We are all living a double life!

02/10/2013 18:22

We are living a double life!


  1. Fifth dneisty earth is not a place but a level of consciousness available to every human being on the planet today (now).

  2. Third dneisty earth is not a place but a level of consciousness available to every human on the planet right now.

  3. You cannot be in possession of third dneisty consciousness while at the same time possessing fifth dneisty consciousness because fifth density consciousness is the inner human (inner and hollow earth).

  4. Fifth dneisty earth is representative of you as your higher self and you reflect your higher self by reflecting or envisioning and experiencing in the now fifth dneisty earth and consciousness.

  5. While we have two groups of people in the world today that reflect both timelines and both levels of consciousness in a most perfect manner I will explain the two – and their differences to you.


Group One:


a] I will not name names out of respect but the first group is a group that is bent on taking back their freedom- a freedom they never lost but simply gave away of their own free will.

b] This group does not know they are already free for the most part but believes they are still slaves and will continue to be slaves until there is either a war of some kind- a physical revolution- a mass arrest of all the powers that be (or were) or a complete surrender of same. This group is more than willing to get violent even though they often speak to the contrary and then turn around and show their real level of energy and consciousness through their reiterating past statements of “taking back their freedom.”

c] This group also does not wish to share their ideas with those of another mindset- as they do not wish to be a part of the smaller group who is for unconditional love and forgiveness of those who once had the world in slavery.

d] This group is willing to bad mouth others who are not of their camp even though they will pretend to an extent not to be of this mindset. They do their research- or so they say- and they use this research (even though they do not know if the source is trustworthy) to form an impression of other groups. So they do not hold a positive outlook on others most of the time.

e] This group is more than happy to have a new monetary system in their new society they seek and they are more than happy to retain the old system to an extent- by electing new governments and officials they believe they can now trust in the world.

F] This group speaks against war from time to time and yet their words often accept the fact that we may one day have to fight one last war in order to get our freedom back. They are not against violence even though if presented personally they will often speak different. If you listen to their meetings you will hear them speak of violence and revenge- as well as wishing bodily harm to those who ran the old system.

g] They often push away those ideas and organizations or groups they do not understand.

h] They are of a group that is in service to self even though if asked they believe they are in service to others.

I] Their intentions are good and admirable but they are being mislead by others simply because they are not yet connected to higher self – they are not awakened.

J] They are too trusting of human beings who are not awakened as well- and those sources are therefore still of a group of humans who are in service to self as well.

K] Their sources lie and provide false information sometimes because some wish to give the people good news while others wish to mislead- but they themselves do not know truth- but only a false image of truth provided them as well from those sources above them who provide false information as well. And so the false information is provided from one level of human understanding on down to other levels- on down to the average human- and no one knows a truth from a falsity.

L] This group and those who directly provide them information are third dneisty humans. Those who are corrupt- in service to self- and are the top echelons of the world leaders are fifth dneisty but are still in service to self. They know what is going on in the world but they want the world to remain third dneisty for their own personal reasons and purposes. They have been awakened but they are not of the group in the world today that wishes to return to the One- as they are in service to self and must be connected to service to self third dneisty humans. And so you have two groups at the top but one group at the bottom of consciousness.

m] This group always changes its tune just as soon as their predictions do not come true and they are given a new message or no message at all to replace the old one.

n] This group still believes in technology and is not expecting a new world to come where technologies will become a thing of the past.

O] This group believes in punishment and often the death penalty because of this - as they believe in vengeance and justice. This group believes in a physical heaven and hell and not that heaven and hell are conscious states of the human mind.

P] This group believes in religion and they do not believe they are God or the creator.

q] This group is not ready for a completely new system but only new rulers- thinking things will change for the better and remain that way if only they can find human beings they can trust to eternity. For even though a human might be trusted for a time- third dneisty humans die off and others take their places- in which case by keeping the old systems in place you allow for all our past mistakes to repeat themselves in generations to come.


Though there are many other distinctions between the two groups this will suffice for group number one for now.



Group number two:


A] This group is a group that is in service to others and is not afraid to back up this statement. They act in life and make all their decisions based on the overall good of the One or Whole of society.

B] This group does not speak negatively of others and is not offended when others speak negatively of them- as they are a forgiving group of humans. Which is why this message cannot completely be written by this second group- higher benevolent human souls.

C] This group does not believe in war nor do they wish to have weapons of war in any shape or form within their homes or society. They are for complete peace and do not allow for murder- death- or harm to come to others through sickness and disease- weapons- or one man striking another in violent intent. They are a people of jot and complete happiness throughout society- and they provide for the good of all- within every society- within the new fifth dneisty earth that has now come upon us.

D]This group does not believe in governments of any kind but only groups of Elders within each society- voted on by the citizens of each society individually- so as to only offer guidance and advice to those citizens who seek their guidance within every society individually- and according to the customs of said society.

E] This group knows it is free and that in the past each human being has in most cases given up their freedom because of the ignorance; illusions; and lower energy levels of third dneisty. That ignorance; illusion; and low levels of energy no longer exist for this group- and so they now know they are completely free in this new world of fifth dneisty- and they are acting now accordingly.

F] This group has no further need of a monetary system or usury and will therefore changeover to a digital system as a lead up to a system that will soon require no more than a hand shake between two humans. Therefore everything in our new fifth dneisty society and system will be free to all people of the world- within every society- whether third dneisty or fifth dneisty I nature. This group is prepared to share all that they possess to those who wish these things.

G] This group doers not need technologies- as they will possess abilities in life that will provide free and instant healthcare- cures for every sickness and disease- and anything and everything that can bring harm to the body or life of the human being.

H] This group will need no further technologies to provide further service s or resources in our new fifth dneisty world and system on fifth density planet earth. We are living on that world now and we have already begun to put many new things in place. Every need of a material nature for every human being will now be created instantly and at will by every awakened fifth dneisty human. Some things will be created according to groups and co – creation while other things will be created individually by a single human. No one will ever have to work a job or trade again as this will be nothing more than a hobby for all humans on fifth dneisty earth. Anything that can be seen or thought of will be created by fifth dneisty man- and technologies will be a thing that once existed when we were third dneisty humans. Once all third density humans have evolved and awakened to their new fifth dneisty consciousness and reality there will be no further need for third dneisty dependency for a single one of us any longer- but third dneisty will still exist for every human soul on the planet. They will now be the children that we once were- and we will watch over them.  

I]This group of humans already exists on the planet today ( now) and they are preparing the world for all the other fifth dneisty humans who are to awaken and become fully conscious on this planet once again- while those who are all new human souls taking their places in third dneisty will be the outer and lower human ( children) that have evolved to this planet- and will take the places of all human beings that were once third dneisty- so that all human beings on the planet today can move on to higher consciousness.

J] This group is equal in numbers to those of the other ( third dneisty) group in that every inner and spiritual man ( or woman) will need its corresponding outer and physical man to serve as a house and a home for every fifth dneisty light body or human.

K] We do not know how many humans are left to become awakened at this day because some who appear third dneisty at present are already awakened but only their higher self knows this truth. In other words I am awakened and my third dneisty counterpart has already come to me and taken the place of my old third dneisty person so that I was able to evolve and become my fifth dneisty self. Therefore that third dneisty human can still die according to his reality – but I cannot. So those third dneisty humans who are not awakened yet do not know I am awakened but only I know this. Therefore when all is said and done everyone will still have a third dneisty counterpart- and a fifth dneisty counterpart- just as was the case for every human before he or she awakened to their higher levels of consciousness and fifth dneisty. No one knows another has ascended but the one who shares a body and form with the one who has ascended or awakened.




L] This group lives their life in unconditional love for all human beings and is in complete forgiveness for all humans as well. They are always responsible for their own actions- words- and decisions in life and no one else ever is- or will be again. When you wrong- offend- harm- or cause loss to another that is between you and them from this day forward. There are no more laws to convict or judge you- and there are no more governments to enforce a law if one were even in place.

M] This group has nothing more to do with religion- prayer- fasting- giving (as everyone will provide for themselves eventually) - or exercises that have to do with providing health or blessings or different experiences for the human being. Everything for the new human can be achieved and created by the new human- in which case the body is only there to provide service to the human when he or she is in lower energies and wishes to experience certain things only access to the body can provide. Foods cannot harm you any longer- poisons cannot affect you any more- sickness; disease; germs; viruses and so on will no longer have nay affect on the body of fifth dneisty man ( or woman). No more fear- no more negativity- no right or wrong- no doubt but only knowing.

N] This group will no longer need automobiles; airplanes; buses; trains- and so on to travel the universe and world as consciousness will now be your method of travel.


No more need of bathing ( though you can surely do so if you wish) brushing your teeth- or doing anything more to your body to make it more attractive or more healthy as all will now be done through conscious thought. But if you still wish to experience these things they are there in fifth dneisty- and even third dneisty whenever you wish to visit these levels of consciousness ever again – on a daily basis (but remember there is no more time).

O] This group of humans is actually One and lives their life now as One- having agreement in all things. They agree in all things simply because every member of this group makes their decisions in life for the complete good and benefit of the One or Whole. The other group of course does not.

P] This group is on the world stage now (today) and they creating our new system and reality as we speak- and they are making great strides. When their work is done there will be no more money – no more need for technologies- no more need for religions- no more need for governments- no more wars or weapons of war (ceasing of the guns is a planned thing but not by this group- as this group does not need to take anything from the other group in order to manifest their new system and reality within the present world. This group is completely self sufficient. Both are living together in the world now (though it is now fifth dneisty earth) but the higher is aware of the lower while the lower is never aware of the higher – unless it is your own self or body and form.

Q] This group works in complete secret until its work is complete- the other group does not and cannot.


Where are these two groups I speak of?


They both exist in the world today and will continue to exist within the world for all the days to come.


They also exist within every one of you- as each of you represents the first group and each of you represents the second group.


Learn to live together as One dear ones because INDEED YOU ARE ALL One- this is where you will all remain - and this is your life.