Unity and harmony of life!

10/04/2013 19:37

Unity and harmony of life!


Through our human host we have been asked to speak on our present subject as there are two different points of view running through the minds of those on your world today when reflecting on whether the people of your world should come together in unity on all things- or separate and therefore become and consistently remain responsible for self alone in life.  And so we begin with our present message on this subject --------


There are many differences between third density reality and lower consciousness of the God Man and human soul and sixth density reality and higher consciousness of the same. Third density human beings from eternity have lived a life of separation and duality – and that never changes in and on third density as the human soul must evolve to higher levels of consciousness before they in fact see a change in this way of life and levels of consciousness. Many have in days gone by thought of and wished for their world to in fact reflect harmony and unity upon their world – but they had not yet evolved to a level of consciousness that would permit them to create such a world because it cannot be created in and on our third density planes of existence and life.

People on the lower planes of ours and your existence may come together in what appears to be unity or harmony but it is still in service to self – and every individual soul has many different ruling loves in life that war against many other ruling loves reflected in each and every human being and soul – and therefore there is no true unity and harmony of souls or societies of third density because of the true ruling loves of each human being and soul within and upon the plane of third density. Therefore when two or more human beings (who each actually individually represent a different spiritual society and soul group according to their true ruling love in life) come together to create a certain reality or way of life to share with all who agree with their manifested creation they only appear to be in unity and harmony of life according to the creation and reality they have created according to their own agreements in life.

What about all the human beings and souls who do not agree with their created realities? Where do they go and who can they come to in life so as to create their own hoped for reality – according to unity and harmony of life? They must of course separate from those who create a reality that is indifferent to their own ruling loves in life so as to truly manifest that reality that is not in agreement and is not in unity and harmony with those creations of many others. So where is the unity and harmony to be found on a third density world and plane of existence? If you say it is found in those groups of human beings and soul groups who do choose to come together in agreement on their collective created reality this is not the case.

They appear once again to be in unity and harmony according to the ruling loves and affections each possesses that are similar in nature – but the human being and soul is made up of many myriads of ruling loves and affections – and only the higher ruling loves and affections truly come to live together in unity and harmony of life – while al the lower ones are consistently hidden from all others so that each human being only appears to be in unity and harmony of life with all others of their collective created reality. An example would be that if a thousand human beings within third density came together and began a new system of currency or exchange on your world - that it would appear that they have a similar cause and are therefore in unity and harmony according to their new system they share interest in.

But what about all the working details that go in to regulating and performing functions within said system? Are all the collective members who have created this new system of exchange in full agreement on all the working principles involved in this system? If you were to answer yes to that question then we would further ask – are all of the members who collectively agree on this new system of exchange in unconditional love toward one another – or is it conditional love toward one another – for as long as the system continues to work in each individual members favor in life? Where is the unity and harmony of life – is it simply based on worldly matters and a new way to provide abundance to a certain collective group of human beings on your world and plane of existence – and will it continue even after such systems have failed where everyone will still accept one another in unconditional love for one another – or will conditional love have been played out for the duration of a working system – and then every one go his and her own way once said system comes to fail?

If said system does not fail in the lifetime of certain collective members of said exchange systems newly created by this collective of human beings – will unity and harmony be in place with said collective members of this new system of exchange when new members come in to the collective who only use the system because it causes them to prosper and receive abundance in life? The new system is one ruling love created by a collective of third density human beings – and the unity and harmony is only an appearance provided through the illusions of third density – and is only a temporary illusion that will forever change in its appearance – and will eventually completely fall away as new souls come into such societies or systems on your world – as everyone on yours and our third dneisty plane is wearing a mask in life – and that mask is constantly providing protection for lower human souls when they do not wish others to know their true feeling and ruling loves in life in days gone by as well as in the present on your world.

We have worn this mask in our past ( as you would come to understand the past) and we truly know that it is there only for the protection of ruling loves in life who wish to interact and co – mingle with human beings and souls of many other – different ruling loves in life.

There is no true unity and harmony on ours and your lower third density planes of existence therefore - because all things must be in complete unity and harmony in order for all souls who are added to said societies at a later time to be in unity and harmony as well – no matter what their ruling loves and affections are in life. Unity and harmony of life are found in the sate of mind for the human being and soul that returns in life to equilibrium. Because third density lower human souls are constantly moving in and out of equilibrium of life they cannot therefore ever achieve unity and harmony of life.  Again separation in third dneisty is a Universal Law simply because every individual human being and soul lives their life within an individual human body and form that is made up of many myriads of different spiritual societies and soul groups – all taking possession of the human body and form at different times – or within each different and new now moment within their lives.  It is a truth that each of you is a different soul within every new second your human body and form comes to think or reflect through a new state of mind and consciousness in life.

There is no true unity and harmony of life on your world – within your present reality of third dneisty because third density humans interact with words – words that can be twisted to reflect their required truth provided to every other human soul of their world – according to the true ruling loves of every individual human being. If third density humans interacted and held conversations through thought – as is done in the higher societies of their existence they could no longer lie – or be dishonest in their interactions and conversations with other third density human beings – but this is not the case in third density – ever. And so unity and harmony of life cannot ever be established on your world either – as third density humans do not wear their ruling loves and affections out on their sleeve so to speak – and they do not truly share their true ruling loves and affections in life with those they seek approval from – so as to join or interact with other third density human beings.

Until each third density human comes to a place in their evolution of the soul where they are in the process of awakening to higher things in life – and can truly maintain a level of consciousness within the higher planes of their existence – they cannot truly know unity and harmony of life as they cannot yet establish equilibrium of life on their own – being totally responsible for self as well as all things they create from self in life. And so dear friends – knowing the things we have shared with you here this day who is it that you can truly trust to share your creations in life with at this hour so close to your awakening to full consciousness?

Are you still willing to join in co – creation with those souls who may share an individual endeavor with you in life this day – but are completely opposite in all their other ruling loves and affections in life? Are you so sure at this hour that those who appear to be so similar to yourself are not actually so completely opposite to what you truly seek to change in and on your world at this day? If so – are you going to join with these human souls in conditional love or unconditional love – and do you know what is truly involved in loving another unconditionally?

If you would come to say that you are not yet ready to love those you partner with in life in co – creation in an unconditional manner but rather a conditional manner then there can be no true unity and harmony of life while in co – creation with these others – because they too are third density human beings – and third density human beings will forever be inherently dishonest in life. If you truly knew the ones on your world who are actually honest – as they are truly connected to higher self – then you could come to connect to these human souls in co – creation – but the only human being you can truly come to trust – who is the only one you can know of for sure whether they are living life in heart consciousness is you – or self. That is why each of you upon awakening to a higher consciousness will come to know that you must only trust self in life and be responsible only for self when it comes to creating and manifesting all new things about to shape your new lives and world.

It does not matter if you love your family as that love is truly conditional while living as your third density self – and even in such cases on your world there is no unity and harmony of life between family members of the same blood line – or even friends that you are attracted to even more so than your own families.  There is no one you can know to be anything other than what they permit you to see them as in life – and therefore you cannot – and never should trust third density humans with your future (or new realities to come – which have already been manifested by each of you in truth) though you can each come to love all unconditionally – no matter what they represent in your life – and you can afterwards come to experience unity and harmony from a much higher level of understanding and level of consciousness not of a third density nature.

You do not have to trust someone to love them unconditionally – you need only accept them for who they are in your life and world – as the trust will come for each of you when you come to move to those levels of consciousness only found with the fifth density God Man. So we say to you each here and now dear friends – if you truly wish to create and manifest the world you have many times over dreamed of in life – you can only do this through and from self – as there is only one ruling love identical to that of each and every one of you – and it resides within each of you – as it is you. Outside of each of you is all of your other selves who are seeking as well - to create their own world and reality – but they do so in an unconscious state of their existence – no yet knowing what it takes to truly create and manifest according to ones own ruling loves and will in life. They seek to create and manifest according to a false belief and understanding – and therefore seek unity and harmony on a world and plane of existence where these two ruling affections do not truly exist. If you wish to find unity and harmony of life – once again – you have to leave your present world through your higher levels of consciousness – where the physical plane of third density no longer has any bearing on your life and will to create anew.

Everything each of you creates on your present world and planet of third dneisty is a false reality brought on by many myriads of generations who have consistently attracted themselves to said reality through the Laws of Attraction and their need to complete their life’s purpose – soul contracts – and the evolution of the soul. Everything you create therefore in third density is temporary and is bound to one day have its end – while all things created above in the higher planes of you existence are eternal – and never need end unless you wish to visit another reality within a single now moment of your existence. Yes the rulers and governments of your world would so much enjoy that third dneisty man come to the conclusion that they must all join in unity and harmony of life – for in doing so you are only creating new realities and systems using the same old principles that got each of you bound to the fear based worldly system in the first place.

We know many of you believe the new systems you are attempting to create on your world are temporary until your true reality is to come on your world according to your liking – and ruling loves and affections in life at this day – but we say to you – it is not temporary for you but is only temporary for the present world you are now visiting according to your present timelines and dimensions of life at this day. When you lock yourself into a creation – it is there for you to experience all of its lessons in life until that creation is truly and completely played out in your life. Once you move forward in co – creation with others in life within third density – you will continue to experience that new reality and creation until all have completed the many lessons it has to offer – and all have played out this new creation to its end -as all is you – and you are each and every human being and soul on your world.

In ending this message we would tell each of you – that if you can envision the new world and reality you wish to see manifested in your life one day – always seek to focus on the end result and not all the details and different timelines and dimensions having to be experienced in the interim – in order to one day see your world and reality manifested in your life. All you need do is intend to see your world manifested – and leave the rest up to higher self who is truly your own - and most trusted guide in life. Do not seek to join in with others to help you manifest the world you desire but allow self to live the life it truly wishes to live ( separate from the fear based systems of your present world – as your world and life is the life higher self wishes as well – and you need not – and should not seek the co –creative abilities of your other selves in third density to aid you in manifesting and creating said world and reality – given they are each of another ruling love and set of affections that provide them happiness and equilibrium in life from now to eternity.

So what is the true secret to your awakening to higher understanding and levels of consciousness? Seek to become responsible only for self – and seek unity and harmony of life – but do not look for it on your present world and plane of existence – but rather come to know how to connect to higher self in life – and at will – and your dreams will be fulfilled in their season.

In unconditional love we offer you each this message of great hope – for unity and harmony of life – and for complete abundance in your new adventure known as you awakening.

We bring you this message through out human host Daniel – and he too wishes you all to come to love one another unconditionally – as this is truly your destiny.