What are we getting ourselves into?

02/07/2013 15:34

What are we getting ourselves into?



Well I would imagine there are a lot of folks out there in the world today who are wondering just what will come next on the world stage. You have groups out there fighting for the right to bare arms while at the same time there’s another group seeking for world peace. Ands yet both groups are in agreement that we need our freedom from the slavery systems throughout our world today. Still there are those who believe they need to fight for their freedom and then there are those who already know they are free and are simply making the statement to the world as to why this is the case. Therefore the two camps bent on freedom are not in fact in agreement but it only appears that way depending on how you look at their situation.

You have those who say they want world peace and yet they would not be caught without a gun in their house to defend their freedom they do not even know they have at this time. They want to remove the governments they presently have for a temporary government just until they can vote in a new one. But who ever told us we can trust another human being? Whop is it in the old system (third dneisty earth) that can truly be trusted friends? Are not all human beings flawed in one way or another? Is there a single person you know of that can make you a promise- and stand by that promise every time- from the moment they are born into the world until the time they leave it? No –no one is that dependent friends as we all change our mind form one moment to the next and often we will even betray a friend if we feel the reward is beneficial enough- right? So if this is the case why would we who consider ourselves to be the evolved human in many circumstances today – think we can just vote in another government and they will be trustworthy with our lifelong decisions until we die- and then that government can still be trusted with the lifelong decisions of our children and grand children as well, when we are gone and out of here?

Let me tell you my friends if you are planning on living out your life in the present fifth dneisty world that has been manifested for us at this day then you are going to have to come around to a new way of thinking- otherwise you are going to get hung out to dry by the same old governments- world rulers- and systems that have taken advantage of all of you in the past – simply because you are not leaving third dneisty while thinking along these lines.


 Who is it that can tell you if you are an awakened human ready to enter into fifth dneisty consciousness if it is not the fifth dneisty human who is already there? That’s right- when each of you becomes the fifth dneisty human you will already have made the shift in consciousness and you will know you have made the shift into fifth dneisty and will by no means think or believe you are. At the same time however the other test is whether or not you can stand being in the presence of other fifth dneisty humans- as it is a truth that no third dneisty human can stand being in the presence of the fifth dneisty human – unless that fifth dneisty human is your own third dneisty self.

Otherwise how many third dneisty humans do you know that would not tell an awakened fifth dneisty human they are crazy for believing the things they believe in life? Considering I am a fifth dneisty human (I am also a third dneisty human) I know first hand how third density humans feel about our way of life and our understanding of spiritual matters. So you see if you have awakened you automatically know your awakened and have made the shift in consciousness because of the different lifestyle you then choose to reflect upon. What I mean by this is just this:

1)The fifth dneisty human will eventually- if not right form the get go- know that punishment is wrong and that they wish to live in a world where no forms of punishment even exists any longer.

2) The fifth dneisty human does not believe in a set order to any one society- or group of societies. Does not believe in rules and regulation forced on any other human- and does not see themselves as having the right to place their rules- regulations- or laws on another human being in life or society.

3) The fifth dneisty human does not need government of any kind as they possess their own government ( order) within their own hearts, based on their new ruling love ( which is unconditional love for all humans or souls) in life.

4) The fifth dneisty human does not depend on anything in life and is happy and content whether he or she has little or has much in life.  

5) The fifth dneisty human does not believe in a monetary system within society and once all third dneisty humans have awakened and made the shift in consciousness to fifth dneisty there will no longer be any further need for a monetary system as all things will then be free to the societies of the world. In other words every human will be provided free of any charge everything necessary in life to live a happy and fulfilling life based on their own idea of what that is.

6) The fifth density human does not believe in war or any weapons of war as their society – once it is completely manifested in the world today will be free and clear of all war and weapons of war as there will be no more need for weapons considering violence will now be a thing of the past. Therefore there will be no more jails- no more prisons- no more police whatsoever- no more judges or juries- and no more courthouses. There will be no more lawyers and no more lawsuits. We will actually be living in a Utopian society when our new fifth dneisty world is manifested throughout the world- and there will no longer be borders throughout our new world as we are all family and we are One.

7) The fifth dneisty human does not believe and will not live in a society where the rich and the poor are found. There will be no more poor- no more homelessness- no more hungry mouths to feed- and no more people that are in need- as all needs will now be met throughout the world- within every society- no matter what that society looks like or represents in life.


Everything that is taking place in the world at this time has already been planned out by the Creators and Co – Creators of fifth dneisty and higher. It is not planned out by ET’S- nor is it planned out by the Galactics or any other group outside the atmospheres of out planet. We the One that is represented by each and every citizen of planet earth – fifth dneisty- are the ones who have created this new system and world we now live in- and it is changing to manifest that perfect society we have long waited for- now that it has already been created within the spiritual world and is therefore now- even as we speak- being manifested in front of our eyes. But it is still in the beginning stages and it is still in the process of waking up its people today so that every single human soul has awakened in a very short time period. For our new society is already created so we have to put all the pieces in place just as quickly and orderly as we can so that our new world and society is no longer lacking in anything it needs to allow everyone to now live out their new fifth dneisty lifestyle.

Money has to be created anew for our new society to be manifested as it is still not complete and there are many third dneisty humans still in our reality and levels of consciousness that do not know they are still a part of us- and we must therefore provide for their needs until they all awaken and make the shift in consciousness. And because they do not understand how a world and society can exist and maintain without some sort of monetary system- we will continue that process for a little while longer until they have all come into the fold so to speak. The new system will be digital but it need not have gold and silver backing it up as gold and silver is just another representation of each of us- and therefore all worth in the world is backed by every human being that exists on the planet. All the wealth in in each of us- and not outside of us like many of you have been taught for such a long period of time.

It is all numbers friends and as long as we have a way (temporarily) of keeping track of all those numbers it matters not whether or not you have a monetary system. And if it were not for the fact that we will be involved in a new system with third dneisty humans for a time- we would not even need the digital system of exchange as everything could be carried our through a hand shake- as our new consciousness would be one where everyone would be working toward the good of the one, or whole in life. Third dneisty humans however cannot be trusted because they are still connected to a flawed system and must therefore be patiently provided for until they move over in their consciousness – which will be soon for many- while not so soon for some.

The same will go for governments- punishment- and laws my friends- as third dneisty society must be weaned out of their dependence on the  third density lifestyle and gradually led into the new fifth dneisty lifestyle – but it will all be done away with much faster than one would think. So at first there will still be jails- police- lawyers- and courthouses in numbers that are few. There will however be no more wars and no more weapons of war and violence -  as these things wars and violence will be the first to go in our new world and society.

As far as announcements are concerned if they are not carried out by the present third dneisty systems they will not be carried out as we have no concern for the things of the past as every human being will gradually be taught to forgive- forget- and live and let live. It no longer matters what one human or group of humans did to you –your friends- or your family in the past- now that you know that every human is your family and we are all in fact One- and must now live the life of One in unity and harmony of Source. Neither does it matter about disclosure of ET’S or those form other worlds and planetary systems considering that everything in life is actually at the tip of your fingers. What ever is out their in space is within each of you- and you have not yet been shown how this can in fact be a reality and truth. If you are one day going to possess the technology to go to other planets in minutes- what do you care if they held all that technology and truths from your generations of family members if that is over and done with? You cannot go back to the past nor can you change it because every thing that happened in the past happened to provide a lesson in life for every human during the time they lived their life in this world or one like it.

I could go on in explaining all of this but the point is it matters not the things that happened in the past and it matters not what things are taking place in another world or star system as you can bring all those realities to you when all the new technologies and creative abilities are given back to you in your new world and life of fifth dneisty. The reason these subjects are being talked about in your world today friends is to distract the people from what things are really important- which are the things of your awakening and ascension or raising in consciousness. Because if they keep you thinking about and fighting for these things you never had before they will keep your minds off of the real important issues which is the fifth dneisty world and life you are all about to inherit. So do not let them keep you distracted any longer- but keep your eye on the prize- which is your awakening to new truths and a life of much abundance and happiness- where we all once again become One.

Everything is going according to schedule and we of your new fifth dneisty world you will all soon be living in have got your backs. We are preparing a place for you and when it is ready you will all come and be with us as this is how it must be my friends. It is almost complete and the finishing touches are even now being made so get ready for some great things to happen in your lives. We know there are many of you out there hurting today who have little or nothing left to survive on- and we know this because we have allowed ourselves to live at this day in a similar fashion as we knew this must be done in order to achieve equilibrium in our new world today. So we too have very little of nothing left in life based on third dneisty understanding but we have come to be content with what we have- knowing that much greater things are soon to come- and when they come they will come for all of us ( you included).

Hang in there a little while longer and just know that we are in it all with you my friends and we are really getting things accomplished at this day that will soon bring you all the happiness in the world. Thank you for your time and I hope you all know just how much we all here in fifth dneisty love you – and we can’t wait to share our new lives with you all my friends.






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