Will you stay or will you go - Part 2

12/19/2012 12:07

Will you stay or will you go – part 2


We come to you dear ones with a new message yet it is the same message as before, but in more detail for those who resonated with our last message.

Is everyone to wait patiently on their ascension or is it already here and many are simply hung up on dates and times and are not therefore reflecting on the obvious? How do we know if we have ascended? One way of knowing is when you speak the words we instead of I. You dear ones are no longer an I but are in fact we, simply because each of you by yourself represents a whole spiritual society and soul group, just as we have often stated in our past messages to you.

And so if you now realize you are a group of souls that all form together in unity and harmony of life to form the life; existence; and collective consciousness of a single human being then you are the awakened and ascended human and will now or eventually be aware that you are God or Source. This does not mean you do not still have much to remember before you have reached your level of consciousness that will allow you to hold a vibration high enough to maintain a sixth density life, therefore calling this density your new home.

Every human being is at a different level of their spiritual evolution at this day and some are far more evolved than others, though everyone will soon get there where they need to be. Now many of you who are at this stage in your evolution might ask at this time ‘well why is it that I do not have the ability to create instantly and at will yet?’

We would tell you dear ones that you cannot do these things yet because you do not yet know you can do these things, and will not know this until your vibration and frequency has reached a level to allow for this knowing. Just as the human Daniel did not know the things of Creation that he presently knows until he went and looked for them and he eventually found them. Keep in mind dear ones that your higher self ( he whom you will each soon become) will not give you in life that which you are not willing to live or act out in your life.

Now if you are seeking the things of third density still then that is what you will continue to receive in life based on what you believe to be a possible reality for yourself and others. So if you continue to seek a monetary system; new technologies that will make your life easier rather than making it easier for all equally; if you are seeking a new ruler or government rather than accepting responsibility for yourself in life and therefore intending from this day forward on governing yourself instead;

if you continue to wish to wage wars or punish others for their offenses toward you and those of your world; and if you wish to maintain a society that provides for there to always be the rich and the poor of your world, and many things similar in nature then you are still seeking a life and world that will not permit you to awaken or ascend. And so if you are of this nature dear ones we tell you that you will not wish to move on to sixth density and higher as none of the things mentioned above will be found in such a reality and world.

You will not have that which you do not believe can become a possible reality for you and yours.  If you do not believe these things are possible then you most certainly cannot know them to be possible and will not therefore be a part of such reality in the near future unless and until this does in fact became a possible reality for you in your mind and beliefs in life.

When this happens dear ones you will indeed know many things that will be new to you and you will always wish to share all things with others whenever they wish or ask for you to do so. Still you will be of the character in life that you will never again force your power; beliefs; traditions; opinions; or ways of life on another. You will now truly live a life of free will to all, when in fact you will also know that there is no such thing as actual free will in life simply because you will always have a higher self who is higher in consciousness that yourself always watching over you.

The life you will always be living is the life your higher self always chooses for you in advance, even though you will forever continue taking on a consciousness in life that is greater and more relaxed in its universal laws than the life or reality before each one you will be presently living or experiencing. Someone has to protect you from yourself for as long as you are bound in illusion, and you are bound in illusion just as long as you are bound within a human body and form no matter what the density or make up of your body and form.

And so what you see right in front of your eyes dear ones is what you will continue to see on in to eternity, with the exception that you will soon be able to change your appearance as often as you please, and yet the third density human you continue to possess will not know any different than that everything is always still the same.

So just as soon as you know something new it becomes your reality and life and you are free to create form that reality and life based on what things you alone come to “know,” If you are not an awakened human being right now then you have only evolved to third density so far, and your awakening is at hand. Therefore if anyone were to come to you right now and tell you the things that we are telling you presently you would see them as crazy or mad.

This is because the third density human has been given certain things to believe and therefore know throughout the generations of man and his evolution of the soul, and that is all they will believe and know, as their ( each human individually) beliefs are bound by flesh and based on the collective consciousness of third density.  Some humans walk around your world today and know many new things having to do with the spiritual world while others know very little or nothing presently. Still every human being walking around in your world exists on every density of consciousness and plane of existence known to man or God.

I (speaking as third density self now) Daniel Gross know many things about human beings that many humans do not know about themselves but I cannot share them as they would indeed see me as crazy. I use to try and explain to friends and family but no longer say these things to them anymore either. Still I know certain things in life that will definitely separate me from other third density humans, while there are certain things I still cling to in life that will still permit me to interact with third density human beings.  Because of this my mouth is limited to what things I can speak at this day, but as more humans awaken my messages will begin to make more sense to the masses as our worlds begin to come together, and all of us are eventually in sixth density looking out at third density once again after many ages of life and existence.

We now return to sixth density consciousness (sixth density Daniel) and speak again to all of you dear ones.

We tell you this dear ones for the first time during this present Golden Age, that we are a group of souls which third density humans would call angels, and yet we are not. We are each of you in your near future and nothing more, nothing less. We can speak to you simply because we are you (the inner man and higher consciousness of third density Daniel) and yet others who do not yet see themselves as your other selves can still read our words and choose whether or not they resonate with them. We can walk among your people of your third density world and we can interact with them in any way we choose, as they see us simply as third density man.

When the time is right each of you will be capable of doing the same thing, but it would not be advisable for you to speak these things to third density man directly if you do not wish to receive the same greeting as we often have in life.

We are however the ones dear ones that you would imagine can create instantly and at will, but we say to you here and now that we cannot prove this to you as our creations are not of your world. And yet they are of your world. The reason we speak in this manner is because the things we can create most of you would not believe to be possible, in which case they would not be capable of being manifested in your present reality.

As each of you continues to change realities you will however be able to see more and more of our creations as you come to learn how to know a thing instead of simply believing it to be possible. Of course believing is a stage on the way to knowing and that bridge must therefore be crossed each time as well. All things must be completed in its season. Just as there are things (creations) we will not yet show third density Daniel, so too is the case with all third density humans when it comes to what their higher selves will provide them in life. Remember that you will never be given those things you are not willing to experience and know to be real in your life and reality.

As we do not wish to be too long winded with this present subject we will return dear ones with a third part of this series when the time is correct.

We are the society Daniel and we love each of you unconditionally.