The Laws of Attraction

09/22/2013 11:29

The Laws of Attraction


It is very important that each human soul or being at this time in our awakening and transitioning to our next level of Absolute Truth and Data be reflective on the principles of the “Laws of Attraction.” The Laws of Attraction are Universal Laws that have been in place from eternity and are there to govern the creative abilities of every human soul according to his and her will to create within the realms of unconscious rational thinking as well as those densities of our existence that are based on Absolute Truth and Data. You see we create upon the plane of third density according to our will to attract other ruling loves or affections that fall in line with our present state of mind and thinking at any given now moment in and out of time. Of course when you are out of time and within the souls mind you simply attract other levels of consciousness – ruling loves- and affections that do not possess a body and form yet. At least they do not possess body and form on the planes of third density.

In other words within and upon the planes of third density you attract bodies and forms – while within your mind and consciousness you attract spiritual bodies and forms known as ruling loves and affections. The mind attracts those bodies and forms of the mind - while the bodies and forms attract those bodies and forms that are of similar mind – consciousness – ruling loves –and affections. Within third density therefore we each create bodies and forms – surrounded by their own personal bubble or protective sphere of life – and all bodies and forms are attracted to one another according to how their bubbles or protective spheres share similarities in life.  If you attract those bubbles – protective spheres - or bodies and forms that do not appear to agree with your own present affections or ruling loves in life then equilibrium is being sought by the soul and the contrast is being provided so as to bring said human being back into equilibrium of life – as this is where the living soul seeks to remain at all times – as that is the place of true happiness and contentment for every living soul.

If you fall far from equilibrium then it will take far greater experiences in order to bring the human soul back into equilibrium – while if the venture form equilibrium is not so great minor (unwelcomed) experiences will then take place in your life. Again every human being or God Man exists in their natural state of life and existence within equilibrium – being possessed by an equal level of what many of you would can good and bad spirits or souls. Still there is no actual good and bad spirits and souls but only those above and below equilibrium if you will. Keep in mind that all terms used here when speaking of the spiritual world are terms used simply for the understanding of lower mind – as there is no true in or out – up or down – right or left – darkness or light in the spiritual realms. Darkness is an illusion as is light – given they too are creations of energy – and all energy is creation as well within the purest and least pure or Infinite levels of consciousness.

Within the lower realms of third density however all things having to do with opposites have been created from eternity – by each of you originally – for the benefit and education of third density; fourth density; and fifth density man – and woman.

Getting back to the subject of falling form – or leaving equilibrium of life – it is the natural state of every created soul (including their levels of true consciousness) to remain in equilibrium throughout their lives on whatever physical plane of existence (in body and form) they reside on. When you are in equilibrium of life therefore you are passive and inactive toward the life and creations of others who appear to be separate human bodies and forms on your world. When you therefore leave the state of equilibrium you are allowing or attracting other ruling loves and affections into your bubble or protective sphere of life – and you are then susceptible to whatever those other ruling loves and affections come to add to your bubble and protective sphere. If you leave equilibrium and venture into those spiritual societies and soul groups above equilibrium that are in fact different from your own personal ruling loves and affections – those ruling loves and affections below equilibrium will be provided in your life so as to provide contrast and cause your spiritual society and soul group (on every level of your existence) to return to equilibrium. At the same time if you venture below equilibrium of life and move into those societies below equilibrium (possessing different ruling loves and affections than your own) then those ruling loves and affections (above equilibrium) will then be provided so as to again return you to equilibrium of life.

This is how the Laws of Attraction work for every soul existing in body and form – on every level of their existence upon venturing from the place of equilibrium. As long as the human soul remains in equilibrium of life – living life according to their true ruling loves and affections – no new lessons are required at that time – as the human soul is content in all things.

Still there is a thing called fear and all the many different ruling loves and affections that exist within the spiritual societies and soul groups that represent fear ( such as anger – vengeance – violence – hatred – trickery – judgment – ruler ship over others –  harming or causing loss to another – and so on. All of these ruling loves and affections will draw their equal and opposite ruling loves and affections to the conscious collective mind of the human soul – but the human being is never required to think – speak – or act toward any one side of equilibrium once balance has again been established by returning said human soul to equilibrium. In other words just because you will always be provided two different directions to move toward in life when thinking – speaking – or acting – this does not mean every human being does not still possess the free will to make their next move in one direction of the other.

After every experience and state of mind is established in the human mind through returning to equilibrium that human being is again free to move above or below equilibrium and create their next thought – say the next word – or choose the next action they will make from that state of equilibrium. So if you begin to experience anger toward another you are removed momentarily from equilibrium. If you do not stop and reflect on your thoughts there is a good chance you will speak or act in anger toward that person – as you have not yet returned to your equilibrium of life. It is there (equilibrium) – it has been provided instantly – but third density man through his or her rational thinking mind often chooses to think from the rational mind when out of equilibrium – and not from the collective mind that has already achieved equilibrium once again.

You have heard us say that all human souls exist in life within equilibrium of life – and this is true in his or her natural state of life and existence. However once you leave your natural state of life – existence – ruling loves –and affections you are no longer in your natural state of life – but are now in an unconscious state totally separate from the collective consciousness – and are living the life and consciousness of illusion and fantasy.

It is an Absolute Truth that those below equilibrium are tugging and pulling the human soul ( third – fourth – and fifth density man) deeper into the lower realms – farther and farther below equilibrium while those above equilibrium are at the same time pulling man back to his natural state – all the time the human being is experiencing the pull of death and the pull of life simultaneously in their lives. This is not only the case in the spiritual realms but the material and physical of third density as well. Still once a human soul has begun taking on and remembering Absolute Truth and Data he or she no longer needs to allow this pull to continue – as the fully awakened human soul becomes fully aware of these many Laws of Attraction. In other words if you are presently aware or knowledgeable of how the Laws of Attraction work in your life you can adjust your lives accordingly.

As we stated earlier when the human being or soul removes themselves from equilibrium – through the long traditional practices of involving their ruling loves – affections – and life decisions with those of another in life – then all and everything the other human has to offer to your bubble or protective sphere in life is not accessible to you and will continuously be available for you to add to your own consciousness – bubble and protective sphere in life – as you do not attract only part of another spiritual society and soul group to your person – but you attract all of it.

If you stop to help someone on the highway who is walking by giving them a ride – you have just invited their spiritual society and soul group to your bubble or protective sphere – and all that they represent or have to offer your spiritual society and soul group will now be used by the Laws of Attraction in order to not only keep you in equilibrium – but to remove you from equilibrium as well – and take you down as deep as it possible can into the lower depths of unconsciousness and illusion – better known as death of the spirit or soul. This continuous tug from both sides of equilibrium is what causes all the turmoil and strife in the life of every human being. No third density human in their un – awakened state is aware of these things and they are therefore constantly leaving equilibrium of life and venturing into other spiritual societies and soul groups throughout their everyday lives – through the process of involving themselves in the life and well being of other – as well as the downfall of others at the opposite end of the scale.

Many will say that they have no choice in life but to help others and to be there when another is in need. At the same time those who speak those words are not aware that every other human being is them as well in another body and form – and every human being or soul has the same ability and options in life to choose to become self reliant and totally responsible for self. Every human soul who does not yet know that it is the involvement of our own ruling loves and affections with those of another in life which actually removes each of us from equilibrium and therefore causes each and every new lesson in life – whether that lesson be a positive or a negative one at the time.  When you help another remove themselves from a lesson the lesson has not been satisfied and it will come back to said person again and again until that human being is given the full opportunity to work it out for themselves according to their own ruling loves and affections in life.

Again we say to you that in all of life’s many old and new lessons mankind has - and is about to learn that there are no right or wrong choices – as you will all be returned to equilibrium after each lesson is experienced – and each of you has made your decision of how to go about reacting to each and every experience in your lives. The lessons will either be learned and you will make your many decisions according to your own ruling loves and affections and move on to another – or another will intervene and provide you assistance in reacting or working out the lessons – and in turn each individual soul having the assistance of another human being ( who represents other ruling loves and affections) will now experience said lesson over again according to his or her new collection of ruling loves and affections – as they have now been added to through the assistance of another.

So you see friends when you choose to help or aid another in life – no matter what the circumstances may be – you have simply temporarily postponed the lesson they were to be given or provided in life – and the fact that you came to their assistance in that one instance does not remove the fact that they will not have to do it all over again – and will eventually have to work it out completely on their own – therefore now being responsible for self.  The un – awakened human being is not aware of these Universal Laws of Attraction but still they will each have to remember them eventually by living out all the experiences life has to offer them – so as to one day – in their season alone - remember all things of Absolute Truth and Data – and the many Laws of Attraction.

We will many times over be hindered in life (by our many other selves aiding us)  as to the degree our evolution of the soul moves forward. We will not tell you that it is wrong to help another who requires and asks for your assistance in life – but we simply tell you that as you awaken to full consciousness more and more – you will come to realize that it is beneficial to the one and Whole of the God Man for each of you to remain idle or neutral when it comes to involving your own ruling loves – affections – thoughts –words- or actions to that of another human beings whenever it is possible for you to do so. If you wish to help then help and feel no remorse or fault in your actions – but if your heart tells you it is better to remain neutral in any one situation then do so as well – for in doing so you are allowing room for every other reflection of yourself in life to completely be responsible for self – and their awakening will come sooner rather than later according to their season. Every time we get involved in another’s decisions or experiences in life we change their season of awakening as we have now added to their spiritual society and soul group – and have therefore added to the number of lessons to be learned before returning to full consciousness.

Now it is one thing to come to another aids in life when your heart tells you they are truly in need of your help – but then there are many other instances where no help is needed and you are simply involving your ruling loves- affections – and opinions to someone else’s so as to attempt to change your present world and its overall ruling loves and affections. If you truly are a soul in the process of awakening – no matter at what level your awakening may be – we say to you each and every choice you make in life at this point of your evolution of the soul will truly be the deciding factor as to how slowly or quickly your awakening to certain Absolute Truth and Data will come upon you.

An example would be that if you continue to join with other human beings ( of other ruling loves and affections in life) who still believe that it is money you need in life in order to continue to sustain life and make it more comfortable then that is your ruling love as present – and you will only continue building on that ruling love as those below equilibrium will constantly be in the process of creating and recreating this point of view in your rational human mind – therefore not thinking – speaking – or acting from the heart or the collective consciousness that is in equilibrium.

Have we not said that each is truly responsible for his or her own life and decisions in that life? Have we not stated that as long as each human being remains in equilibrium of life – remaining neutral to the life and decisions of others – he or she will be content with all things in life whether they have little or much – and true happiness will always be at your door step. However if you see your life as being in want or lack of anything at any time then you have chosen not to allow the Laws of Attraction and equilibrium to provide for you in life – but rather you are seeking worldly energetic bodies and forms to provide for you. Energetic bodies and forms that come in the form of money – credit – usury – bartering – trade – technology -theft – ruling over others – governments – banks – prisons – jails – courthouses – and the list goes on and on.

Many human being who are not yet to the level of their awakening to full consciousness still believe certain lower things of rational man – of the unconscious world of illusion – and they must therefore continue in these lesson (as soul contracts have not in fact been completed for many in your world) until such a time or season as they have remembered why they are still in lack and want in life even today on your world. You do not have because you want and you therefore ask someone or some God you believe to be outside of yourself (and this we speak to those who do not yet know who they are) for the things in life you believe you lack according to need in life. You do not lack and you do not need anything you have not already been given in this season of your existence – as to possess or own more would simply keep you bound in third density and lower thinking in life. Why do you need to possess or own anything when all things are truly at your fingertips as long as you permit higher self to lead and guide you into higher thinking from the heart and not the rational human mind or brain?

When higher self creates 8 within equilibrium) higher self creates for others in the fact that all others are self – and if every human soul were to be content with all they have in life then each awakened soul would therefore know that what you wish for from the heart you will truly receive in your season and not according to the season – want – or lack – your third density human counterpart believes he or she much possess or own in life. All is given to be shared by the One and the Whole – as the One and the Whole is truly all. When you seek those things in life for yourself – separate from the One and the Whole – you are living in service to self and conditional love – and you therefore separate yourself from all that is truly available to you in life in trade for all that you think you want or need based on the human fleshly cravings through body and form.

Creation comes from above in the ethers – in the heart – and within your spiritual society and soul group. Nothing is created from flesh and blood as flesh and blood even come form the creations within the ethers – and are provided as fantasy and illusion to every human soul – to see it as they wish in life. Therefore as long as the human soul believes according to the world around them that is the world they will continue to build on – as all things are provided above according to the evolution of every individual human soul. When you receive things that cause you to be happy and content in life you have received those things not because you have asked for them but because your season has come around to experience and enjoy the ruling loves and affections they offer you in life – according to your own ruling loves and affections.

Yes each of you is a creator Source ( or God if you wish) and each of you indeed create many things from above within the aethers – but you do not create for self unless you are a soul – soul group – or spiritual society that is in service to self. When that is the case you are presently connected to the consciousness of higher self out of equilibrium – and in fact below the place of equilibrium (if you wish to use the term below). And so when the higher self is out of equilibrium in the ethers so too is the lower self within third dneisty out of equilibrium accordingly – and presently exists in the same spiritual societies and soul groups as is higher self. When the higher self is creating form equilibrium in the aethers so too are things being manifested for that human being – spiritual society – and soul group within third density physical manifestation. And when higher self is creating form above equilibrium (if you wish to use the term above) it is also the same within third density as creation is carried out according to correspondences on the third dneisty physical plane.

All is there for every individual human soul to reflect on and therefore create from to eternity – and whatever spiritual society and soul group each human soul chooses to create from they are always free to do so. As you each continue to evolve in your thinking – eventually according to heart and the collective mind in equilibrium - or outside of heart within the collective mind above or below equilibrium – each of you will certainly come to be completely responsible for self – and the journey begins here in this now moment.

In unconditional love we offer each of you this message – do with it as you will- and know that we love you unconditionally no matter what your future world may bring you.


And again in unconditional love ---Daniel