Absolute truth and Data - Thirty third energetic transmissions

10/20/2013 06:00

Absolute Truth and Data – Thirty third energetic transmissions





The Universal value of sharing versus ownership and possession!


Note: We would have each of you dear friends to understand that the limits of the rational human mind and levels of third density wisdom have no affect on the levels of spiritual wisdom and Absolute Truth and Data which can be provided the human soul. It matters not if you are a very uneducated human being according to mankind’s standards – or a scientist on your world  -all things of Absolute Truth and Data are provided in their whole to those of all levels of understanding on your world – while connected to our world and reality. So do not be offended or misguided by the levels of worldly wisdom our human host possesses at this day on your world – or for any others who are of low or limited worldly wisdom for that matter. All things are given to all – in their season of life.


Hello dear friends we come to you again with more preparatory Absolute Truth and Data for your spiritual education and continued guidance toward the awakening of each of you at this day on your world and within your present reality. We now wish to speak to you all reading our words on the subject of sharing versus ownership and possession at every level of yours and our existence. And so we begin our messages and transmission toward the benefit and good of the One and the Whole.

1) The human body and form is a wonderful creation and is one that has existed from eternity – whereas many other creations are not as eternal and old as the human form with some as new as the present thoughts within your minds in this now moment. The human form is a universal and ever changing form that is to change in its makeup and over all working capacity on in to eternity – evolving as does the human soul – and changing in order to fully accept the human soul and all new things that are presented to it within the matrix so as to carry out all potentials and possibilities within the matrix - created from the awakened imaginings of every soul throughout its evolution and newly provided Absolute Truth and Data as well – on in to eternity.

2) The human body and form is a machine – an organic machine at that – and none of its working parts were ever intended to wear out – get old and cease to perform at peak performance – and be available for the spiritual society – soul group – human soul – and God Man to eternity if the God Man were to ever decide to retain the same body and form to eternity. Of course why would the God Man wish to remain bound to a single human body and form when he or she can have as many different human bodies and forms as he or she pleases on in to eternity – and or as lengthy a period as is wished or willed in their existence? Still the human body and form is meant to maintain for as long a period as the human soul chooses to possess it within each individual incarnation within third density- therefore providing body and form for all other densities of the God Mans existence.

3) As we stated the human body and form is a machine as technology can exist on every level of our existence – though it will change and become more durable in the higher densities – and inextinguishable eventually for every human soul and God Man. Being fully aware that our subject is having to do with sharing we ask you friends to be patient as we are coming to most important details that will walk us into our predetermined subject once we lay the ground work. And so the human body and form are presently bound to the illusions of time and space for mankind on your plane of reality known as third density - –but the realities will change drastically as you venture higher into the aethers and connect with higher self and the God Man where all limitations are gradually removed from the knowledge base of the soul as Absolute Truth and Data are gradually added to your spiritual wisdom and Universal truths.

4) So in moving on we would tell you that the human body and form are created just in the same manner and working order as the body and form of Infinite Source – Finite Source – and the God Man – with limitations added to the body and form the lower you each come to venture down into the densities of your existence.  Most of those limitations are soon to be removed with only those remaining that coincide with the density of your existence each of you is connected to in every individual level of consciousness and density you are connected to in every new now moment in your future existence – that is actually your present existence on all levels of consciousness.

5) As our human host is not a scientist and does not carry or hold knowledge of the human body and form as some would possess in life – we will limit our explanation of the human form to his present knowledge base in life. The human body and form has a heart – a set of lungs – a brain – a stomach – intestines – liver – kidneys – veins – vessels – arteries – and so on- in order to carry out and maintain daily function fro the human body and form. Some of those functions are voluntary and some are involuntary – conscious and unconscious (according to third density existence alone) with the blood constantly flowing through the human body and form so as to provide all things organic and elemental to the different areas of the human body and form.

6) At the same time the blood provides certain nutrients – elements – chemicals – substances – organics – and so on to all the different parts of the human body and form – according to not only what is needed or required for life of the body and form – but to also provide those things the mind or brain of said human wishes to intake according to the collective body and form as well as all individual areas of the body and all its individual parts to be supplied with their much needed nutrients for continued life – equilibrium – and ruling loves and affections.

7) The human being not only knows what it likes to eat – drink - and intake for the pleasure of the human form and the collective ruling loves – affections – likes - and tastes of said individual human separate from all other humans – but the humans free “will” can and often does ( in third density) cause all (dislikes – opposite ruling loves – opposite affections – opposite nutrients – opposite elements – opposite minerals – opposite chemicals – and so on) to enter  into the human body and form as well - and all of its individual parts simply by the negative polarity or opposite ruling loves and affections said human is living or experiencing at any given time in their life. And so if you are living life for the flesh – for the ways of the present world and systems – for service to self – and conditional love then the laws of attraction are providing all opposites to your overall body and form in order to provide contrast to said body and form – and not only will the human receive all desirables into their systems of the body and form – but all undesirables as well – according to their actually being out of equilibrium of life.

8) If opposites are permitted into the human body and form – so as to be supplying all of its parts with too much of anything – the body and form as well as all of its parts is taken out of equilibrium and the vibration and frequency of the collective human is also taken out of equilibrium. It is similar to the red and white blood cells not being equal and the bad or negative cells ( representative of those souls below equilibrium) over rides the good or positive cells ( representing those souls above equilibrium)  within the body and form  - and the human body and form fall prey to sickness – disease – harm – loss – and the human body becomes even more dense - and therefore made up of even lower energies and vibrations -  than they would otherwise be if the human body and form were in equilibrium.

9) The blood is the life of the human body and form – as well as the death - and all things permitted into the –body – and thereafter permitted into the blood - while the human is living a third density life is either working for or against maintaining equilibrium of life for the body and form – for when the human is living life outside of their own ruling loves above equilibrium – and ventures into the spiritual societies of the lower realms or souls who reside below equilibrium – the human form becomes sick -  diseased – or experiences harm or loss as the human form is no longer in balance. Because the Universe is constantly maintaining equilibrium in all things – the human form is constantly being pulled toward equilibrium – while at the same time it is constantly being pulled out of equilibrium and balance – as the lower (third density) human soul does not yet know his or her true ruling loves and affections in life.

10) And so there is a spiritual war within fourth density ( the unconscious human mind and state of spiritual existence) going on within the human body and form just as is the case throughout the created universe in all things third density. Above third density in the fifth world there is no war going on as all higher souls know who they are and what their ruling loves and affections truly are in their existence – and equilibrium is easily maintained for the God Man. This is why there is no more sickness – disease – harm – loss – or anything else in life that is against the ruling loves and affections for every God Man – as their life is completely balanced. Within third density life (where the human is constantly being pulled in and out of equilibrium all at the same time) – what is true for the inner human is also what is usually hidden in the words and actions of the human being outwards – but be it known that all things truly have their origin from the spiritual world or inner man.

11) The human body and form is designed so that all things are shared throughout the body so that all parts within the body and form – as well as without are shared from what is taken in through eating – drinking – and many other different means – and what is therefore required for the sustaining of life for all parts of the body are provided said parts accordingly. If the body is therefore out of equilibrium it will intake to the many different parts of the human body elements – minerals – and sustenance that is either not good for the body parts or provides no nutrition or benefit to said human body and all of its parts. In other words if the human is presently in service to self and conditional love – living in fear at the time – or any of the other affections associated with fear – what that human being takes into the body and all of its parts can be detrimental or of no benefit whatsoever – all depending on the state of mind the human is in at any given time – according to all things of lower vibration.

12) There are many thoughts – words- actions – and affections within third density that are not of low enough vibrations to take the human being out of equilibrium – as long as those vibrations – thoughts –words – actions – and affections are of the true ruling loves and affections of each individual human being – above as well as below. As we stated a moment ago however – all things are indeed shared from the collective human being and soul – from the higher spiritual realms of fourth density so that what is enjoyed as pleasure from a healthy life – as well as happiness – joy – and comfort- is also shared with all parts of the body so that the human form within as well as without is momentarily or presently in equilibrium of life.

13) At the same time all things harmful – of no benefit – and negligible – which take the human body and form – as well as the human soul – out of equilibrium affect all parts of the human form in the same manner – as all things are again shared. In the higher densities where all things are shared within the human form or God Man only those things beneficial are experienced in the existence of the God Man – as to become removed from equilibrium would mean the God Man would have to take on the consciousness of fourth density human – therefore taking on third density body and form through fourth density consciousness. And so the fifth dneisty God Man is the body and form of the Sixth density God Mans consciousness as well as those even higher up in densities.

14) And so it would come to make perfect sense that when third dneisty man is in equilibrium of life he or she is in perfect health – happiness – peace – joy – unity- and harmony of life. This does not go on for very lengthy periods in the every day life of third density man however (where he or she is in equilibrium of life) as the human being is so used to a life of living outside equilibrium that he and she comes to live their life in such low energies that it is often very difficult to immediately bring them back into equilibrium - once they have ventured out of it so as to interact with many different people and experiences in life.  When the human being lies – assumes ruling loves and affections not their own in life – become angry – hateful – vengeful – commit murder or harm and loss to another – and so on – they have taken themselves out of equilibrium of life.

15) In order for each human to return to equilibrium of life they must once again find their peace and place of passivity – a state of being idle – being neutral in what presents itself to them while higher self is attempting to bring them back to equilibrium – and once again become completely responsible for self. These are higher vibrations that exist mostly in the higher realms of our existence as the norm – but these affections and states of mind are indeed available to every third density human when he or she is prepared to receive them in life.

16) Whenever third density humans come to live life according to lack – want – or need they are in lower third density energies and consciousness – and these ruling loves or affections will keep the human being out of equilibrium every time. Therefore when involved in any experience concerning money or any other form of exchange such as barter or trade – which is providing a way to buy and sell – own or possess – the human being is in those low energy patterns that again take them out of equilibrium of life. Rational thought as apposed to having an open mind about things is another way to take the human being out of equilibrium of life. Given these examples is there any wonder why third density humans are always sick and diseased – unhappy – bored or depressed in life – and much of this comes from third density humans always (or in many cases) seeking out drama in their lives – often mingling into the affairs - opinions – and daily lives of others behind the scenes – in a manner where backbiting is often in play in their everyday lives?

17) Even when we wish to reach out and help another in life it is with the sole purpose of making self feel good about self – no matter what manner of help or aid we come to provide another. Sickness – disease – poverty – homelessness – hunger – chemical dependencies – dependencies on many other things in life – hopelessness – anger – depression – boredom – failure to know your life’s purpose – and many other examples similar to these are all related to the human soul and inner humans state of mind – and have nothing to do with the food and drink provided to people the world over – as nothing that goes into the mouth causes you to be unclean or sick – or out of equilibrium – but it is what comes out of the mouth from your own thoughts that cause all things not beneficial to the human being and soul in life.

18) Just some elementary beginning steps in your walk toward good and truth would suffice in guiding each of you in the direction of Absolute Truth and Data being given to you to “know” as your truth in life – in which case all things required in order to provide every human being in third density the tools to create a life of perfect health – happiness – unity – and harmony of life would be given happily – freely – and immediately.  Because higher things cannot be provided the human being that is not in equilibrium of life – the first thing each of you must do to guide yourself toward your own awakening (and not that of any other) if the know the things that keep you in equilibrium of life – seek to do those things that cause equilibrium of life – live your new life being totally responsible for self – and no other – and the grand storehouse of Absolute Truth and Data will begin to be revealed to each of you.

19) We do not say you cannot help others in life – we do not say that you cannot even do whatever your heart tells you to do in life – but choose and decide according to being lead by the heart – and use the wisdom provided form the heart in making your decisions in life – as there is no right or wrong – as all things will teach you in life how to return to and maintain equilibrium of life – while actually living and experiencing many new things at this day.

20) Learn to share all things – but do not provide or help in life those who your heart tells you not to help – as the heart is truly the higher gauge to Universal Wisdom and Unconditional love. Share whenever your heart tells you to do so without question. Whenever possible for each human being individually - rid yourself of money and all forms of exchange – stop buying – selling - owning – and possessing in life as these things provide the necessary affections in life for service to self – conditional love – and your removal from equilibrium of life when you are involved in them. We have stated some of the others for your benefit previously ------

21) Why do third density humans suffer the illusion of death when they were originally meant to sleep (peacefully and without pain of any kind) and take on their new body and form in another life – so as to continue their evolution of the soul? 

22) Within the confines of the human body and form there is equilibrium just as it can be found without at its time and season of life. Just as the illusion of heaven and hell are nothing more than terms created by the human population over many generation of lifetimes so too are all things outside of equilibrium.  Heaven and hell are nothing more than the human being actually residing within equilibrium of life through their living truth – and according to their own personal ruling loves and affections – or ---------------- living outside of same. The human form when reflecting on all of its inner working parts is the machine being run from higher self on a constant or continuous basis.

 23) The machine has its parts that represent heaven and equilibrium – as well as hell and those places outside of equilibrium. The whole of the inner workings of the human form is representative of our heavens and hells in equilibrium – while everything exterior is representative of the human’s lower densities and expressions of life and equilibrium when the human being is reflecting on said plane and realities of their existence. If you cause equilibrium to be lost within it can be catastrophic – as is the case from without as well. Therefore equilibrium is always being sought and maintained through higher self and your spiritual society and soul group so that the human body or machine from within is always in good working order – even when the outer is not. Free will of each individual human is what takes the outer human out of equilibrium and causes the human body and form to become sick or out of balance – while at the same time all things from within are pulling in the opposite directing so as to maintain equilibrium while the human is living their life separate from their own ruling loves and affections in life. If the inner human workings of the body and form were to permit the inner to continue in the same state of existence as the outer the human body and form would certainly cease to exist and die accordingly. And so from the human body and form the spiritual societies and soul group – as the collective consciousness of the human being – is constantly working to repair all damage done to the inner parts of said human – and this as well is constantly being manipulated from sources without – within the third density world and plane of our existence in human flesh and form.

24) In all situations where the spiritual society and soul group from within seeks to return the inner workings of the human to equilibrium - and maintain it for longer periods of time than those of the outer human – ruling powers and principalities have come up with many devious and service to self ideas in life so as to keep the human body and form out of equilibrium as often and for as long as possible – in order to bring on sickness – disease – and death of the human body and form. The more the ruling principalities and powers can keep the human out of equilibrium of life the more they can keep the illusion of sickness – disease – and death as the normal reality and fear based illusions of third density humans.

25) Not only are human beings constantly being kept from true knowledge of the workings of the human body – form – and machine – they are also being kept from the original purpose and reasons behind the provided illusions of sickness – disease – and death for the human machine. Whereas every human not awakened at this day comes to believe he or she suffers many things in life because of their outer world and the experiences they encounter in life – or the choices they each make on a daily basis – They are constantly looking for cures and solutions from without as well – and these are truly limited in a world and system that is solely based on service to self and conditional love – outside of the normal equilibrium of life – ruling loves – and affections of every human being individually.

27) Every human being is different in the labor involved in returning them to equilibrium on a regular basis in life based on the individual ruling loves and affections of every individual human being on your world. The human body and form – the machine you each possess for the many illusions of life – is constantly curing and healing itself every moment of every day – and what is provided human beings to remove pain and suffering from sickness and disease (as well as death when the human is far enough separated from equilibrium) is provided not for the curing of the human machine but to hide the pain – and at one time it worked quite well in that if you hide the pain the human body will do the rest of the work for you – as it will eventually heal itself.

28) Once mankind came to his season of life however where service to self more and more became the ruling loves and affections of your world humans took advantage of the pain medications and began to provide human beings other forms of medicine so as to kill the negative or non – beneficial germs or bacteria within the human body and form – which in turn took the human body even farther out of equilibrium – causing the human machine – body and form – to take much longer than needed to repair itself. In situations where vaccines are given the people of your world – the vaccine provided is a replica or representation of the virus the human is in fear of getting in the first place – and again the human being is taken farther out of equilibrium than it would have otherwise been had the human machine been left to fend for itself. In most cases the human never would have gotten the virus in the first place – as fear of a virus is what causes the human machine to fall and succumb to the illusion that you will become sick in the first place. Fear is a strong affection on your world and it is used in many cases by the ruling powers above as well as below to remove the human from equilibrium – and maintain that state of life for as long a period as possible on your world today.

29) If sickness and disease were removed from your many societies of mankind so too would the illusion of death eventually be done away with on your world – and the ruling powers will not permit this as this is their number one fear tactic for the human population. Therefore as your world comes around gradually to the inner workings of the human form – it will come to gradually understand the outer workings of the human form – separate the two – and come to understand that the outer illusions are provided by the inner illusions and the ignorance placed on the people of your generation so as to maintain the eternal grand illusion of death. No human being has to experience sleep at the consummation of their physical existence on your world in fear or pain any longer as the Absolute Truth and Data is now being shared with the souls of your world today that will shed true light and understanding on the non – absolute truth and data many are attempting to share with each of you presently on your world as being the real deal you might say.

30) Nothing of your past or future is Absolute Truth and Data as it is all third density illusions placed on the lower human population so as to dumb them down to levels where they are flooded with drama – falsities – illusions – false hope – false teachings – false knowledge of the human machine and its workings – and so on. There is no benefit to the one or the Whole of the human soul and God Man in searching out past deeds – offenses – history of your world – and the many different opinions as to what creation is all about and the origin of the human soul before or after the processes of creation. All that is important to the human machine and the many myriads of souls possessing it at this day is how you choose to live your lives in the now. What is done is done -and all of it was carried out by your many other selves robed in another representation of human flesh in days gone by – and they too have fallen prey to the many illusions offered to your world population by the principalities and powers that knew not the things they were doing or about to do in their present lives or the ones to come. To be evil and dark – carrying out many horrific offenses toward mankind and our many other selves are experiences and lessons provided by each of us at a higher level of our spiritual understanding – and to look at one or many experiences where mankind forced terrible things on other human beings of your supposed past can truly  be seen by two different sets of eyes and understanding – depending on the maturity level and evolution of each individual human soul – that soul being made up of many other souls within a spiritual society and soul group better known as the God Man on all levels of life and consciousness.

31) Every human soul is truly responsible for self and his and her own choices and actions in life – whether he or she wishes to believe this or not. All of your other selves wrapped in a different human body and form on your world today represents all of your other selves truly – as these human being or souls all reside within the essence and being that is you – robed in that one individual human fleshly body and form – possessed by every one of those souls making up your spiritual society and soul group – as well as the many myriads of spiritual society and soul group of all your other selves on your present world.  You can either choose to believe you are responsible for all the many thoughts – words- actions – ruling loves – and affections of every other human being on your world presently – or you can choose to only be responsible for self – in which case you will each eventually have to come to know and understand how you can carry out such a reality and then live it for the remainder of you life on this world and the next that is to come.

32) As we were about to say earlier everyone is seen as being responsible on your world for their words and actions they carry out toward others but they live in and on a plane of reality presently where they are constantly being steered in life in a direction they do not often wish to go – by other souls – ruling loves and affections – and God Men they do not even know to exist – as they presently think they are the One and the all that this is all that there is to creation and life. Would a good and loving God – who is in service to others and unconditional love for all of its other selves come to hold these lower uneducated representations of itself responsible for their prior words and actions in this lifetime or those in days gone by? Many of you may wish to ponder for a moment and ask yourselves this question.

33) Can a human being and soul be judged – found guilty – and come to accept all responsibility for their words and actions in this lifetime and those prior - if they do not even know who they are – or the ones who truly make up their many different levels of consciousness and their every new thought coming into their minds every moment of every day?   But then we come to reflect on the fact that each of these human beings and souls had a choice to make all the lifelong decisions made by them personally in days gone by – and then we ponder on why not?

34) Why should they not be judged and held responsible for their actions and choices – if indeed they all had the free will in life to choose – think – speak – and act according to their own ruling loves and affections in life?  But did they? Does any one individual non – awakened third density human being truly know his or her true ruling loves and ruling affections in life? And if they do not – as we assure you they don’t – what are they to do every time a new experience or a new lesson is placed before them in life – and that lesson is fueled by fear – anger – jealousy – revenge – hatred – shame – ignorance – illusion – falsities to no end – and so on? Is the third density human truly provided all tools and understanding in life to make all the right calls or decisions according to every individual experience or lesson provided them in and on a world where fear – anger – jealousy – revenge – hatred – shame – ignorance – illusion – and falsities run ramped every moment of every day – all around them?  

35) Many human beings act out in life according to their present ruling loves and affections – no matter which spiritual society and soul group they are representative of within the aethers – having not thought things through first through higher self but rather rational mind -  and every human being is capable of doing and saying things in life based on what many would call temporary insanity. It is not however temporary insanity but the fact that the human is drawing from ruling loves and affections – from a microcosmic soul group that is an offshoot of their own ruling loves and affections – but a offshoot that has many evil and dark souls within the perimeters of its spiritual society and soul group - that said human may have only experienced acting out or playing the role of in life within a single experience.

36) In other words we often invite spiritual societies and soul groups into our collective human consciousness for a single ruling love they represent as a part of our own ruling loves – but when we invite them into our spiritual society and soul group – into our human conscious mind – all of their ruling loves and affections are invited in this process – and many of them may not be to our liking – but by then it is too late. We then go on to think – say – do- and act out many choices and experiences in life toward others that under normal circumstance we would not -  while we are in equilibrium of life and are drawing only on our own ruling lovers and affections in life.  This comes from drawing ruling loves and affections from souls that are outside our own spiritual society and soul group while we are out of our state of equilibrium – as we do this when we are in anger – fear – frustration – vengeance – jealousy – hatred – and so on.  

37) Therefore when a human soul goes out into the world and commits murder – violence toward others – spreads false rumors or data they may believe to be true – commits crimes not to be committed by someone under mans laws – does horrific things to children or adults – commits adultery while in a loving relationship – and many – many other acts toward mankind they can either be in their true ruling loves and affections – or they may not be – but in either case they are in a state of mind that is in service to self and conditional love – and are out of equilibrium of life – as they would not otherwise commit such horrible acts in life. Even those who are evil – negative – and purely wicked in life would not do those things that are against the laws of mankind unless they are out of equilibrium of life. The powers that rule your world know this and they use it always to their advantage – in spreading fear throughout your world and plane of reality.

38) Anyone who is taken out of equilibrium of life is capable of the same horrific acts as those in days gone by and past generations on your world – as well as all the ones being carried out on your world and its people at this present day. All that is needed is to take the human out of equilibrium of life and immediately they are each susceptible to the most horrific deeds mankind has ever come to witness. What keeps many human beings at this day from carrying out terrible acts toward the people of your world is their fear of man made laws – but remove them from their natural state in life – and their true ruling loves will take over – even if it comes to breaking each and every man made law in place at the time. 

39) And so – everything mankind looks at today in reflecting on those who have done such terrible things on your world in days gone by – and those still doing such things even on your present world – he comes to hold to the need to judge and punish all human beings who would come to do such things – but in the end each of you is very capable of the same – but you do not know it in most cases as you have not yet ventured far enough out from equilibrium of life in order to know what the experience is like. That is most fortunate for those of you in your present life to not have to experience such things – but this does not mean you did not carry out the same acts – or worse in a previous life – and you are simply here on your world today so as to learn to have compassion on these souls and to come to forgive all human beings of all their past – present – and future offenses toward you and all of mankind.

40) Either way there is a lesson for you as well as the ones carrying out these offenses toward others in life – and it is up to both groups to either learn the lesson or not – and those who do not are bound to repeat the lessons over and over again until all things have come to their end and all seasons have been completed.  

41) Why are such horrible deeds permitted on your world and density of life if higher self is providing all the experiences for all lessons to be learned?  Because the greater the good and wonderful experiences provided on your world for the many lessons of the human soul the greater the evil and horrific experiences provided as lessons and contrast to your human experience as well.  All things provided on your world and plane of existence must have their evil and opposite ruling loves and affections available to all human beings and souls as well – and depending on who draws those evil - negative – and horrific experiences to themselves in life –it is decided and provided by the laws of attraction who shall experience all those evil – dark – and horrific experience to themselves in life by venturing out of equilibrium and into true separation and duality of worlds.

42) And so dear friends – it is you – each of you – who has created all the horrific offenses carried out toward all of mankind in days gone by as well as the ones of the present – as the human being and soul is never satisfied with the many pleasures of the flesh they have come to experience in past lives – and therefore created ones of even greater wonders and pleasures throughout their many different lifetimes robed in human flesh – with the never satisfied craving of the flesh always wanting more and more of the best that can be achieved in life. But in order to achieve and receive the best things in life – the human beings has forgotten the Universal Laws of contrast and opposites. For everything provided on your world as experiences must be provided according to their opposites as well – so as to provide eternity contrast for your world and reality of third density.

43) If third density humans had known these things in their past would they have changed their minds in seeking out the many pleasures of the human fleshly body – form – and machine that has a never ending hunger for the better things life has to offer? No they would not – and did not – as the human being and soul is in the habit of borrowing now and paying for it later – while concerning themselves only for the pleasures of now – and writing off for the moment what things they shall suffer in the end for a little bit of momentary pleasure. And so we say to you friends that to him whom much is given much is truly required – and third density humans almost always choose to put off now what they can deal with later.

---We now speak in more detail of responsibility for self and the grand awakening ---


44) If third density man is not presently responsible for the things in life self has thought – said – acted out in the physical world ------- if they are not responsible for their ruling loves – ruling affections – and therefore their offenses toward the world and mankind as a whole from the moment of their being created as a soul then why are they about to move to a plane of existence and another physical reality  where they will each be required to become responsible for all things carried out and experienced by self – once they each return to connect and again transform back into the higher God Man?

45) As we have stated time and again in our previous messages and transmissions to the awakened souls - still appearing to reside on your present plane of reality (but are in fact presently having their existence in fifth and sixth densities when reading our transmissions) – you cannot move to your higher levels of consciousness - and therefore new reality of existence – until you have put off all things that are not real or absolute. This does not mean you must put off all things experience and enjoyed while living life in third density existence – but only those things that are of such low energies as to pull each of you out of your place of equilibrium of life – causing you to no longer be in balance of life – in which case you cannot receive those things in life provided only while the higher – as well as the lower – is residing within equilibrium of life.  In other words Absolute Truth and Data are only provided the human soul when said human soul is in equilibrium of life along side of higher self. In third density it is always the case that when third density humans are out of equilibrium of life the higher self is not – as there would be no one to pull third density humans back into equilibrium if it were not for higher self. 

46) If the third density human (and we are speaking of the non – awakened souls helping to make up every third density human) were to be affected by awakened souls – (or a human that has within its levels of consciousness certain awakened souls helping to make up his or her spiritual society and soul group and ruling loves and affections in life) – then that awakened soul or group of awakened souls within said human being would not be considered being responsible for self. For the third density human that is awakened because he or she is possessed by more awakened souls than not – cannot become responsible for self and still continue to affect the lives and interact with other third density humans according to third dneisty levels of energies in life.

47)  You can never connect to higher self and actually become higher self while you are at the same time seeking to connect to third density humans and their lower levels of energies and consciousness. You cannot be therefore responsible for the lack – wants – and needs of others while you are attempting to connect to and become higher self. We did not say you cannot interact and help or aid other third density humans while you are maintaining lower third density energies – as you would then truly be a third density human as well  -and not higher self at such time.  There will however come a time in your awakening when each of you will be capable of moving from third density consciousness to fifth and sixth density consciousness in the twinkling of an eye. This however is not made possible until much Absolute Truth and Data has again permeated your essence and being.

48) We will again state that no awakened human being and soul ( the accumulation of awakened souls to a level that returns the human to levels of equilibrium – where he or she is no longer in a deluge of opposite or negative energies and consciousness from the lower planes found on the opposite side of equilibrium) can be in contact or in the process of expressing or experiencing those energies that are low enough to maintain the human outside of equilibrium – when attempting to connect to higher self and the God Man. If you wish to be third density then live the life of third density – but when you wish to connect to and become the God Man and therefore be the God Man (who is totally responsible for self while in contact and becoming the God Man) you cannot be responsible for anyone else – and there is no one else unless you maintain third density energies and consciousness.

49) As the God Man and higher self you cannot interfere with the life and decisions of those other selves who still believe themselves to be one and whole ( separate from you and all others) while living life within third density. If and when you do interact or involve yourself with the decisions of others you immediately become the third density human again – and are no longer responsible only for self - and are no longer the God Man. Therefore in order to live out your existence in a natural state of being the God Man you must first come to  spend more time or now moments as higher self and the God Man – as apposed to spending more time or now moment as the third density human. The more time you spend in third dneisty the more you will have to continue in old principles and illusions – and you will therefore be hindering further transmissions and sharing of new levels of Absolute Truth and Data until such time as you choose to disconnect and return to higher self consciousness and your reality of actually being the God Man once again.

50) We must however tell you that once you taste (figure of speech) the wonders of Absolute Truth and Data as actually being your truth in life (and you will actually “know” these are your truths) you will always want more and more – as it gives you the feeling you have tapped into something miraculous – and you cannot explain how you can come to know such things which make such perfect sense as a collective set of truths – and you will always want more. But you cannot receive more until you disconnect with third density principles that are of such a low nature and vibration that they will actually keep the human body – form – machine – and consciousness out of those levels of equilibrium that are truly required in order to connect to and become the God Man once again.

51) Okay my higher self gave me the opportunity to zap back into third density for a moment so I could share something with you. If you are anything like myself you may like to take a drink once in a while so as to simply calm your nerves when you are too stressed to meditate or connect to higher self through natural means – and that is what I often times do – as I enjoy the taste of a good beer. But when the awakened human sometimes comes to reconnect to third density and enjoy the pleasures of third density he or she may move a bit too far out of equilibrium and get a little tipsy. When you do this do you permit the possibility for others to be in your presence so that you can interact – affect – or join into their discussion and decisions in life?  Not as an awakened human being and soul you don’t.

52) Do you become as a child some times and tend to play around a bit too rough? Well I need to provide you a little bit of understanding here about wishing to connect to higher self and the God Man at said times – as the opportunity and cravings will present themselves at the weirdest times often – and you need to once again realize that in order to connect to higher self you do not need to stop what you are doing and drink six cups of coffee before you connect to higher self. You need only become responsible for self – go within – and block out all things third density that you still know to be of such low energies as to not allow you to connect and become higher self. You do not get drunk or tipsy and go interact with others if your intentions are to connect to higher self – the God Man – and Absolute Truth and Data. Do not be of the misconception that while you are intoxicated or tipsy that you cannot connect to higher self -as this is a falsity brought on by service to self souls in conditional love.

53) The rational human mind – and the human mind that is under the influence of some worldly chemical or influence that might have you being told by others to be wrong or improper if you are going to connect with “God,” but I  tell you now that this is a falsity as higher self and the God Man will connect to and become any spiritual society and soul group ( human being) that is totally responsible for self – and of a state of mind to intercept and receive higher Absolute Truth and Data. I did not say someone falling down drunk can achieve this as they are more unconscious than even they know at the time – but as long as the human soul is receptive of higher things – and in the proper state of mind – he and she can receive all things of Absolute Truth and Data. In becoming responsible for self the human being can separate and become passive in many or all things in life – and he or she is therefore truly an awakened soul.

54) Hello again dear friends – we thought it amusing to permit Daniel to offer his example of being responsible for self as an awakened soul in one of the most limiting experiences the human being and soul can find themselves in while in third density – and seeking to connect to higher self and the God Man. And so now we will return to other things of importance at this time.

55) Many of you may wonder - what is wrong with seeking to buy – sell – own – and possess – if this is the only manner in which we can sustain ourselves on our world and plane of existence at this present day – even with a limited level of Absolute Truth and Data at their disposal? This is a very good question coming from souls who are truly intercepting Absolute Truth and Data at this day – but are not yet of the higher understanding that this level of thought and lifestyle is not in service to others and unconditional love but the opposite – which is service to self and conditional love. If you continue to buy – sell – own – and possess things on your present world you are continuously feeding into the mindset that it is okay to have what others do not have – even when it entails others being poor while you one day possibly become rich in abundance.

56) When you buy and sell – own and possess you do so in order to receive more in life than what you already have access to in life – and that is the illusion and mindset that you are in lack – want – and need of more things or other things over and above or different than what is available to you presently in its season. To seek with the false mindset that you are in lack – want – or need of a thing is to not be content with all you have in life – and this is lower third density energies that keep the human being and soul out of equilibrium of life. At the same time if you feel you want others to have the same options and levels of abundance in life as yourself – why do you buy and sell in life – own and possess – while others less fortunate than you are living life in hunger – poverty – and an everyday lifestyle of homelessness? Would you who continue to buy – sell – own – and possess give all that you possess in life so as to feed and provide for the needy of your world if it came down to it?

57) If you are willing to do so then your opportunity is at the door awaiting your next move in life. The hungry will not be fed by your intentions friends – the homeless – sick – diseased – and poverty stricken will not be sustained even until tomorrow in many cases with your good intentions. So what would it take for you to move from a system where you buy and sell – own and possess – and continue to reside in a world where there is still the rich and the poor – the homeless and the homeowners – the sick and the healthy – and those who have as apposed to those who have not to a world where all have come to share all things – where there is no more rich and poor – homeless and homeowners – the sick and the healthy - and so on? Would you not still have to become responsible for self and move to a world and reality where such things are indeed possible?

58) It is a given that within a reality where the people are living the illusion of lack – want – and need  – and are provided an exchange of currency to remove their illusion of lack want – and need– that they are going to take it – rather than go on living in lack – want – and need. Therefore you have to remove the illusion of lack- want – and need in a human beings life so that he or she comes to the conscious conclusion that there is no more lack – want – or need. As long as the system on your world is based on buying and selling this illusion of lack – want – and need cannot be removed because the people are bound to said system from generations of using said system. At the same time as long as there is usury – money – exchange of any kind – credit – barter – and trade there will be those who have in life and those who have not out of the lack of human beings being willing to share instead of owning and possessing in life.

59) Why are there people starving on your world? Why are there people homeless – hungry – sick and diseased – and bound in poverty all over your planet? Is there a single individual on your world today who is willing to feed and shelter the citizens of your world? Is there a single group of citizens on your world who has taken matters into their own hands and provided for the needy or less fortunate of your world when no one else would? The system in place at this day dear friends is a system based on ownership and possession – and as long as the people continue to buy and sell people will continue to own and possess – while leaving many others on your world to fend for themselves which in the meantime causes the rich to become richer and the poor to remain poor and destitute.

60) Therefore we offer each of you at this season of your lives to move over to a better level of consciousness and maturity in life so as to fix the many problems your many generations of mankind have placed on your world to be continued for generations to come – unless each of you become responsible for self – and move in a direction of repairing what is truly broken on your world.  It is true that all humans presently living on your world today will move on in their season to a better place and world we have long been speaking of in our messages – but there still remains the fact that each of you can leave this present world a better place for those who are to come after you are gone. It is you – the ones presently awakening to Absolute Truth and Data – to full consciousness – and to becoming the higher God Man that will one day become responsible for his and her creations. We did not say guilty as there is no guilt to be shared for our creations but only our responsibility of living out each and every creation to its end means.

61) Each of you will do just that – as you are even at this day creating a new world and reality for yourselves and will soon come to live in and on that world alongside all souls of the most low energies as well as the most higher ones. Therefore each of you must become responsible for self and for your own creations in life – and leave all others to monitor and maintain their creations to eternity. We assure you that third density humans will not easily give up their riches in order to share with others in life – and will even fight to their death in order to protect and maintain their wealth. That is why each of you must choose to move to higher planes of your existence in order to actually live and experience said reality of complete sharing of all things in life. You can continue living life in third dneisty but walk the walk of fifth density humans in fifth density consciousness – through a higher mindset and state of energetic consciousness.

62) In this higher state of consciousness third density humans will continue to see you on their world and walk along side you knowing nothing more than that you are a third density human – while all along you are the higher God Man in higher levels of consciousness and understanding – and you will no longer buy – sell – own – or possess while walking in life as the fifth density human soul. It is simple dear friends – fifth density man is third density man on a higher plane of consciousness and density of existence – so that your spiritual wisdom can be shared with willing third density humans but they will never see the inner and spiritual human soul you actually represent in life. We can tell you from living experience that you can walk the third density plane of existence appearing to be third density humans –and still hold the levels of consciousness and life that is the fifth – sixth – and higher density human.

63) Third density humans live life in fear of lack – want – and needs not being met – but the higher self or God Man is no longer in fear of anything in life – as he or she is no longer in lack – need – or want for anything. Therefore the higher self “you” can walk the world in a third dneisty fleshly form encompassing their higher fifth density form – and can move in and out of third density any time he or she pleases – and then back to sixth density consciousness and higher at will. The problems human beings of third density face and fear in life are not feared or having to be experienced by the higher God Man who resides within third density humans – as the higher God Man sees all things in a different light and level of understanding. The higher God Man need not use the tools of third density in order to sustain his or her life any longer – as all things are truly shared and encompassed within the bubble and protective sphere surrounding each and every God Man – who is totally responsible for self and all that goes on within his and her protective bubble or sphere.

64) When you are the awakened third density human the third density human is surrounded by the same protective bubble and sphere surrounding the higher self and God Man who resides within the body and form of the third density human as well.  All things are shared with each third density human by their higher self and God Man according to all things their third density representation of self can receive in life according to their level of evolution of the soul even in the higher densities. We will provide you an example --------

65) Our third density human host Daniel can receive all Absolute Truth and Data from us – his higher self and God Man - according to what he is capable of living out on his plane and in his life of third density. All other forms of Absolute Truth and Data are being held for him and are accessible at all times to be received by him when it is the season for said Data – as he must live each piece of Absolute Truth and Data within third density before he can receive each piece of Absolute Truth and Data within the third density levels of his consciousness. Once he receives it he can never lose it again – and he is free to share all Absolute Truth and Data with all third density humans who are prepared as well to live it in their lives. While our third dneisty human host Daniel is in his higher levels of energies and consciousness however – all Absolute Truth and Data are completely accessible at all times. The manner in which all Universal Laws work with our human host Daniel is the exact manner in which all third density awakened human beings receive Absolute Truth and Data to eternity.

And now we have been requested by our society to end this transmission so that all may ponder on what we have shared to this point.

We along side our human host Daniel leave you all in unconditional love – and we wish you all complete abundance of all things in your season.