We love you unconditionally

09/21/2013 16:07

We love you unconditionally!


So what is all the hoopla about these days? What is the world really in store for – and individually what is each of us in store for?


At the present moment it is we and not I (referring to our host Daniel) providing these words - which may change at any moment – and at the drop of a hat. For in the twinkling of an eye the spiritual society and soul group represented by our human host is consistently changing societies and state of mind for the good of the One and the Whole. At one now moment we speak from higher planes of existence - and are present only with the God Man – and at other now moments it is I Daniel who speaks to you through worldly ( but not rational) understanding. And so we will begin our message as it is we who were asked to speak first according to higher things.


Everyone is here on your world today (in the many present now moments) because you all made prior agreements within yourself – your own spiritual society and soul group making up the God Man – agreements that you would incarnate in the lower densities of our existence and your existence -  so as to take on new experiences where Absolute Truth and Data is mixed in with fantasy – illusion – and unconscious rational human thinking - and caused to create many new things for the spiritual society and soul group ( the God Man) in order to provide new foundations for future creations of the God Man – and in turn for yourselves upon your awakening to full consciousness.

Yes friends you are us and we are you – and with every new addition to the collective consciousness – provided by newly created souls living out their seasons of life in fantasy – illusion – and unconscious rational thought (unconscious thought) the God Man is capable of creating new worlds and realities with all new things added to the mixture of spiritual wisdom and worldly wisdom. Everyone – every soul - that is truly a created human being in body and form – is the unconscious soul of the God Man – and is there in your present world and lower reality to provide so many new things that are non – absolute. In providing new non- absolute truth and Data to the mixture new souls can be created as well because new affections and ruling loves have been created in the interim. These souls representing new affections and ruling loves did not exist at one time – inside or outside of time and space – as they were not yet a part of the imagination of any soul – soul group – or spiritual society above or below the place of equilibrium.

It is true dear friends that everything that exists has always existed from and to eternity – and there is nothing new under the sun (meaning what is played out in third density already exists as a reality within the essence and being that is Infinite Creator Source). All things created anew and played out in the lower densities of the third – fourth – and fifth densities have already been played out long ago – and many times over – by souls who came long before newly created souls (as well as those from other ages and aeons) were ever even thought of within the God Man. Those things many human souls believe therefore to be new creations - or those creations that had never existed before present day life on your planet and plane of existence – were the creations of many older souls older than the imagination can venture in fact. There is no human understanding when it comes to the imagination - just how many seasons of life lower man has truly lived in the lower densities of third – fourth – and fifth.

So you see friends every thought every thing imaginable in the mind of every human soul has been thought of many myriads of times over – and the human soul is simply adding new things for creation that has not yet been envisioned by the awakened God Men – who are in fact past creations of many myriads of God Men in long days of old. These God Men who are presently experiencing an existence lower third dneisty man sees as many new things is in fact an existence where the God Man is continuously awakening to new Absolute Truth and Data – and is coming to no with every passing now moment – that He or She is nothing more or less than the accumulated expressions and extensions of all God Men in long days of old. We are all expressions and extensions of many myriads of previous God Men – who are living their existence in the higher and highest of ethers or densities - of our existence as well – and only they know the things of Absolute Truth and Data that each of you will come to know one day as well – as you continue to awaken and evolve back toward Finite Creator Source.

Again all things have already been played out for those who no longer wish or need to play – but they will forever continue to be played out by all new souls– with many new things added to the mixture – until each and every newly created soul comes to awaken once again to full consciousness – at which time (outside of time and space) more and more Absolute Truth and Data will be made available to each of them – and will continue to be added to on in to eternity. Where this will bring every new soul who comes to awaken is never spoken of until each individual soul is prepared to accept all new Absolute Truth and Data in their life and consciousness as reality – coming form the knowing provided more and more as our seasons pass – and new seasons take their place.

Human souls come and go – being incarnated time and time again – until their seasons are finished in the lower planes and schoolhouse provided by the created and Finite Universe – and every soul up to the time of their awakening to full consciousness is forever joined in life (with many – many other souls – soul groups – and spiritual societies) with a never ending supply of other souls who make up many myriads of different ruling loves and affections – all possessing the same human being and providing the many new thoughts of everyday life within third – fourth – and fifth densities of their existence.

No human being on your plane of existence in third density is ever alone in life – and no third density human could even experience the illusion of life and death – without all the many other souls that make up that life of illusion for every individual human being on your world. No single soul – spiritual society – and soul group could ever incarnate as a third density human being if it were not accompanied by many - many other souls – as the human being is a conglomeration of a never ending supply of different souls - and each is representative of a single or individual ruling love or group of affections that provide the illusion of life (as a collective) for every third density human being. A single thought is not just a single thought on your plane of life known as third density – but a single thought is provided by many different souls who all share that same ruling love and affection that provided that single thought. The more thoughts a human has at any given time the more spirits or souls required to make up those thoughts – and therefore provide every different state of mind for third density man throughout their every day life within third density – to eternity.

You are all there in and on your present plane of existence so as to share thoughts and learn many new lessons from those many new thoughts – so that when it is time for your awakening to full consciousness all souls possessing the human body – form – and conscious mind at said time will evolve to the next level and will take their places either above or below equilibrium in the higher spiritual realms of sixth density and above. All human souls is either one that is in unconditional love and service to others or they are in conditional love and in service to self – and the moment of awakening comes for every human being in third density the whole spiritual society and soul group making up the consciousness of each individual human being will go on to his or her place from whence they came – as no one ever really left their place within the God Man as it only appeared so for the duration of the manifested creation of your present world and life.

And so we leave you at this time dear friends as we shall provide the allotted time or seasons for our human host to now speak in conjunction with our message. In unconditional love we wish you all well.

Hello friends one and all – I wish to share my part of the present message in hopes that I can fill in certain details that some may not have easily found understanding. It is true you are all here serving mankind even in situations where you are not yet aware you are doing so. It matters not if a human beings ruling love is in service to self and conditional love – or in service to others and in unconditional love. Within every lesson provided third density man (and I mean every lesson) there is part of that lesson that offers service to others and unconditional love and part of the lesson that offers service to self and conditional love.  Within the foundation of every lesson on our world every human being (with each and every human actually representing a whole spiritual society and soul group in the aethers) has the choice to think – speak – act – or draw affections to themselves within said lesson – so as to either be representing or reflecting conditional love and service to self -or unconditional love and service to others.

The choice is always there for each individual human being to make each time – and when that decision or choice is finally made it has been made by the spiritual society and soul group represented by said human being.  Because of this one major detail third density man is not aware of until his or her awakening no human being is ever guilty or found to be at fault by their actions or choices made while living their life in third density. For a society is never at blame for those actions or decisions of the one when that society is still in fantasy – sleep – illusion – and unconscious thought through the rational mind of a human being. Now while the society as a whole cannot be found at fault for the decisions of the one – neither can the one be found to be at fault for the decisions of a complete society that is also still bound by fantasy – sleep – illusions – and unconscious creation. Therefore the only fault or guilt ever to be recognized – provided – or placed on third density man in these lower planes of our existence is that of third density man while thinking through the rational and lower mind – as well as all the un -awakened souls who are still in the process of guiding or possessing that rational mind of third density man within his or her spiritual society and soul group.

In short – the only ones who still see third density man as right or wrong – good or bad – a sinner or a saint – and either of the light or of the dark is unconscious third density man who has not yet awakened to full consciousness and Absolute Truth and Data. Because third density man in his or her sleep state of unconsciousness is not yet aware that he or she is truly many and not one - third density man believes he or she makes all decisions or choices in life as one being – and is therefore guilty (compared to the majority in his or her society) of all things in life not acceptable to other rulers and law makers of their society - upon the third density plane of our existence. For it is true that the God Man will always eventually come to be responsible for self – and when he or she causes harm or loss to another soul he or she is not being responsible for self – as all others make up self in the higher densities where the rational human mind no longer has a part in the play or game of life.

You cannot be responsible for self when all Absolute Truth and Data has not been provided you in life – and for that reason third density man cannot therefore ever be found guilty or at fault for those things they think – do – and say in a world and reality where nothing is truly real or Absolute. Therefore what choices or decisions third density man is to make at this day in time he or she will either continue to make those decisions through unconscious rational thinking (non – reality) or through conscious thought from the collective mind of the awakened human soul – spiritual society – and soul group. If you continue to believe the things provided you from human beings or souls who are still in unconscious thought through the rational mind of third density existence and separation from the collective whole then you remain bound to lower life and existence – and your season is not yet. This is a given for those who know it and not a given for those who do not know. In order to come to your season of knowing at this day each of you must first put off not – knowing and this is accomplished first by separating yourself in life from the terms and affections of believing and “to have faith in” something. These terms of belief and faith are terms of not knowing and therefore the human soul will never come to know a thing that he or she simply hopes for in life. Either you know a thing or you do not – and these are the only two choices you truly have in life as everything else is simply fantasy – illusion – and unconscious thought.

If you truly want a new world and reality at this day this can never be possible for a single human being – spiritual society – or soul group that is not first prepared to let go of old things so as to bring in the new.  You cannot let go of old things by hoping – believing – or having faith that a thing will change – as you must first know that things were never truly as they appear in life – and you have been living the life of illusion and have made all past choices in life through the rational mind of lower man. An example would be someone who was asked for their last five dollars so that the asking person could but a meal – but you are hesitant because you too need that five dollars and you are not sure your needs will still be met if you give up the five dollars your friend has asked for. You do not know in this instance that your needs will be met as all most third dneisty humans have in this instance is faith – hope – and believing – and they have not yet been taught the true worth or value of knowing.

We tell you all dear friends at this hour – know it and it shall be yours!


In unconditional love to you all ---Daniel