The Oneness Society - Start creating anew!

12/31/2012 17:46


The Oneness Society -   Start creating anew!




  1. You create a new soul group to descend into third dneisty reality to be born as a human child.


  1. When you descend into third dneisty reality (world stage or play) there are no set rules- no set laws – no set order- you are free to choose in life from the moment you are aware or conscious as a human soul.


  1. Because you are born in to third dneisty as an empty vessel you take on those beliefs and understandings and truths that are taught to you by those humans who surround you every moment and every day in your life.


  1. The reason you take on the beliefs- rules- laws- and understandings that you do is because you are taught to fear (apparent) pain; suffering; loss both mentally and physically; and the unknown in life. The humans who surround you in life help form those fears within your minds.


  1. And so if there are no set rules or laws in your life and world when you enter third dneisty reality no one has the inherent right to force any laws; rules; or beliefs on you from the moment of your birth. Parents however believe otherwise, as do your elders who have permission from your parents to teach and correct the human child whenever they deem it necessary (based on their beliefs alone) to do so.


  1. Because the human child cannot fend for himself or herself in life, given their size and knowledge base during childhood they have no choice but to submit at all times to their parents; elders; or guardians. This will forever be the case in third dneisty as the third dneisty human only knows and understands those things taught to them from past generations. Those in your world today who believe third dneisty will ever change when it comes to these little details are misinformed. The human child will always be submitted to the grown human beings in their life, as this is how third dneisty existence is designed even from the beginning, and it can be no other way.


  1. Every third dneisty human is the outer shell and life of every fifth dneisty ( sixth dneisty consciousness) human and can always draw their thoughts and affections in life from their higher self ( sixth dneisty consciousness or higher) simply by knowing they can do so in life. If however that third dneisty human has not yet awakened and come to remember who he or she is (God or the God Man) they cannot connect consciously to their higher self or consciousness, but can only connect to higher self unconsciously, in which case they cannot hold on to the knowledge they have recently received from higher self in life.


  1. Just because a third dneisty human has awakened and has come to remember he or she is (not a God but the one and only God) God does not mean he or she is a wonderful human soul living their life in unconditional love for all humans and souls. What it actually means is that he or she is now an awakened God and therefore remembers that he or she can create in life instantly and at will whenever he or she pleases, and can do so within the spectrums of both the heavens and the hells. In other words that soul comes to remember there never was and never will be again, any thing such as right or wrong; good or bad; positive or negative; light or dark, and so on in their new life and understanding. The only reason these things existed for the human (or God Man) in the first place is because that God Man created a living soul to represent himself or herself to descend into the lower third dneisty plane of life and existence so as to live the many different lessons and illusions that come along with the illusions of life and death for the lower human soul.


So you see every God Man is an evil and dark being known to many as Satan or the devil – and every God Man is a loving being of light known to most all humans as God; the Father; or the Lord. And of course the title of God is understood in your world by many different beliefs and religions, in which case there are many different terms or names used in your world for the higher beings they have come to know as God. Nonetheless every human soul or God Man past; present; or future is all things in life whether positive or negative (based on what the third dneisty human understands to be positive and negative; or of the light or the dark).


  1. Given that every human soul (every God Man) is both positive and negative – good and evil- of light and of the dark- is in conditional love or unconditional love for all other humans –is in service to self or in service to others - is all things and everything - just because every human soul and God Man is one of these or the other at one time or another in life does not give them any power or authority over any other human soul or God Man in life or death. No one has the right to come into your world (wherever and whenever that world is present) and go against the free will choices in life of any other human soul (or God Man). It does not mean he or she does not have the right either!


What it all means is that every human soul (or God Man) in reality is an androgynous being as their higher self (closest thing to their true self in the finite world and universe) and that they each therefore can choose to be in service to self and conditional love any time they please in life, or they can each choose to be in service to others and in unconditional love any time they please in life. They can also choose to be third the dneisty human any time they please in life or they can choose to be the fifth dneisty human any time they please in life.For if an awakened fifth dneisty human soul (or God Man) wishes to enjoy the pleasures of physical sexual intercourse with another third dneisty human, that human soul (or God Man) must lower their vibration and again become the third dneisty human, as the third dneisty human cannot ever raise their vibration and have physical sexual intercourse as the fifth dneisty human (spiritual or light body).


Again what it all means is that when you come into the world and reality of third dneisty all bets are off (a third dneisty term). There are no set rules that third dneisty man has to abide by, given that every third dneisty human child is born as an empty shell as far as his or her mind and consciousness is concerned. Each of you takes form third dneisty existence exactly what you came into it with. Your consciousness! You actually learn nothing but simply remember what things you have forgotten, and you only remember based on the level of evolution of your human soul. And then one day your four seasons of life will have been complete and you come to fully awaken and remember who you are and what your purpose in existence actually is. You are who you have always been, and you have simply forgotten this.


So if you are born into your present third dneisty world (and all others actually) as an empty shell as far as your knowledge and consciousness goes who is it that told you that you can force laws; rules; orders; traditions; or standards on any other human being in life, including your own children when you later have them?Are you there to help with the evolution of mankind or are you there to help him de- evolve? Who or what is it in life that tells you what is right or wrong in your present world and system? Is it you? Is it some other human being? Or is it some other group of human beings? No dear ones, each of you third dneisty humans feel the law is within you based on what you believe to be right and proper in life, and you come to force those beliefs and laws (not knowing what things you are doing) on other human beings throughout every generation of man. A man sees in his heart what is right and correct, but in the end it is death.


  1. There are no set laws- there are no set rules or standards- there is no right or wrong in life – no good or bad- positive or negative – light or dark, and so on. Every single separate human being   ( separation only exists within third dneisty life) is a law- is a ruling love- is the light- is the dark- is the positive or the negative- is the forgiveness or the punishment- and is the one or its opposite within himself or herself in all of existence; consciousness; and life to eternity. As long as you live in a world and system that teaches you different, and you come to believe different, you are still learning your lessons in life. You began your existence as a God Man in equilibrium –half way so to speak between all that is your ruling love and all that represents those opposites of your ruling love in life and consciousness.


Since you were even then an androgynous being, you were half the time in the negative polarity as far as your ruling love was concerned, and you were half the time in the positive polarity. The Masculine side of you could be in the one or the other whenever He pleased in life (consciousness) and the Female could do the same, as the ones wishes were and always will be opposite those wishes in life of the other. Each of you dear ones will one day return to this state of mind; life; and consciousness, once your evolution of the soul has been completed. For in the higher realms of consciousness ( where you are this God Man we just spoke of) the one opposite never gets to live among or with the other opposite in life or consciousness as they are always separate, but in third dneisty life and reality this is very possible and always the case. Only in third dneisty existence can good and evil; light and dark; right and wrong; positive and negative; love and hate, all appear to live together in life. But they do not do this in peace and harmony dear ones as it is all a part of the evolution of the human soul, in which case the peace and harmony comes when the human soul awakens and moves into their fifth dneisty life and form (sixth dneisty consciousness or higher) where they become the God Man once again, but now with a human body and form of the spiritual and inner man.


  1. So if there are no set rules; laws; or proper order that is presently or previously required of you third dneisty humans, what is holding you all back form seeking your freedom and sovereignty at this day dear ones? We will tell you! If you have not yet awakened to who you are, and if you have not come to realize that you are the higher self and God Man then you are still bound to the third dneisty illusion of laws; order; rules; punishment; and slavery. If it is your time to awaken (as this will be the case for all of you so very soon) don’t get comfortable as the train into fifth dneisty (sixth dneisty consciousness) is set to take off with you on it. Your world has already begun its ascension and shift in consciousness quite some time ago, and those of you who are not yet aware of this are simply not yet aware because you have a few details left to work out in your third dneisty experience.


  1. Because there are truly no set rules; order of society; laws; or punishments for that matter, in your world - you each have the ability and right in life to now do; think; say; and act in accordance with your heart at this day, and no longer live their illusion. Because you have been taught that there is right and wrong; good and evil; law breakers and those who abide by their laws, you have come to do so in life. Those days are gone and we are here dear ones to wake you up a bit in the direction of your true selves. As each of you awaken to your fifth dneisty selves (sixth dneisty consciousness) you will still be living and residing in third dneisty according to their illusion (yours too when you wish it that way) in which case you can now mold and create your new third dneisty life and world as you would see it unfold through your new found (or remembered) spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Yes dear ones you can now help repair; reshape; and give a whole new look to your third dneisty world, even though those third dneisty humans not yet awakened will not know where your new found wisdom and knowledge is coming from .


  1. Yes dear ones now it is you who can make the rules in your world based on what you see as right and wrong; good and bad; proper and improper. Just as was the case before however – if you cause loss or harm to other third dneisty humans these things will shape your outer world as well as your inner world, given that you will be bound by the laws of attraction, which by the way is a universal law of the human soul. If you therefore think you are stealing form another human or group of humans you will (equally) be stolen from as will in life. This will cause you to have to be your third dneisty self at the time, in which case you will feel the harm or loss as much as any other third dneisty human. If however you act as a mature and evolved human soul (or God Man) and you do not attempt to get involved in the life and choices of other human souls, the sky is the limit as to what you can create and experience in life, as your fifth dneisty self.


  1. So again where does this leave you all in your present third dneisty world today? You have those groups you blame for your shortcomings or losses in life known as the Cabal and Illuminati and you truly blame them for all the offenses they have committed toward you and those of your world. But you do not yet understand dear ones that what lessons one human is to learn in life is not your concern as you do not really know what things another human is still due to learn in life and what things they have already learned. This is part of the reason for our having to evolve as souls, so that we learn to mind our own business when we do not know or understand a thing in life. And now we will give an example form our service to self friends.


If a human uses a credit card and maxes it out all the time, and continues to use it getting deeper and deeper in debt he or she must learn this lesson about taking on debt that causes them to live life above their means and ability to pay by the system allowing them to go just as deep in debt as they choose to go.

If a human is always afraid they will get sick all the time and will not be able to afford a doctor or             hospital visit then they usually come to rely on health insurance or another human to pay their medical     bills, in which case they are always dependent on another part of the corrupt systems of your world.

Again if a certain human is use to a certain lifestyle and he or she cannot usually afford that lifestyle, the present systems of your world attempt to teach them that they should do whatever it takes in life to maintain that lifestyle they are use to. This causes them to go deep into debt- causes them to sometimes steal – to take on illegal practices (based on your world laws) and they will not stop until they get the things in life they seek and want. This is another lesson the human must endure and learn in life, simply because he or she is dependent on the system to provide them the things they want in life. Is it wrong to want things? No! It is the laws of your land and world which make up the rules that cause these things to appear wrong in the end. And so there is always more than a single lesson in every experience you are each to live in life every moment of every day. So who are you (or we) to interfere in the life and lessons of another human soul?

  1. So where are we going with this dear ones? We are explaining to each of you (on an individual basis) that you will not repair or change your third dneisty life; world; and system from within third dneisty consciousness or thinking. You cannot beat them at their own game, as they got where they are through force; rules; laws; created order; and the enslavement of your human population of your world. You need to fix your present world from within chaos - through no laws; rules; set order; principles; or system of slavery. You have just as much freedom to make the rules of the game as they do and as much as any single God ever to have existed from eternity. No God ever told you that you were ever lost or bound by any laws or rules except those Gods you gave your power and freedom over to freely in life. As we said the only true laws are those universal laws that teach each of you that your world is your world and you have no right as the One Creator God to go against the free will choosing in life of any other God ever to appear separate from yourself in life. And they only appear separate form you when they see themselves as the third dneisty human being.


If you want to lie – cheat- or steal in order to gain your freedom back then do so as long as you do not harm another single human or cause them any loss in the process.


If however you are afraid to act out in a manner we have just suggested we would then suggest to you that this is again third dneisty thinking, as you are again in fear of their laws. Just because we say to you to do as you wish to get your freedom back still we suggest you always act and think from your heart, and no longer your rational human consciousness and mind. You cannot act and think from your heart and cause loss or harm to another human soul, and so this is why we say to you that the sky is now the limit. The rules are gone and there is nothing stopping you any longer but you.


Remember that if you now at this day seek power or riches at the loss of another human being then you are in third dneisty consciousness and you will reap that which you sow in life. Would you kill; harm or cause loss of life or freedom to another human being in order to gain power or riches in your new life and world? If so then you are in service to self and third dneisty consciousness, in which case you will remain bound in third dneisty consciousness until you learn the lessons that go with such thinking. Get whatever you can or want in life as long as you do not use third dneisty thinking. And remember there are no longer any rules or laws as long as you remain one, and you do not affect the life and free will decisions of other third dneisty beings.


  1. Did you know that you whole third dneisty world is being changed presently simply by the collective consciousness of those outside of you – as they all reside within you as that same world. If you are thinking lower third dneisty thoughts you are presently creating your new third dneisty world. If you are thinking sixth dneisty thoughts you are presently creating your new fifth and sixth dneisty life and world. And all those souls who are doing the same are either Co- Creators with you as far as your third dneisty world is concerned, as well as your sixth dneisty world. Therefore the more human souls presently hoping for a world with no monetary system whatsoever the quicker and easier it is going to be for all of you (the collective consciousness) to create that world for yourselves. As far as your speaking and acting within your present third dneisty world, be careful what you teach and force on other young third dneisty souls (young and old in appearance) as they are your future.


  1. So will you kill to gain your freedom back? Will you kill to gain riches or power in your world? If so then this is third dneisty thinking and you will be kept in third dneisty for as long as it takes for you to learn the lessons that all go with your wanting to kill another living soul for your own benefit in life.  This would seriously go against that universal law of attraction and free will we spoke of earlier. If you were to kill and it was in order to regain your freedom, and your heart tells you that you are making the right choice then you are making the right choice. Do you follow dear ones? What third dneisty man sees as murder the higher self sees as third dneisty man gaining his freedom; and the higher self never takes murder lightly which is why the higher self does not know when a third dneisty human  kills for any reason. Remember dear ones that there are actually no rules in third dneisty any more than there are in fifth; sixth; or higher.


Would you steal in order to gain riches or power in your world? Again this is third dneisty thinking, and this makes you no better than the ones who did the same to you throughout your lives. If you took and it caused no one harm or loss then it would not however be stealing, given the fact that all things already belong to you. It is the belief that they do not already belong to you that causes you to use your third dneisty thinking dear ones, causing you to think you are therefore stealing.


Would you honor your father or mother of your third dneisty material world if he or she were causing you to do a thing in life that you knew was terribly wrong for you ( according to your heart), or went against the free will of another in life?Well if you were an awakened human child you would not but would rather rebel against such orders every time. For the awakened child knows as well that the only set rules now in his or her life are his or her own set rules.


Would you lie in order to gain back your freedom – gain power and ruler ship- or gain riches? Again if you did so without causing loss or harm to another human soul then you are free to gain whatever you wish in life, but there is always a price to pay for wanting to rule over others in life, in which case you would only be able to rule from within third dneisty, as ruling is third dneisty thoughts; affections; and actions. The same would of course go for riches, as they too are thoughts; affections; and needs of the third dneisty human.


We would suggest to you dear ones that those of you who are in the habit of taking laws from your holy books ( such as the Ten Commandments of the holy bible) that you really rethink those laws, as they are each from the lower third dneisty thinkingalone.God ( your higher self) never placed a single law on a single human soul that was to descend and make up your present world and system.


And now we leave you dear ones to ponder what we have told you this day.


We are the Oneness Society and we love to all unconditionally.