What will I do with a funded CVAC?

03/05/2013 14:38
What I (WILL) would do with a funded CVAC?
What I will do with a funded CVAC is exactly what I have already done in the ethers once I Co -create the Oneness Society. I will Co -Manifest that society in our world and I will do it on a global scale given the fact that there are no more borders or boundaries to separate us any longer throughout the world. Sure – there are separations and borders based on third density energies and consciousness (the old reality) but there are none in my world of fifth density higher consciousness. So how do I co -manifest this world of ours in a world that has not yet come around to the new vibrations and energies of fifth density planet earth?
Well all creation and co – creation begins in the ethers or spiritual world and is then manifested in the material and physical world according to correspondences. Therefore I will act as a spiritual guide to all the people who wish to create this society I speak of so that they can create this Oneness Society according to the guidelines laid out by higher consciousness and energies. Because I am still third dneisty man just as all other people on the planet are – and I am simply reconnected to higher self whereas some still are not – many are truly in the process and transitioning stages and are prepared to manifest such a society in third dneisty separate form the rules and regulations man has placed on them to date.
In other words there are many humans out there today who are fine with the ways and system of higher energy that exists on fifth dneisty planet earth today and they will gradually move into those energies and find themselves there when they least expect it. By the time a human being realized they are awakening – it has already happened and their awakening is complete – and all that takes place from thereon is for them to build on the Absolute Data they each absorb like a dry sponge from the moment they make the choice.
I do not mean to be long winded but I had to get this out first.
So third density man will build the new world Society (Oneness Society) while fifth dneisty man stands along side him and guides him in whatever manner he can – while at the same time third dneisty man will ask questions – get answers – and more and more build on his Absolute Data –while watching his new society unfold before his eyes. Within this new Oneness Society all human beings will be taught the new ways and energies of fifth density man and how a Oneness civilization is going to live together within our new world and system. Those who do not wish to hear do not have to hear and nothing will be forced on them ever – and still they will all be welcome just as long as they choose to be a part of our Society and the universal Laws of absolute Data. . All will come to the new system and society as he or she is ready in life – while in the interim everyone will enjoy the same benefits of life being lived within the new oneness Society on planet earth.  
I am not intending on building a city away from the present world citizens but I am co –building a world society where there are no borders and mankind can travel around and across the planet in minutes or hours. And eventually the trips will be made in less time even than in the interim. And so fast moving transportation will be needed in order to move across the planet in a timely manner so as to provide for the needs of all just as quickly as we can – as I know of the suffering and hardship throughout the world.
We are all third dneisty man and we are simply acting as a shell or home for fifth dneisty man and many do not yet know this. And so while my third density person is standing there right along side all the other workers getting things done – my fifth density person within me will answer all questions throughout my day – and into the night – until all humans on the planet have made the transition to fifth density planet earth.  If in the meantime my schedule gets to busy because of the number of humans seeking Absolute Data – I will cease form manual labor and move over to where my person is most beneficial to the Oneness Society throughout the world. I am a Master plumber and builder by trade and I know that my skills can be used in this new world of ours – and so I will be there wherever I am needed within every new now moment of my days from here on.
It will take many hands in order to provide for the needy of our world today while at the same time providing them Absolute Data so as to one day never have to work a job or go homeless and hungry ever again. There will be many tasks to take care of and in many different arenas of society throughout the world today and everyone will be used at their skill or gift in life where they wish to be used – while those who simply wish to be a part of our society and live the life of a hermit may do so as well – as there will be no expectations on any one human being throughout the world within the welcome energetic spheres of the oneness Society.
My name is Daniel and I am ready to go to work.