What energies do you serve?

08/12/2013 11:12

What is the difference between true Service to self and Service to others?


As each and every human being on your world and plane of third density existence this day  (as well as in days of old) is you – anything you would do for them  - whether in thought – word – action – or affection would come to be in service to self. This understanding is very hard for many to comprehend when in the beginning stages of their awakening – but it becomes easier to understand as your awakening progresses in the evolution of the human soul. As far as your thoughts are concerned it is the lower thoughts and understanding of third density man alone that keeps third density man within the levels of energies and consciousness known as third density. All higher thoughts having to do with others ( or your many other selves on your world) and are therefore in Service to others – as this is when you truly serve the needs of others in their awakening and doing what is good and beneficial to all – the One – and the Whole. For in guiding others in finding their true selves – and not a self residing in lower unconscious energies and thought forms you are providing true guidance and benefit to all other selves – who in truth each represent a different ruling love in life.

To guide others while you are in Service to self energies and consciousness would be to do what you feel is best for all your other selves on the lower planes of your existence in third density – according to third density and the lower planes - where all things of the worldly system and the desires of the flesh are constantly being attempted to be met. In other words if a human soul who believes he or she is awakening or awakened he or she still may not know or understand fully whether they are an awakened Service to self human soul or an awakened Service to others human soul. The awakened Service to self soul will continue life according to the systems – principles – and ways of your present lower world and consciousness – as well as continue feeding the desires of the flesh and rational human mind. To think rational is to continue in your thinking according to the ways of an unconscious and often falsified reality. For there is worldly wisdom and there is true wisdom based on Absolute Truth and Data from your higher selves in the realms of your existence on a higher plane or density of your existence.

It is perfectly okay and acceptable for the third density human to be in service to self – but while in service to self the human soul can never be in or understand higher things coming from equilibrium where higher things are not distorted or given to you in a way that only the flesh and the desires of the flesh are satisfied. While connected to the lower levels of consciousness known as service to self the human soul can only connect to the higher service to self consciousness that is in service to self. To connect to the higher self in equilibrium – and at a level where all things are provided according to Absolute Truth and Data the third density human would first have to acquire the levels of energies and understanding that would connect them to Service to others energies and consciousness – and this is again – only found within equilibrium in the higher densities. Do you see and understand now dear friends why you can not just simply connect to higher self – while in service to self energies and consciousness – and receive true Absolute Truth and Data – but you would instead receive distorted Absolute Truth and Data from your higher service to self counterpart.

And so if you continue to live life according to the ways of the worldly systems and the desires of the flesh – you will most often continue to be in service to self energies and consciousness – and could not therefore at these times in your life connect to equilibrium – Absolute Truth ( undistorted -and Absolute Data ( undistorted).  You would receive some levels of Absolute Truth and Data – but it could not make enough sense to you so as to put all things together and come to have a proper or consistent picture in your mind of the higher self and those things that shall be received by each of you when you each – in your season of life – come to be fully awakened.

Therefore if the human soul continues to “fight for their freedom” they will never truly have it. If they consistently use rules and laws against those who make the rules and laws (whether because of fear – lack – or judgment and justice) - in order to control the masses of your world - they (every third density human being) will continue to be under the rule of the Law -and they will never (within these energies) find their freedom and disconnect from service to self energies and consciousness. To continue to seek money or a new monetary system is to remain in a society of money or monetary systems – continuously bound to these systems until the human soul leaves service to self energies and consciousness and truly comes to understand service to others. To continue living your life in fear of any kind – jealousy – anger – depression – want – need – punishment – war – possession or ownership (rather than sharing all things of your world) ruler ship – laws – contracts and constitutions – and all the other lower energetic forms of your world is to keep the human in lower service to self energies and consciousness – in a state of life and existence where the human being can forever be maintained and controlled.

All of these things will fail in due time friends as they must be removed in order for the awakened human soul to complete his or her evolution in third dneisty – so as to begin in their life in taking on higher things at will – when he or she pleases to do so in life. This does not mean he or she will not re- visit third density on a random basis in their existence in the many now moments to come – but they will do so under the guidance of Absolute Truth and Data at said time – and in their season. Everyone moves in and out of the lower and higher energies – between fifth density (and higher) and third density – but it is experienced much more on a regular basis by the awakened human soul in equilibrium than it is by the un – awakened. Another difference is that the un – awakened do not even understand higher things – and they do not therefore know they are moving in and out of higher levels of their consciousness when it is taking place.

Again – the awakened human soul is not to attempt to change the world around them any longer – or live according to its systems and principles – but they will come to change from within – being content with whatever they have in life (no longer wishing to possess or own) and all things will come to them in its season. What you create from the higher densities is truly created for yourself or “your other selves” and when sharing your creations with your other selves (those who share your ruling loves in life – and every human being shares one or more of your ruling loves in life) you are in fact is service to others. This my friends is living your existence in equilibrium and service to others – and all human will find and utilize these energies and higher consciousness more and more as they awaken in their own season to full consciousness.

We are not saying any one of you have to find these levels of energies and consciousness at any particular time or season of your life at this day – as we are merely stating to you that each of you will eventually find them – use them in your everyday lives ( some more than others) and the world around you will move over to fifth dneisty and higher – gradually – and in its season – and each and all of you will come to awaken in a brand new world where Service to  self – and Service to other God Men and human souls can live or exist side by side in complete peace – harmony – unity – and equilibrium of life.

And so we end this transmission in much unconditional love to each and all of our other selves.

We come to you through our energetic consciousness know to you as Daniel-------------