A new message from the Collective

09/07/2013 20:39

A message from the Collective


Okay – think of the world as a great circle or sphere – as both pertain to this example. At the center of this circle or sphere you have one or the other. Either “you” are a service to self human soul in conditional love or “you” are a service to others human soul in unconditional love. Either you are the angel man or the devil man to put it in much simpler terms. Let me remind each of you however that throughout your lifetimes you are one or the other – never remaining the one for an extended amount of time as the other plays an equal part in your lives as well. And so each human being is both in unconditional love and service to others and is at the same time – in different timeframes – timelines- and dimensions the opposite of what it – he – or she was previously. Every moment of your existence s a separate timeline and dimension of your life and existence as each of you is truly a different person in each and every now moment of your existence. The person I was ten minutes ago could be the same person I am now but it will all change in every now moment - moving to one human soul and ruling love to another with each passing moment – and returning to the same ruling loves at random intervals throughout your lifetimes.

At the same time what souls represented certain ruling loves of your spiritual society and soul group a thousand years ago can return to visit your present collection of ruling loves at this present day (again being a part of your thoughts – words- actions – or affections at present day) – even if you do not call on or draw to yourself those ruling loves a thousand years gone – or on a regular basis. For every ruling love in the collective spiritual society and soul group of every human being or soul is there to stay to eternity – visiting the spiritual society and soul group – human being –or God Man at any given or random moment in the life of every human being forever. All is a part of “you” – but many may not visit you for ages to come before they show up in your conscious thinking and life once again thousands and millions of years from now ------- or even ages for that matter.

And so we return to the subject at hand and once again ask each of you to look at your life and person as a circle and sphere – with “you” at the center of this circle and sphere at every now moment to eternity . If you are presently the “you” in the center of this circle or sphere that is in service to self and conditional love then you are the person – spiritual society and soul group – and God Man that we will term the devil man – though this is just a term representing the lower version of yourself. If you are the “you” in the center of this circle and sphere that is in service to others and unconditional love then you are what we would term the Angel Man – though this term is used simply to represent the higher self. Whatever the case may be at all times you are either the devil man or the Angel Man and all of your billions of other selves on your world – within the circle and sphere are all connected to you or near to you geographically as well as consciously according to their present ruling loves in life.

In other words if you are the Angel Man those human souls or other selves on your world and within your circle and sphere that are devil men make up the outer perimeters of that circle – sphere- world and orb so that those least similar to you own present ruling loves in life are farthest away geographically as well as according to your collective consciousness. At the same time those who are most similar to your own ruling loves in life are closer in proximity and are more connected to you through the collective consciousness. If you are presently the devil man the same scenario hold true as well.

Through the laws of attraction friends the people of your own household are the closest to you in similar ruling loves in life – those in your neighborhood not quite as close – those in your city a little less closer even – those in your state farther away in ruling loves – and those of your country – and even worlds even farther.  Though it may not appear this way to some – seeing as how many people get along better with people who are not even a part of their biological family – but rest assured it is completely this way. This is how your life has been designed friends – this is how your ruling loves attract in life – and this is how every world or planet is designed through Finite Creator Source or Eternal Essence. Those human being who have the most in common to human beings on your present planet are those on your present planet. Those who share similar ruling loves in life are those on your planet – and the ruling loves become even more similar as you move in towards the center of this circle or sphere and end up in the individual household of each and every human being on the planet.

If however you look at the exterior and outer appearance of each and every human being you will not notice these similar ruling loves very often – while once you assume the ability to discern spirits in life – through your awakening process – you will then see how all ruling loves are regulated and kept in order on your world.

By mentioning these things we hope to provide understanding friends – to each of you awakening at this now moment and season of your existence – of what things are taking place presently in your world and upon the orb you call your home. Many have come at this day to speak of absolute Data and they choose to bring it to you in the form of opening up worldly matters and things hidden from mankind for many days gone by – but they speak of things hidden by third density man on a third density plane of existence. When they speak of absolute they are actually speaking of things forever changing and not absolute at all. But then some might say well in order for the host to speak these words he would have to be in contact with his higher service to self counterpart – and they would be correct in this statement. It is also a known truth that the service to self higher self cannot be trusted in his or her words as he or she is more concerned about worldly matters – those matters the higher service to others counterpart can have no contact with or knowledge thereof.

Still there is a state of the higher existence known as equilibrium where the host at this particular time – and at similar times – can connect with and be provided equal wisdom – from the higher as well as the lower (within the upper realms of fifth density and above) in which the lower cannot deceive as it would then disconnect immediately from its service to others counterpart – as well as equilibrium. And so we continue this message with the understanding that what is provided here is true absolute Truth and Data as it is being provided from equilibrium through the higher self. This is done when things spoken of must have a dash of world matters woven into the message where service to others higher souls cannot penetrate. And so we continue with our message while reminding each of you to be prepared in case the host should briefly leave the state of equilibrium and still remain attached to their service to self counterpart. You will each know as the spirit leads you according to your season of life.

As we have stated – many souls have come to speak of Absolute Data on your world – but they speak rather of ever changing data – as not every human on your world presently has experience the same past as all others presently residing on your planet and orb. Many have come from similar timelines and dimensions while many others have not – and therefore what things have taken place on your present planet and orb in days gone by have only taken place for some of the souls presently possessing the human bodies and forms that call your planet home at this day.

Many of you have come from other worlds and have incarnated on your present world so as to act as guides at this season and hour – but were not here in days gone by to be capable of claiming that atrocities and great horrors were carried out toward the people of your world – and that they were therefore carried out against them. It is true that we are all truly One and the same being or soul – but can you hold accountable all the human souls or beings of all other worlds for the horrific acts and offenses carried out toward their population from ages past – or from eternity even? When you look at the flesh it is only flesh – but it is possessed by many myriads of human souls who all make up the collective consciousness and ruling love of a single human being – and those souls move form one place on your world to another at a moments notice – being replaced by other similar but different souls all the time.

At the same time there is constantly other souls being incarnated in flesh on your world at every now moment of ours and your existence – and they know nothing of past experiences on your world until they are explained and engrafted into the minds of human children from birth. Are these souls to also hold accountable the terrible crimes and offenses carried out on the people of your world in days gone by – or are they to be forgiven as all the rest that make up the soul population of the One – the Whole – and Creator Source? We must think of these matters friends when we choose not to forgive another soul in life – as absolute truth and data are not levels of information found on the temporal plane of flesh and blood – but are rather found in the ethers where all souls truly exist.

So how do you change your present world and its many different systems of regulating life for the collective human being on your world? Do you do it from without where souls are moving in and out of the human mind as fast as the human being can conjure up a thought? Do you cause all human beings to be judged and punished for the deeds of the many different myriads of human souls who have possessed their rational human minds from many days gone by – simply for what choices these souls made in days gone by through their human host at any given time? If you teach of practice unconditional love and service to others in life at this day then the answer must be no. If you do not ever truly wish to go to law to be judged or to have to prove your innocence in a matter then why would you wish to reflect this type of behavior among others on your world by taking others to law to judge them – find them guilty – and then to finally punish them for what they knew not at the time?

So again – how do you change your outer world without actually being a part of the outer world that does not truly have anything to do with your inner world and sphere of life?  You cannot change others on your world until they wish to change form within – and nothing you do or say will ever make it different. For in the end the decision is always theirs to make – and there is nothing you can say to them that they have not already heard from within through higher self. Therefore in attracting these souls (covered in human flesh) who you see as guilty on your world you are allowing them into your sphere or bubble of life and are therefore making them once again a part of your ruling love. You are not making your outer world a better place in doing so but are rather impeding your own progress in changing it form within – which is the only place each of you can be of some benefit to your present world and system .

Still this is a matter each of you will have to come to understand for yourselves simply by attracting the messengers and guides to you in life that best feed your ruling love in life. We offer each of you friends this message as you must all be provided contrast in all things – and it is up to each of you to decipher which side of contrast this message provides for you at this day. And so the spirit leads us to end our message – and so we shall.

We are the collective human mind that is awakening at this hour and now moment outside of time – and we leave you all in unconditional love.

We come to you through our host Daniel – who also sends out complete unconditional love to you all – and so ends the message.