The Oneness Society - There are no more rules!

12/31/2012 17:09
There are no more rules!  And the machines are prepared to take over!
There are no more rules.
There are no more laws.
There is no set order to any one society.
You are no longer a slave to the system.
There are no more rulers; no more law makers; no more law enforcers; and no set order to your world any longer, as you are free now to think; do; say; and live as you wish in life as long as you no longer infringe on the free will choices of others in life.  As long as you do not give when you are not asked to give, as long as you do not act until you are asked to act, and even then use unconditional love as your guide then you will be just fine.
When everyone of your world receives the forthcoming gifts of prosperity funds who is it that will do the work in your world to provide all the goods; services; and resources mankind will still need or require once no one wishes to work any longer dear ones? We have known for some time now that this question has weighed on the many awakening minds of your present world when pondering what to do when your world got to that point in their evolutionary process. For it is a truth that mankind cannot simply move from a society dependent on a monetary system to a society that no longer depends of money whatsoever, if it is to continue to sustain the everyday  life and needs of every human on your world. There has to be a transition from third dneisty life and consciousness just as there has to be a transition from a monetary system to a non – monetary system in with every world and reality about to make the changeover in consciousness.
The truth of the matter is that when everyone gets the large sums of money in your present  world and system everyone will become who they have wanted to be all their life, as financial abundance allows everyone to be who they truly are. Some will still wish to continue going out to work their jobs when these monies are delivered to them so as to still provide services for their society, but many will not. Very soon after the monetary packages are delivered to the people however (though they will not be a blessing to all human beings of your world), no longer will man have to work a required job, as every service; every resource; and every need in life for the continuance of everyday human life will then be met and provided by the machines and many newly discovered technologies of your world. It has always been this way at the transition dear ones. Still, as we said before in our past messages to you money does not make life more simple or bearable for all humans.
Therefore things will be more difficult for some during the transition in consciousness, while not so difficult at all for others. It will all depend on the level of heightened consciousness of each human soul in your world, based on the evolution of their soul. For some will be partially awakened to higher things while others will be almost fully awakened, and will have been waiting on the shift in consciousness for quite some time now.  Therefore the people of your world will now begin to believe that providing for their neighbor is what will get them into heaven, as many will only be partially awakened and will not truly know what the heightened levels in their consciousness is about to bring about in their worlds. They will begin to spread love throughout your world dear ones but will not quite get it when it comes to understanding their new found principles that are soon to come, which will teach them that it is actually unconditional love they are each seeking in life, instead of the conditional love they have been taught in your world and system, and are indeed about to understand once again the difference, after a long time being in sleep and forgetfulness.
The people of your present world dear ones are all waking up now, and they are waking up so quickly at this time that we must get these messages out just as quickly as possible, as they are all beginning to ask the right questions. At this point if the human being is to give and provide for his or her neighbor they are now providing for the whole or self in the process. For they will each and all begin to understand that every human soul you look at in life with your eyes of understanding (as well as your physical eyes because of your heightened levels of consciousness) is you and dwells within you as your world. It is acceptable to help and provide for your neighbor’s at this day therefore dear ones simply because they do not know or understand yet that they are each soon to remember how to provide for themselves.
Until then however things are going to get very difficult for some third dneisty human beings and families as the rulers of your world are going to take back everything they have been and are presently providing to the citizens of your present world so as to cause them to bow the knee and have your brothers and sisters in your world beg for their provided services and resources needed in order to continue sustaining their lives in the hours and days ahead. Because many still are not awakened in your world and society dear ones they still feel they need many of the things that your world leaders or rulers are presently providing them, and they do not yet understand what they will do without this continued providence. At the same time many are in fear of what they will be able to do if these services and resources needed to sustain their lives were all of a sudden cut off from everyone
Do not be too concerned however dear ones as we are here to tell you that everything has been planned in advance and the Rulers of your present world will not succeed in those things they are presently planning behind the scenes. There will be two scenarios unfolding soon in your world dear ones – one will be that certain souls will already be fully awakened and will not need the monetary aid of the providers already put in place - while those who do need the assistance in order to make the transition more comfortably will be provided plenty of aid in order to easily make that transition at the scheduled time. In other words those who are not quite at the threshold of their awakening – who are still to go in the shift in consciousness right along with all the others of your world, will be provided for until they begin to understand what is coming.
The reason for this dear ones is because we need to remove the level of fear in your world that many human souls still possess at this day, so as to raise the vibrational frequency of your planet high enough so as to make the shift in consciousness – and to make it according to its scheduled time. There are still many things you do not presently understand dear ones about the human being and what is involved in the life and consciousness of a single human being, and therefore soon we will have educated many within your world on these things, as everything will be provided right on schedule.  If we were to allow every soul of your world ( we are simply you in a heightened state of consciousness) to awaken quickly then those third dneisty humans left in your present third dneisty world would suffer immensely, as they are not going to awaken to higher things, and they are the ones who have to be spoon fed (so to speak) so that they will suffer from the  many changes much less than it could have been – given the fact that they do not know that money and technology are no longer needed in order to sustain their lives from this day forward. So again they will be provided those things they need in life to help them in the experience and changeover to the great shift in consciousness that is at your doorstep even now dear ones.  They will still be third dneisty humans when each of you becomes fifth dneisty humans, and they will continue to share a body and form with each of you, as it is you who appears to leave your present world, though in fact no one goes any place, and each of you will know this at the time.
It is true that we have permitted the situation to get to a point in your world dear ones where it truly looks dire for everyone, and many of your world are surely thinking everything is about to completely collapse, and that they are all about to lose everything they have in life. This must be permitted however as each of you is going to get back to basics and put away all the things that hold your frequency or vibrations so low that the human you each possess cannot yet make the shift in consciousness. When the vibrations of your planet as well as the people of your planet has reached equilibrium, the shift will occur and the illusion of losing everything will then be over, and everyone will then see much more clearly as to what is about to take place in your world now.
You as a human soul are a society dear ones and because of this some within that society (your thoughts and consciousness) will awaken and some will not, but all will indeed be there in the end to make up the life and consciousness of the God Man or Macrocosm that is now almost finished the shift to fifth dneisty (sixth dneisty consciousness). Therefore when all is said and done the God Man who is the fifth dneisty human based on his ruling loves in life, will be made up of human souls from third dneisty – fourth dneisty – fifth dneisty -  sixth dneisty – seventh density- and every other density above to the heights of all the densities. Therefore those who are going to make up your third dneisty souls dear ones will still be there in your present third dneisty world and consciousness living life according to what is given them. They do not know the things controlling and ruling their lives, keeping it always bound to a certain level of consciousness or order.
You could all leave that world now dear ones and remain in your fifth dneisty level of consciousness or reality, but it is you that chose to remain for just a while longer so as to bless them with the things they still believe they need in life just to exist or survive. You each are the ones who must forgive them now that you know where forgiveness lies - for they know not what things they do, nor do they know even what things they need in life – considering they have been led astray and lied to for so long by the rulers of their world. Once you all return to your home of fifth dneisty all third dneisty humans will then know (though the bleed through of your consciousness) that those things they once thought they needed in life are no longer needed as all things needed in life will be provided them from that day forward, as well as many things they want in life based on their level of consciousness from higher self or the God Man.
It is like this dear ones – those human souls who are presently awakened know what is what now simply because their lower consciousness is now One with their higher consciousness through their recently awakening.
The same will go for every human being in your present world once each of them awakens as well ,and this is very soon about to take place, and is already in process as we bring this message to you . Until these other human beings of your world in fact awaken however we will provide them things to make the shift in consciousness just a little bit easier. For those who fight it however they will have just a bit more trouble letting go of their present third dneisty reality. The third dneisty world and reality that is to come will be a different one than the one they presently live in at this day dear ones, as it will soon become even their lower levels of consciousness in life. In other words what was once your third dneisty life and reality will now become a lower state of life; consciousness; and existence for each of you, and you will all make one step up in consciousness to another level of third dneisty, while your past third dneisty world will still exist as potentials and possibilities for all of you to experience whenever you wish in life. Very few however will ever wish to return to such low states or levels of consciousness, given they now possess a higher level of consciousness and understanding.
We will leave you now dear ones to ponder on these things we have given you this day and hour. We will return with other things very shortly as time is running out in your world and you are all about to experience no time.
We are the Oneness Society and we love you all unconditionally.