Absolute Data - Sixteenth energetic transmission

03/21/2013 21:31

Absolute Data – Sixteenth energetic transmission


Let us free the slaves bound by an unconscious world!


Hello friends – I am here today with my friends from the ethers – as they wish to sit in on this transmission at this time.

I have heard mention from certain groups in your world (third density) in days gone by that the governments do not own the land – the powers that were do not own the seas – the skies –and they do not own the people. Then they go on to say that it is the people that possess the country – the land - the seas and many waters – forests – gold; Platinum; and all other precious metals of the land; the air and airwaves; everything that grows in the many bodies of water whether plant life or living creatures; everything that grows on the land including plants and creatures; and so on. They go on to say that everything belongs to mother earth and that mother earth belongs to the people and we are her custodians.

This is a third density misconception friend as it is lower thinking while the human is still in the state of mind that is dependent on possessing things still. I will not say that these people who believe these things are not on the right track in thinking what is given to man through his own efforts of creation and co – creation are in fact his as a whole people or body to possess in and on the planet. I am simply saying that this level of thinking is a stepping stone on mans way to his awakening and moving into an even higher level of consciousness in fifth density life. In order to actually move over to fifth dneisty energies and consciousness the human however must first put off all thought of possession of anything in life that is created through his energies of creation.

Nothing in all of creation exists that is not one form or body of energy or another. Nothing at all within the complete expanse of finite creation is not each of you who know yourselves already to be the human being. And in fact you are already a human being either as a single entity or a collective and conscious macrocosm known as a planet of humans – a solar system of human beings – a galaxy full of human beings- or a Universe of human beings – all are One and all can experience complete separation according to the complete free will choosing of any part of the one or whole within that one spiritual society and soul group known as Creator Source.

Every minute expression of energy is a part of each of you and is in fact each of you or you when you are connected and fully conscious that you are the One or whole. Everything in life – every human body and form – every plant; animal; vegetable; mineral; or element is you. When you create something from your inner and spiritual being that creation is not only a part of you but it is you as your Oneness. It matters not if you proceed to create a pebble of sand on the beach and you allot the energy to create that pebble – all of you is in that pebble or grain of sand and not just a part of you. Everything you create from eternity and to eternity is manifested with the complete essence and being that is you. There is no actual separation in and of you – nor is there separation of a group – a larger group – or even the largest of groups known as a spiritual society and soul group. Creator Source is never diminished by His Creations in the least and neither are His many - many myriads of other expressions of Himself to eternity. To bring this idea home I will once again state that all and everything in all of creation and existence is found within the smallest of microcosms or bodies and forms throughout the grand finite Universe known as Creation.

So when you look at Mother Earth - her lands - her seas- her skies - and all that grows on here lands; seas; and skies - they do not belong to her and they do not therefore belong to you and I. The energy it takes to create everything that exists is within each of you – and you create all and everything with your whole essence and being – just as Mother Earth creates all things from her whole essence and being. But it is not the many myriads of bodies and forms created within their own sphere of life that actually does all of the creating in life – it is the souls who possess these many myriads of bodies and forms encompassed within these spheres of life that do all of the creating. Many of you still think you are that human body and form but within your natural state of life and existence you are spirit – you are soul – and you are complete collective consciousness that is in partnership with creative energy through that collective consciousness known as Creator Source.

Consciousness is creative energy just as creative energy is conscious or consciousness. It is you in your most perfect and natural form in existence or essence and being. Everything therefore that a Creator Source creates in life (the illusion of life) it creates for itself and of itself. Nothing that is ever created is found outside of Creator Source because there is no actual outside of Creator Source – and there is no inside to Creator Source. Creator Source does not exist within time or space as He ( you) fills all time and space with His (your) essence and being that is energetic consciousness. If you are presently in unconsciousness and are not presently awakened and in full consciousness then you are still connected to the illusion of the human body and form.

Creator Source does not own any part of Himself nor does anything belong to Him that is Himself or His essence and being because He cannot possess something that is not separate from Himself but is in fact All – of Himself. You human body does not belong to you because it is not a thing that can be possessed in life or the illusion of life. It is all made up of your creative energies and consciousness – and every fiber of your being – every expression of your energy and consciousness is a living soul in its smallest of forms or in its largest of forms. It is living finite energy and consciousness and it is not to be possessed by itself or those created souls who believe themselves to be separate from self.

I will continue here as the spirit tells me some do not yet get it – and that is okay as I am speaking to a wide audience here.

Creator Source is neither finite nor Infinite as He is only limited in His complete essence and being by Infinite Source. Because Finite Source or Creator Source is not complete and whole without His being connected to Infinite Source He is not therefore truly complete by and of Himself.  Therefore He owns nothing – nothing actually belongs to Him – and He is never in possession of anything that does not owe its essence; being; and complete existence to Infinite Source when all is put in its true prospective. Now it is a truth that you are each the complete essence and being that is not only Finite Source but Infinite Source as well but you cannot claim this unless you are in a state of mind that you are presently ( or within the now) in possession of “knowing” that you are Infinite Source. Basically you cannot claim you are God unless you are in the now moment of actually being God. I cannot speak the words of God and claim I am God until I am God in the now moment in other words. And the same goes for Finite Source as well as Infinite Source.

So no one can possess or own energy (and all things are created and come from energy) – nor can they say something belongs to them in life - because that energy is each of you as your complete essence and being in life. It is free to go where and when it pleases in all of creation as it too in its many myriads of microcosmic and macrocosmic bodies and forms is conscious and a part of you that is also a part of every other human ( spiritual society and soul group) existing in life as Finite Source in all His many forms. So all of you is consciousness while in fully conscious mode while every least part of you is consciousness as well when you are in your unconscious mode or state of mind in life. The energy does not belong to the people as individuals nor does it belong to them as a collective or greater body of individuals in life. And it does not belong to the One or the whole that is Creator Source (Finite Source).

If the energies or the many bodies and forms created from those energies (through a partnership with the many souls making up the collective consciousness that is Creator Source) belonged to the souls or collective of souls then the energies themselves would not be their own consciousness as well – representing Finite Source. Again when you create something in life it is created by energies and separate unconscious souls that not only continue to create your many human bodies and forms every now moment of your apparent life – but they are there to create every other body and form that is your life as well- and they are your life as well because they are created from those energies that are you in the higher realms or densities of life and existence. A rock possesses thought – a plant possesses thought – a grain of sand possesses thought – and every body or form you can think of possesses thought – because it is a separate living body or form with that life being a spiritual society or soul group residing within as the energies and consciousness that give each of these bodies or forms their consciousness and allow them to provide a use to the human machine. They are never to be possessed; owned; or belong to any other created bodies and forms throughout all of creation.

That my friends is the collective illusion of third density humans and their systems of unconscious thought throughout the created Universe.

We are to live on the land together in peace and complete unity and harmony in life with all the many different created bodies and forms ever to be provided by either our unconscious or conscious thoughts in life. Everything is to be a partnership and all forms of life are to share and provide a use to all of mankind to eternity. As it is the wishes even of a piece of paper to provide a use to all humans and to one day become human itself so as to once again become One with Finite Source and its fully conscious state of mind and consciousness that it was once a part of before its dissent into the lower realms of life and existence. But again it is not the piece of paper that holds that consciousness as it is those spirits or souls who make up its consciousness presently in the third density realm or plane of existence.

And now the spirit has released me to move on and end this transmission as we feel we have made our point.

I am Daniel and I leave you all in unconditional love and wishes for your complete happiness and abundance in the days and now moments to come.