Absolute Data - Seventh energetic transmission

03/04/2013 16:51

Absolute Data – Seventh energetic transmission




As it is my intentions to lay out in order my messages on absolute data wherein the spirit has moved me to move on to the healing of the planet and therefore the healing of the total created universe in order to maintain the apparent order and successive thought patterns of my previous post. And so we begin this transmission at its appropriate place -----

In my latest message I spoke of how the last shall be first and the first shall be last- and so I will attempt through my higher self to connect our two subjects before moving foreword.

Because the people of the present third density world and created universe  (who are in fact us in a previous incarnation)   have been misinformed as to the truth in the past- a truth that is different for all in reality but the same for most humans who experience separation and duality in third dneisty existence ---------

 because they have indeed been misinformed I remind each of you that they are not responsible for anything they have done in any one apparent past life – and – they will each go on and awaken to their new life in and on fifth dneisty planet earth- or their corresponding world in which they presently live in and on.

Third density energies – life- and existence is nothing more than an experiment –a play if you wish – and a world that provides for the creation of new souls- the illusion of ignorance through forgetfulness – duality- and separation from Prime. It is a seminary for all souls to appear (as you are each in a dream world) to become manifested in body and form for their first time as well as any other times they so choose in their complete existence to manifest and incarnate in a lower realm and expression of their energies and consciousness that is anything other than fully conscious souls. If you choose to be manifested at the very beginning of evolution for a created human soul then you go back to where the very first three dimensional body or form was manifested in and on a third dneisty planet. For all souls whether spiritual or material and physical in form all live out each and every one of their lives on a planet or orb if you wish. It is a sphere just as I have told you all things are made up of spheres in the past. And when each sphere or bubble is complete in its microscopic or macroscopic form- it too is surrounded by its own bubble or sphere for its protection in life as well as its demise when this is called for in the learning processes or evolution of the human soul.

Nothing exists that is not surrounded by a bubble or its own atmosphere- which means that what one human lives and experiences in his or her life as far as good or bad things- no other human has to experience the same things even if they are standing right next to the other person - because everyone has his and her own bubble that allows for their own personal evolution within separation and duality – and opposites in life. But I am getting ahead of myself and so I will back up a bit.

Because everyone evolves at a different rate of learning or evolution within every third density reality and system - when a world and system comes to live out and fulfill its soul contract many humans in the chosen world and universe will awaken first ( remembering that their contract is complete and satisfied) at the Consummation of the Ages (or “the end of the world” as some still see it) and those who awaken first must bring up the rears so to speak and serve as guides to those who have fallen a little bit behind in their evolution so that all souls within every world and universe at their time of the awakening and shift in consciousness (known to many as moving up to fifth dneisty life and existence) will awaken as well – though in their own time based on their levels of energy and consciousness while living in said world and universe.

The reason all have to awaken and not just some or a percentage of the population is because each of you has created every human being on your planet to serve one use or purpose or another in your evolution of your soul. And when you create a world full of people they are yours just as you are theirs- and all of you are truly One. Because of this all of you must awaken and move to fifth dneisty existence- energies- and consciousness. Because souls can choose when to incarnate into such a world as one that is about to awaken they will incarnate in and within a generation that can finish it out (as far as the awakening goes) and everyone on the planet (as well as in the created universe) will indeed awaken through progression of souls receiving Absolute Data – so that all humans presently on the planet ( as well as in the universe) are harvestable or capable of being guided into their awakening and catching the wave of energy hitting the planet at the time before equilibrium is achieved.

Once equilibrium is achieved and back again to its original state - and all humans have been given the opportunity to choose their new life, world, and system (everyone is content with the condition of the planet or universe) the awakening is complete and everyone gets their reward which is (for lack of a better word) utopia. In this process however – because there are those who will awaken in the latter days of the awakening and Consummation of the Ages those who awakened last must first be provided for in the world because the new world and system is now service to others and no longer service to self first. When we (those who first awakened to this new way of living and energies) have taken care of the needs of the people of the planet and created universe we will have achieved Oneness of our universe, world, and societies in life and then all the gifts and inheritance the world over is due will not only be provided but we will all be the ones providing it- as we will be nothing less than our higher selves and awakened Gods. Then all humans on the planet will be fifth density human beings and still we will forever have access to third dneisty whenever any one of us wish to visit it and play the third density game once again for a time within time and space.

At the same time third dneisty planet earth will still be right there going on as it always has been and new souls will have evolved and incarnated in and on it in order to provide a third dneisty world for us in the future and a third dneisty life and seminary for the new souls coming in. For it is said that certain older souls have gone back a thousand years in time in order to play the game of third density for a brief moment in whatever world, reality, or system they chose to visit. If you come back to third density at any time you can move into any human body and form you choose as you are the inner man now and you would simply be living the moments of reality for that human while because of the fact that you are now connected to higher self – you can leave any time you please. Not so for those human souls who incarnate as a third density human child and did not have an inkling of an idea that fifth dneisty (or higher levels of energy and consciousness) even exist. And so we move on to our present subject ‘The Complete future healing of the One human population.’


The Complete future healing of the One human population!


There is nothing in all of creation that is truly bad or injurious to the human body and form once it or they have achieved the higher levels of energy and consciousness in life. You have each been misled to believe that when you get sick you need a physician instead of being told that if you are sick it is because something within your being and soul is out of whack and you are not living according to the heart but instead through the human mind and rationality. Because you have been shown to believe this throughout many generations of your life and evolution you have passed it on to your children and grandchildren as if it were the laws of life. They are not the laws of life but in fact the laws of death. They knew if you were ever to come to find these things out that you would become like them and therefore move over to being fully conscious creator beings (Gods).

Those human souls who lied to you over the ages were those souls who are higher (fifth density and up) human souls that are in service to self. For it is a truth that when you awaken and move to fifth dneisty energies and consciousness still there must be equilibrium and contrast to your life and existence otherwise you would not have opposites in your life ( still in the form of illusion) to use to your hearts desires. In other words the rules and regulations- the order to every human society- and the laws of the land are all bogus and they are deceptive truths physically forced on mankind in the past- until eventually they all became part of the regular everyday lives of every third dneisty human being on the planet.

And so it is a truth when you hear the words spoken “You do not war with flesh and blood but instead you war with all the powers and principalities within the ethers.” You are constantly being bombarded in your rational human minds with human souls who possess levels of consciousness that reside in the higher densities of life (spiritual realms) and are in their natural state living a life in service to self. Just as we need both service to self and service to others human souls to make up our thoughts in life from the ethers- so too is this the case in every density that exists in the finite realms of consciousness and creation. The difference is that once you each awaken to who and what you are you will exist in life as a fifth dneisty human soul who is either in service to self or in service to others- and when the one is not acting and providing contrast of life and equilibrium for the one or the Whole- then the other kicks in and takes their place so as to always maintain that equilibrium and contrast of life.

But the two never shall meet in the ethers as they are forever separated by their bubbles or atmospheres in life. It is that way now in third density and always has been that way in third dneisty- but the difference is that third dneisty man is not fully conscious and awakened yet and they are therefore constantly being lied to and misled in life - and they have been taught how to live and what to do for so long that it has become tradition and truth or all in third dneisty. To further strengthen their hold on humanity in the past they even had the churches join up with them and they made their necessary changes within the bible and holy books that would maintain their hold on humanity for ages and generations to come. This does not mean that the religious organizations out there today are all bad as there are many human beings who are truly seeking truth and unconditional love in life.

They have simply had no place to look for the longest time because the powers in the ethers have had the world clamped so tight in service to self that they could change the minds of the whole human population on the planet with their devices. These service to self higher souls could make the people believe just about anything through their media- their religions- their television programs – their schools- their governments- their health programs and organizations supposedly having to do with providing good health to the human population – and many, many more systems not even mentioned here. No one has ever told you and your many generations of family before you that you have a sphere or protective bubble surrounding each of you in life and that each of you is in control of your own health and welfare in life if only you were to know it. For there is nothing the human soul cannot do in life as long as they know they can do it and they live it in their lives as their own personal truth. If you are not willing to live it then it will not be given you from your higher self- who by the way is the one fully conscious soul in the ethers that permits each of you to know a thing or not to know a thing - is indeed a potential and possibility in your life.

There is a man in the world today who speaks to the people through different means -  that each of you according to your own free will  - will move into inner earth and lay within mechanical chambers that will cause your ascension or awakening to becoming fully conscious human beings in almost an instant. At one time I did not agree with this man simply because he said what I have been saying for years- but he said it in a different manner in what I am use to knowing ands so I did not resonate with his message. That has changed now that I have awakened to the point of knowing that all truth ends up coming together in the end of the awakening process- and everyone begins to see how everybody’s truth that has already awakened comes to form a single truth that will make sense to all involved - as we all eventually come to agree and live together as One in life- and that is the fifth density human living in and on the world today.

What this man is saying that I now agree with wholeheartedly is that the human body and form is a mechanical chamber created by each of us to house our human souls in life – and this provides for the outer body and form that is the human body. The inner human body and form is the spiritual man and it can also be termed Inner earth as we are all planets when seen as our macrocosmic selves. Therefore we each represent the outer earth as well as the inner earth – and when we awaken and go into these chambers of human flesh we will each become fully conscious as the gentleman has said time and time again. Keep in mind that just because you are not metal or plastic – but in fact human flesh does not mean you are not a mechanical human being housing your human soul? You are and you do!

What I see that has happened is that this human being –this gentleman (I do not wish to name names)  - Is being misled by his higher self who is in service to self – and that group of souls has clouded this persons message so as to stall the awakening of the planet for a bit – or his higher self who is a group of service to others souls used this term he used in order to buy more time so that other souls could be harvested and awaken in a very short period of time. Either way both scenarios work for the good of the One or whole even though some souls in the ethers may have had other ideas. However you look at it the awakening is happening and it is really picking up speed these days. But in getting back on subject I wish to speak further on the health of the human population.

There are many sources and messengers out there in our world today who have been providing a message of eating right and getting rid of all the additives in our food and drink that have for the longest time been added by those in higher places (spiritual world or ethers) who have caused those in lower places (the third density physical world) to act according to correspondences. What correspondences mean in this sentence is that whatever is created by higher beings in the ethers (fifth density and above) it is created according to its corresponding body or form in the material and physical plane. This is not to say that those in the ethers cause third density man to create bombs or poison to kill masses on our physical planet.

Spiritual man ( those in the ethers) cannot kill, harm, or cause loss to third dneisty man as only third dneisty man can do this. But the spiritual man ( higher souls in the ethers) can kill the truth in a third dneisty mans mind by distorting the truth in his or her mind and cause a man or a woman to do acts of evil in whatever form that individual human chooses will suffice them to carry out their ( supposed evil deeds in life. So Each of you has this within you in a manner in which your thoughts are provided by your fourth density mind but they are fed by your fifth density and higher (service to self or service to others) higher self in a manner in which they are coming from a fully conscious state and they know how to cause third density humans to act in an evil or a loving manner simply by their corresponding thoughts within the fourth density (and therefore third density consciousness) human mind. Third density consciousness is rational thought whereas fourth density is thoughts connected to higher self.

So as it stands we have all been lied to and led astray in life for ages and generations gone by in that we have gradually been taken from a reality and life that was once completely innocent where man never caused harm or loss to another man in his life- but all lived together as One in unity and harmony of life. We lived that way because there was no death –there was no government –no laws – no punishment – no sin – no crime – no judgment –no need for  money as every human was heir to it all – no sickness and disease – al absolute date available to all – and complete happiness throughout all of society and the world. Then after one generation began to think, speak, and act in life differently and try new things so as to begin desperation from the One or whole – the law was added. But it was not added to keep people from sinning and separating from the One or whole, but to cause it gradually.

There were those who began to want to rule over others like a spoiled child who wanted not only their toys but the toys of the other children. And as they grew into men they only got worse. Then through one generation after another more rules- more set order to society- and more laws were added to create sin and separation thought the societies of the world – followed by boundaries and borders. Once again as those who remained connected to the one or whole moved off through one generation after the other different timelines and dimensions were created and third dneisty man was established in his own world separated by the bubble covering over his world in universal quarantine. And so fifth dneisty and higher mankind moved on to connect with other fifth dneisty humans in other timelines and dimensions while third dneisty man did the same and went off to connect in other third dneisty timelines and dimensions until eventually the masculine had separated from the feminine (heart separated from the rational human mind) and it went to hell in a hand basket from there on. And so we stand here today in a world that is about to separate once again as it has gotten so far off of the scale of equilibrium and contrast to a point where service to self has come to rule the planet- that the Consummation of the ages – the last judgment – and the awakening and shift I consciousness is at hand.

As the world stands now the masses of the world believe they are a sickly population because of all the sickness and disease running ramped throughout or world today and the fact that the powers (supposedly) ruling our world are poisoning and killing off the people of the world faster than they are being born into it. But the truth is we have been doing it all to ourselves through the things we “know” in life to be truth and fact. If a mother were to have a child that has a very contagious disease and everyone in the community were afraid to go near the child in fears of getting that disease they would in most cases get it because they create the fear and doubt in their own minds and therefore open up their own protective bubble or sphere surrounding them and they allow in through the laws of attraction the disease. However if the mother approaches the child in unconditional love and not fear and goes to care for the child – she will not get the disease simply because she does not case and is not afraid as to what will happen to her person.

When people of our world go our and buy health coverage because they have been sick or have had some ailment all of their lives (or a long period of time) they are living in fear and they invite into their protective sphere sickness and disease. Many of them do so because they have been taking prescription drugs for their condition for so long that they are afraid to even attempt to wean themselves off the prescription drugs. And yet the service to self powers of third density continue offering drugs to everyone who is willing to take them today. And when not enough people are buying their drugs they go and create a sickness or disease to kill or make sick the peoples of the world so as to continue keeping them down and in slavery. Every time a virus or sickness is presented anew to the world scene it is by those who have created them in labs or it is created anew through nature because of the many fears mankind has been trained to carry in life today and days gone by.  

In truth there is a cure for every sickness in the world today but the drug companies pay certain officials or people in high places to hold back the cures and in turn provide them bonuses or kickbacks in order to provide them the opportunity to make more money off of the pain pills they sell to the world at every opportunity they can come up with.

And now the real deal my friends!

Nothing in the world is harmful to your health – no matter what it is – as the realities have been created by third dneisty man for your enslavement. Because you do not “know” you have the ability to cure from within every sickness and disease on the planet you still rely on the drug companies to provide you pain pills as they truly do ease your pain – but only because you know in your mind they will ease your pain. And so it all has to do with your knowing a thing in life as apposed to living your lives in fear and stress over the possibilities of getting sick all the time in your lives.

And still there are so many cures and technologies out there today that can cure every sickness and disease and people are still dying all over the world because these have been kept from the world population. Now because third dneisty man no longer has the ability to know a thing that has not already been established out there on the world stage he is afraid to try anything new when what he is using - that is provided by the old world system - has worked completely in removing the pain and suffering in most cases in his life. Because of this as we bring the new system into operation on the world stage all humans will be given access to all medicines – cures –and technologies so as to make the transition to fifth dneisty energies and consciousness in his or her one time –according to their own free will in life- and in a manner that will not cause fear to those who are afraid to try new things.

As more and more human beings on the planet today begin trusting in the new cures –medicines- and technologies- others will come on board and the old system will gradually die off for this generation of awakened human being. At the same time as more and more human beings awaken on the planet we will come closer to achieving out equilibrium upon fifth dneisty planet earth- and those abilities I have been speaking of will begin to manifest gradually for the whole human population as more and more people come to trust in their new found abilities to heal themselves through the inner and higher human known as fifth dneisty man. Remember I said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first? Well we do not possess our full creative abilities in life yet because we have not achieved equilibrium within and on fifth dneisty planet earth yet- and therefore the energies levels that are achieved through equilibrium and Oneness of the population of a planet and universe have not yet been reached.

Until this happens we who have already awakened will have to wait for this full reward of full consciousness- and in the meantime we must use our inherited skills and gifts so as to begin healing the planet through technology and cures that have long been held back. Then as mankind makes the complete shift in consciousness we will all see wonders we have never dreamed of. So who is third dneisty man and why do we have to take care of him first? Again because those already awakened and moving into and upon fifth density planet earth are all now moving into service to others – and because everyone of us is third dneisty man we are helping ourselves by helping others today.

Yes friends each of you is third dneisty man and each of you will become fifth density man while still remaining connected to your third dneisty selves in life. Until complete equilibrium is achieved throughout the world everyone is still out of equilibrium and remain partially third dneisty – against their will. Until we achieve Oneness again we are still partially separate according to the illusion of third dneisty.

So when the One Peoples Public Trust and other groups like them begin helping the world they will begin with third dneisty man. The CVAC’s will be put in place and every person on the planet will benefit in the beginning because everyone is still third dneisty until the final shift in energies and consciousness on the planet. Everyone’s needs will be met in the beginning stages and then we will gradually move into our fifth dneisty consciousness and equilibrium (contrast) as a planet. Those who do not want our help will gradually change their minds as well because they will now be in a situation where if they have little now and are offered much – with nothing required in return – what do they have to lose. And all they have to do is ask and invite us into their lives in unconditional love. Those still receiving happiness and pleasure from the old will be the last ones to move over to the new system because they will choose not to while many in high places and possessing riches are not actually happy in life and will move over for this reason alone – but all will eventually, and soon, come to join us all in the Oneness society known as fifth density earth.


My name is Daniel and I come to you all who read these words in unconditional love and complete respect for what you do for my life and the good of the One or whole in the world today  -------  May complete happiness and fulfillment soon be yours.