All will return home!

10/15/2013 11:02

All will return home – where all are same – yet different!


Hello dear friends – one and all – we come to you with greater understanding for those who might have wondered of the things we are about to bring up in our present message – and so with great inspiration from one of our other selves on your world we offer these words of guidance.

In a previous message we spoke of how all human souls are presently in the process on your world and ours – of returning to their previous – as well as present spiritual societies and soul group from whence they came before the deluge or flood of darkness and evil on your world – and ours – as all that is represented in the lower realms of our existence is all a part of our existence as well.

We ask each of you to reflect on the fact that each and every human being on your world is a separate spiritual society and soul group – made up of many myriads of different – as well as similar souls that all combine in a collective consciousness that is the God Man. Each of you whether male or female is the God Man ( just as easily termed God Woman as the God Man is both masculine and feminine in nature) and you reside as a collective consciousness as well as many myriads of individual societies of consciousness while residing in in and on third density. Therefore each of you who see yourself as a separate human form on your world is actually a separate and individual world – society –soul group – microcosm – macrocosm – and God Man all wrapped up in an individual and singular body and form – house and home – for the complete essence and being that is the God Man on all levels of consciousness – and densities of his and her existence – to eternity.  

Look at it this way – every higher density of your existence resides within each of you – one within the other – with all the outer bodies and forms of a lower nature and vibration and the higher bodies and forms of a less dense makeup housed with each of the lower bodies and forms. Therefore fourth is within the third – fifth within the fourth – sixth within the fifth – seventh within the sixth – and so on to eternity. And so when a higher representation of you wishes to manifest in consciousness – taking on the consciousness of said human being and soul – lower density body and form – the higher simply assumes consciousness for that God Man – and the lower God Man then becomes the higher – in full consciousness when it is the awakened human soul and in unconsciousness and illusion when the human being and soul is not awakened. All is according to the evolution of the human soul as the higher will not take on the lower on levels the lower is not yet prepared to receive and live in his or her present life. Still because each and every human body and form on your world is all the many different representations of self – the higher self can possess any third dneisty human form it wishes as long as the human body and form that is to reflect the consciousness of higher self is mature and evolved to a level capable of accepting the levels of consciousness and Absolute Truth and Data that is reflecting and representing said higher self and God Man.

Therefore what we have so far is that all spiritual societies and soul groups of the God Man resides within each human being and soul in and on third density –  leaving no one out in potential and possibility in life -but access consciousness at each level is only provided  in the everyday life and fully conscious representation of third density humans - when each human being is capable of accepting and taking on the levels of consciousness each spirit – soul – or God Man comes to represent in their lives.

The human being – human soul – and lower God Man in third dneisty must first come to imagine and then know that a thing is potential and possible in their present life before each different higher level God Man – spiritual society –and soul group is added to their levels of consciousness – therefore absorbing and living consciously - all things available from all added higher forms of consciousness from the higher God Man. In and on third density when third density man therefore is seen as an individual personality it is not individual – but made up of many myriads of personalities in life – and each different personality is reflected through the many thoughts and states of mind third density humans come to have in life within every single and individual now moment (second) throughout the life of a third density human being and soul. When you think you are a good loving mother or father in life – or a bad and irresponsible mother or father – the truth is you are both – and you reflect this in your life all according to how “you” reflect on “you” when you are playing the part in life of mother or father.

Everything thought – spoken – done – or felt in life for third density humans is a play -or an individual scene that is all a part of the same play – and the scenes are changed within every new now moment (second) of the life of third density humans when another scene is written in and the human once again gets to choose how he or she will act or choose to react to the scene or experience that is provided them in life. When this is experienced by third density humans it is also a truth that other spiritual societies and soul groups (other souls) are added to their present unconscious mind (as the lower human is not conscious of many of these things) and now they are reacting to their present situation or experience through the mind and consciousness of other souls that may or may not be from their true spiritual society and soul group – or ruling loves and affections in life. This makes it interesting because it allows third density humans to look at the same experience or lessons they have experienced in the past (or previous identical scenes in the play) while reflecting on that experience once again from a different prospective or set of ruling loves and affections – from a completely different spiritual society and soul group – soul – or God Man.

So what you think many times to be you who is reflecting on each and every new experience from your own true ruling loves and affections in life is a conglomeration or collection of many myriads of different human beings – souls – spiritual societies – soul groups – or God Men. Because of this the third dneisty human often reflects on a choice or thought they just had and they say to themselves” why did I do that,” or what came over me to say that to him or her?” This is because many different souls are constantly being placed within the rational mind of third dneisty humans – and it is they who possesses the free will to think – speak – act- or choose what change or decision they will make next – in the next now moment (or second) that will react to the experience presently being offered to them in life form higher self.

Because of this dear friends many do not yet understand how the world is awakening and those souls making up the societies of the God Man on one side of equilibrium ( lets say the lower side – dark side – or negative side) are now returning to their original spiritual societies and soul groups within the God Man – while those making up the other side of equilibrium ( lets say the upper side – the light side – and the positive side)  are returning to their original places or homes or societies with the God Man consciousness as well.

Again because of this many come to believe we mean that each human being will come to either return to being positive (according to their ruling loves and affections) – in unconditional love – and in service to others in life now – or they will return to being negative – in conditional love – and in service to self. As the world is experiencing a flood or deluge of evil at this day on your world it has come time (or the season is now here) for the Consummation of the Ages - where the Silver Age has ended for some and they are moving into the Golden Age – the Brass or Copper Age is now ended for others and they are moving into the Silver Age – the Iron Age is ending for others even and they are moving into the Brass or Copper in process. As it goes every individual human being and soul – every God Man – every spiritual society and soul group – every individual group of ruling loves and affections is returning home within the aethers – while every individual human being and soul according to their evolution of the soul is moving into a new Age.

 As your religious books have said (and these are only representative terms for your understanding) this is a time of harvest – where the wheat and the chaff were permitted to grow together previously – and where they will be separated at the time of harvest – so that no wheat were to be pulled up in trying to weed out the chaff before its season. Now that harvest time is here on your world dear friends – the wheat (those souls on one side of equilibrium) will now be separated form the chaff (those souls on the other side of equilibrium). And again all similar affections or souls will be returned to their appropriate side of equilibrium – and all affections or souls will now take their proper individual places within the collective consciousness that is the God Man.

The whole purpose for this process from eternity is to take a world and reality (made up of all different souls)that has lived together for many seasons of life - where all opposites (not just good and evil) have come to live a life as one (the human body and form) – and that life has been flooded by those soul who reside on the lower side of equilibrium ( you call them dark and evil) – causing the deluge of evil and darkness ( again just a term for your understanding) to once again flood over or force their way over( ruler ship – power – possession of things or another – ownership and many things similar) to a point where equilibrium was no longer capable of being established in the lower third density human – and many humans on your world were now in the habit in life of hiding their true feelings  – ruling loves –and affections through the veil of language or words.

So now your world will return to the p lace of equilibrium – and all will now come to communicate through thought or telepathy as One God Man – and everyone on your world will be known for the souls that are truly possessing them in any given now moment ( second even) and every third density human can no longer hide the thoughts – words- actions – affections – or ruling loves possessing them in life – and truly reflecting everything they think – say – do – or feel from the moment of their awakening to full consciousness. Those who are not yet awakened cannot however hide any longer their ruling loves and affections from the awakened human beings – but only from those other human begins who are still not awakened as well. As the process continues however and equilibrium is more and more established with the God Man (your world) all things will be known by all and no one human being will be possessed by souls out of equilibrium who can hide their feelings, thoughts, and actions – as all will now take their place within the confines and consciousness of the God Man.

What you are seeing in and on your world today dear friends is all of your other selves in a different human body and form who are not only possessed - or made up of those souls who are in unconditional love and service to others – but an equal level of souls who are possessed or made up of souls who are in conditional love and service to self as well. When all souls or thought forms within third dneisty humans are therefore returned to equilibrium and order each human being still has the free will choice as to which souls they will choose to draw from in life – all now still according to their ruling loves and affections in life as the collective human being – spiritual society –soul group – and God Man. If therefore the human being is in a position in your world presently where they rule or govern over others – and are possibly corrupt in their many choices in life – all the souls can be reorganized or moved around from one human to the next ( according to the free will creations now coming on your world from the God Man) so as to reflect the realities and experiences – and scenes the God Man requires at this day in order to create and manifest the new world and society in which he or she chooses now to create at this day.

Therefore the corrupt and harsh ruler of your many societies can now become the wonderful and loving person that truly represents the people of your world and many separate societies – and given this can now take place in each and every human being on your world at this day – all new things can be achieved and created – and it is no longer a hindrance to this new created world and society for the God Man as how it all unfolds is no longer dependent on the many but in fact the few. For it only takes a few human beings placed in the correct positions on your world in order to completely turn things around. So we tell you all to be prepared for wonderful things to happen in the many new now moment ahead on your world. Your lives will become more abundant – you relationships will be more fulfilling and peaceful – and your world will now return to equilibrium where all things are once again in unity and harmony in life – as the veil is gradually being lifted – and that spiritual quarantine is finally being lifted.

We now end this transmission and we wish you all complete abundance and happiness in the now moments ahead. We offer you this message through our human host Daniel – and we are all in complete agreement that it is offered in unconditional love for all. Until next time dear friends!