Are we here or are we there?

12/19/2012 11:45

Are we here or are we there?


Hello dear ones we are the society Daniel and we come to you from our vibrations in sixth dneisty today. If you are reading these words of ours then you too are in sixth dneisty. At the same time you are in third density; with your consciousness actually sharing both levels of consciousness presently.

The reason you can be both in third dneisty consciousness and sixth density consciousness (or higher) all at the same time is because each of you is gradually taking on the abilities to be in both places (or levels of consciousness) at the same time given you are all gradually awakening at this time in your evolution to higher things.

Some of you are awakening sooner than others but all are awakening at this day because you are a part of our society and when one soul begins the universal awakening and ascension all other souls follow in turn at their allotted time and place in that world and reality ( or level of consciousness).

Let us see if we can explain this to you dear ones so that as many souls as possible can get the idea.  The human soul sitting here at this chair presently is of our spiritual society and soul group, and he knows this as he too is possessed by many souls who are awakened and aware who they are presently.

At the same time those souls possessing this human sitting here at this chair - which are not yet awakened - are being offered our thoughts and words every day of the humans life - as they presently share this human speaking our words at this time. Because they too are present within the conscious mind of this human speaking our words these souls not awakened will all eventually awaken as well – as they are gradually given the details to work out all truths within their own separate consciousness.

We will state this yet another way------

Every soul within the human who is writing our words down for the whole world to read is a member of his world. At the same time some of those souls have awakened and ascended in the Universal Ascension that has come to his world because of the shift in consciousness.

Those souls who share his consciousness will all either ascend in the universal Ascension through their knowing or they will do so without their knowing as everyone making up the world of the human who is presently writing our words will make up his world after the Universal Ascension and shift in consciousness as well.

But it does not end there dear ones!

Every soul who represents another human in his and your present world is another him and another you. Every human being in your world in other words is created by your mind out of the thoughts and affections that make up all of your present ruling loves in life. Now the human who is writing our words has a certain number of affections and ruling loves in his life so as to make up his illusion of his world, allowing him to believe he is separate from all other humans in his world, when in fact he is not.

He creates all of you with his mind and each of you creates all other humans in your minds (including him), so that each of you appears to have a whole world of people surrounding you every day. But again the truth is all of you are the same being or soul, and you will all be the same being or soul when the shift is completed and you have all experienced the Universal Ascension, allowing each of you access to the collective consciousness that is you( God).

Did you think that some God created you to benefit over and above any other created soul in life? Did you believe that someone was going to one day save you and not save every other soul in the process?  What all powerful and loving God would do such a thing? No dear ones you are that all powerful finite God that is subject to no one in life but the One Infinite Creator ( who creates all things within His consciousness), and that One Infinite Creator will have no parts in interfering with those things each of you has created in life.

Because the Infinite Creator and Source has no part in your business - whatever you created must be finished and lived out to its end by you and all your other selves that you think are other human beings in your present world. If you created something positive then positive things will come back to you, and if you created negative things then negative things will come back to you as well. Still you are only bound to this illusion and reality for as long as you are asleep and not awakened; as this is the state of consciousness each of you has created your own realities from in life. You have been doing this ever since the first moment of your being created as a finite third dneisty human soul.

So you see dear ones some of you are now awake and some of you are still asleep and are therefore still waiting on your Universal Ascension. The human you possess as a soul; the world you possess as many human souls; and the universe you possess as even many more human souls and worlds is already in the process of Universal Ascension. Some of you are not yet mature or evolved enough to understand it and believe it yet however.

So who is still there on your third dneisty planet dear ones and who is not?

Who has stayed and who has gone on to sixth dneisty?

 We must tell you at this time that no one has ascended to fourth dneisty and is in waiting for fifth as fourth density has always been the mind and conscious state of existence for the third dneisty man alone. At the same time sixth dneisty is the state of mind and consciousness of the fifth dneisty man, as are all the other higher densities. So when each of you ascends in consciousness you will each go to sixth dneisty consciousness and will become fifth dneisty man.

Next we will tell you dear ones that none of you go to sixth density (fifth dneisty man) and remain there as it is not a place but a state of mind and consciousness. Because all life and death experience for the human soul is consciousness and no actual place to be spoken of, every human ascends and descends moment after moment, throughout their day, in whatever world; reality; or density they have moved to, on in to eternity.  As your moods appear to change in your daily life you are actually going through different spiritual societies and - your levels of consciousness are constantly changing throughout your day and life.

Everyone could indeed move to sixth dneisty in your world today if they just knew it to be possible and they wished to live the things that are a reality within that level of consciousness or density of life. Yes – they could all do so, even if only for a moment, and then return whenever they wished simply by raising their vibrations to that level once again. The problem is that most humans of your world today are not yet aware of sixth dneisty or the things possible within that realm of existence known as higher consciousness. All ascension is, for every human soul, is the raising of their consciousness to a higher level by the thoughts; words; actions; and things, they choose to create in life.

This is why no one has to go anywhere actually at their time of the shift in consciousness known as the Universal Ascension. You connect with the inner spiritual man or higher consciousness simply by what you think; say; do; or create in life. Sometimes you can create instantly and sometimes you will create over what appears to be increments of time, but you all can create. So as your consciousness connects to higher densities of life and existence you will create more efficiently and more often in your life.

You will often try and speak of these levels of higher consciousness to other third dneisty humans, but they will not believe you until their level of understanding and evolution have reached a high enough state in order to believe that what you speak is in fact possible.

The human who presently writes our words down  at this time has been connected to his higher levels of consciousness for quite some time now, but it has been quite some time as well before he was able to find other human souls who were ready to receive the truths he had to offer. Those days are now here for him as many have awakened to spiritual truths as of late, and your world is well on its way to completing the Universal Ascension dear ones.

There are plenty of human souls presently available to create the lower societies of your new sixth density human being( or world) but not quite the level of souls are available yet to make up the higher societies, as things are still being sorted out in your world. But we tell you that you are close, even though we cannot tell you exactly how close you are and make you believe it. Still we will tell you dear ones and let you decide whether or not you wish to believe our words on this subject.

Because of the level of our conscious state of life presently in sixth dneisty dear ones; and because we cannot yet tell whether or not there are souls of higher consciousness than ourselves throughout your world; we can only say that it appears you will have completed the shift in consciousness (ascension) by years end. Because of how quickly things appear to be moving in your world presently dear ones we say you universal ascension is that close.

At the same time we must remind each of you that it is not the ascension you should be concerned with at this time as there are many other human souls who need your help in forming their third dneisty world presently, that will not have your help once you move over to your new sixth dneisty consciousness. That is what is of the greatest importance presently dear ones, in which case we say to you to be careful what new things you each come to create in the days ahead, as your creations will get easier and easier to manifest, and you may make things harder on friends and family if you make the wrong decisions in life from this point on.

In other words if you know what money has done to you world in the past – will you be helping in the collective consciousness of third dneisty to create money for the generations that are to come in third dneisty? This new third dneisty world will be lived out now by new souls who will come and take your places in third dneisty once each of you move on to higher consciousness. What condition will you leave their world in dear ones?

Will the new technologies left to mankind be there to provide better and easier ways to wage wars in your present world?

Will you leave them with new rulers who will do nothing more than control and enslave the citizens of your world all over again?  OR WILL YOU LEAVE THEM WITH ELDERS WHO ARE THERES ONLY TO GUIDE THE PEOPLE AND NOTHING MORE?

Will you leave them with sickness and disease or will you create a consciousness that will cause mankind to provide medicine and health care for the people free of charge? Will everyone of third dneisty life be provided for equally or will there remain the rich and the poor of your world dear ones?

What will they teach their children when you are gone?

We hope you are each prepared to address these issues dear ones as when you pop out of third dneisty consciousness you cannot return and fix things for them any longer. You can see them; hear them; and even leave clues for them in plain sight, but you can never interfere with their life’s decisions ever again, as you will have awakened to truth, and what it is that you are to do in another soul’s life from that moment on.  

What are you to do?    Nothing!  

For if you believe i n their laws you are again bound by their laws. If you enter once again the world of the machines; rules; order; or laws, then you must remain and work out the lesson that you have not yet learned. Now because you will be awakened to truth and the collective consciousness you will not make this choice ever again, as it will not serve for the good of the whole any longer.

You live in an upside down world dear ones, where everything is the opposite of what is your truth. Everything you have been taught was given you so as to feed the beast that is the god of your present world. That beast and god is “Service to self.” Helping mankind replenish a world that is reliant on money; technologies for negative purposes; rulers over mankind; and required payment for all things is what keeps you bound - and has kept you bound - to that world and reality for thousands and thousand of years now.

Make your choices wisely dear ones as you will not get another chance once you are gone from their level of consciousness.


We are the sixth dneisty society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.