I have found the One- do you recognize it?

02/06/2013 12:45

We have found the one – do you recognize it?


Let me tell you what I know about the One Peoples Public Trust--------

But first I will have to back up a bit and speak a little about how I got here today. For going on twelve years now I have been a spiritual student and have come to awaken and remember who I am and what I am here to do in this world at this day in time. And up until just recently I have not found a single human soul or group of souls that did not cause me to have an itch somewhere where that I did not wish to itch. In other words no one I had met up until recently spoke a single truth that was connected to the new life and world I was and still am creating within my world and that of others at this day. For I am not the only one creating this new fifth dneisty paradigm all around us at this day as in fact we are all either creating it now or will soon come to create our  own part or parts  in this marvelous new world and reality we are all to soon  embark upon.

It is a spiritual world and it is a material and physical world that is now being manifested according to the plan we have each already laid out in our heads and are just now adding flesh and form to everything that is to make up this new world and reality of ours. Yes friends we all now live in a spiritual world and have been living in a spiritual world in fact- from the very beginning- but before now we have not known this very important detail. Up until now those souls I spoke to and shared ideas with on the awakening and ascension process were not as awakened and aware of things as they thought they were- and neither was I. At the same time because I had not found the truths I was looking for I was bashing all other people’s truths and telling them that my truth was the right truth- when in fact everyone’s truth is the right truth. No two truths are exactly the same- and they were never meant to be the same- as we were all meant to evolve to this point- awaken into our new fifth dneisty reality each according to his or her scheduled time- and come to accept all human beings for who they are in life- no longer being prejudice toward another human being because he or she was different.

So here we are today- a certain number of human souls have indeed awakened to the new reality that is upon the earth today even as we speak- and then there are those who will awaken tomorrow- next week- next month- next year- and so on until every human being that makes up this present generation within our world has awakened and made the shift up to the higher levels of consciousness (or fifth dneisty earth). At the same time third dneisty earth will always be here as well living side by side its fifth dneisty counterparts so as to be guided by these higher fifth dneisty humans until all have awakened and ascended to become the higher human. So what we have is two worlds living together side by side with the lower one knowing nothing about the higher but only the higher very capable of knowing and reflecting on the lower.  And so those of the higher levels of consciousness in our world today will act as custodians for the lower third dneisty humans who have not yet awakened and will therefore help provide for those third dneisty humans- each until he or she has in fact awakened to their higher self- and has come to join the rest of us upon that plane of fifth dneisty earth in the hear and now.

We have a group in the world today (that being the fifth dneisty world today) that goes by the term the One Peoples Public Trust and this group is in fact that group I have been waiting for all along to manifest that world and reality I have already created and co- Created with many other awakened souls in the world today. The reason I know this group is the ones I have been waiting for is because I know- and when my higher self knows something it is never wrong N-E-V-E-R!  And those of you who know my works know that I have never tried to follow a group if that group did not speak toward the truths I have always agreed with when connected to my higher self. Now because of this for the last twelve years I have agreed with just about zero messages out there save The Teachings of Ra (The Law of One). But today is a different day and I have found the One (to quote a phrase by Morpheus in the movie the Matrix). And yes this is exactly what was meant in that movie about finding the one. For when each of you have found the One then you know you have found who you are and have therefore found your true self.

The One Peoples Public Trust is that one group- though they would not like to call themselves a group but simply One.

The One Peoples Public Trust is a collective consciousness that represents me and you just as much as you and I individually represent them. Because of this they have gotten the ball rolling for the people of the world as where they have begun is where it was meant to have had its beginning. And there are some of you who is walking right in stride with them according to where you are spiritually and there are those of you who will be playing catch up for a while- and will therefore need the assistance and guidance of other awakened souls- and that is what all those awakened souls are out there for at this day. For it will not take a large collection of human beings to get done what the One Peoples Public Trust is preparing to accomplish in the world today. Still that is their part in this whole awakening thing and they now know this and will continue to do those things they came here to do. At the same time many other souls are out there just waiting for their pupils or sleeping brothers and sisters to come to them and seek those truths that will guide each of them to their awakening as well- so that they too can play their part in this new reality and system we are presently manifesting in the world now.

It is not that the One peoples Public Trust needs our help dear ones but only that they need your support and patience as they do what they do best- and you sit back as well and come to do what each of you does best. When you are called upon you will each know what to do. So as the hours and days progress each of you is to find that special quality that you possess and put it to work for the good of the One or Whole.

Everything is unfolding as planned and things could not be looking better at this stage of the game. I tell you all now that great things are beginning to unfold in your world today (now) and some will see these things more than other- while some will simply be amazed as to the things taking place on the world stage. There is a new digital system in the works even as we speak and when this system is in place there will be those who have not awakened yet and will not therefore understand what is going on- and because of this they will be provided for nonetheless as they are all a part of the one or Whole- and therefore will all have access to everything we have access to – but may not understand it all fully for a little while yet. They will- as only time (their illusion of time) will show them those truths they need to see and remember. The old system must all go now as they have no place in fifth dneisty- and fifth dneisty earth is that planet you all live in and on now- and some of you just don’t know it yet.

Those who still believe themselves to be in power within third dneisty earth still believe this simply because they too cannot see things any clearer than nay other third dneisty human- and therefore have to rely at present on those things they are told by the ones still clinging on to the last little bit of their reality they once truly controlled.

Everything is panning out as planned and people simply need to be patient and trust us- as we cannot show those of you evidence of a higher reality if you have not yet raised your vibrations to those levels. And so for those of you who trust us and love us because we have never before steered you wrong we say it is here- and you simply need to look a little harder sometimes. All of you who are suffering- who have very little in life- living from one handout to another (no more paychecks for many of you) who feel so betrayed by your governments – we say that is all over now and you will simply have to trust us as you have no other choice than to continue being a slave to the system that has been in place for thousands of years. Do you want a new system? Well look toward the One Peoples Public Trust- and just watch what they do.

We are all One now and I have been saying this for the longest time- so why not go with that group of people that teach this and teach us all to live a life in unconditional love toward the One or whole- and that everyone is now free in life to choose as they please. The reality is there- but you must now make it your own.


Topic: I have found the One- do you recognize it?

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