We are the World!

10/09/2013 19:21

We are the World!


Hello dear friends we come to you again to provide each of you a message that will resonate with some while not resonating with others – all depending on the evolutionary level of each soul upon your world presently.

Many things are transpiring at this day on your world that cause some to wonder whether or not your world is truly awakening or whether it is simply in a very confused mode at this time – where sometimes it appears you are awakening and at other times you find yourself living out the habits and traditions of lower density life and consciousness. Do not allow your life as it appears today to sway your decisions in the days and many now moments to come – as all things are truly on schedule for your awakening. Still there are many things each of you must come to understand and remember in the awakening process each of you is going through at this time – and these things will show you how to separate from third density consciousness while you will still retain the abilities in life to return to your third density existence any time you please – until all the lessons are learned – all that is needed to be remembered is indeed remembered – and all things are played out to their end.

You will often be reminded by our third density host and counterpart Daniel of the habits – traditions – and ways of life on your world today that you are each still bound to in life – and you will be shown the way out of these habits – traditions – and ways of life – while still knowing you may return to that life when it is deemed necessary in order to unconditionally love those still stuck in the old ways and to guide them as well toward their path to awakening and enlightenment. You must upon your awakening dear friends still serve in third density humans as a guide to all who seek your guidance ( and in a much greater manner than you all presently know – but are soon to find out in this mesage) – and you must also come to remember that they have to be the ones to make the final choices in their lives – even after they have each received your higher guidance.

When each of you returns to third density following your awakening all things in third density will remain in third density when you leave it once again so as to reconnect to higher consciousness. This includes all third density other selves who represent your friends – family – neighbors – and acquaintances in life that have served to make up your life of third density existence – and in turn you will come into contact and interact with fifth density counterparts of all you have left behind so as to truly know them for the ruling loves and affections they actually represented in your third density life – in unawares. And so you see dear friends no one is really ever left behind other than the lower self that is representative of all higher self’s on a lower plane of their existence. It is like the awakened soul is leaving behind the sleeping soul – so as to continue in sleep until the dream is played out to its end.

By each of you letting go of lower third density principles and practices in your life you are not giving up those you care for in your present third density life – but only the childish principles that went along with your old self.

So you see everything you give up in life is replaced with something so much greater – but you are not given the understanding of correspondences and all higher representations of third density “things” until you have already given up old things in turn for being provided all things new. You will not be given understanding of providing all things for self in life instantly and at will until you remove first the belief of lack – want – and need in life along with the many illusions that come with the idea of owning and possessing all things on your present world. As you know those beliefs that are running ramped all over your world and planet at this day about value exchange – money – credit – taxes – interest – bartering – and trade – which provide an avenue to ownership and possession of all kinds? First the human soul has to will these things out of their life and reality – before all new things that will take their place through a higher level of understanding and Universal correspondences. First you must want a better world for all – equally – and come to understand how it will benefit all equally before higher understanding will show you how such a world is truly a potential and possibility.

The world around each of you is created by each of you individually – from the inside out.. Every reality you wish to see in your life that you see as a potential and possibility will indeed be manifested in your life on a level of consciousness that is equal to the energetic vibrations and frequency of those realities you entertain in your minds. It does not matter that another third density human does not see the potential reality you see or envision as they have their “knowing,” in life and you have yours.

We must say here and now however that you cannot change the reality within you and see it manifested in third density instantly as all things are worked out in and on third density according to time and space – and according therefore to those souls within you who will be responsible for such manifestations to become in place – therefore possessing the right and correct human forms who will bring the changes about. You in “third density” are a single individual and you cannot therefore make all the changes in third density that have been created as reality within your hearts and minds dear friends – and so this is where all your other selves ( present now and in days gone by) come in at this time.

Your many other selves on your world who are possessed by the same spirits and souls that represent the spirits and souls within you – who in turn represent the changes you wish to make to your present third density world and reality must come into place within the correct human beings – those human beings in fact who can and will come to make the necessary changes in order to manifest your new creations and realities in and on third density. This is not the case in the higher densities of course as all souls have come together as the God Man – in Oneness.

As you now know and have the understanding of how things are played out in third density – who of you is going to wait around for those changes and new creations to be manifested on your world – and who is going to go out and direct traffic (moving humans around on your world through your interacting with or changing their minds according to the condition you see your world in “now?”) to places they may not have otherwise have been meant to be? Instead what if you remained idle and passive in your present world ( higher state of consciousness) and simply allowed all things to come into place on their own – according to the guidance of the known finite Universe – the laws of attraction – and Absolute Truth and Data? Meanwhile you remain content with all things in your life as an awakened human soul (if you are in fact awakened) and let all things come to you in their season and their own time – outside of time.

Those things you create and wish for in your life will come to you much sooner if you simply remain content in all things in life – and let third density (the dead) take care of their own. We use this term dead as to mean unconscious souls – as it pertains on your world to those who represent the ones who remain behind when one awakens and moves to a higher level of consciousness. When you leave and you experience all the things in your existence that truly happen in the now – they do not happen in the now within third density. Therefore the third density representative that provides the house and home for your human soul at higher levels even will remain and see all the things you have created at a higher level of your existence – but they will see those things in time – according to time and space – and they will not see all things in the same bodies and forms – but according to their corresponding bodies and forms made for third density alone. So again what transpires in third density remains in third density.

Your third density self will therefore see all new creations by you according to time and space – and in their season – while all these things already exist in your fifth density reality. Even though all things exist in fifth density for you to manifest and create instantly and at will – still they too come in their season – with the body of the God Man experiencing all things  - given that the seasons move throughout the body and form that is the God Man. So an example would be when the foot is experiencing all the things created for the pleasure and happiness of the foot – the whole body and form of the God Man senses and experiences these pleasures and affections of happiness as well – instantly. Nothing of the body and form of the higher God Man is not shared – and nothing within the body of the God Man that experiences pleasure and happiness is not always experienced by the whole.

In third density this is not the case as all seasons are separated and all human beings experience the illusion of separation – and what is felt by one human being is not in fact felt by another. You have heard the phrase on your world ” We are the world,” but do you truly know what this phrase means? It means that when each of you becomes the awakened human being – soul – and God Man that all thing do indeed become shared within the body and form – and overall existence that is the God MAN. It means that when each of you becomes the God Man you need not travel or go anywhere in order to experience every reality you wish to experience – as the world and universe of the God Man exists fully inside of the God Man – where third dneisty mans world appears to exist outside him or herself.

Within the God Man there is truly a Universe – Solar system – Galaxy – or whatever you wish to call the Grand finite created realms of our existence. Just as blood flows through the human being of physical third density so too does it flow through the God Man – but in its corresponding body and form. There is no true flesh and blood within the physical bodies and forms of the God Men or Man - as all material and physical is provided by their third dneisty shell or house and home. Every God Man is a human being – is a soul – is a spiritual society and soul group – and is the microcosm as well as the macrocosm. Every God Man must serve a use or purpose in life as all the working parts of the Grand created universe is made up of God Men. There are God Men who provide all third density material and physical body parts for the human – all the individual parts that make up every body and form that is seen on your world – as well as every other world and density of our existence to eternity.

There is nothing that has body and form on any density of our existence that is not made up of parts – and every part – as well as the whole is a God Man. Why does each God Man man his or her post to eternity without ever leaving it – providing all working parts for all bodies and forms of all densities of our existence? Because in the spiritual world there is no place or time – but only now moments – only now. Because the use or purpose in life that each God Man serves is actually his or her ruling loves and true affections in life (affections that correspond to the actual bodies and forms) – the God Man never leaves his or her ruling loves in life – and consistently remains in equilibrium of life. An example would be that there is a God Man that does nothing in life - while in equilibrium of life – but make sure the third density human heart continues to beat – even while the human is fast asleep. If a God Man were ever to actually leave his or her post (in the spiritual realms) it is only because the God Man can be in many different realities at once – and never has to leave their post because there is no actual place or time in the spiritual realms.

And so when a God Man wishes to explore the universe inside them (microcosm as well as the macrocosm remember?) he or she does so never having actually gone anywhere. So look at it this way – in all of the known third density world and universe in fact – every body and form that has substance or mass is surrounded by a bubble or sphere – and within each of these bubbles or spheres are smaller bodies and forms that make up the larger ones. At the same time these smaller bodies and forms that possess substance and mass as well are also surrounded by a bubble or sphere – and this continues to infinity or eternity.  At the same time the God Man makes up not only every smaller body and form – and bubble or sphere – but every larger one to infinity or eternity as well. All working parts – and every individual whole is a God Man in the spiritual realms – in which case every body and form ever to be created from eternity has its corresponding ruling loves and affections that are represented and given conscious existence( you know it as life) to eternity.

Because the God Man is inside of all things – as well as outside of all things – the God Man permeates the complete existence of all finite reality – energy – and consciousness to eternity. At the same time because the God Man is all consciousness (fully conscious) in all bodies and forms ( as all things are truly a body and form) – never limited by time or space – he or she can move from one reality to another – from one creation to another – in an instant – and at will. And when each of you comes to leave third density for higher levels of consciousness in fifth and sixth density – you too will return to having a complete connection with the God Man – as each of you will become the God Man once again. We are the world in more ways than any third density human being could ever imagine – before the time of his or her awakening to full consciousness.

And now we speak of worldly matters without actually speaking to you on the happenings on your own personal plane and reality at this day – for we speak not of the things your worldly systems are playing out at this day nor them many myriads of individual experiences and lessons mankind is going through at this present moment on your world. What we speak of when speaking of your third density world and plane is Universal truth – Absolute Truth – and Absolute Data. We have no interest or information on the goings on upon your world and planet at this hour and day – nor do we wish to – as we could do nothing to change your present realities dear friends. It is each of you who much change your present reality through the choices you each make in the hours – days – weeks – months – and indeed now moments ahead.

What we have to say about the world and plane of existence each of you is presently sharing upon and within third density is that each of you is bound to that density of life and reality for as long as they can hold you all  (individually or collectively) in fear. In fact that is just what will take place on your world in the last hours before the awakening of every individual human being and soul on your world presently – as they know through those who provide them higher guidance – that in order to maintain their hold on each of you at this day – so that you cannot enter into another timeline and dimension of life – they must maintain the fear on your world through instilling that fear into the minds of as many third density humans as they possibly can – in order to keep each of you bound to their slavery systems presently in place on your world.

Those who are capable at this time to separate form their fear messages and information will do so not by simply choosing not to fear them or their words and threats to the population – but by receiving what is offered each of you at this day – offered to you through Absolute Truth and Data – or Universal Truth – and then begin to shape your lives around those truths. Those presently on your world at this day who do not receive or resonate with said Absolute Truths and Data will not receive and resonate with them – because they are not yet evolved enough or mature enough spiritually – and therefore do no yep possess the understanding that will allow them to awaken at this hour or season in their lives. Is all hope lost for those human souls who are not yet prepared for awakening? By no means! A human soul can awaken in the twinkling of an eye – simply by that human soul seeking good and truth in life – and therefore separating themselves momentarily from the clutches of all the fear being spread throughout your world today.  

Some may be a little while longer living in fear because of their attachment to the things of your world at this day – but if a human soul is truly seeking good and truth they will be lead to all Universal good and all universal truth (Absolute Truth and Data) through the guidance of the Laws of Attraction. We cannot promise you that you will be safe or unscathed by the actions of those world rulers and powers who presently control many things on your world at present – but we can show each of you what is available to all human souls throughout your world today – as has been the case in days gone by – but each of you has to make the choice freely in life to seek good and truth – whatever form it appears to each of you at this day. For Absolute Truth and Data do not simply take on one form of understanding – set of truths - or manifested messages and terms on your world today – but in fact it can be provided through many different messages – messengers – dreams – visions – going inside in that still small place only you know of – through prophets – spiritual guides – and many of these that are offered to each of you from different friends – family – and acquaintances in life.

What we are saying friends is that many options are provided you at this Consummation of the Ages – so as to make the shift in consciousness in this present generation on your world – while at the same time not all will make the shift in consciousness as your present reality is indeed heaven to some human souls on your world at this day – and they will not wish to leave your present world and system – and this is as it was determined to be in days of old. For those of you who can feel the pull toward vacating your present world – you are feeling that pull for a reason. Follow your hearts – and know that whatever choices you make they will be the correct choices. If you however wish to leave that world and reality of fear that is presently flooding your world at this hour and season you need only find knowing through the process of your awakening to Absolute Truth and Data – and that reality of fear you have so long been bound by will terminate for each of you.

Many things will be shared with the people of your world – many of those messages will be good ones – guiding you to that world and reality where there is no more fear or fear based ruling loves and affections any longer – but there will also be messages of doom and gloom – fear based and very frightening to those still bound in fear – but those who are to awaken will truly fell the call and be guided to all things providing for their awakening – while those who are not to awaken will continue living life as they always have – running too and fro – buying and selling – owning and possessing – bound in justice and judgment – war and punishment – belief systems and religions – still seeking to learn from man instead of remembering through higher self – living life in service to self and conditional love – and will go right on living in this manner as this is truly what they see in life as heaven and paradise.

Things are truly picking up in pace at this day – and just as our messages and many like them will be coming to you much more frequently (with much more Absolute Truth and Data) so too will the grip of the rulers and powers of your present world become greater ( with much more fear and threats being offered as well) as the separation is about to be completed – on schedule dear friends.

At this time we have suggested to our human host that he no longer offer guidance to those who still wish to follow the ways of the flesh and the present world that is to remain– as it is now time for all to decide – and in fact decisions are truly being made at a rapid pace on your world – and the hour has grown short – as it is time for every individual soul to return home. What is to be has already been – and because we are truly each of you in your future so to speak - we know who is to return home in the higher planes and who is to remain and take up where each of you shall now leave off. The decisions have been made dear friends and we are here to guide each of you home in your hour and season that is sure to come – indeed the hour is now at hand.

We now end this transmission and we offer you all unconditional love and tell you now it is done!

We offer you this message through our human host Daniel in conditional love as well – and he asks us to share this with you  – When the two become one – and the one becomes two – what will you do?