Seminary of souls!

12/19/2012 12:04

Seminary of Souls!


Hello dear ones we are the society Daniel and we come to you from your sixth density mind in order to provide you a message of immense proportions. As we have told you before we are each of you in your period of time known to you as your future. We wish to speak to you at this time on the origin of the soul as well as the human body and form. It is true that the soul is given its birth and original existence within the spiritual world, as all things begin in the spiritual originally, before they are given their lower form. At the same time we would tell you that all things are given their original existence within every density of life and existence at the same time, but because all things have their origin within consciousness we would tell you that this is the spiritual, as this is the closest most human beings will come to understanding the spirit or soul. In other words all things are consciousness but the most pure form a human can understand of consciousness at this time is that of the spirit.
Very few at this day are aware that third density is the only place (though it is not actually a place but a state of mind) where the human soul is given its lower third density physical existence and in turn its material and physical body and form. It is true that the soul possesses a fifth density body and form (inner man) as well which is much less dense, but physical human sexual intercourse cannot be acted or carried out through the fifth density body and form as there are no sexual organs in order to do so. And so the only human form a soul can bear children in is third density. You begin your existence as a spiritual being or soul in the spiritual and you are an androgynous being at the time, possessing no male or female features, as these are not given until you come to incarnate within third density, which is the lowest form a human being can carry and still be a human being.
When you leave third density and come to awaken and ascend back to the fifth density body and form ( inner man) you once again become androgynous and are no longer male or female, but both actually. Because of this you no longer are required to have male and female organs, as all sexual intercourse is now carried out through thought or consciousness. Because of this dear ones there are no longer children to be found in the fifth density human being (sixth density mind) as procreation is no longer wished for or needed. Again you are now androgynous beings and cannot therefore have children with no sexual organs. The third density human being, whether it is a grown human being or a child can still be seen; heard; felt; and interacted with all the time as that will now be your outer (lower) human.
From a distance every sixth density human being will see the third density soul as who they truly are, which can even be an animal, given that second density creatures will always share the lower bodies and forms of your third density world. In other words the third density man is also the inner man of a second density animal. You as a sixth density man can see either the second or third density human form of a soul therefore when you see them from a distance and are not actually interacting with them. If however, you come to interact with them (lower souls) you will see them as their inner man, which will be third density in some cases, and fourth or sixth in others. Fifth density is actually the human form of the sixth density inner man while fourth density is the mind of the third density human. So to be exact in this explanation we would tell you that a sixth density human would always either interact with another sixth density human, or he or she would interact with a fourth density human.  Higher sixth density humans can indeed interact with the lower fourth density mind of the second density animals of your world but the animals cannot communicate back in their present state of mind or consciousness.
And so we will make this statement presently, and we realize there will be questions on this subject at a later date; we will be prepared therefore.
Statement: Within the conscious realms of sixth density (fifth density human souls) there are no animals and no children to be seen.  For a sixth density man or woman to interact with an animal or human child they must lower their vibrations to third density. This is because neither an animal nor human child can speak to a higher sixth density human directly from a sixth density state of consciousness. Remember that children and animals never existed in the spirit realms (sixth density and higher) when they were first created as a living soul, but they were androgynous souls, and were there neither male nor female, but both. They are living their life and existence in this manner because of their level of consciousness, and therefore wisdom and knowledge of whom they truly are, which is Gods.
So again we repeat, no children or animals exist in sixth density which again is fifth density mans world (or consciousness). Keep in mind dear ones that sixth density consciousness (fifth density man) is not a place you go or a body you live in so much as it is a state of mind third density man takes on through his own creations. You still possess your body and form in your natural state but it has changes so as to be capable of existing within sixth density consciousness. And you cannot live within sixth density consciousness with a fourth density mind or consciousness, nor can you possess a third density body and form any longer, as that is who your outer and lower man is and always was.
But keep in mind dear ones that your inner and outer man (body and form) are always together, even if it appears quite often that they are not, based on the illusions of third density (the outer and lower) man. In other words both worlds exist together simultaneously as they each exist within their own density in the same place. But again given that there is no actual spot or place any one soul is ever in, the soul is therefore always actually in one state of mind or another. You have never been anywhere and you have never gone anywhere, and so you cannot go any place when you awaken and ascend, but will simply change consciousness and states of mind from one now moment to the next in your new life and consciousness.
Again there is no such thing as place within God or the Infinite and Supreme Consciousness and therefore you have never been or gone anywhere from the first moment of your becoming conscious of yourself. You have always thought yourself to either be the lower human who is over and above others in life (based on your skills or gifts) or you have seen and known yourself to be the higher God who sees Himself over and above no one. But you have never left God (the Infinite Source) as He is not in any one place, but is pure consciousness. Since you are every bit as much a part of God as anyone has ever been, you are and never were separate from God as He cannot actually be divided or separated one part from another.
So again, your inner and your outer man ( self); now, and once you awaken and ascend, will always walk the same walk, and share the same space, while you will never actually be in space or place ever, from now to eternity. When you take a drink from a glass in third density self, your sixth density self could be doing something completely different, even though you would both be sharing the same corresponding affections in life.  For it is a given that is everything is thought or consciousness your higher self can be creating one reality within his or her conscious state, while you as your third density self are living a completely different experience all at the same time. There is no past; present; or future with either of you, but your third density self will still be holding on to the illusion that there is. So while your third density self can only experience one experience at a time, within linear time, your sixth density self can be experiencing many different experiences all at the same time, outside of time.
At the same time it is a given fact that your inner and higher self known as sixth density man and higher cannot live or exist without the third density material and physical human, as they both need each other in order to exist to eternity. Yes your higher self can change what the form looks like nay time he or she pleases in life, but the body and form must always be there according to the lower mans ( third density man) illusions.
Now because the higher sixth density man knows these things, the higher sixth density man does not worry or remain concerned when told there are no animals or children within fifth and sixth density, as the higher sixth density man knows that he or she can lower their vibration to third density any time they please in order to interact with children or animals. You can even see animals and children within sixth density but you cannot interact with them close up as they are then not who they once seemed. Do you follow what we are saying here dear ones? In sixth density consciousness a soul is sixth density self close up, but can be of any density far away, as they cannot harm or offend the sixth density man from afar. These protections are what are known as Universal laws of the higher densities.
So when each of you comes to awaken and ascend dear ones, which we might add is coming very soon, you will take on a consciousness that will allow for all the things you ever dreamed of while at the same time completely protecting you in life. You can go wherever you wish to go and do whatever you wish to do, but you cannot act out your thoughts and actions and words on others against their will in life any longer. If you choose to do this ever again, every time you choose to do it you immediately become third dneisty self once again, and remain third dneisty self until your conscious state of mind returns to its higher levels of consciousness within sixth dneisty.
We wish to tell you one other thing dear ones that has been carried out by us purposely, and third dneisty Daniel has been permitted to make the necessary changes so far. This is no longer the case as we now request that he allow our misspelling of the word Dneisty to remain in our messages so as to be our calling card so to speak from now on. And so dear ones Daniel has agreed and we ask that each of you make a mental note of this at this time. And now we will move on--------
When each of you comes to ascend and become your higher sixth density self in the days ahead you will each come to know that some of the souls who possess your third dneisty human form are positive and some are negative, and in the past it has appeared each of you has leaned toward the one or the other. This is because third dneisty man has for quite some time now been out of equilibrium and moderation of life. This is what was known to many of your world as the Great Flood of Noah. That flood was only representative dear ones of evil and negativity in your world coming to flood over into the heavens of your world, known as the higher man in most cases. And so at the time of the Consummation of the Ages (now) evil and darkness would be at its greatest levels just before the end of the age. That end is now here and evil and darkness are certainly at their heights dear ones, and we now tell you that this is the sigh of the Consummation of the Ages. Be prepared therefore for the wheat to be divided form the chaff so to speak. All evil and dark souls will now return to their corresponding hells while all those souls of love and light will also return to their corresponding heavens, and all human beings will now move in the direction once again of equilibrium and moderation of life.
What this means dear ones is that every human being on your planet will ascend because they will choose to ascend according to the good; positive; and loving souls who are in love and light. At the same time every soul within the human (all humans) that is dark and evil and negative will choose not to ascend and these souls will make up the lower societies of the ascended human. But make no mistake about it dear ones, these dark and negative souls are no more wrong or against Gods wishes than water is when compared to an ocean. What we mean is that God (Infinite Source) is made up of not only positive; loving; and enlightened souls ( or spheres of consciousness) but dark; evil; and negative ones as well. Therefore He does not exist as His essence and being in the so called heavens, nor the so called hells all the time, but He is right in the middle of the two within equilibrium and passivity. He is neither active nor changing all the time, but is always the same and is never in need of changing to eternity. So you see dear ones each of you is created (and you are all a created soul, who is many souls as well). The part of you not created is God and the part of you created is Satan or god. So you see each of you represents the god of this world as you are the ones who created the ways and systems of this present world you live in. So when you put off all the illusions and misconceptions of this present world you become God once again instead of god.
Forgive us dear ones for carrying on so long as we did not take notice that you were becoming fatigued. And so we shall stop here for now and will pick up on this same subject at a later time. We feel this should give each of you more than enough to ponder on for a while and so we will see you dear ones tomorrow if that is your wishes.

We are the society Daniel and we love each of you unconditionally.