Why are you seeking Freedom - you already have it!

01/06/2013 15:15

You have to know you are already free!


If I were one to pray and one to have hope then I would not be one who knows he is already free and sovereign - nor would I know that I am the One Creator Source –just as each of you is. To create one has to do so from sixth dneisty through the inner and spiritual man, and then all things are sent to third dneisty according to correspondences. In order for one to create they have to know that whatever they are about to create is indeed a potential or possibility. Therefore if you need to pray to a God in order to hope to receive what things you ask for or wish for in life then you are not the Creator and you therefore have no power to create on your own. In that case therefore you are not awakened and you do not understand a single thing I am telling you here. And if that is the case then it would stand to reason that this message is for those who are already awakened as a reminder as well as for those who are about to awaken or in the process of doing so.

It would appear that there are still many -many  human beings in our world at this day that still believe there is a God that they need to ask for services; favors; and financial aid, whether for themselves or for another in life. This must soon end if we are all going to awaken in time to make the grand shift in higher consciousness. You each have to come to the realization that you are no longer to fear your God – pray to your God – ask for forgiveness from your God – or seek to earn the unconditional love; acceptance; and salvation from your God. Do you realize who it is that told you each of you need to be saved- that each of you need to fear God and the worldly systems put in place by man? It has always been man who guided you every step along the way in life whether it was your great grand children – your grandchildren – you children- or you. There is absolutely nothing that is reasonable; rational; or spiritual that can explain the fact that many of you in the past – and still do for that matter- believe you are to obey the laws of man. They even changed the words in your religious books in order to cause you all to believe it is written in Gods words that you are to obey the laws of man. It is not so, and none of you were born with a social security number printed on your buts or foot.

So why not ask questions friends – and try and reason out why you are following their laws to the letter so as to not be arrested and put in jail, and why it is you fear those who enforce the laws in your world today? When you were born your parents taught you and they told you to obey their laws as you did not know of those laws in your outer world quite yet. Because they (your parents) want you to do as they think; say; and do in life, so that they can be proud (pride goes before the fall) of their children when they are grown, they give you a set order in their household; set rules to follow; and in the end it is their law that you children are bound by. And when you grow up it is those parents and their children they trained that create the laws of your society that they still say you must always abide by in life. And if you do not then they have other people set in place to uphold those laws if you do not do according to their traditions and orders of society. Therefore dear friends – It is the bullies of your third dneisty world that creates the orders; rule; and laws of society, and they will fight you to uphold them and will even put you in jail or to death in order to uphold them to their standards in life and society.

But you know all these things friends and you must have thought about these things in life time and time again? So do you not see- even without the spiritual knowledge of an awakened human being- that you were born free to think; do; and say as you please in life, and that you cannot be enslaved or caused to submit to a single human being in life unless you allow it. You allowed it when you were young and being controlled by your parents but when you became older the rules had to get tougher and more fearsome in order for those out in the world to continue their rule over you.

You are afraid of them because of all the things they offer you in life that you have over a long period of time become accustomed to having in your life so as to provide you happiness and pleasure in life. You are afraid of them because they have created rules of society for you to abide by and you know that if you break one of those rules they will punish you. And so you live in a world where society lives in fear of punishment and of losing those things in life that give them happiness- pleasure- and peace of mind. And to top it off their society they built over a very long period of time is set up so that the average human citizen cannot help but to break their laws from time to time – and they (the rulers of your world) make money off of your mistakes in the end. So how do you win in such a society friends – and how do you separate yourself from such a system?

Well you already know (for those who hear and understand our words) that you are a free and sovereign human being. You know that no one has the right to come to you when you are young or when you are older and tell you to obey their rules – unless they do so with an iron fist – or by force. Is it not true that each of you would have lived your lives so much differently if you had not been bound by their laws throughout your lives? Therefore dear friends I will tell you what you must do – either now before you awaken to higher things- or you can simply wait until you awaken, in which case you will then know these things with a much clearer mind. But this is what you must do!


Remove absolutely every thing form your life that you are accustomed to being provided by those who rule your world or those societies throughout your world. Sell your house or walk away from it and just rent for the time being. Pay your car off or get rid of it if you have a car payment. The idea here is not to be dependent on the government or any offices that are connected to the government. Close your bank accounts and pay for everything in cash. Home school your children if you can. Have your satellite- cable- and all television service disconnected so you no longer have that monthly bill. Watch movies and videos if you must watch television – but do not watch their news channels any longer as they offer you much fear and falsities of society. No longer think of lawsuits- getting someone arrested or seeking revenge or justice against someone for some offense they carried out against you. Have no connections with law officials and do your best to stay off the roads just as much as you can. If you do not need to drive (using their insurance and drivers license) then do not drive. If you must use internet use wireless even if you have to make a deal with a neighbor.

Disconnect yourself from the present systems of your world and society as much as you possible can. In the mean time do not seek to get rich or to gain your freedom in the world by wanting those who are your corrupt world leaders to be imprisoned; punished; or put to death. Remember you are already free and you simply need to wait on those behind the scenes who are bringing this all out in the world today even as we speak.  There is nothing wrong with wanting a car – a house- education- food and clothing to you liking- entertainment- and so on, but you need to stop getting those things from the corrupt rulers of your world just as much as you possible can. Remember that they want to keep you in fear of them and beholden to them as much as possible, so that they can control you by causing you to believe they can take it away from you nay time they p[lease if you do not abide by their order; their rules; and their laws all the time.

Everything is changing in your world and the more of you out there that is awakened the sooner it will come about. Because I am awakened as fully as I presently am I know that it is all close- and I am a reflection on each and every one of you out there in the world. In other words because I feel all the changes in the present world as being only days away – I know that it is only days away. Because each of your shares my world you will see these things in mere days as well as long as you are not looking for those things that keep you in third dneisty .For there is indeed two worlds manifested presently, and they both share the same space among us. Some of you will go on and continue being a part of the old system and some will move on and take shape and new life with the new system that is even now in place and we are simply waiting for the main stream media to announce it all. But that too is only days away according to the feeling of my spirit.

Those of you who still believe you are not already free and sovereign are still on course to return to timeline number two and third dneisty – but as soon as you awaken to those things I am presently telling you about – then you will immediately change timelines and move immediately to fifth dneisty and the new Age of enlightenment. Keep in mind however friends that all of you is to awaken, and all of you will take timeline number one- but in the end it still has to be your decision. As soon as each of you remembers you are free and sovereign then you will understand why. Only force and fear today cause you all to still feel you are not free. Those messengers out there ( and you know who you are) who tell you to seek your freedom and take back your world are providing you a false message as you never lost your world but only gave it away for a time. To take it back you simply need to state you are free and you are sovereign – and then proceed to live your life as such. This does not mean to give everything up nor to fight the world governments – as the changeover is going to be totally peaceful and without punishment or force. We simply tell you to stop feeding the machine (matrix) and begin to live life as though you truly are free and sovereign.

Do not go to jail in order to state your freedom – do not harm or cause loss to a single human being in order to state your freedom- do not do anything you do not wish to do from your heart in the days ahead- and just know that whatever you do, as long as you know you are free and sovereign then you need not seek your freedom any longer nor do you have to continue to believe you have to submit to the machine or the beast. Do not feel you have to take back your government or that you need repayment or a handout from your governments or world rulers- as it already belongs to the people as a whole, and each and every one of you has free access to all things of the world except for the life of another. No one owns the rights; profits; resources; or control of another human being as every human being was born free and they will always be free until such time as they forget this once again. No law can be forced upon you other than those laws that you truly allow to be forced upon you in life. If you fear they can physically harm you then because you believe it they can indeed harm you. If however you know they can do no harm to you then there is no weapon they can ever form against you friends. But you have to be the one to know this as it matters not whether I do or not when it comes to you. Again I tell you dear friends that as long as you know a thing to be true in life it shall be true – so to be fair – do not do those things in life at this day that your heart does not tell you to do – as nothing is known unless it is known through the heart.  Nothing we say to you here means a thing as far as each of you is concerned unless you know it to be truth and real. Do you know yet that you are free and sovereign?





Topic: Why are you seeking Freedom - you already have it!

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