Will you stay or will you go?

12/19/2012 12:08

Will you stay or will you go?

Everyone today is asking the question will I stay in third density or will I go in the shift or ascension, and what will happen to those we leave behind. We of the sixth density plane, known to the human simply as Daniel, wish to offer our thoughts of this broad subject.

We know of ascension dear ones because we are the ascended human that each of you will soon become. Still we must put it plain at this moment in your evolution of the soul; you cannot both go in the shift or ascension and stay as well as your human soul can only maintain one level of consciousness at a now moment in time or outside of time. If you could do this then you would know the thoughts of your husband; your wife; your son and daughter; your brother; your sister; and your many friends in life all at the same time. To do so would be foolish and it would be undesired by the soul. At the same time we would tell you dear ones that an enlightened sixth density soul (or higher) would not wish to know the thoughts or wishes of another life or mind. They possess this ability but they will not go against the free will choosing and life experiences of another soul.

As this is the case always in the higher levels of consciousness and existence we do not wish to retain the third density level of consciousness while at the same time possessing our level of consciousness that we possess in sixth density consciousness and higher. As a matter of fact once we come to possess and live the sixth density level of consciousness and life we often do not ever wish to return to third density consciousness (though there are always exceptions to every rule or universal law). Still it is a truth that we almost never wish to return to third density for even a visit in life. Because of this when a soul begins to awaken he or she will gradually wish to move on in their shift or ascension in consciousness, as they are pretty much tired of their third density life.

As an example we would tell you from experience that the human Daniel is quite often visiting his higher levels of consciousness in sixth density and never wished to return to the third level of consciousness, even though he knows he must; at least for the time being. The reason he must return every time is because his work here in your third density realm of existence is not yet complete for him. At the same time if we told him what his purpose in your third density world was he would want to remain all the more than he presently does and we do not wish to harm his soul with the burden. For it is not the purpose of a third density human soul to know the things of the future. Those who say they do are incorrect, even though a few from time to time may actually get their prophesies and predictions in life correct.

Again dear ones no one knows their future unless their future is of sixth density existence or higher, in which case even if they were to explain these things to a third density human that third density human would not believe them as they could not prove their words. This is the problem third density Daniel is having at this day, and he often becomes aggravated because of this. We say to him now therefore that your answers to your many questions are coming forthwith (soon).

Still, as this message is not so much for third density Daniel this time around it is however for those who share in his present spiritual society and soul group and all who read our words and resonate with or message.

Everyone on your planet and world today dear ones will either leave in the shift in consciousness many have come to know as ascension while all others will either remain and continue life in third density existence on another planet identical to your own, or they will leave your present third density world in the illusion known as death. If you leave then you will take your human body and form with you as it is (though immensely repaired and transformed) and if you stay you will remain under the laws of your present third density world and system. However, before each of you goes you all are being given the opportunity to leave your present third density world and its people (those who remain) a much better place. You can all do this simply because you are presently living in the Golden Age of Enlightenment and are therefore presently being enlightened every moment of every day.

As we stated before some of you will stay and some of you will go. At the same time we wish to make another statement and we will back it up with its own explanation. Each of you will all stay in third density earth and each of you will all go in the shift in consciousness known as the ascension( Christians even call it the Rapture). Yes dear ones in a way it is a type of rapture or taking up of souls as all souls who have completed their evolution in lower third density existence they will ascend ( be carried up) into the ethers ( clouds) and will be with the Lord (their higher self) forever. Still dear ones as we do not get into religion any longer we have provided this analogy for those who are more religious than spiritual. And so we will move on.

Everyone will go in ascension and everyone will stay, as every soul ever to exist has a representative of itself on every level or plane of existence, known as consciousness. Therefore when a soul has completed their evolution of the soul and has learned all those lessons they were chosen by the spiritual society and soul group (their higher self where they are each known as God) to learn in their dissension down into the lower realms of their existence (flesh) they are to awaken and move on so as to return to their home in the ethers, and remember that they are God. But how do they (each evolved soul not the human being) come to remain as well as go? Every human being is possessed on average by 50% negative souls and 50% positive souls.

The positive souls (who are not actually the only souls possessing the human that is evolved) will go on in ascension if they are evolved and those who are not evolved will remain to make up the third density human who is to remain on third density earth (these are the youngest of the souls presently making up each human consciousness in third density. Therefore there will be negative souls as well who will have evolved and will therefore move on in ascension and share in the life and existence of the higher consciousness known as God or the higher self.

 And because you have positive and negative souls moving up in consciousness in the ascension process, the positive will make up your heavens as God and the negative souls will make up your hells as God. Still because each of you will remember you are God at this time you will also remember that there is actually no such thing as heaven or hell, but that these were made up terms for Separation and Duality in the third density human. Therefore the positive and the negative you will each possess at the ascension will both be neither right nor wrong but will both be you (God). So as you see God has always been both positive and negative- good and evil- right and wrong- upper and lower- inner and outer, and so on. There are no rules with God; no laws with God; no actual sin with God; no punishment with God; no anger with God; no destruction with God, and for that matter anything that seems to be right and proper in third density existence is not acceptable or true with God.

You do not need to pray with God. You do not need to fast to get something from God. You do not need to give to other humans in order to please God. You do not need to please God ( as it is your own will you are to satisfy since you are God). If you wish to kill then you do not know God and you therefore are not God presently. If you wish to be rich then you are not God and you do not know God. If you are not satisfied with all and everything you have (not possess) in life then you are not God and you do not know God. If you do not already love all of your neighbors (including those known to be your enemies) unconditionally then you are not God and you do not know God.

If you want war and not peace then you are not God and you do not know God. If you “WANT” for you then you are not God nor do you know God. Therefore for those who are not aware dear ones, if you are not God then you are god. If you are not the God of all things then you are the god of your world alone. This implies in most all cases dear ones that because Satan is the god of your world known as planet earth, Satan is the god of your world and you are presently Satan if you are the third density human. But we must tell you this dear one, that anything spoken of here that offends another human soul is words spoken from our Service to self societies within our spiritual society and soul group, and we permitted those words to be spoken for your complete understanding alone. But understand that we love you all unconditionally and whatever things we have referenced in your cases we have been in our past human lives as well, and many times over. And just as we each eventually wanted the truth no matter how harsh, so too are our words intended for those who seek truth no matter what. We do not name names or judge as every human soul is exactly who he or she has always been from eternity and on in to eternity, and we cannot change who any one of you are, including ourselves. And so to those who may have been offended by our words we apologize.

Now we will move on with our explanation of those who stay and those who go.

 As far as every human being in your present world dear ones every human will eventually appear to die as is the eternal illusion of third density life and existence. Still if you were all of a sudden to take on a consciousness that was awakened and knew death was an illusion then what is known by a soul to be unreal is in fact unreal, simply because it is known without a doubt. And indeed it will be known by each of you who awaken (and everyone will awaken by the time the cycle is complete) that death is an illusion of third density humans.

Therefore if you (as an older evolved soul) are awakened you are no longer third density human, and you can no longer die. The third density human that remains on third density earth (these are those who are gradually moving to another timeline) will however continue to experience death at his or her own scheduled time. You consciousness (present human thoughts) will have moved to sixth density consciousness or higher and will therefore no longer be shared with the third density human. You will simply wake up one minute; hour; or day, however you wish to imagine it, and you will be that sixth density human (or higher), depending on your wants; needs; and beliefs in life. You will still be able to see and interact with your third density human self but they will not know you have gone anywhere simply because you will be the inner man of the third density human you were yesterday; an hour ago; or even a moment ago. For when it happens it will already have happened before you are conscious of it or realize the shift or change in consciousness.

Again the third density human will still be running too and fro; watching the clock every moment of every day; buying and selling; waging war and living life as they always have in third density, and you will be there with them whenever you wish, watching their every thought; move; or action. The third density human which you possess as a sixth density human will know everything you know when you wish to share with them, but all other third density humans will not. Just as third density Daniel knows all things sixth density Daniel shares with him, but if and when third density Daniel shares his higher spiritual wisdom and knowledge with other third density humans they will not believe and will often think he is crazy.

However there are those who will believe his words, but these are those other awakened human souls who surround us every moment of every day. And the numbers are growing more and more all the time. Therefore dear ones for those of you who believe and accept therefore these words, you too are an awakened soul and you too know what it is like to offer your truths to third density man. Still as we have stated there are exceptions to every rule, and there are third density souls waking up all the time in your present world, and we are here today for that reason, as they will gradually come to accept certain words we offer, while throwing some of them back in our faces, and we are fine with that dear ones.

So in reiterating, each of you possesses a third density human and that third density human is hiding the inner and spiritual man known as the sixth density man ( or higher), as your higher self always depends on your level of evolution in consciousness at the time. Every human who has the higher self awakened within itself is the higher human or evolved soul known as God. But you are only known as God to you and those like you who have awakened. So if you share, be aware that many will scoff at your words. Again, the inner man is the one who is conscious at all times if you wish it, but others who are not awakened within as the higher self will not see you nor know you, to be other than the third density human being they each still see with their eyes. Remember it is all about your level of consciousness dear ones.

If you are a third density human who is not awakened then you have not a clue as to what a sixth density or higher human even is, and you would never believe that one even existed or that one was even a  possibility to exist. You could not see one; hear one; touch one; smell one; speak to one; or even interact with one. At the same time a sixth density ( or higher) human being can see; hear; touch; talk to; and even interact with a third density human, and the third density human will only see a third density human every time. When a sixth density human appears to die to a third density human the sixth density human has simply chosen to change shells; shapes; forms; or bodies according to his or her own will. There is no pain on their part; no remorse on their part; no resistance on their part; and no loss whatsoever on their part, but only on the part of the third density humans who remain and loved them.

Of course not every third density human in appearance has the sixth density man (or higher) awakened and they often therefore do not know these things and suffer certain pain and suffering at the time of their death in third density. Still no human suffers at the extent to what many humans believe, as the soul has parted from the human body shortly before they come to suffer what you would each consider unbearable pain. Therefore it is those human beings left behind who experience great pain and loss, and possesses the illusion that the one who has passed had in fact suffered immensely. There would be no lesson in this for the deceased, but only for those left behind. And so it is an illusion to the ones left behind and not actual for the one who passes in death.

With that being the case dear ones it is a truth that an awakened soul appears to die in third density right before the eyes of other third density humans, but the awakened soul does not die, nor does it suffer pain or loss, but simply changes their lower human body and form.

This is ascension dear ones and this is the awakening of the soul, better known as the “Consummation of the Ages.” All of you will awaken as the only ones who will be conscious of the awakening and ascension will be the ones who experience it, and all others will not even believe it to exist or be a possibility. Many will not even know of it in your present third density world, which is why it appears to those of you who are on the road to their awakening that many humans in your world are not yet awakened. This is because they are not, and will not as they have each chosen a different path; a path known to many as timeline number two or the negative timeline.

But let it be known dear ones that there is actually no negative timeline as there is the positive and the negative in all and every timeline ever to exist. The timeline that will support the awakening and ascension you are each welcome to call timeline one if you wish as it matters not at this point, given it is only a term. As we have already stated everyone will make their own choice and no single choice will be a wrong choice, for just as those in the realms of existence known as the heavens see those realms as their heavens, so too do those in the lower realms of existence see those places as their heavens as well. The only way a human ever sees themselves in their hells is when they are in those realms of existence that do not reflect what their heavens would appear to them to be in life. Every soul has his or her own heavens in life and every soul has his or her own heavens in life, and no one place or state of mind is necessarily good and no one place or state of mind is necessarily evil, but it is either that place you would call home or it is not. God chooses those places in the ethers He calls wisdom while Satan chooses those places you would call ignorance; fantasy; sleep; or illusion. And these places are the heavens for the entity many of you would at this day call Satan.

There will soon come a time dear ones when you will not believe what things have taken place n such a short period of time in your life, and you will have already ascended. At the same time there will be those of you who cannot believe how wonderful life is for you all of a sudden, and you will have returned right back to third density earth. The only difference at this present time in your Golden Age of life and reality is that one is heaven to you while it is hell to the other guy; and the other is hell to you while it is heaven to the other guy. Enjoy your life that is to come, as it is the life you will come to live for a very long time. Everything that you each want in life is shortly about to be provided to you, no matter where you go or what timeline you choose, so enjoy dear ones, and we will see you on the other side.

We are the society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.