You are the collective consciousness!

12/17/2012 19:06

Collective Consciousness!



What is the collective consciousness of the created universe? It is the collective consciousness of God; of mankind; and of all that is finite as well as infinite. Every human being is a collective consciousness so that he or she possesses the consciousness and thoughts of not only every human on your planet but ever soul or entity ever to possess consciousness, which is the essence and being of who and what we all are even before the finite creation of the illusions of life and death and everything in between.

Yes dear ones every human being has access to the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness has access to all and everything that ever was and ever will be, within the realm that is consciousness. Every human life on your planet possesses a collective consciousness and every collective consciousness of every human resides within each of you and creates the macrocosm known also as the collective consciousness. This causes every human and every created world and reality  to become whole and One with the created universe. The reason you do not notice this in your third dneisty life and consciousness is because you are each presently asleep and limited in consciousness according to your own wishes that were decided on long ago before you came here as a living soul in third dneisty life; consciousness; and form.

You do not draw from the collective consciousness as of yet because you can only collect; receive; and live out a small number of conscious thoughts and creations that allow you to experience the planned third dneisty experience and life long lessons. Every human out there in your world is you and they exist within you as the many myriads of souls that make up your complete spiritual society and soul group that is the inner and spiritual man.  So you cannot use your collective consciousness within third dneisty life but you can draw from and use it in your sixth dneisty life as this is your higher self. You see every human being has its own ruling loves in life and those many myriads of ruling loves spread throughout your present world exist within you as well, as you.

Still because all third dneisty humans live in a limited world and system of third dneisty where rules; limits; laws; and order are found, they are limited extremely as to how they can think; speak; act out, and live their lives simply because the laws of the land do not permit them to be themselves in life. But what if the ruler of their world was no longer a ruler but a loving soul who came to love all of these human beings unconditionally, and therefore allowed them to live out their lives in any manner they pleased, just as long as they never forced their life; beliefs; or wants and needs on another human soul? Then these human beings could live their lives in their own virtual heaven, right? Well this is what an awakened human soul is as he or she returns to being the God he or she once was. And all of these human souls on your present third dneisty world would be living within this Gods body and form as One Society, as well as many myriads of lower and upper societies based on the evolution of every human soul individually.

The souls making up the upper societies would be living life for the one or the whole of that society, while the lower societies would make up third dneisty in its completion. It is a fact dear ones that each and all human beings on your present world have this power and ability to return to being the God you once knew you were, but simply forgot one day because you willed it for a time. But if you have not yet evolved and awakened as one of these souls it matters not as every human soul on your planet today has this ability to house every soul and consciousness on your planet, and does so as a collective. However those human beings who do not yet become awakened and fully conscious will have to live in his or her own appropriate society within the awakened God Man until he or she awakens as well, in which case he or she will become a God Man as well, and provide the center or upper societies, with all others making up all other upper and lower societies depending on their ruling loves in life.

In other words the human being is ruled from within at this day by the negative service to self spiritual society and soul group, but once awakened he or she will not be ruled any longer but will have the wonderful freedom to go and do as he or she pleases in life now, as he or she will have once again become the God Man and collective consciousness. There will be no more right or wrong in life but only life abundant without the limits; rules; laws; and predetermined order of society. This is how it is now dear ones in case you did not know. If however you are an awakened human then you will probably resonate with these words, or soon will when all things fall in place.

What we are saying here dear ones is that you are living your lives presently within the God Man and you only know and believe in life those things you have come to know and believe through your natural evolutionary process in third dneisty. And so you have a finite God presently that represents the center of your spiritual society or consciousness, and some would even say this God is up above. Still in the center and up above are created terms and there is no actual up above or center within the finite God. But each one of your consciousnesses exist within the collective consciousness of your present world and system, and that collective consciousness( known as your human body and form( all join together to make up the essence and being that is the God Man.

So you all exist inside of a consciousness that encompasses all things finite, and you have access to all things within this finite consciousness. The God your consciousness is inside of is you, and all the humans upon your world who each represents their own singular consciousness all reside within you as well. So again they (third dneisty humans who possess third dneisty consciousness) reside within you as a collective consciousness and you reside within your God Man on a higher level of consciousness as you as well. There is a collective consciousness on every level of conscious energy known as densities. So every density of life represents one higher level of consciousness after another and each one is above the next one below it. Still there are no levels of consciousness below the fourth. Third density is not a level of consciousness but a dimension and timeline possessed by consciousness of fourth dneisties or higher.

We will stop here for the time being dear ones as we feel we have given you ample information to ponder at this time.

We are the Sixth density society Daniel and we love each and all of you unconditionally.