Conversations with Daniel above and below!

12/14/2012 17:33

Conversations with Daniel above and below!


Conversations with Daniel above and below!


Did you really think you could change any thing you liked in this third dneisty material and physical world before it was changed within the inner and spiritual man - or world? Did you not know that all things have their creation and being within the spiritual before they are ever manifested in the material and physical world? Another way of putting it is that you have to think of your intentions in life; create the idea in your minds; before it can be manifested here in third dneisty life. And your mind is your spiritual world! It is fourth dneisty man providing the thoughts; words; actions; and affections for the third dneisty man. So you cannot have it here first – which is why a third dneisty human does not create instantly and at will. 

How do you create in the first place from the spiritual realms? You create from chaos!

In other words you think something that you would wish to create and a million souls (representatively speaking) go to work in immediately creating your thoughts as a manifested body and form. And that body and form can be animal; vegetable; or mineral. But since we have already stated that there are no animals in the spiritual world of sixth dneisty this would mean they are created in the fourth dneisty mind, and the fourth dneisty mind is the inner and spiritual man that represents third dneisty man once he and all material and physical things are manifested.  Still it is a truth that you know in sixth dneisty and you doubt in fourth and third density. Keep in mind that third dneisty is not life or the illusion of life but fourth density is the realm of consciousness that provides the life and consciousness to third dneisty forms.

Presently each human who is not awakened is creating from order and according to what has been created before, and he or she is simply re – creating everything that they know to be possible in life by the simple fact that they already exist in their world. And so nothing new can be created in your reality until an awakened soul comes to be the one who knows new things are possible and therefore creates new things accordingly in your world. But before a third dneisty human can come to believe and know that new things are possible they must be connected to the sixth density ( or higher) soul who is providing the thoughts and higher consciousness that tells each third dneisty awakened human that new things are indeed possible. In other words if you are not an awakened human then you are still third dneisty human. If you are an awakened human then you are sixth dneisty human ( or higher) and you are therefore creating form sixth dneisty consciousness, even though all third dneisty humans around you every day will not know you are a sixth dneisty human.

What you create as a sixth dneisty human in what appears to be a third dneisty body and form will not be seen or experienced by a third dneisty human( that is not awakened). You as a sixth dneisty human (or higher) will be capable of experiencing all of your new creations but you cannot share them with lower third dneisty humans within their reality. Even you will not know you are the sixth dneisty human ( or higher) until you have created things that you know to only exist within sixth dneisty ( or higher), and you will not come to know these things through your experiencing them time and time again, until it becomes second nature to you as a human soul.

So who of you today dear ones think he or she is awakened to their sixth dneisty (or higher) self or consciousness? Who of you believes such a reality or state of consciousness is possible but you are still in doubt, to an extent that your doubt is keeping you from taking on the traits in life that will raise your vibration to the levels to prove to you that in fact sixth dneisty consciousness (and higher) is indeed possible for each of you?

And now - would you like to know dear ones just what things you must do in life - what changes each of you must make in your everyday lives - in order to raise your vibrational levels to sixth dneisty consciousness or higher, so as to ascend any time you please in life without having the idea that you have to leave this world or become super human in order to ascend? Well first of all everyone in your world is going to ascend according to the Universal ascension of your world; galaxy; and universe. It matters not who or what you represent in your present world as every human soul represents a part of the human microcosm as well as the human macrocosm. Whether you are the awakened human or not you have access to all things, and it is simply up to each of you what things you attract in life to your own self, according of course to your levels of evolution of the soul.

An advanced human soul who is conscious of higher things is a human soul who creates for self and not for those who are not a part of self according to their own wisdom; understanding; and level of consciousness in life. At the same time such souls create in a manner where all other souls are welcome to their creations as long as they can hold a level of consciousness that will allow such creations to in fact be a part of their life. In other words a third dneisty human cannot take part nor have access to the creations of a sixth dneisty higher human soul. A sixth density human does not infringe at all on the free will choices or every day life of another human soul, no matter what level of consciousness they hold in life. A sixth density human being can experience and  interact with all create things found in third dneisty as long as each created thing hold a level of vibration that is of sixth dneisty. But remember that in sixth dneisty a dog is not a dog; a car is not a car; a dress is not a dress; a house is not a house; a road is not a road; a waterfall is not a waterfall, and so on.

What we mean here dear ones is that all things third dneisty are correspondences to all things sixth dneisty. Such as seeing in sixth dneisty is what is known as understanding a thing. Killing in sixth density is what is known as destroying the life and separated consciousness of another human soul by intruding in or forcing your way into their space or life through the choices you make in life, no matter what level of consciousness they reside in or hold. A horse in sixth dneisty is not a horse but a horse represents natural truth within sixth dneisty. Food is sixth dneisty is not seen or understood as actual foods like you have in third dneisty, but food is wisdom and knowledge of many things. For as you do not possess a body and form while in the Celestial and spiritual heavens (or states of mind and consciousness) within sixth dneisty, there is no need for food and drink. A sixth density human can only partake of food and drink if they are conscious of their fifth dneisty bodies ( natural heavens), which represent the inner man of the  third dneisty human.

So you see a sixth dneisty human can enjoy all the things of the mind that do not require their body and form, as long as they are in their state of consciousness that is the Celestial and Spiritual heavens – while at the same time heavens are simply representative of the higher self of the human soul. Anything that requires a body and form however will require the sixth dneisty human to descend to their lower state of consciousness (natural heavens) in which case they become what is known in term as a natural angel or God Man.

So anyone can be a God Man once they have awakened or evolved to the point where they know higher things to be possible in life. Anyone can be a God (without a body and form) as long as they do not require the things of the body and form in life. The fifth dneisty man therefore will live and experience the things of the body and form for the sixth dneisty man alone, and not the things of other humans (third dneisty humans). For if you are bot a third dneisty human then you are one (the only one in existence within your reality). In other words you mind your own business in life because you now know that every third dneisty human being is you in another body and form created by their illusions alone. If you as a sixth dneisty human see other third dneisty human beings then it is you who create them as third dneisty humans to represent your third dneisty world and life. But you only require a third dneisty world and life when you wish to create within third dneisty.

When does the sixth dneisty human lower their vibration again to third dneisty? Every time they wish to see another self. If they do not wish to see another self then they need only lower their vibration to the level of the fifth dneisty inner man or spiritual man that is represented as the Whole or One. Fifth dneisty man is One and third dneisty man is many – many human souls who represent all the many different ruling loves; thoughts; and affections of the One (or fifth dneisty man). You can create anything you wish in third dneisty as long as all those human souls surrounding you in your world believe such creations to be possible, as the god of your third dneisty world is Satan (only a representative term to mean the lower god) and he is the god of order and ruler ship; and laws. In other words your present third dneisty world and system is of a vibration that is of the illusion that nothing new can be attempted or created in life unless the machine (technology and science) create it.

Your people of your present third dneisty world do not believe in miracles as an every day possibility. Your people of your world do not believe you are Gods or creators, and therefore believe all things and their method of creation will forever be a mystery. Your people of your world believe that everything must be thought out in the mind as to whether they are possible in the first place, then run through experiment after experiment in the second place; (they are not created by knowing or chaos and are therefore created from order) and finally they are to be explained mathematically or scientifically in your world. This is not how things are dear ones and this is what is known as an upside down world, where all things are actually opposite of what they truly are outside of your present world and system. When you leave your present reality and density of life you will each be creator Gods who will have the abilities to create instantly; at will; and out of chaos, and not out of order of any type or kind.

Each of you creates in this fashion presently dear ones, but all of your creations that do not fit this present timeline and reality are sent to other timelines and are there waiting on you until the day when all of your timelines converge and you move on to a higher timeline and density within the sixth ( or higher). In that reality you do not even have to think in order to create as most all creations will become second nature to you as you will then know all the things you have always enjoyed or wanted in life. An example as to your methods of creation in your sixth density level of consciousness would be that of a child in third dneisty who creates or acts before he or she even thinks about it which, is why they often make the wrong choice based on what the third dneisty parent sees as proper actions or ways of life in third dneisty. But again we tell you dear ones that third dneisty is an upside world where all things are backwards. So if you were to learn from your children each of you would come to awaken and ascend a lot sooner in life.


But who in third dneisty, that is not seeking a new truth or way of life would even consider your world to be backwards or upside down? Only an awakened human soul will come to understand our words dear ones, and that is why our words are mainly for that audience, as those third density humans now awakened would not wish to hear our words, nor would they even believe them in most cases. We are not judging third dneisty humans here dear ones as this is a proven universal law of densities. Just like when we tell you that children will not be found in sixth dneisty( fifth dneisty man) and those third dneisty humans not awakened immediately ( in most cases) become enraged, as they do not wish to leave their children or grandchildren behind upon ascension. But we have never told as single one of you dear ones that you would be leaving anyone behind. What many of you have done is heard many messages where they say children will be in sixth dneisty with you, and they tell you it is your children that you will take with you.

We agree that you will all take your children with you at ascension, but they will not be in a child’s body and form. Everyone will have a childlike heart and state of mind in sixth dneisty, in which case the affections that once represented a child in third dneisty are those affections forced on them by third dneisty parents; guardians; and their peers in life. When they are each given the truths in life they will know tat third dneisty is the seminary of the soul and human being. Third dneisty is the realm and reality that allows for procreation and human children to be born in child form.  Procreation does not exist in sixth dneisty as all form of excitement and pleasure will be of the mind, as in fact they are even now, with in your third dneisty illusion. For, it is your mind that creates even the illusion of your body and form as well as all things material and physical in your world. In a world and reality where there is no need for the body and form there is no need for anyone to be other than what they wish to be once they lower their vibration and take on a body and form. There is one human in sixth dneisty and that human is you. If you wish to be a child then be one, but who that has grown older and has become an adult has ever wished to return to being a child? Very few, in which case you have lost nothing by ascending.  All others are there with you as you, within your being.

Again the sixth dneisty human is a single human; God Man; or Macrocosm. There are no limits as to what you can create but you will not see other humans or animals or even children within sixth dneisty where thought and consciousness is all there is. No forms of any kind in sixth dneisty as everything outside of you is what is actually within you, and is an illusion or hologram when it is created to appear outside of your being. Now if you take on your form then you become fifth dneisty man. Take on or create outside of your being other forms or other selves and you become third dneisty man. Do you believe in the one in your world they call Santa Clause dear ones? Well when you move to your new life and world you will be capable of creating him; the Easter bunny; mermaids; Fairy’s; or the winged Pegasus if you wish.  

So what is each of you looking for in your new world and life at this day dear ones? Because you have been made aware by those who run your world at this time that your world is about to end, you are each preparing for what you believe is to come.

Some of you believe the world will end as you know it and some do not, and so those who believe think it will end in a positive manner or a negative one, but that indeed it is about to end. Each of you gets to choose which reality you manifest in the days ahead, so as to experience it as your new life so very soon. So do you wish to live in a new world where everyone has the same options; benefits; and opportunities in life, or do you wish for your and your loved ones to be provided for alone? Do you want what is best for all others no matter what you have to sacrifice; or how you must live your new life; once it has been manifested for you in the very near future? Every thought; every word; every decision in life that you make from this day forward will decide just where it is you will go. You have no say in the matter however; given the fact that each of you is who you are and you will never change, given the fact that you are no longer being forced to change. No one within the leaders or rulers of your present world can make a difference in what new reality each of you is to live within, once you each move through the shift in consciousness that is indeed coming for each of you very soon. No one is presently being forced to change in your world when it comes to the world you are all creating unconsciously (as the inner man).

If you love third dneisty you will shift in consciousness and move up (figure of speech) to another third dneisty reality and world that has moved one step up in consciousness according to your evolution. Where is that world presently? It is right here in front of your eyes, as it is even now being created by each and all of you. If you love the higher things of sixth density then you too will move to another world where you will move up another step up  in consciousness as the evolved sixth dneisty human .Where will that world be? It is right here in front of your eyes as well, and you are presently creating every detail of it within the reality you are presently experiencing. So will those who are presently choosing the higher things in life (higher vibrations) move to a different world than those choosing third dneisty life and existence once again? No!  You all move on and create another world (you are each already there) with each and all of you in it representing every level of consciousness for the sixth dneisty human and his or her heavens and hells in life. The words heavens and hells are of course representative of states of mind for the new human, and what they represent is the sixth dneisty higher consciousness and the sixth dneisty lower consciousness (which is third dneisty in its lowest state or form).

So dear ones it does not matter what things you like or love in life at this day as you need not put off or do away with anything you do not wish to do away with at this time. There are no right decisions and no wrong decisions in the days ahead for any of you, as there never really has been since the moment each of you was created as a living soul. Everything you retain in your present life will be taken with you to your next life in the shift, and each of you will continue in your evolution of the human soul. By continuing this process of evolution you are evolving as the macrocosm just like you have always been evolving as the microcosm. You will either do away with rules; laws; punishment; and order in your world or (as a world and society) you will suffer the consequences. You will either each eventually learn all your lessons as individuals as well as singular human being, or you will experience every lesson over and over again until you do – as a singular human being and as a society.

Know dear ones that there is no “get out of jail free card.” But what exactly are we saying here dear ones? Is it that you will serve out your time as a prisoner in the present system you live in (if you have been arrested for punishment of some crime you committed), just as your book (the holy bible) says if you are a Christian in your world? Let us be clearer on this dear ones!

Are we saying that every thing or lesson in your world must now be lived out and experienced according to the rules; laws; and order of your present world and system before you can each move on in your ascension?  No! We are not saying this at all. We are however saying that before new lessons can begin old ones must have been completed. Do you complete a lesson by finishing out your prison sentence in a world and system where the prison sentence was from and based on a system that is backwards and of a reality that goes against the free will of others and is not based on unconditional love? Do you go to jail because of a law you broke recently in this system, when in fact you know the rules and laws to be of a lower nature and vibration than the one you presently seek? No! Why? Because as long as you hold a higher vibration in consciousness you can do anything that you please now in life. There is no more right or wrong!

But at the same time is it not true that if you as an awakened soul do not learn the lessons while you still partially reside in third dneisty that those souls who come after you that will take your place in your third dneisty body and form will have to suffer or learn the lessons you did not, for the good of the whole? No! For if they do in fact go on to learn those lessons then it is they who chose long ago as well to do so. If you no longer choose to fear the things of the present third dneisty world and system then you are no longer of its rules; laws; or order.

So do you continue paying your taxes; making deposits in your bank account? Do you continue working a nine to five job; always worrying whether or not you will oversleep and be late for that job day in and day out? Do you continue to make war; punish wrong doers or those who break the laws of such a society and system? Do you continue feeding the rich with your taxes while causing the poor to pay more of the same simply because you vote for their rules to be continued? Do you continue poisoning the food sources or buying and eating those foods that are poisoned, feeding them to your children? Or do you continue doing the things in your present society that would continue the present system In any way, if it were within your powers and abilities to stop and to become a living example as to how others can stop these things in life as well?

How do you finish out the lessons in your present world without actually continuing the system that brought about those lessons in life in the first place? You lose all fear of all created rules; laws; and order within your society that feeds your society presently and continues to feed it on in to eternity. The society and system you presently live in will never go away or become uncreated as it will indeed live on as a reality to eternity. As long as you have laws; rules; and order you will have corrupt laws; corrupt rules; and order that was made to be broken or gone against so as to cause the fear of that world and system.  So you take life as it comes and you let nothing cause you to ever again fear what will happen to you in such a society as you are no longer a part of that society that is bread from and created through fear of its citizens. If you are in jail or are about to go to jail for a crime you committed or did not commit simply lose the fear of such a situation and take it as it comes and that reality and lesson will soon fade away. You have been told in the past “If you attempt to save your life you will lose it, but if you give your life for my sake then you will find it.” We say that if you can save your life then save it – just as long as the life you are now saving is one worth saving. Do not attempt to save your life so that you can go on and continue living the life of the present world and system. Do not attempt to save the life of the soul that is of the illusion that it is separate from all other life and consciousness, when in fact all life and consciousness is One.

If you kill or another kills in your present world do you believe the laws have the right to put you (or anyone else) to death and extinguish that life as well? If you have awakened as a human soul at that time, and they were about to put you to death, what would you wish for your soul, death or life? What lesson at the time of your awakening would being put to death accomplish or provide?  Would being born as a human child again in ignorance forgetfulness and illusion help you ascension in the least? No! It would not! For when you raise in consciousness you do not do so as a child but as a young adult or human. You do not take your child like body and form with you when you awaken and ascend but you awaken as your higher self (young adult). Another way of looking at it is that if you are put to death as a human you did not learn the lesson you would have learned if you were in fact rehabilitated, and would therefore have to live it all over again In your next life, causing you to once again have to be reincarnated as a human child and do it all over again.

So you see dear ones death is no solution for the evolved human soul nor the one that is not evolved.

What about punishment?  If you punish a child for doing something you do not like them to do, but they in fact do like doing it over and over again, what is to stop them from continuing doing the same thing once they become a grown up, and have left your house and home? Who are you to tell your children what is right and what is wrong in life? Do you wish to hamper their education and evolution of life? The problem is that parents have for the longest time in your world been taught that their word is the law, and that whatever they teach their children is what is right in life. They have been taught that order is the right way and chaos is the wrong way. And so no child in this type of system is ever permitted to think for themselves without being punished if they carry out their thoughts and imagination in form or actions. 

Then when they grow up and become leaders in their society they too act in the same manner and they punish those who speak or act out against what they see as acceptable ways of society. Then they begin making laws that protect this manner of life and living for the public, and all who break those laws or punished. But then when they serve their punishment they go right back to their old life and ways doing the things in life that still give them pleasure. But because they must now live their lives in fear of getting caught doing the things that are no longer acceptable in society, the again feed this system of fear; laws; rules; and order. So fear and punishment do not stop people from breaking the laws it simply causes them to fear the law, and therefore time and time again slip and make those mistakes, which allows them to again and again be caught by the law makers and backers, and therefore once again fall under their rules of punishment. Were these people to be rehabilitated by the same law givers would they be any better off in your world and society? No!  Because once again they make the rules and laws as to the proper methods of rehabilitation. And so this world and system still do not work for evolved human souls.

What about money and the monetary system?  You have law makers who make laws that require humans to have bank accounts and credit cards so as to keep them bound in debt for the main part of their lives. If you do not have these things then you cannot get money in most situations and you remain poor in life. Everyone who is born into your world is given a number of nine digits and that number remains with them to permit them to be tracked for the duration of their lives as well. That number alone can tell them if you are rich or you are poor. The religious organization and those created for all different charities in your world and system collect their moneys and they tell the people they are for certain charities, but who is there at the end of the day to see if those moneys are in fact delivered to the proper citizens? Their people are! Can they be trusted dear ones? Can you always be trusted? Can any human being be trusted at all times?

So where do these donations go? Into the pockets of those who continuously feed your present system. Who can be trusted with money that will every time see to it that every citizen gets their equal share of all that is available to your world dear ones? No one, as the human being is not to be trusted in your type of world and system known as third dneisty. And because your world is being ruled by those human souls who make all the rules; laws; and keep the order they wish to keep, they can always decide who becomes rich and who remain s poor in life. So how do we create a world where everyone is provided for equally and according to his or her needs in life? You have the ability through artificial intelligence to create beings or machines that can do all of the work for your world, and you therefore have the ability to create a society where everything is free of charge and all are provided for in life equally or according to their needs in life. Can this be achieved within a world that is third dneisty? No!  Your world has to evolve and make the shift in consciousness, and this is exactly what is taking place presently in your reality dear ones.

As long as you live in a system where there are rules; laws; and any type of order whatsoever forced on the people( against their own free will) you will remain in a third dneisty world that will forever be in service to self.  Make everything free; do not create a society that would allow or cause some one to own anything. Put no limits; laws; rules or restrictions on anyone in this world and let every human soul live their life according to free will and unconditional love for all. If they do not love unconditionally then they will of course be those human souls who make up the lower consciousness and societies of your new life and world known as God.  If they wish to own anything in life then this too will bind them to their third dneisty life and world according to universal laws of sixth density and higher. Can a sixth dneisty soul force any rules; laws; lessons; order; or ways of life on a third dneisty human being? No! But they do not have to as everything they want or need in life exists within their higher consciousness, and they need not come to third dneisty man for anything, Nor are they permitted (according to universal laws that are a part of their being) to force or offer anything to third dneisty mankind, unless that third dneisty human body and form is their own personal home; shell; vehicle; and form that serves them when they wish to act our or experience life in the lower densities.  Because of these new found levels of wisdom and knowledge a single sixth dneisty soul can change their world gradually, and bring about the Golden Age of Enlightenment in a single generation.

Be prepared for some wonderful changes in your world in a matter of days and weeks’ dear ones, as we are so close now to the shift that we need not provide you dates; times; or the hour.

We are the society Daniel and we come to you this hour as our higher self; our lower self; and all the selves in between, and we tell you we love you all unconditionally.







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