The Oneness Society through Daniel -Teach your children well!

01/01/2013 15:30

Teach your children well!

  • As it would seem that this will come to be a very good and important blog, i can only hope i do it justice by keeping my third density self out of it. i love speaking about the children and i love giving them credit when credit is due them. Enjoy whatever it is that my higher self is about to provide to you this day.


    As a great man in the eyes of many -  Jesus - once said, "Except you become as one of these little ones, neither shall ye enter the Kingdom of heaven." Now as it has been a long time since many of us have been like one of these little ones i will first explain why it is that we should become as one of them. They are the great teachers in life, as they have from eternity been sent here to teach the grownups patience; humility; anger; frustration; joy; excitement; how to laugh; how to cry; how to sing and dance; how to cuddle; how to play; how to joke; how to forgive and forget; and on, and on, and on. Sure we could learn these things from other human beings, but we don't see human beings every day who teach us all of these things in a single day sometimes, and so we are quite often taught the lessons of life by our own children every day of our lives, while we have them with us, of course.


    When i was a small boy i did not have to worry about where my next meal would come from as my mother was always on top of this matter. I did not have to worry about what i would wear to school tomorrow; what i  would play with tommorrow; who would watch me until mom got home from work; who would give me medicine when i was sick; whether the dog had been fed; when to get out of bed, and the list goes on and on. As a small child i never had to worry about anything in life as my parents had all bases covered for me. I was in heaven every day, and they would worry and fight and bicker at one another all the time over all of these things that never even bothered or concerned us kids.


    So what they taught us is that they are the ones who must do the worrying about everything in life, and we should just enjoy life and take it one now moment at a time, never concerning ourselves as to who will provide for us tomorrow. But then one day when i was eight they were both gone in a matter of minutes. They both died terrible deaths of which i care not to speak of as it is would have nothing to do with this subject. But as a small child i was devastated as i had lost the two people in my life that always made it all better. It is kind of like God had sent me down into this world to live, and he abandoned me and said hey, go fend for yourself now! For they were my Gods in life, and i always thought they were here to teach me, when in fact i later found that the children are here to teach us how to get back to where we all came from ; a time when we were all living in innocense.


    So mom and dad were gone now, and i was left living my everyday life with these people all around me who scared me half to death. Why did they do this to me? Why did my mommy and daddy leave me with these people who don't care about all my immediate needs any more, but each and everyone of them is doing their own thing in life and worrying about their own happiness; their own food on their plate; their own clothes being set out for tommorrow; their own favorite drinks in the icebox so they could be cold for them when they wanted them; their own bath water so they could clean themselves rather than us kids; their own every day enjoyment while the kids were told to get out of sight, and again on and on it went. I was not even permitted to go to my mom and dads funeral as they would have me believe i was in the way and they told me i had no clothes to wear. And in fact they were right, as i found later that no one would ever put aside the money to buy me a pair of shoes. I remember back then that i had one little cowboy boot and a tennis shoe for shoes to wear. Now you can't wear that to a funeral right? Well, me being a kid, and being in complete innocense i figured, "hey, i got shoes, why can't i go to the funeral?"


    I know it all sounds a bit pitiful but there is a reason for all of this information. Can you see how human beings deal with their children when they are not their own? Can you see how a small child thinks in life based on complete innocense? A child does not look at being the best looking person at the funeral, he or she only knows they will get to see their mom and dad again before they go to heaven. Now that to me is childlike innocense and childlike faith. Do we possess an innocense and faith like that? By no means! But we must if we are to return to the inner man that we truly are and the heavens from whence we each came in the first place. My higher self allowed me to come into this horrible world, where people push children to the side and attend to their own needs in life, while that child forgets about their offenses five minutes later and forgives them unconditionally. Why can't we return to that?


    We are the ones who teach our children to be angry at others; to be prejudice towards others; to seek vengeance on others in life; to wish the death of others because our leaders tell us other countries are bad and that we are good. We are the ones who make our children obese because we feed them to keep them quiet or out of our hair every day. It is we who watch over our kids every minute only to catch them making a mistake or breaking something we love in life of material value, only to spank them or send them to bed without dinner. We do not reflect love to them like they reflect love to us. They love unconditionally while we love conditionally. We remember their faults and mistakes in life where they forget all of ours, unless we teach them to find fault in others in life.


    A child will jump off the roof of the house into your hands because they believe (based on childlike faith) that you will catch them if they ask you to. Would you do that with any one of your friends or family members? Everything in life you have learned you have learned from a child somewhere along the line. Now i know you think you learned many things from grownups in life but this is not the case. Every lesson and every affection of love and hate in life was scheduled and worked into the scenes of a play by a childlike mind in complete innocense in your spiritual society in the higher realms, just to be played out by you and all the other actors in the play who think they are grownups, and run the show. We do not run the show, the show is however for our benefit, and we will one day soon be permitted to become the child once again. Do you wish to be a child who loves everyone according to unconditional love and light, who loves to play with the angels, or do you wish to continue life fending for yourself, and living in a world such as the present one we now live in today?


    You are very - very soon about to be caused to make that decision. And you will surely make the right one for you! Will you be ready?