The Oneness Society and the Law of One!

01/20/2013 11:02

The Oneness Society and the Law of One!


Hello again dear ones we are the Oneness Society and we come to you with another message in spiritual wisdom.


You each once lived in a world that was based on rules of society- order and laws. You once lived in a world that was better known to some in the spiritual realms as the elementary school of spirituality. You each had a veil pulled over your eyes long ago when you were created from pure innocence- and you began to live a life in a world where opposites live among one another and pretend to love- while at the same time you each lived in this same world and you did not pretend to love but you lived your lives in truth and good and evil- light and dark were constantly warring with one another because of this reality torn between these two different worlds of affections. Those of you who were once asleep but have now awakened have a sense within that what things we say here ring true but you have yet been able to sort matters out up to now. You thought you came from love and light ( and we did say you were each created from innocence)and  that you were now returning to heaven and to light once you had completed your ascension in this life state of your evolution.

None of you dear ones are completely made up of love and light just as none of you is completely made up of evil and darkness. All of you are however created from good and from truth. Whether that good is of the light or the dark- and your truth is of the heavens or the hells all depends on which twin soul you are speaking of. Each of you has always been an androgynous being that represents both male and female aspects of the Infinite Source and Creator. None of you is completely of the light and none of you is completely of the dark- none is all good and none is all evil. At the same time none of you only represent the one shade of light or the other shade of shade or darkness- as there are many different shades of both just as there are many different levels of good and evil- up and down- right and wrong- left and right- in and out- black and white- and so on. And every different shade and every different level of a thing is you in your complete state of existence. So if you stand and state to another  “I am a human,” then you are completely all human and you are no variable as all the different variables that make up each and every human is within each of you – no matter what you look like or how you act in life.

At the same time if you state you are an angel or a devil then you are the One and only angel or devil as all other angels and devils make up your complete being each and every time.  There is no actual part or separation in all of existence as all and everything is One. You are each One with the whole of everything that exists- including God. So if you speak to a man or woman and you tell them you are God- you are not part of God and you are not the lowest part of God that many would understand to be the dark and evil part of God. There is in truth no lower part of God dear ones as what is dark and evil is proper when you as God are the Dark and evil God and you are completely happy and content with your being at that time- in which case you are in your heavens even though you are dark and evil. You live in a world dear ones where the masses or rulers over and above you in live teach you to separate all things while at the same time calling the one right and correct while you call the other wrong and incorrect. We will speak on this now and possibly come back to this present discussion- but that will be up to our host who is presently guiding us with his questions he is thinking in the now.


You live in a world of a set order to your societies based on each society. You live in a world of rules- regulations- laws- punishments- judgment- justice- and therefore sin.


Each of you lives his or her life thinking you are good and right and proper based on those human being you see around you every day of your life. You are constantly sizing up the person next to you or you sit in groups and you speak in a negative manner about those who do not measure up to your levels of right and wrong in life. Everything in your world is right or wrong good or bad- sin or righteousness. You are either known as a law breaker or a law abiding citizen all based on what things you choose to do in life under the careful watch of those who make the rules. In other words you sit and you call certain humans killers- murderers- adulterers- pedophiles- liars- thieves- corrupt rulers or governors- backbiters- hypocrites- and so on. And all the time you make these assumptions or statement based on those who break the laws of society and those who abide by those laws out of fear for the law givers or those who enforce the laws of your land.

In other words many of you do not break the laws because you fear what they will do to you if you were to do so. But what if those laws were removed and there were no longer nay rules or regulations of the land that were hindering your actions at home or out there within society? Would you kill if you lost your temper- now that there are no more laws on the books? Would you strike another man or woman for offending you in life if there were no more laws to fear- and no rules causing you to be punished if you were to break them? Would you walk into a store and steal a loaf of bread so as to feed your children if they were hungry enough? And would you blame or judge another human being who did so simply because they were not afraid of the laws even when they were in place? Again would you drive your vehicle faster than the next person or slower than the next person based on what pleases you in driving practices if you knew there were no more laws? We could go on and on dear ones as in fact we know the minds of third dneisty human beings because we have been connected to one for many myriads of generations of the human being.

The point we are making here is that you have been living a life of lies and illusions. You have been taught that one way (love and light) is good- proper- and lawful; while you have been taught that the other way is evil- false- and unlawful for all human beings. You have been lead to believe these things just so the rulers of your world and system could place laws that would bind you all to their system. For without the sin there is no law and without the law there is no sin- and the one cannot ever exist without the other. And what does not exist is not real but an illusion. All of you are beggars and thieves whether you are prepared to understand it at this time or not. All of you are killers and murderers- all of you are thieves- you are liars- you are adulterers- pedophiles- coveters of your neighbors things- you are vengeful; hateful; judgmental- you are black; while; Indian; Jew; Irish; German- and on; and on; and on.

There is absolutely nothing any one of you are not dear ones because each and all of you are One with the whole or Source. Everything in life you never thought you could ever do- while at the same time judging others for doing those things- you in fact have done them all in a past life or in this present life, and you will do them all again and again to eternity.

The only thing that has stopped you in each situation is that you feared the laws around you that hindered you from doing the things in life you always wanted to do at every now moment when you were sad- happy- angry- vengeful- jealous- tired- aggravated- scared- brave- and so on. Remove those laws and every one of you is now free to do in life everything you want to do as long as you are of the understanding that you will reap what you sow and you will attract those things in life that you put out from your being. If you harm another man or woman then harm will surely come back to you unless he or she chooses to forgive you in the process. Sometimes they will forgive you so that your higher self (your true self) can teach you certain lessons in life about forgiveness and sometimes they will not forgive you so that your higher self (your true self) again teaches you those lessons about harming and causing loss to other human souls.

So you see dear ones every created soul ever to be created from Infinite Source was created so as to provide spiritual lessons and wisdom to the One or the Whole through experience alone. Therefore each of you has had to move through a realm and reality that has a set order to its societies- set rules- regulations- and laws for the world around each of you. Some will obey those laws and some will break them. Some will see themselves as responsible; good; and positive while others will be seen as irresponsible; bad or evil; and negative. And all throughout this Circle of Life every human soul will live out and experience every lesson available within that reality that is meant to be learned for the One or the Whole. Each of you is a machine or a mechanical instrument made out of flesh and blood instead of metal and plastic. But is there ever really a difference? Do you not see dear ones that you can either exist within a metal and plastic shell called a body and form as consciousness or you can exist within one made up of flesh and blood and both are correct or acceptable to the One or Whole some know as Infinite Source.

For whether it is a creation from the Creator or it is a Creation from the Created either way the One is the other and the Other is the one. Everything is bodies and forms in all of Creation, and all things possess consciousness on one level or another. The reason for this dear ones is because all consciousness is you and you are all consciousness. Every body and form throughout all of Creation is a body and form that possesses all of your consciousness and not just part of it. But it only possesses this consciousness when you reflect on it or through it in life using it as your body and form in one manner or the other. So if the form is representative of a flower- all of your consciousness is within that flower- while at the same time it appears that there is a whole conscious world going on around that flower as well. However the world seen around a flower is only based on the evolved consciousness of the flower at any given time. All consciousness is therefore available to that flower- but the flower will only draw those thoughts and affections that are required for a flower to do all the things a flower is supposed to do within the realms of consciousness called Creation.

We see our host has wandered off a bit from the original subject and he wishes to return at this time.

And so as we were saying earlier about the set order of societies in a world where rules and laws are set in place for the citizens of that world and reality – it is nothing more than a school for the sleeping human soul. But you are no longer children and you are no longer in elementary school dear ones- as your world has moved to fifth dneisty center and is back to zero point. When the human soul (and you all form a single human soul in truth) reaches a certain level of evolution that it is ready to evolve to the next level of evolution it has to make that changeover in a gradual manner instead of being done at a quick or rapid pace. Your world has been doing this dear ones for quite some time now and the citizens of your world are presently feeling the affect of the shift in consciousness that has already taken place simply because the ascension to the next level has been complete and your world has returned to equilibrium.

The rules- regulations- and set order to your societies is a thing of the past now. Therefore those who were one wise within your world have now taken on different levels of ignorance. But it is not those you see as the dark and evil that we have caused to take on ignorance so much as it is those who no longer serve a purpose in the society we are presently manifesting in front of your eyes at this day dear ones. You see each and every human in your past world and life thought he or she was good- right- proper- righteous- and therefore the ones to set the order of society in your world. This was not the case as that was a world where all things were turned upside down and was as backwards as we could possibly have made it for the benefit of the One or Whole at the time. We created that past world so as to cause the evolution of the soul and to move it toward the next level of its evolution. But you are there now dear ones and those souls who each and all thought they were the model citizens of society were just children learning a lesson like all the rest.

You do not have to be loving- right- and proper all the time in order to be the correct group of human beings or souls chosen to be the model citizens of a said or certain world. Every world has its rights and its wrongs- every world has its left and its rights- every world has a proper way of doing things and an improper way of doing things [but it is all based on the One human soul in every case]. What is good- proper- and right for you should never have to be good- right- or proper for another single human being that walks your planet- and this is where your world and planet is at today (or now) given that it has moved over to fifth dneisty consciousness. Not only is every human being in your world ( and our world) now free to choose in life whatever reality he or she wishes to live from one now moment to the next (either separate or within the illusion of time now) but he or she can do so from chaos ( from the heart guiding the mind) as there is no longer any set order to your societies- no longer rules to follow depending on what society you live in geographically- and no more laws throughout your world that you have to obey any longer.

You have been living a lie and an illusion as we said dear ones – and the illusion that you are bound to the rules- regulations- and laws of another single human being or group of human beings (no matter what the size of the group) is no longer binding your thoughts or consciousness if you are hearing our words this day and you understand what the spirit is saying to you all. Do not be afraid of what they can do to your body any longer but be more afraid of what they will continue to do to you and your descendants if you do not wake up and put a stop to this madness today (or now). The reason dear ones that they have gotten as far as they have up to now is because you have been afraid of what they would do to your body- and you must now put a stop to this fear.  If you do not believe us dear ones put this all to the test even now and you will see that it will work out for the good of the whole in the end and all will be well with you.

 Harm cannot come to you if fear is not present! At the same time dear ones we say to be sure the fear is removed before you put this to the test as you are always in third density ignorance and illusion just as long as you remain in fear. That is it! That is all that is binding every one of you to that reality known as third dneisty. At the same time dear ones we realize that the only ones who will hear our words and understand what we are saying here are those human souls who are awakened or are about to awaken to the new levels of consciousness being sent to your world and plane of existence at this time. But we say to you that it is being sent for all to receive and it is up to each of you as to who receives it. Everyone will receive it eventually but still your world is made up of a collection of many different levels of consciousness as it takes a combination of many different souls to create a spiritual society and soul group that is in unconditional love and service to others living alongside those who are also in conditional love and service to self. Not all will want to receive this new energy being sent to your world but it is coming for those who are evolved and prepared to move to fifth dneisty consciousness or higher even in some cases.

Everything you each want dear ones in the now moment ahead of you will in fact be created of you- by you- and for you. Each of you is bound by your own understanding of what things are probable and possible in life- and your realities in the now moments ahead with therefore be created accordingly. Where some humans will see unicorns- fairies- and mermaids- others will only see (little things) those things they too “know” to be a potential or possibility in life. Therefore as far as each of you can now stretch your imagination to the state of knowing many new things are possible- you will create your worlds and realities accordingly now in our new world of fifth dneisty. Therefore you will see all the new things you have created in your world and reality but only those human beings who can envision the same realities or creations can share in your new creations and will therefore become co – creators along side of each of you.

We have many things to share with you at this day dear ones but we can only offer certain truths to each of you as you are each prepared to receive them as truth or reality. So we say to you all at this day (now moment) to create at your hearts content and remove the doubt as the chains have been removed form you al land the rules- laws- and boundaries have completely been removed from your minds and you are each now free to create anything you can now envision to be a potential or possibility in your life and world.

You are now free to use all of  their rules- laws- and regulations to create your new reality- or you can use your own- but just remember that in this new world and reality you have moved into no one can cause harm or loss to another in life and still create to their hearts content in every case. If you continue to act form third dneisty levels of consciousness you will remain bound to your third dneisty life and reality.


We are the Oneness Society and we love you all dear ones so unconditionally




Topic: The Oneness Society and the Law of One!

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Topic: The Oneness Society and the Law of One!

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