The Oneness Society - The grand deception!

01/05/2013 17:34

The Oneness Society - The Grand Deception!


--------------- Introduction------------------

Hello dear ones we are the Oneness Society and we come to you again with important things. Because these are things having to do with your present world, and because your present world is our world of sixth dneisty consciousness (fifth dneisty spiritual man)  service to self and service to others - we will speak to you through sixth dneisty STS ( SERVICE TO SELF) and sixth dneisty STO ( Service to others) Daniel. Please be of the understanding now that we come to you now from seventh density. Therefore we will speak through sixth dneisty Daniel through influx of the dneisties so that the seventh dneisty knowledge we provide Daniel shall come through to sixth dneisty Daniel (as sixth dneisty correspondences) and through his sixth dneisty influx will provide clearer understanding to fifth dneisty (fifth dneisty human) Daniel, as well as third dneisty Daniel who is still partially living in third dneisty. Therefore during this whole process of communication we shall be communicating with the collective consciousness of yours and our worlds simultaneously.


There is a great deception going on in your world presently dear ones as they do not wish a single human soul to awaken if they can keep them from awakening, when their time has arrived. You have groups and individuals out there who are providing messages and promises to the people that do not even know they are making false promises as they too are being misled, and actually do have the peoples good in mind when it all comes down to it. These souls are those who still make up third dneisty man for all of those who are presently awakened and are therefore now fifth dneisty man (sixth dneisty consciousness). Yes dear ones you heard us right. There are those who have now awakened and are walking your present world as fifth dneisty humans who are walking that same world with those third dneisty humans who have not yet awakened – have not yet raised their consciousness levels to the next level- and who have therefore not yet ascended as some would call it.

So who is it that is still of the group that is your third dneisty and is therefore the third dneisty representations of yourselves? It is all who are still of such a low vibration through the lives they are presently living that cannot reach fifth dneisty and cannot therefore hold a fifth dneisty vibration and frequency yet.  These are those human beings who still speak of war- still speak of violence and punishment- still speak of revenge and justice- still speak of rules; a certain order of society; and laws in and of the land. Again they are those human beings who speak of not being free and therefore wish to join forces with those like them in the world who are looking for a way to win their freedom in the world at this day. They are those groups of people who still live in fear – still live in slavery of one kind or another- and still get up every morning and go out into the world and live their lives according to the worldly systems still in place within your third dneisty reality each of you ( those awakened) once lived in.

There are groups out their in your world today dear ones who do not know of the things you speak of or co – create in your minds every now moment of every day of your new life.

They (those still in third dneisty) are not prepared to live in a world where no one owns anything and all things are shared according to needs in life equally. They are not prepared to take control of their own lives; accept responsibility; and never again seek to be rules by kings; presidents; or governments. They are still in fear that they must abide by the laws of the land or go to jail for not doing so. They are not prepared to forgive their neighbor all their trespasses and offenses toward the people of the world or themselves, and they are therefore not prepared to forgive themselves in life. Some of them speak of love and some speak of prosperity; peace; world debt forgiveness; free energy and technologies for the masses of the world, and so on, but they all still have one thing in common ---- they want revenge; they want justice; or they want disclosure   -but they all want something from their present third dneisty world before they are willing to leave it all alone and settle for what they can get from those who did them wrong in life.

Why do they need to know what bad things were carried out against the people of the world in their past if they cannot do a thing to change what has happened except for changing how these people live in the future simply by the decisions they each now make in life from this day forward? In other words the only way to change the world is by changing you. When you change how you look and feel from within, those who make up your world from without will be a complete reflection of that new you within. So how do we change the world that is out there in front of us today? We change our self now as well as every now moment that is to come. We do not force our beliefs and truths on others who make up our world as those  who make up our world are only a reflection of each of us, and the differences that they each represent form each of us is what makes them each unique in life. You take those unique qualities from each of them and mankind will never evolve because you are constantly creating new other selves who are exactly the same as you in life. This is what happens when you make your children think; say; act; and live as you in life and never allow them to be themselves. But we will now attempt to get back on course with our subject, as this is not really it.

As we were saying – why do you need to know what things those corrupt world rulers of yours did to the people of your world and you, in the past? Unless you are planning on seeking revenge or justice on them there is no further need and you should get on with you lives simply living in the now rather than the past or the future. So you see dear ones these are the things keeping those of you still stuck in third dneisty from making the shift in consciousness and coming to join your friends and loved ones in fifth dneisty where they presently reside today – or now. The message that should be announced to your world today is that they are all free- they were always free- and just as soon as they were born into your present world they were attacked and their freedom was taken from them little by little. And it is your parents who allowed them to do this at the time simply because their parents before them did the same to them by helping them be enslaved by the present world systems, and they never stood their own ground or sought higher knowledge in order to separate themselves from the system once they grew up and left home. They too chose to be trained and brainwashed by your present world and system and they chose to pass it on to their children as well, which leaves you where you all are today – enslaved by the system or you have already moved away from it.

Again dear ones those who appear to speak against the system actually speak for the system is they in any way spread the “lets fight for our freedom” messages - fear- negativity – opposition- revenge- justice- punishment- arrest and incarcerations – murder or the death penalty for the ones who offended your world- and so on. There is nothing wrong with wanting to no longer be poor but to want to be content in life as this in no way harms or causes loss to your neighbors; friends; family; or acquaintances in life. There is nothing wrong with stating you are free and then living your continued life as though you were free; as long as it does not cause harm or loss to the neighbor; another human being; or living soul.

When however you wish to actually seek revenge or justice you are seeking harm or loss to the neighbor and this is third dneisty thinking. And as long as you continue living in third dneisty you will not raise your consciousness to fifth dneisty nor will you ever come to know you are truly free and that you have always been free. Who told you that you were not free in the first place dear ones? Was it not other third dneisty beings who wish nothing more in life than to rule and to be rich, beyond other things? Because you want to own a home – because you want to own a car (and most do not even wish to share their homes or cars) because you want to be wealthy or rich over and above the financial capabilities of others in your world- and because you still live your lives for you and yours you still remain in third dneisty.

Because you continue to follow a person or group that wants freedom at whatever cost, or any cost at all, you will always be under the illusion that you are not free. Because you await the demise or destruction of those who did you harm or caused offenses toward you in life you will remain in third dneisty. You see dear ones it is not the things you so preciously wish to continue to enjoy in life that is keeping your vibrations at a very low frequency so that you cannot move to fifth dneisty – it is the system; its rules; regulations; laws; and the illusion of you all being free while you are giving yourself over to slavery. It is each of you being in service to self rather than in service to others that allows them to rule over you, and yet we tell you that you can still move to fifth dneisty while in service to self, but you will always be your lower fifth dneisty self until you evolve a bit farther. But as long as you continue to think like they do you will attract one another and will all remain third dneisty.

All the things you each like and love in third dneisty will be their in fifth dneisty in one form or another, but the thoughts; words; and actions in your lives that reflect jealousy- vengeance- and eye for an eye – punishment- arrests- the death penalty- murder of any kind of the flesh- the illusion of being free while you are a slave – seeking your freedom ( by one means or another) while not knowing you are already free- living in the past by wanting to know the things of the past- and all the other things that the Cabal is forcing on all of you at this day through those who spread their false and low density messages of third dneisty. Stop seeking you freedom and know you are free. Even though they are forcing their rules; order; and laws on society does not mean you have to be a part of tier society or bow down to their beliefs. When enough of the numbers (who are now in fifth dneisty for that matter) shout out on the rooftops that they are already free and always were free know that you have won.

Again we say dear ones that all those human beings in your world who are awake now and know they are free and have always been free will no longer live by their rules; order; or laws. They will live as though they are free and it will now be up to those third dneisty humans left in your world to find a way to deal with it in their own way. So how will they deal with it? They will lower in numbers by the hour and by the day – until they are depleted to the point that they will no longer matter to the masses.  

Do not fight them – do not go against them unless defending yourself – do not bad mouth them – do not harm them or cause them any further loss than what they have put on themselves, and just know the time is here( we did not say close or soon). You are free and so you need not fight for what you already have. What is truly yours (the peoples) will come to you and nothing they attempt to do any longer will stop this process. It is done! All that is left for each of you to do is to awaken – and know you are truly free dear ones.

We are the Oneness Society and we come to you in unconditional love.



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