one ( no God Man) wishes to do this once they come to know that it serves no purpose in life other than to allow them to know all things and to again know they are Infinite Source. To know all things there must be the absence of thought; and contemplation; illusions; separation; and duality, and only be passive consciousness. No God man wants to be complete and in order, but would rather experience to eternity being incomplete in life and to forever be able to create from chaos. In other words there is indeed order within Infinite Source as all things are in equilibrium within pure passive consciousness. The finite God Man does not like passiveness (no change) and equilibrium but would rather experience change to eternity. And since we have the ability once we reach a certain state of consciousness or density level in life to return to Infinite Source - we do not do so.
We do not return to Infinite Source but we do get to a point in our evolution of the soul in which we wish to remain passive for longer and longer periods of time ( because we still possess the illusion of time) as we come to realize our creations always affect others in life in some manner. The God Man still loves the things of the natural state of life (living the illusion of life in bodily form) and therefore always returns to the body and form, in which case He is always connected to or involved with other human souls in life. Even in fifth dneisty human form He (the God Man) affects or guides others towards choices or decisions in life they might have otherwise not made if it were not for the influence certain God Men had on them. Remember that every thought within each of you dear ones is a living human soul, and that soul once ascended has the choice to return to the fifth dneisty body and form as well as third dneisty even, as this is the free will choice of every soul ever to be created for your life and world from eternity. Still as we do not wish to delve any deeper into this subject we will now move on To the Cabal and the illuminati of your world.
---------------And now leading up to the Cabal and Illuminati ---------------
As we have offered you some soul information of your past and present human circumstances dear ones, we now wish to explain certain worldly things that play into your present situations in life at this day. As we have already stated earlier the Cabal and Illuminati are always there and will always remain in your world and that this world will always continue to be third dneisty in nature. Therefore as long as one of you human souls choose third dneisty all over again in the present as well as the days and hours ahead – you will return to the third dneisty timeline in your world, which is not really another world at all, but the same world as you presently live in. Once you each ascend in consciousness at the shift in consciousness (happening now but not fully complete) you will then have the ability to move up and down in consciousness levels or densities of life that you have never experienced before. Before when it was earlier in your soul evolution you all still possessed the ability to move up and down in densities - in and out of different levels of consciousness - but sixth dneisty consciousness and higher could not hold the higher levels of vibrations found in these densities today - given that this was the early years or seasons of your souls evolution. So in other words what was sixth density consciousness for the soul when you were a newly created soul in third dneisty (or let’s say ten thousand years ago) could now be seen as third dneisty consciousness today in your world. You have evolved as a soul that far since your creation. And you are still in the process of your evolution as you are forever evolving as a finite soul that represents the God Man at every level of consciousness within the illusion and reality that is finite existence within or without a human body and form.
At one time your lowest level of consciousness was nothing more than that of a tree- a blade of grass- a snail – a bird- a bear- cat or dog- whale –dolphin, and so on. And we realize dear ones that you have been told that whales and dolphins are higher consciousness beings, but this is not the whole truth. As we have stated in our past contacts with your world – every expression of consciousness (not life) exists within the conscious state of existence of every level of existence known to man or God. Keep in mind that a higher fifth dneisty God Man can possess something as simple as a rock in your third dneisty experience if He or she so chooses.
All that is required for the spiritual realm is a place of reference within the realms of third dneisty so that the spiritual society and soul group that provides that illusion to third dneisty man (the illusion of a rock) can continue to create that illusion for their third dneisty self. The reason they must do this is so that all things created by them in the past are continuously created by them in the future - on in to eternity. Keep in mind dear ones that once a thing is created by a Creator God (or God Man) that this God Man is responsible for that creation to be continued forever (for that world and reality) on in to eternity.
Think about it again dear ones – if a thing is created by a Creator God (each of you) and that Creator God did not continue creating each and every thing that makes up their created world, they would cease to exist once that Creator God no longer required the presence or use of that creation or thing.  However dear ones – souls are created in order to provide every creation of your world and every world to come (no matter the density of consciousness) to eternity. How would those souls come to evolve once they are created as a living soul within third dneisty reality if you all of a sudden did away with the souls who provided the existence and illusion of every created thing they came to represent in your world dear ones? For it is a truth that in order to create something in third dneisty a God Man must create souls ( from sixth dneisty and higher) anew in order to provide the constant and continuous reality that these things still exist in your world and reality for the duration of that worlds existence ( or to eternity)– and when those souls are to move on in their evolution other souls must be created as well so as to take their places in third dneisty reality.
Why must souls evolve rather than the God Man simply letting their illusion of life fade away back into nothingness (in which case whatever was created would disappear in your world as if it never even existed)? It is a truth that even the memory of said thing created would suddenly disappear in your world as this is another use that all created souls serve in life.
So why must souls evolve?
Because if a soul did not evolve the illusion of life and death – positive and negative – dark and light – inner and outer – upper and lower – separation and duality – or the illusion that you are not God -and so on would cease to exist as well. You get wiser or smarter in appearance in your world through the illusion of life and evolution because souls have evolved in order to provide the illusion that you have gotten smarter in third dneisty life (that you have learned new things), rather than allow you to remember that you are God and that you already know all things and can in fact create whatever you wish in life as long as you create every illusion through the providing of new souls (created souls) so as to provide every illusion of your life and world to eternity.
In short the souls provide every illusion in your life, and continue those illusions for the span of a soul’s life (living as a third dneisty human being) must evolve and “remember,” while holding the illusion that they are learning things they have never known.
 Again – you (the higher self or God Man) create newly born or created souls so as to provide the illusion for your lower third dneisty self that it is separate from you and has its own life and consciousness, when in fact it never did. But without the evolution of every soul to eternity all things would have to be continuously created anew to eternity, in which case finite man ( the God Man bound in illusion or forgetfulness) would never remember and return home through the illusion of learning and the evolution of the soul.  Yes – each of you is actually remembering from the moment you are created as a living soul, but you are bound in the illusion that you are learning and therefore getting closer and closer to one day finding what you have always been looking for in life that you did not even know your were looking for – and what you have been looking for is “you.”
You not only exist as your third dneisty human self - being human in form - but you exist within every other form created to make up all things of your world, and it is you that provides consciousness and life to every form in existence within your third dneisty world, as well as every other world above and below. But it is your higher self that continues the creations for you in third dneisty as you do not know in third dneisty that you are in fact the creator living the illusion of forgetfulness and separation. And now we will move to our subject on the Cabal and Illuminati.
 -------------------Now speaking on the Cabal and Illuminati -----------------
Because third dneisty is here to stay those who choose third dneisty through their actions; thoughts; words; and ruling loves in life today will see their next world ruled by the Cabal and Illuminati just as they did in past lives, and still do even at this day. Those who let go of the things that gives the Cabal and Illuminati’s world form in the past, and continue to give their world form in future third dneisty recreations are now prepared to move on to sixth dneisty and higher, and will no longer have to experience third dneisty life as they once knew it to be. These ascended humans will still share a world with third dneisty humans but third dneisty humans will see nothing but other third dneisty humans when in fact they will sometimes be in company of a sixth density God Man. As in deed third dneisty humans have long been in the company of many different God Men better known to your world as angels. Every one of them is you dear ones, and if you are not yet an awakened soul you will not yet understand this to its fullest extent.
There are many classes of souls in your world at this day dear ones, and third dneisty is simply the only one you can see when you are a third dneisty human as well. To see a human (or God Man) of higher densities you must be of their density in life or higher, as this is what is known as the fifth dneisty man (or God Man) in every case. Again as we have stated that there are many different levels of consciousness in your world still the human form is the only form that can rationalize; create instantly in life; and create at will – that is once he or she is an awakened human soul. Every higher conscious soul in existence that may take their residence within any lower form of third dneisty such as the rock we earlier mentioned can choose to enter into a human being at anytime as the higher self, in order to create instantly and at will. So in other words a sixth dneisty human soul (or higher) can at any time enter into whatever human mind or consciousness they so choose in life in order to carry out their will or creations in life.
And so dear ones the Cabal and Illuminati of your world does just that all the time.
They do not live in your world as human beings as this would cause them to be susceptible to death. Because there are many other forms in your world that are third dneisty as well, a soul can choose whatever form he or she as a spirit or soul wishes to call home – while visiting certain human minds and hearts all the time either corrupting their thoughts or blessing them in a positive manner. But no higher soul can know the things of third dneisty human life or what is happening in that humans world other than those spirits who are lower in consciousness (service to self sixth dneisty souls) in which case they actually think they are the human being at the time of possession. It is also a truth that these souls must lower their vibration in order to possess a third dneisty human, so as to interact with or live as that human for any period of time.
Of course the higher souls only need your world dear ones so as to create the things they seek in life on a higher plane of existence. What things they seek are any thoughts; words; actions; or affections third dneisty humans have (or the lower spirits who guide them in life) that are of a negative; dark; evil; or service to self nature based on the personal thoughts of each human being individually. When the Cabal or Illuminati ( or any third dneisty human)is of the conscious mind that they are in fact that third dneisty human they are the lower spirits or souls and they are being guided in life by the higher service to self ones in sixth dneisty ( or higher). So you have government officials or rulers of your world who are corrupt and carry out evil; dark; negative; acts – words – thoughts - and affections that are in service to self toward the people of your world, but they do these things as lower spirits or souls being guided by higher service to self spirits or souls. They know not what things they do, as they are third dneisty humans bound in illusion such as all and every soul has been one time or another.
If you dear one were to awaken and ascend to sixth dneisty tomorrow you would still remain there in your present world but they would no longer have any affect on you  or your present life, as they cannot see you in your present and new form. Even the Cabal and Illuminati cannot see or hear or interact with you any longer as you are no longer a part of their third dneisty world and system. Again they will always be there in third dneisty form whether they represent the same level of rulers of your world or carry the same names or terms that identify them in your world today. They who you see as the Cabal and Illuminati are found in every nook and cranny of your world, and simply look like the average human in some circumstances. They will always be there in their enlightened state of life knowing that they can make the rules; laws; orders; and can at the same time enslave the people one generation after the other.
It is not so much that they are wiser than the average human but it is simply that they are being guided by those who know how to serve self in life. They hold the power through generation after generation of bloodlines of corrupt rulers who love power and therefore control the monetary systems of your world because they control the power. By controlling the power and the monetary systems of your world they control your media outlets; and your many different organizations that provide false information to your world through television; radio; internet; and so on. They enslave the people however because the people allow them to enslave them (by wanting all the things they are prepared to provide to the public). And given they know these things will keep the masses quiet and hypnotized into their own little illusions of happiness and abundance of life they can endlessly continue their rule and corruption within society. And where there is not the illusion of abundance they simply provide the lazy or misfortunate enough to survive on in life so as to not ask questions of the ruling elite.
Yes dear ones the lowly in society within your world are in most all cases where they are in life because they choose to be where they are in life. Either they are not a violent people and do not ever fight the system, or those who do fight it are removed from society in one way or another. And so even though the citizens of your world may by this point wish to get out of this third density mess, they do not quite yet know how to do it.
They got in this mess by all the choices they made and all the world leaders they voted for over the many thousands of years, and more even – as they always wanted a leader; they always wanted laws; they always wanted to punish their neighbor when found in an offense; they always wanted something different from the status quo and therefore changed laws on a regular basis to fit their own wants and needs for their generation; they always ruled their children with the rod teaching them to obey their beliefs and traditions no matter what the child believed in life; they destroyed the land and enacted population control behind the scenes; they asked for guns to protect themselves from the things they feared in life; they sought war and profited from many of them; and on, and on, and on.
Yes dear ones we (you) created the world you live in called third dneisty and it is you that must remove yourselves from this world, just as we did, and no one else. You cannot remove the Cabal and Illuminati from office as they are there to stay; nor can you take control back from the present world rulers as you do not even know who they are. Not to mention that violence and punishment breeds more violence and punishment for future generations that follows your own. You in other words cannot remove a third dneisty world and system from your reality and life by using the same practices that got your world in that condition in the first place. The answer is to move on and let those who presently love the things of that present world and system to gradually change it back to something that is more acceptable for third dneisty generations that are to come. They are a wiser generation being born of those who are about to leave your world for a higher place. And what you dear ones will leave behind is a more evolved generation of children that will indeed clean up the mess they made when they were you. Do you follow what we are saying here dear ones?
Third dneisty will always be as it was created so as to last to eternity. Therefore the lessons in life will continue for all third dneisty souls presently taking their places in your reality so as to take up where each of you left off. You cannot remain in third dneisty forever, and as long as you continue to live in their system you are still a part of their system. So you must leave their system if and when you know how. So how do you leave their system dear ones? Simple! As long as part of you is connected to their system of rules; laws; level of order in society; or illusions of slavery, you are still partly connected to third dneisty life and their present third dneisty system.
In order to leave third dneisty you do so according to your level of conscious thinking. In order to leave third dneisty that part of you that is physical must become fifth dneisty (or the inner and spiritual man).  When you separate from your third dneisty body and form (through consciousness alone) the Cabal and Illuminati have no more power over you. They could not have any more power over you even if they wanted to. Therefore you as a third dneisty human have to cease your dependence on the government; world leaders; and the worldly system that feeds your flesh and the cravings of your flesh. Yes for some this is easier said than done. And it will in fact be very difficult for some in the end and when it is their time, but this must take place in the life of every third dneisty human about to awaken or that has already awakened in your world. If you do not know how to carry these things out simply ask those who have already done so or are in the process of doing so dear ones.
Do you depend on their money in order to survive in life? Then find a way to live life with the least amount possible, being satisfied when your have little in life just the same as you are satisfied when you might have much. Do not depend on others in life while at the same time you come to no longer have others in life that depend on you. Every human soul must now come to be responsible for him or her self. Remember before we go any farther dear ones? A soul who is awakened and is seeking to raise their vibrations by getting rid of third dneisty things of their present third dneisty system must remember that there is no longer any right or wrong decisions in life. No more bad or good- light or dark; sin or righteousness- no more things that cause fear in your life. It is fear that hinders your being at a higher vibration and entering into a consciousness level of sixth dneisty or higher. You want to learn to create in your present world in an instant and at will? Then take our advice dear ones and work your way out of third dneisty at this day. If you are now awakened you will know that what things we say are indeed truth.
You must not be afraid to leave those things behind that got you where you are today with your present world rulers; laws; orders; punishments and slavery of mankind on a massive scale. You will not starve – you do not need their licenses- nor their handouts- nor their protection – nor their guidance and leadership. You do not need their schools as you should by now know their schools are for their benefit alone. You do not need their goods or services any longer dear ones as these are simply tools they provide you at a cost in life to benefit their own agendas, which is to mind control the masses into submission. But if you wish to remain here and receive those things from them for a time dear ones then you are not yet prepared to move on in your ascension and shift in consciousness. We cannot however decide this for you as we can only guide those who wish to move on.
What will happen if you do not move on but in fact choose third dneisty once again through your thoughts; words; actions; and affections in life at this day? You will remain ion third dneisty possible for the remainder of this present life you are living and you will experience the illusion of death once again in your present world, only to be born again as a third dneisty human child and continue your lessons in third dneisty life.
 But we tell you dear ones your world (you) are presently going through the universal shift or ascension in consciousness, and if this generation does not complete the shift (completely) then it will certainly be within the next generation (which by the way is presently in your world as we speak). As we are aware of the conscious state of the present human host we use here this now moment, we can tell you assuredly that your world is indeed in the process of the shift and that the completion of this shift all depends of the choices this host makes in the very near future (based on the illusion of time of course). The reason for this dear ones is because not only does your present world exist outside of our human host but it exists in its entirety within the host as well. So when the host has reached his sate of equilibrium required for the shift in consciousness it will take place. If any of you dear ones reach equilibrium as well (or should we say when) you too will experience the shifty in consciousness and ascension. Others will not however be aware yet of the shift as you would be until they have awakened and connected with the collective consciousness and higher self (the God Man) as well.
There are still a few things hindering our host from reaching the acceptable level of vibration so as to make the shift in consciousness ( when the world will shift in consciousness as well) and we tell you that we shall assuredly keep you all posted as to his status in the days ahead. You never know dear ones as this might just happen as soon as tomorrow or thereabouts.
In the meanwhile we would suggest to you all dear ones that the Cabal and Illuminati are not the ones you are to fear as they cannot harm you unless you allow them to through the actions we spoke of in this message; mainly through your fear of them and what they can do to your world if the citizens of your world allow them to cause fear in a continued fashion. You world we speak of dear ones is the world that is around you every moment of every day, whether it be a single human in yourself, ten humans; or fifty. Your third dneisty world is every human life or soul you choose to be in the company of form this day forward. Every human being other than yourself connects you to third dneisty life however dear ones and this you must continue to remember from this day forward. They connect you to continued third dneisty and you connect them to it as well. Allow them to say or do things in life that causes you fear and concern and you are allowing yourself to remain connected to third dneisty and all that comes with it. All third dneisty to happen around you and then let it go and then it can no longer cause you loss or harm in life ever again.
Please keep these things in mind dear ones as we leave you to ponder on our words. We will leave you now but we shall surely come again with truths for your awakening soul.
We are the Oneness Society and we love you all unconditionally.