Eighth energetic transmission

03/05/2013 12:06

Absolute Data –Eighth energetic transmission


The Universal law of spheres


Note: As Infinite Source has no gender I will use the term He in this post for ease of understanding for the reader.


The most perfect form in all of Finite Universal creation is the sphere. Now I could have provided a work on these forms in my earlier posts but then there would have been little foundation to back up my claims – and so the spirit chose this place in the sequence of Absolute Date to provide an acceptable explanation as to the importance of their role toward their absolute and universal place within Creation.

As I have stated in my earlier posts when Infinite Source created everything that is through Finite Source (Prime) He created through forms in the form of the perfect sphere – as I laid out in the explanation as to how He came about creating the perfect sphere in the beginning of the created Finite world and universe we all share within one density or life or another. I would also like to point out that every form He created through Finite Source (Prime) He created in the spiritual world first in the process of succession. The purpose for Infinite Source creating within the spiritual realms first is because this is the least dense realm of finite consciousness and energy.

If He had begun with the most dense planes of existence He would simply have had to return and do it all over again for the least dense planes of existence (the Spiritual world) - as third density material and physical orbs (spheres) do not work in the ethers where everything is of a higher vibrational energy - and therefore less dense atmosphere than that of the lower planes of existence. It is like you throwing a ball to someone and that ball is flying through what appears to be space- but it is flying through a less dense space so as to have no contact or hindrance from that space because the density of the spheres that make up that space the ball is traveling through is much thinner or dense than that of the ball which exists in third density form.

But does this mean there is no forms out there in front of your faces? Not at all as you are surrounded by thought forms throughout your life- and those thought from have substance because each of you give them their substance through the process of instantaneous. And it is a truth that every human being at every level of consciousness and energy creates instantly and at will.

So as I was saying earlier Infinite Source through the consciousness that is He as well created all things through the finite consciousness (Prime) that represents separation and duality – or the finite world and universe. This does not mean that Prime is separate from Infinite Source but only that Infinite Source created the thought form of Prime within His essence and being (pure energetic consciousness) which in turn permitted Him to experience within Himself the illusion of separation and duality bound within many different forms. And to accomplish this he chose to use the most perfect forms He could come up with to house each and every form within the finite representation of Himself- which is the orb or sphere.

So He create the spiritual realms or planes of existence first in their purest state of consciousness and went on from there and created the material and physical realms or planers of existence in the same manner – but within a more dense form or expression of the spiritual world. Therefore everything He created through Prime (not His Son but Himself at many myriads of different levels of forgetfulness) He created within through spheres and every one of these bodies and forms created through spheres was housed separately as well within its own personal atmosphere or protective bubble. And in the beginning the bubble was simply for protection until man went off and chose the third dneisty timeline and dimension and therefore created the hole in the protective sphere or bubble through the laws of attraction.

For the laws of attraction say that if you draw other spheres to yourself (other forms of destruction as well as humans) that are similar or like you according to your affections in life or ruling loves – then they are immediately housed within your sphere or bubble surrounding your own person. The reason for this is because when you were One with all and everything you were living life in equilibrium and safety- as the body will never attempt to destroy or harm its own self. But when the body went off into the third density timeline and created separation from the one it could no longer protect self through equilibrium of life as it was no longer living its life in equilibrium – but now had access to good and evil – right and wrong – darkness and light.

In other words mankind came to know of good and evil while he was in his forgetful state of consciousness – no longer having access to absolute Data – which by the way only exists while you are a part of the One or whole. So you see friends the spheres were always there for your protection while you were living life as the One or whole having access and knowing Absolute Data. Move to third dneisty life and existence and you are now living in a dream world within separation – duality- illusion – and the law. For both world have law and you moved to a world that turned universal law upside down and opposite in nature to actual Universal law- which states that all things are to live together in harmony and unity of life as the One body – which in the end will return to Prime.

That is why each of you while living in third density form, consciousness, and energies will always be separate from Prime – separate from the One – and living within your own illusionary bubble - that will allow in sickness, disease, harm, loss, reversed law and rules, and the separation of the Masculine from the Feminine. Once you each awaken and your energy levels are raised or heightened to those of the One once again – you shall become One with Source or Prime once again – and your protective atmosphere or bubble will protect you for the life of your body, whatever density of consciousness, vibration, and energies you may choose in the future to visit.

In third density when one person gets sick or has the plague- most all human beings rush for the door because they live in fear of most all things in that timeline and dimension – surrounded by its own sphere as well – and they attract those spheres that are even lighter in density and consciousness and they therefore get the sickness or plague in many instances. At the same time the mother of the child or person who is inflicted with the sickness or plague can care for them and not get infected simply because she (according to the laws of attraction) was not in fear but in unconditional love. And unconditional love is those affections closely associated with the One – placing her within the bubble or sphere at the time that is the One.

Now you have heard throughout your world at this day and many days of the past - that  there is going to be global warming- that there is a hole in the ozone layer and harmful things from outer space are going to come in and on to our planet which will kill or harm human beings. You have heard that aliens from outer space may one day come here and kill, harm, or enslave the human population simply because they are superior in technology and are of a malevolent nature. You have heard of all the sickness and disease that is running ramped throughout our world today and simply by hearing these words the population of the planet lives in fear in many cases. Were it not for the fact that you are being kept in fear, doubt, and negativity all the time in your life these things could have absolutely no bearing on a single life of a human being on this planet – but you do live in fear, doubt, negativity, and constant stress of what tomorrow will bring for you and your loved ones.

The world rulers, governments, and physicians everywhere are shouting out over the many different television stations throughout the world that you must get vaccinations- you must get your children their shots before they can attend their government run schools - and if they don’t have a shot to fix your ailments they give you the poisons in the form of a pill.

And the reason I say poisons is because they all provide the sense that these shots and pills are something you need in life - when in fact the cure would not be needed if there were no more sickness and disease throughout the world because of the plague of fear placed on the world by the slave traders or world rulers. As I am sure many of you have heard before – it is not what goes into your mouth that makes you sick or unclean – but what comes out of your mouth through the heart that guides it. So you see each of you already possesses the tools in life to keep yourself from getting sick, and then if or when you do still get sick the human body has all the necessary tools it needs to cure all sickness, disease, and viruses that come along when something in the human soul and body are out of whack and out of equilibrium in life because of the condition of that human soul. That is why a certain man once said to live your lives in moderation - and moderation is equilibrium of life.

What happens when you allow someone to puncture your body with a needle? What happens when you accept a prescription from a doctor for your ailment and you willing place it into your body? You are telling your body that you need that needle or pill to become better ( or to again achieve equilibrium) and therefore your body learns to leave equilibrium whenever it does not have sufficient amounts of that medicine you put into your body in the form or a shot or pill. So why do you think the governments and rulers of the world want you to get vaccinations for you as well as your children all the time? Why do you think the doctors always want a cancer patient to get chemotherapy – saying this is their best chance in life of getting rid of the cancer? The reason all of these things are done is to condition the human body to need these things in life, and when they do not get them their bodies come to react in many different ways – and it is highly probable that the affects are almost always negative toward the human condition.

Put something into the human body that is not presently a part of the needs of that body and it will come to assume through the laws of attraction that it now needs it in order to maintain equilibrium – which the truth is just the opposite. And they know this which is why they do it in the first place.  

You all have a protective sphere or bubble surrounding each of you- and all you need to do is remember this and use it to your benefit. Still because you have been made to fear in many cases that you will get sick or die if you go off of their medicines- you continue to take them because of what you “know” could happen. We are all coerced into believing something bad will happen to us eventually and we are constantly worrying about tomorrow instead of now and now only. This too is a misrepresentation of the truth and Absolute Data – as worrying and preplanning for tomorrow takes you out of the now- which is closely associated with being connected to the one again as well. All these things are changing in the world today because Absolute Data is now on the table for the world to see – all to the thanks of the worldwide internet- which they did not have to concern themselves with in the past. Once enough people in the world get ahold of Absolute Data and make it go viral throughout the world through the internet (as is happening as we speak) the old system of third dneisty, separation, duality, and fear will be a thing of the past for the people of the world.

What happens when you get their shots or take their pills and you are not in fear? Why do you think they keep you in fear with their announcements of pandemics and plagues and viruses coming to your area? Why do you think when you go to the doctors they tell you to take all of your medicine and not just use it until you begin to feel better? It is all about fear my friends and you have the tools within each of you to remove this fear once and for all.

Again why do you not get sick when you do not fear getting sick and do not want to get health insurance? It is because you are afraid of getting sick or not having medicine for your diabetes, depression, or other on going condition that you are in fear of what may happen if you do not get health insurance. I have not had any for me and my wife not for over fifteen years, and we have not been to the doctors or hospital more times than I can count on one hand. I am not saying this will be the case for all people as we are all different and the levels of fear within each of us for one thing or another is different. Therefore as the population of the world comes to lose their fear through separating from the ways of the old system in their own time and choosing- each of us will awaken more and more to Absolute Data – and move over to the new system that is in the world today  - which my friends is Oneness once again.

I know it is not easy for some because you feel better when you take their medicines – but how would you like to be sickness and disease free? How would you like to have access to every cure for every sickness known to mankind ( a transitional solution for those still in the old system) only to later move over to a system where you can cure all of you sicknesses in life and in most all cases not even get sick ever again? The possibilities are out there and they exist in many forms. All of you will awaken and return to the oneness in the world that is presently flooding the planet at this day –and it is only a matter of time for each of you. When you are ready the new system will be in place and waiting on you – in which case you shall very soon reap the benefits of the new system in the process of your transition to that new system of Oneness in the world.

Spheres are there to help you and not harm you- but because you are all truly creators in your own way you have the ability to change the essence and operations of your protective spheres in a manner that causes the reverse- and harm and loss come to you in the stead. There is nothing in this world – nothing in your country – in your state, city, neighborhood, or house that is harmful to a single human being – and you have simply been led to believe just the opposite. Nothing can penetrate the atmosphere of this planet unless it is the collective consciousness of those people who reside on the planet create this possibility and reality through their creation from fear in life – and that is why the previous rulers and governments of your world want you all to forever live your lives in fear – and they do a good job of carrying this out through their media sources and laws of the land throughout the world you live in.

Again nothing is harmful to the human body and form if only you as a society and Oneness group come to remember this and make it your reality through the Universal laws of spheres and returning to Oneness.

It is time that I leave this transmission as the spirit has caused me to move on. I have given you all enough information here this day to permit you to turn your lives completely around and begin living it as it was originally meant to be lived. I hope you all find these words in your hearts and I ask that you truly consider them when you wake up from your beds tomorrow and go back out into a world that is causing you to be a slave to those laws which are complete opposites to Oneness.

My name is Daniel and I love you all unconditionally.