What makes us God?

12/19/2012 11:56
What makes us God?
Hello again dear ones --------- As you are now aware we are the sixth dneisty society Daniel and we come to you today with another message that will guide you toward your ascension to sixth dneisty. You are the third dneisty human who is possessed by the society Daniel as you well know by now from all of our interactions with you. As we do not question the lower third dneisty human initially when we communicate with him it is third dneisty Daniel who has offered the question we are about to ask and answer according to his wishes at this time. The question is:
Will each of us third dneisty humans remain third dneisty humans to eternity?  Who is the sixth dneisty human? Are we all the same soul or being? How can sixth density man leave the third dneisty body and form but the third dneisty man cannot leave (separate from) the sixth dneisty body and form, but will be connected to it to eternity as well?
We will answer these questions in a very precise and thorough manner dear ones as we are aware that this you still have many doubts about these things and how they all fit together.
Yes dear ones you will all remain third dneisty human beings to eternity. You cannot exist and live without being possessed by the spirit and inner soul of the higher self, nor can the higher self survive and exist without possessing your third dneisty lower human body and form. Therefore there will always be a third density material and physical body and form; as well as a lower third dneisty consciousness and mind. Third dneisty man will not always be aware of the higher sixth dneisty man but the higher sixth density man will always be aware of third dneisty man. We will state as a matter of fact that the only third dneisty man who is aware of their higher sixth dneisty inner man and higher self is the third dneisty man who has completed his or her life’s plan and has evolved  and reconnected with higher self (or the inner man).
In other words when third dneisty man (and this pertains to any third dneisty man or woman) begins to speak as their higher self through the body and form of the lower third dneisty self then they will know something is happening in their life; they will like it; they will continue to do the things that brought it on, and they will gradually learn or remember to speak from higher self more and more as they awaken more and more to the higher consciousness that is the higher self. Therefore the longer they do this the more they will remember the things they have spoken of through higher self and will therefore retain these things more and more once they return to their third dneisty consciousness within the same human body and form.  Still while you are connected and speaking through your higher self you are the inner man and your body and form are less dense as they are vibrating at a higher rate or frequency.
All of you dear ones will remain third dneisty human beings in the days ahead, and will know this to be the shape and form you are to retain to eternity once each of you awakens to this fact while you are within the illusion of life and death; or third dneisty.  A sixth dneisty ( or higher) man or woman can be there speaking to you and you will simply see them as another third dneisty being who is polite and minds their own business until spoken to, and only they will know that you are third dneisty and they are sixth dneisty or higher. If in fact they are sixth dneisty or higher during any now moment  they will not tell you of higher things unless you ask them questions that they believe you will understand, and not see as foolishness. For them to offer anything else would be a waste of their time as they are only there to help guide you too into your ascension so as to be with them ( as One) within sixth dneisty or higher. So now that you see what it is like for sixth dneisty man ( or woman) to speak and interact with third density man we shall explain to you how it is that sixth density man( or higher) interacts and speaks to another sixth density man( or woman).
Sixth density human being is neither man or woman as it is the third dneisty human body and form that decides which a living soul is no matter what density they reside in within any one now moment. Within sixth dneisty existence and higher there is no need for the body and form unless you are interacting with fifth density humans or third dneisty humans (who are by the way fourth dneisty humans according to their minds alone). So we state here for the record that fourth dneisty is nothing more than the mind and consciousness of the third dneisty human being. Moving on we reiterate that all human souls of sixth dneisty and higher are androgynous and therefore are neither male nor female but a combination of both without body and form. When they take on body and form in their natural state of life they are then fifth dneisty human beings and are known as the inner and spiritual man who possesses all third dneisty human beings.
So when a sixth dneisty human or higher speaks one to the other they are speaking from within their own being to themselves; but they know and understand how this works as they are not within their human body and form but their higher body and form which permits them all to be one within the Macrocosm that is the God self. They no longer exist within time and space but they can still experience and create the illusion of time and space whenever it suits them or serves their needs in life, while knowing it is all an illusion. Now many of you dear ones may still believe that it is neither possible nor productive to speak to yourself in the higher densities but what do you think you are doing even now when you speak and interact with other third dneisty humans? Do you not know that they are your other selves? Do you not yet realize that every other human body and form that you see in your world presently is created by you; of you; and for you every now moment or your life and existence, no matter what density you reside in at any given point within or outside of time and space?
So again when the sixth dneisty human (and higher) speaks to another sixth dneisty human (or higher) they now know who they are and that they are all the same being or soul, and simply have the ability to separate their thoughts; affections; and actions in life, which in turn allows them to really – really experience what you would all call multitasking. In other words a sixth dneisty and higher being can exist and create from many – many different levels of consciousness known as densities. Sixth density man can walk your world of third dneisty dear ones and speak to every other sixth dneisty or higher being or soul and they will all know they are the same being or soul that is presently just creating separation and duality for their own happiness; wants; or needs. A sixth dneisty (and higher) soul can either speak to the third dneisty human close up or far away knowing the difference between the third dneisty human and the sixth dneisty human ( or higher) simply because their body and forms will be different.
A dog (which is not really second density but third dneisty with a lower fourth dneisty mind) can be seen by a sixth dneisty human being ( or higher) at a distance, but if they are able to come up to one another ( laws of attraction) the sixth dneisty( or higher) human being will communicate with the actual fourth dneisty human instead of their third dneisty lower self ( the dog)or consciousness, as the dog can no longer be seen by the higher sixth dneisty being( or higher) as they cannot communicate with other expressions of themselves on such a low level of consciousness. Dogs and many other animals cannot communicate at this level and do not therefore exist within sixth dneisty or higher.
Everything is a creation of fourth dneisty mind and consciousness or higher and therefore there is no such thing as first and second densities, but only first and second dimensions, which are the two dimensions that are formed in order to make up the third, which is the simplest form of matter.  A point or simple is the first dimension as it can become no smaller than the least conscious thought or expression of a point. Still the point has neither height; width; nor depth; we will call it the circle. The second dimension that is added by Infinite Source to a finite world and universe  is of course a line as it represents two dimensions of time and space, giving us height and width when added to a circle or another line, but still no depth as of yet. So now our form can be seen as  points and  lines all in different numbers and sequences, but still we have no depth as we have only created the two dimensional surface.  
Therefore a third dimension had to (or has to) be added so as to give us height; width; and depth of a three dimensional world and universe to be created through a finite God. Again the point would give us circles but not spheres; a line would give us a single surface as well but not with three dimensions; and neither would the two together  no matter how many we added make up a three dimensional form.  So what gives us our third dimension? It is the triangle that is formed of three lines and therefore gives us angles. It is still a two dimensional surface but once you add three of these triangles together you then have a three dimensional world.  And so in their simplest forms the circle and the line can create the simplest of forms within a three dimensional world and universe. What is the fourth dimension? There is none as all levels of consciousness (or forms) above third dimension become densities. Remember dear ones that consciousness is the beginning of all forms.
Three other forms that were and are created by the finite Gods (all human beings) are the spiral; the Vortex; and the sphere. All of these are least in dimensions and least in their own personal forms that are and have always been used within the conscious finite mind of man to create mass within the spiritual and physical worlds of human life and existence. Without the spiral there can be no illusion of change and movement within time and space. Without the Vortex there can be no limits to the spiral and therefore no limiting the size of all created forms in the material and physical worlds as well as the spiritual. For the vortex ends in a circle and continues in this circle for as long as the human subject reflects of the thought forms they are presently reflecting on. The sphere is created by the point or simple (circle) representing the center of the spiral and vortex. Not that it is directly in the middle as it is always a bit off center. Still if you take a point or simple (a little black dot you could say) and you move it up the spiral from the bottom or center you are creating more and more simples while at the same time if you look down on the vortex the size of the circle (point or simple) is seen to be as large as the outer circle of the vortex. And it is the consciousness of every human being that chooses or decides the size of every vortex according to the size of the object that is reflected upon. To create all mass within the material and physical as well as the spiritual worlds the human soul wills its world to change every moment within time and space as well as every moment ( in the spiritual) outside of time and space.
So it is a given that within the conscious thought patterns of every human soul, they begin their creations of their spiritual and physical worlds, as well as their spiritual and physical bodies and forms, with the point or simple; the line; the spiral; the Vortex, and the conscious will to create change. This all begins with the higher self and not the lower third density self as all things are first carried out or created within consciousness in the spiritual before the material and physical worlds.  These dear ones are the dimensions spoken of in all spiritual thought and expression that is understood to be the beginning of the illusions of life. Dimensions simply represent the size of the sphere ( no size of the sphere at fourth dneisty and above as fourth density human souls are no longer bound or limited by spheres, and no longer quarantined) in which any single creation is placed, as all creations have their own sphere around them that is of a higher vibration and density, which is why it is not seen. That sphere is not only there to protect all human souls when protection is provided or required, but to allow in as well those harmful things that the human soul has attracted to itself through creations from chaos or fear in their life that they will in fact come to harm. If there is no fear then the higher self will guide the protective sphere to in fact protect the human soul in all cases.
Still as we stated all life forms whether animal; vegetable; or mineral have their beginning in the spiritual, and then they are created according to correspondences within the material and physical worlds. All forms that are created above fourth dneisty are not in quarantine and can therefore go and do as they please in life as they are no longer ( or have not yet been) bound to the illusion and third dneisty. You come from the spiritual and you all return to the spiritual, and yet you never leave the spiritual. So where are the protective spheres (that also allow in harm; loss and sickness and disease) when you are a fourth; fifth; sixth and above human soul? They are not needed as you no longer need protecting and you come under no loss; harm; sickness; or disease any longer.  Fourth dneisty is the mind realm (world of spirits) of the third dneisty human; fifth dneisty is the physical realm of sixth dneisty human consciousness and higher; and all the higher densities are conscious mind of the third dneisty human and higher.