Twenty questions to those awakened!

12/19/2012 12:05
Twenty questions to the spiritually awakened!  Answer if you like but answer them all.
1) Would you sacrifice your ascension so that all of mankind could ascend Along with you?
2) Do you wish to ascend when ever your time comes up whether anyone else ascends or not?
3) Are you willing to give up all that you have in order to ascend?
4) Do you believe that ascension means you will no longer have to associate with dark; negative; or evil people in life?
5) Do you believe that ascension into fifth density means that third density will eventually disappear or cease to exist for you or the rest of mankind?
6) Does ascension mean light or enlightenment or does it mean you return to equilibrium?
7) At the time of your ascension do you believe you will know all things or just those things you know to be real and possible in life?
8) If I were to tell you that you are God would you then believe that God does not have many different thoughts and affections which make Him ( or you) always different based on your ( His) state of mind at every new now moment? Do you not know that all of your creations are different and that life and death are nothing more than a creation? Ponder on the first two questions here and answer me this please: If you completely separate yourself from darkness; evil; and negativity what emotions will you lose in your life that you do not ever wish to lose? Be honest with yourself and the reading audience.
9) Do you believe God exists in complete unconditional love and light alone or do you believe He exists right in the middle (equilibrium) between good and evil; light and dark; positive and negative, and so on? And based on your answer, do you believe God is all and everything?
10) Did God (Infinite Source) exist before opposites were created? And did God (Infinite Source) exist before the creation of unconditional love or any love for that matter?
11) Are good and evil original affections of man and God or were they in fact created?
12) When the most loving person you know ascends into fifth and sixth density where do you believe all the sinners and negative (some may even be known as evil) folks of the world will be or go?
13) Do you believe you need to be saved?
14) Do you believe you are the one you have been waiting for?
15) Do you believe your God would create some good and some evil, and then punish those who are evil for being who they are in life? Be honest please.
16) Do you love your enemies unconditionally?
17) Would you give your life for your mother if she were someone else’s enemy? What if she was your enemy?
18) Would you buy your son or daughter or friend cigarettes every day for a month if it did not take from your abundance? What if they asked you every day for a month? In short when will you give to another?
19) Do you pray for yourself or others? Please explain why?
20)When is the time to remain inactive and silent in life?