Absolute Data - Ninth energetic transmission

03/07/2013 13:38

Absolute Data – Ninth energetic transmission


You live in two different dream worlds!

There is a world of finite resources and absolute data that consists of human beings living in a reality where they do not know they have a choice to choose between good and evil – nor do they even know that all things are truly good and not in fact evil – because everything in life works toward the benefit of the One or whole – no matter what form it comes in during the life better known as third density. You see friends it is this simple – when the creator ( you as your higher self or Source)  creates a thing it is created for the good of the One or whole in that it provides lessons of life for every human soul to mix in life every affection that fits into the lesson as well as those that provide equilibrium or contrast. Nothing is created by each of you (Source) that is not for the good of the One or whole because all things bring you that much closer to Prime or Source – or your higher self. It is called evolution of the soul and evolution is what causes what is known as the awakening or ascension in a person’s life.

You see the human soul not only awakens on a daily basis – and even within every now moment they each live in the illusion of life – but every human soul awakens all the time throughout their life and there is simply a Universal awakening that takes place when it is time for each human to move to a higher density or level of energy and consciousness that no longer binds or holds them to their present density or consciousness. While each of you is living out your every day lives you are moving back and forth within every miniscule or small moment you live within the now moments of your life and therefore every human remains on one timeline or another every second that can be monitored or reflected on by every individual human being or soul.  You move back and forth between the timelines and dimensions of your life in which each of you individually created in life through every thought you ever had.

You do not therefore live in a single world friends but many myriads of worlds that all possess the details of your lives. There are dimensions where all things are good and acceptable to your ruling loves in life and there are dimensions that are totally opposite your ruling loves – and then there are dimensions where the two are combined in equilibrium and contrast so that the human is living life right smack dab in the middle of their rulings loves and their ruling opposites (some would call their hells) in which case the human is living their life in moderation and complete Oneness with Source. But because the human does not know these things in third dneisty life and existence they quickly move from one reality to another not knowing they were just in the reality where most of their ruling loves exist and where in fact they are in equilibrium of life.

Therefore if the human does not know a thing they are constantly in change according to their thoughts and state of life – and they will consistently move toward those dimensions that best feed their flesh and ruling loves based on their illusion they have been provided by service to self higher beings or souls in the ethers. In other words what you think in life to be your true ruling loves is only an illusion based on those many illusions placed on you by the rulers of the world you live in.  

Therefore what you think to be your ruling loves in life are actually the opposite of your ruling loves but still you accept them as your truth and proceed to live your life based on their proper order to society – their rules and regulations – their idea of what right and wrong are – and their many laws of the land placed on all of you in order to get you to break those laws of the land so that punishments can be placed on the masses – and in turn these punishments constantly keep human society in fear, doubt, and negativity – coupled with never ending stress. And we all know what stress can do to the human machine. This is how it works friends and this is why third dneisty man cannot in most all circumstances find happiness and peace of mind in life – as not even the athletes and actors in Hollywood find peace and happiness in life with all the riches they are given for their efforts and their playing their part in the play or illusion that is life and death.

Money will not buy you happiness my friends nor will it give you all that you seek in life as money will not ever buy you the wisdom that allows you to remember how to unconditionally love all your brothers and sisters who are your other selves in the world nor will money permit you to know who and what you are in life. Wisdom is better than monetary gain as wisdom allows you to move closer in life toward who you really are and what your true life’s purpose is – instead of training your mind as to what life is supposed to be for each of you individually – In fact life is supposed to be different for each of you individually as you are all Creator Gods in truth – and you can be freed to create your own truths and realities in life separate from all other human beings or along side any number of human beings you wish in Co – Creation.

Again as I have laid out here you are living a lie and you are all living the opposite of what your ruling love actually is in life. Get rid of the control system and replace it with Absolute Universal Data – and you will immediately begin finding all of your true ruling loves in life and you will immediately begin manifesting in your life from the moment you begin receiving absolute Data. All your many different myriads of dimensions of life and consciousness will still be there for your use and entertainment in life but they will now be at your command or will and no longer will anyone else’s truth come to rule or dictate the life you life form the moment of receiving Absolute Data on. So keep in mind friends from this moment forward that history has been changed in order to enslave and mind control the human populations of the world and the only way out of this mind control is for each of you to put away old belief systems completely and begin living your own truth flowing out of your human heart and manifesting that truth in the world so that you can now see what it looks like once it has been given its true form.

It is not proper for each of you to think in life through the rational human mind as this is the lower mind that is in fact formed by the world rulers of yesterday – and rational human thoughts do not come from the heart but from careful consideration through your selected (unconscious or illusionary) thoughts based on the rules, regulations, and laws man has placed upon each of you. Remove those laws and you are free to create a new reality based on your true ruling loves in life. And as you each begin to trust in your true abilities to create instantly and at will – when you have remembered that your protective bubble or sphere in life separates you from the moment you begin to become conscious of your higher energies and self – you will indeed begin to become protected form the old world and system – and its hold it once had on each of you.

You are not only living in a dream world my beloved brothers and sisters but you are living in two dream worlds and one gives you greater responsibility and free access to your creations than does the other. One is third dneisty life while the other is fifth dneisty and even higher - based on the levels of energy and consciousness of each human being separately – as you can only live in life what you are prepared to accept as your truth and reality. So what you know is what you are awhile what you do not know you do not ever have access to create in life. You cannot create that which you are not prepared to accept total and complete responsibility for – as you must live out each and every conscious creation to its end.

You are the Creator God of your world that you creator have created in the past – and you are Co – Creator Gods as well simply because you choose according to your own free will to form a verbal or Universal contract with other Creator Gods around you in life – in which case every Creator involved in a single creation is responsible for the One or whole of that creation to its end- or to the point it is prepared to go off on its own in the awakening process and become a Creator God itself. Everything in all of creation is a potential and possible Creator God – and eventually all things- no matter what shape or form it carries in the life of a Creator God comes to evolve in consciousness and body and form so as to become human eventually and go on to awaken in full consciousness. Each form will once again become the Creator God they once were (or you), and can not only achieve that status and consciousness but will go on to evolve to every level of energy and consciousness above the one they resided in before- as the human (Creator Gods) never stop evolving and moving to a higher density and level of consciousness to eternity.

Every form in all of existence and Universal Creation is a part of the consciousness of its Creator and is therefore possesses a certain level of consciousness no matter what type of form or shape it is in life.  Everything – every body and form in finite Creation is either the microcosm or the Macrocosm – and the most miniscule forms in creation are the exact same form as the largest forms in all of creation as the large is simply made up of myriads upon myriads of the simple – point – or atom – as some might understand it.

So if you picture a point or atom that might appear to be nothing more than a little speck on a microscope moving around at tremendous speed in your microscopic lens that little point or dot is surrounded by another little point or dot some call the electron (because the electron is what gives every form in the microcosm or Macrocosm its movement and change of motion in life. In short everything is spheres (or atoms) and every miniscule sphere (or atom) is always surrounded by other larger spheres (or atoms) in all of the Universal Created Finite universe – and that is what decides in creation the size – the shape – the form – the look or appearance – and the complete makeup of one body or form in all of existence and creation over another. And these Universal laws apply to every Macrocosm as well as microcosm in all of creation.

We will now proceed to speak on the two dram worlds you each live in at this day and every other day from now to eternity.  

Each of you is a spirit (you may call it the soul if you please) and every spirit is made up of many other spirits that are smaller or more microscopic if you will. But in order to reflect on the size and reality of just how small a spirit can be created within its own body and form there would have to be built a microscope that is infinite in its reflecting and microscopic nature and abilities. For just as all things are capable of enlarging in size to Infinity so too is this the case in the opposite direction where all things become spiritual and not seen by the naked human eye (or microscope even) – and the only limit to their becoming least or smaller in size is the limit of the human eye – the limit of the human extensions of the eye (such as a high powered microscope) or the Creator God. What ever you are capable of reflecting on through your own personal vision that is how small creation goes for you ( and you are both Creator and Co – Creator in life or existence) – which is why there are conscious spirits in the ethers that represent each of you as well in your microscopic form  ( or microcosm) and smaller even - and these spirits create all the smaller things for you that your human eye cannot have access to yet because of your being willfully devolved in energy and consciousness so as to enter or incarnate into the macroscopic or third density world and reality.

For those who have a background in science such as chemistry or Quantum Physics you will understand exactly what I am saying here – for those who do not you will soon come to understand all things through higher self ( in your soon awakening) and Absolute Data being provided to the world today or now. And so nothing has a limit to how small it may become in life or creation and nothing has a limit as to how large it can become either.

Given these truths or details making up our present transmission on Absolute Data – we will move on ----


You are asleep brothers and sisters and you are dreaming – while at the same time you live the illusion in your life that you go to sleep at night and you lay there in your bed and rest the body and form until it is time for you to awaken the next morning. That is the farthest thing from absolute universal truth or data. You are never asleep – you are never unconscious – and you never die in the present world you live in and all the worlds to come – to eternity. Death is nothing more than an illusion the world rulers or powers have placed on each of you to maintain your position in their world as slaves or subjects. You are not alive and therefore you do not die! Life cannot be created any more than life can be undone or uncreated. And the reason for that is because you are infinite Consciousness limited only by Infinite Source – in which case where many of you think you are finite and extinguishable as far as your life and soul goes this is not the case.

It is simple brothers and sisters – in order to provide the illusion of death to the world they had to also provide the contrast to that illusion which is the appearance of life. Replace the term life for consciousness and then throw in the understanding or absolute data that the consciousness that each of you represents resides or exists within (is truly one with) Infinite Source – collective Infinite Consciousness – or the all that there truly is. Again the soul (or spirit) cannot die as it has never lived, but goes on to eternity as Infinite Source  - while Infinite Source is free to create every reality and illusion within its essence and being through Finite Source – who by the way is a part of the complete essence and being that is Infinite Source. Each of you in turn is a representation of Finite Source in every other lower level of energy and consciousness that is created by – for – and through Finite Source – and in turn by – for – and through Infinite Source.

Now when each of you awaken in his or her own time (when your own personal trigger is set off) you will move from your present dream world (illusion) to the next dream world or illusion which is more fantastic or wonderful and each of you will have to adapt to it in your own way as it will truly appear like a dream world at first ( just like when you are sleeping) and the things you begin to experience will be absolutely unbelievable at first – until you begin to work that new reality into your thought patterns and “knowing.” You do not die in the next world or system – you do not see your body and form unless you want to see your body and form as you cannot travel from one world or universe to another weighed down by your body and form. And I remind you friends that this is not what is experienced at first in your awakening and moving into your new reality as you must receive all new things as you are prepared to accept them as your own truth and reality – based on your own personal knowing in life.

And where you may still think you will be living the illusion of life – this is only the case when you freely choose to live that illusion as this is the reality that reconnects you in every now moment you choose – to other human beings or representations of yourself.

Everything in life will still be at your fingertips as you will have access not only to all things form your present third dneisty life and world but all things from all past lives and worlds as well. You do not loose the things in life you love or that make up your ruling loves in life (in third density) once you enter the higher energies and consciousness known as fifth density (and higher) but you get rid of (place in the back of your mind for future use if you wish) all the things in your life that are not absolute truth based on your ruling loves alone in life. So imagine it this way – when you move to higher consciousness (as all human will do in their own time – within this generation) every thing you love or like in life today (no matter what person – place- or thing it is) you will retain in your reality - world - and household even as long as you do not cause harm, loss, or go against the complete free will of another human being.

This places you in service to others while still having access to service to self in life when you wish to visit those energies from time to time. But when you visit service to self energies in your life you will be leaving your ruling loves and replacing them with their opposite ruling loves –which to you these ruling loves would represent your hells. And that is why if you are a higher service to others being or soul that will always be your heavens (only a term and nothing more) while the opposite world – reality – and system will always represent your hells. You can still always return to the one or whole that is made up of Service to self and Service to others souls living their life in complete equilibrium of life in contrast to one another) or you can choose to remain connected to the lower third density world and reality through your temporary separation. But the longer you stay out of equilibrium the harder it becomes to return to equilibrium.

And so the spirit is leading me to end this transmission as what has been said is all that needs to be said at this time.

My name is Daniel and it has been my pleasure to provide you these words today. I leave you all now and wish you many days of happiness and abundance in your life in the days ahead.