The Oneness Society - Battle of lost souls!

12/27/2012 23:12

The Oneness Society –  The battle of lost souls!


Hello dear ones we are the Oneness Society and we come to you once again in hopes of clarifying at this day what things are about to take place in your world. Of course because we who come to you on a most regular basis at this day are of the societies in service to others and cannot therefore tell you of worldly things will once again join efforts with our opposite society in the spiritual realms at this time – that being your brothers and sisters of days gone by (future selves) who are in service to self and do not shy away from admitting it at this day and hour. But why would they come to you at this time and divulge their secrets to the world you presently reside in if in fact they still have some sort of hold on the citizens of your present third dneisty realms of existence? The reason dear ones is because they will have their hold on you no matter what, given the fact that you are who you are in this day and age, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do in their present life to change that. Therefore if the Cabal and illuminati have a hold on you at this present day chances are you are headed for that timeline we speak of in your reality known as number two.

Still dear ones that is a term you have created for your own benefit and understanding at this day, and we are simply revealing it to you as was originally predetermined. Others created this term “timeline number two” far into our future when we were in your positions dear ones and now we return to do the same for you as was the original plan. We are here therefore to tell you all that if you are predetermined to move into timeline number two that this is the timeline or dimension you shall all move to in the very near future, or should we say in our present reality?  There is not a thing that we can do or say to you in order to cause your awakening and ascension, therefore causing many of you to make the shift in consciousness that is coming up on your world this day. Still it is only fair that we remind you all that even though you might be one of the many who is about to move on into the next cycle of third dneisty that you should not be in fear of what is to come.

The rulers of your world who go by the names of the Cabal and Illuminati are higher beings or souls who are not only in service to self and conditional love but in service to others and in unconditional love as well, whenever they choose to be one or the other in life. We realize we have mentioned these things to you in the past dear ones but it is a matter than needs to be explained to the masses time and time again at this day, given the fact that the hour is late. Again we mention that these rulers of your present world are souls who have ascended in consciousness so as to now be sixth density (and in some cases seventh and higher) souls and therefore live a life now where there are no more right or wrong decisions in their lives given the fact that they no longer live the illusions of separation and duality. Neither do they live the illusion of darkness and light; conditional and unconditional love; service to self and service to others; and any other illusion you can think of that exists in your present world.

These ascended human beings known as God Men or angels (for those of you who still hold to the illusion of such beings) can now go and do as they please in life and are not bound by any rules or laws within their reality except those which are known as universal laws– and so they are limited to their own reality no longer capable of entering into your own third dneisty plane of existence as this would be too low of a vibration to carry their present levels of consciousness. These beings or souls are benevolent as well as malevolent in nature as they can change states of consciousness whenever they please now in life. As far as what every single human being of your world can see and interact with at this day, and during every other generation of third dneisty human, they can only interact with third dneisty humans. Neither can Sto beings or human souls of any higher density interact with or cause problems for any third dneisty human being ever as they would not ever wish to do so given what things they know at the present day.

Now a sixth dneisty (or higher) Service to self being or human soul can interact with and cause problems for a third dneisty human in that they can always lower their vibration to their natural state of consciousness in which case they can have contact with their fourth dneisty counterpart who is in a Service to self state of mind and consciousness as well. We will attempt to explain so as to make our analogy a bit clearer dear ones.

Lets say our host Daniel is an awakened sixth dneisty human being ( God Man) and he is in his service to self state of mind presently rather than his service to others state of mind ( given he can choose to be one or the other at any time). Now depending on the human body and form he presently possesses he can choose to do harm to or cause loss for the human population or those around his person during the time he is connected to service to self affections, or spirits and souls. He can do so by the fact that he is an awakened human being (God Man) and can therefore think; speak; and act from within his present human body and form her is possessing. This way he has contact with third dneisty humans but they cannot have nay contact with him as they do not know he is a higher consciousness being at the time.  And so what is seen to be a third dneisty human causing them loss or harm in life is actually a sixth dneisty ( or higher) service to self human soul that can do whatever he or she pleases in life based on the universal laws of the God Man.

Of course this God Man also knows that while acting out in third dneisty the God Man has to lower his or her vibration for a short moment or period of time, just long enough to connect with their third dneisty body and form. For you first (as this service to self God Man) have to connect with the consciousness of your present fourth dneisty human consciousness (within your third dneisty body and form) so as to receive the thoughts from the higher being or soul (God Man) and then lower your vibration and consciousness so as to then interact with your other selves or other third dneisty humans. And the God Man also knows that as long as he or she is in third dneisty form (fourth dneisty consciousness) that he or she is bound by third dneisty laws or attraction. Therefore what he or she as a God Man were to permit to happen to another because of the thoughts or corresponding actions of their higher service to self consciousness, he or she would receive the same corresponding  harm or loss he or she caused another In third dneisty.

So what does this all mean dear ones?

Your world rulers known as the Cabal and Illuminati will not directly cause loss or harm to a single third dneisty human being. They will however provide riches and power to those third density -service to self human souls - so as to provide for them a way to rule the citizens of your present world without them actually getting involved in the affairs of a single third dneisty human being. In order for this to become possible these fourth dneisty human souls who are possessing these third dneisty human beings must be awakened souls so as to be in contact with their higher selves.  Have we not told you that there has always been God Men (or angels) walking around your world in all places of society. And these God Men are not always good - service to other – angels or God Men either.

So we state for the record dear ones that there are awakened human souls walking your world that are not responsible for the actions they carry out against the world population at this day as your war is never against flesh and blood. The war dear ones is against these angels (or God Men) of sixth dneisty spiritual societies (or higher) who are in fact the higher selves of those third dneisty human beings that are awakened within your world.  Because they are awakened dear ones, and also continue to provide offspring ( through royal bloodlines) in your world that can be educated toward their awakening or enlightenment as well ( through the process of them helping their children to remember  - as learning is the actual illusion) they need a world full of third dneisty human souls to be their slaves; workers; and providers for them in life while they hold on to the power and financial abundance of your present world and those worlds  in days gone by.

Because they are awakened or enlightened they know they are not to involve themselves in the lives of third dneisty human beings nor are they to interact with third dneisty humans as this would be detrimental at times to their health and well being in life.  They are to love unconditionally when they are in service to others and conditionally when they are in service to self. Either way they are safe in their practices in life as they are providing for the good of the one or whole in life by not interacting with third dneisty human beings ever.  Still we are not done dear ones, as there is more.

These awakened and enlightened - service to self - human souls connected to fourth dneisty consciousness (the mind of third dneisty human beings) knows they ( the fifth density human form possessing their third dneisty human form) can have no contact with third dneisty humans which is why they offer riches and power to other non – awakened third dneisty human beings who do not know the things of enlightenment, and do not care what things they have to do in life in order to gain riches and power over the citizens of the world. So these types of third dneisty un - awakened human beings always get the power and riches through the royal bloodlines they are in contact with through generation after generation of Cabal and Illuminati children or offspring.

 If these fifth dneisty God Men (enlightened human souls) were to offer power and riches to other third dneisty humans not awakened then these third dneisty humans would simply reap that which they sowed according to the laws of attraction. So these third dneisty human souls would simply learn their lessons in life like all other third dneisty souls and move on in ascension when their time comes in life. They are neither judged nor condemned for the wrongs they perpetrated against the human population of their world as third dneisty humans do not know who they truly are or what is truly right or wrong in life based on what things they have been taught throughout generation after generation of third dneisty man. Those sixth density God Men (enlightened and awakened human souls) would not suffer any consequences as there is no longer any right or wrong for them in life, and they did not have direct contact with third dneisty human beings.

Therefore dear ones third dneisty souls will move on to timeline two and live out their lives until their time of the awakening and enlightenment comes for each of them and the third dneisty enlightened and awakened human souls will go on to enter into the shift in consciousness, in which case they will each become sixth dneisty (or higher) God Men, and will therefore never be held or bound in a world of right or wrong, or opposites ever again. And we will all live together in harmony and unity of life to eternity, just as we have been doing since eternity.

Third density man will continue to live out their lives among sixth dneisty ( and higher)  enlightened God Men and the God Men will continue to either bless or curse third dneisty man, always depending on the state of life and consciousness of these God Men at any given time. But these God Men will never have direct contact with third dneisty man, nor can a higher sixth density ( and above) God Man ever cause loss or harm directly or indirectly to a third dneisty human being that has now come to his enlightenment and awakening, as he or she is now the enlightened God Man as well.  So who is your worst enemy when you are the un – awakened third dneisty human being dear ones? It is you alone! For what you reap in life is what you will sow and what things or affections you each come to attract toward yourself in life is the things you shall receive back to yourself every time. If you ar4e in good and loving affections in life then your vibration is too high to attract service to self human beings or souls that can harm you or cause loss to your being or self, and you are therefore safe every time. On the other hand if you are carrying low vibrations because of your thoughts; words; actions; or affections and ruling loves in life then you are leaving your sphere of protection completely open in fie, and allowing whatever chooses to come into your presence to come into your presence.

So we say to you dear ones to be careful in these last days, as the levels of energy are very high in your world and this causes evil to be ten times as bad, while at the same time it is causing good and loving affections to be ten times greater as well.  Each of you know what he or she represents now in your world and we say to you all dear ones that the days of decision are upon each of you – are you prepared?


We are the Oneness Society and we love you all unconditionally.