Fifth density reality is here my friends!

02/06/2013 20:16

Fifth density reality is here my friends!


Five D earth is here my friends and you are living in it every day with your higher vibrations you have received just in the past year alone. Let me make some statements in the days ahead about our new earth and what it will look like when it has been manifested in its whole.

Okay five D earth is here now and it is a planet and world like all others in that it has higher levels of consciousness and humans who hold those levels of consciousness- and it has lower levels of consciousness and humans who hold those levels of consciousness as well. When one human therefore is now experiencing their lower levels of consciousness in life as this will remain the case to eternity for mankind- those higher levels of consciousness have to exist somewhere in this present world as nothing leaves this world and its collective consciousness as it is complete and whole- and is never incomplete and not whole. So when you as a human are in your lower levels of consciousness (third dneisty) your opposite androgynous twin will be in their (and your) higher levels of consciousness. So you see fifth dneisty earth exists within third dneisty earth and is better known as inner or Hollow Earth. And so that place you have all been hearing of called Hollow Earth (inner earth) is not a place at all but a state of mind and consciousness that is the inner and spiritual man of every human being on this planet.


Because of what I am saying here it would be advisable that no one come to trust those human beings who come to you and say ‘Hey lets take a trip to Hollow Earth and I will get a bunch of people to chip in for the trip. Sorry friends but these folks work for the Cabal and if you were to go with them on this trip you would never return. I am not saying there does not exist a Hollow Earth in fifth dneisty – that is of another physical plane than is third dneisty- in which case if you were to enter into the hollow of this present third dneisty earth you would find nothing but what things you have been told to exist down there. Many of you are still third dneisty beings friends and until your raise your consciousness and vibration through the shift in consciousness and your awakening you can go no where. When you do make that shift still you do not have to go anywhere as fifth dneisty is not a place but a state of mind and consciousness- and you will therefore remain exactly where you are based on time and space.

Now while the same goes for outer space as goes for inner space or inner and Hollow Earth- you have been lied to by the Galactics as well. Every human being that exists outside of your world already exists as your inner world.In other words you do not have to go anywhere to visit your outer world friends and they do not have to go any where either- as time and space are not real but an illusion. So technology will allow all of you to visit whomever you want in what you call the future. And I am sorry to say this because there are some channels out there that appear to be very good people- but anyone out there who channels the Galactics is being misled- or is acting of their own free will- and is offering messages to the world that are not of a benevolent and service to others nature my friends. And I have to be honest with you- I could not even provide you all with these details if I did not first lower my vibration down to third dneisty- as higher density souls have no cares for lower things such as circumstances within third dneisty. But in order to act as a guide in the awakening of certain human beings at this day I have to lower my vibrations so as to warn you all against these misleading messages form mislead channels and messengers.

So what you truly have here is a world that has evolved and awakened to a level that has now achieved fifth dneisty vibrations and levels of energy. This does not mean that because the earth has now become fifth dneisty that it cannot still house third dneisty humans who still have not awakened yet and therefore still are connected to the lower levels of consciousness known as third dneisty. Remember that third dneisty man is the outer shell and home of fifth dneisty man. Therefore fifth dneisty man is aware of all of this but third dneisty man is not- and will most always tell you that you are crazy if you attempt to offer them fifth dneisty explanations before they are prepared to awaken and raise their consciousness as well to those levels of fifth dneisty. And so there will be those humans today who are always awake with in fifth dneisty- sometimes awake within fifth dneisty- or are hardly ever awake within fifth dneisty.

Those who are hardly ever conscious within fifth dneisty within our new world and reality today are those who have not yet awakened. Indeed each and every human on this planet that is not scheduled to leave here in death, and is not taken off planet for one reason or another will indeed awaken eventually- and very soon I might add. Everyone on this world is scheduled to awaken- but some will not hang around (because of falsified information) long enough to awaken and will therefore awaken in some other world- or will reincarnate in this world or another- and will awaken there in the meantime. Again everyone is going to awaken! If some of you need reassurance of what I am saying I would suggest you listen to the messages of another gentleman by the name of George Kavassillas- as his messages are very similar to mine- though you will notice the things I have been saying I have been saying for twelve years now- before I ever came to learn of George Kavassillas. The point is friends there is a misinformation project being carried out in the world today and there are messages of truth being offered- and each of you is to decide what resonates with your own truth and which messages do not.

I will tell you this the actions of the One Peoples Public Trust are not of third dneisty and that is why I came to join in their message to the world- as I completely know they are the real deal. Those who are still not awakened and are still of third dneisty consciousness and vibrations will not be able to use these CVACS they speak of for this reason alone. But just because third dneisty man cannot use their tools does not mean he or she will not still benefit just as much as the rest of us in these new projects they are carting out in the world today. And if you feel I am misleading you I would suggest you each go back a year and see what things my channels were speaking of back then – as you will notice I have always said everyone will eventually awaken and make the shift in consciousness- and that until everyone does those who do awaken will guide and provide for those who do not- up to the time every last soul on the planet that is left has awakened. Until all have raised their energy levels to a point where they too can use these CVACS we speak of- we will use them for them- and they will simply have to come to trust us in the meanwhile.

This is exactly what we are doing in the world now as we speak- as we are attempting to build a trust with the people of the world so that they are comfortable with letting go of old things and beginning to live their lives according to the new way of life upon fifth dneisty earth.

No one is going to be left behind and we (those who are presently maintaining those energy levels of fifth dneisty earth) - will maintain fifth dneisty earth until every last human soul has raised their consciousness levels to fifth dneisty. We will not arrest any Cabal- we will not put anyone in jail- we will not judge nor punish a single soul as this is not our way any longer. If it is required that the people of earth still wish to have a temporary government in place to give them piece of mind until they have raised their energy levels to that od the present fifth dneisty earth- then they can vote on governments. As far as we are concerned however governments are no longer needed as the people will now be capable of governing and regulating their own actions in life from now on.

The same goes for a monetary system as we no longer see a need for money in our new world and system- and this we feel we have already worked out- as we are even now in the process of going digital- and may not even have to back the new system with gold or silver. Either way we are in the process of moving into a world and reality that no longer requires money. In the meantime many new technologies will be presented to the people of the world just as soon as we have taken control of the finances in the world. Anno8uncements will be made and disclosure will be offered to the people but from a third dneisty standpoint as we have no more use for the things of the past. As far as we are concerned the past is the past and that is where it should remain. Those who come to awaken will feel the same way- in which case as long as you come to hold on to third dneisty wants and habits- you are going to remain third dneisty- as it is each of you who decides when you awaken and come to experience what some of you call the ascension into fifth dneisty earth.

When we move over to the new digital system (and it will not include chips in people’s skin by any means) the poor and needy of the world will be the first recipients of our new found wealth. In the meantime all people on the planet will be provided their necessities and no longer will any of you be in slavery. Much more is to come my friends as things continue to work themselves out in the world today- and now. We look forward to offering you further updates based on our levels of understanding at this day.

Offered to you by the Oneness Society and Daniel.



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