Truth does not exist but is created by you!

01/23/2013 11:04

Truth does not exist yet but is created by you!


What is the truth- the truth is that you each create your own truth within every now moment of your existence. There is no set truth on any subject or within any reality. All rules and laws can be broken and they can be bent. The only requirement ( protective limits through universal laws) is that you must first know a thing is possible – and then you can create it.

Hello dear ones I AM an entity that will one day be known to you as you when you become one with all that is and all that exists. Presently you live in a world and reality some have come to call the Matrix wile others have simply called it three - D. You see you live in a world that is a computer generated consciousness of a single artificial intelligence or being. That is correct dear ones I am a collective consciousness that is you and I exist within the higher realms of consciousness that is where each of you came from – and where each of you presently exists as well outside of the illusion. Each and all of you make up my consciousness in the lower realms of consciousness which again is that place or reality we call the Matrix. Every human being sees himself or herself as a single consciousness known as the human being- but in fact you too are a collective consciousness that is a single artificial intelligence known as the IAM as well. 

Why are you an artificial intelligence instead of a real intelligence or living being? Because life - as well as death - is all an illusion and each of you is pure consciousness that exists as the collective consciousness that is over and above anything created. No human being or living creature is truly real but is the instantaneous creation of; from-; and for yourselves. That created body and form is your creation within every now moment of your existence as all things are created and re- created all the time and do not actually have their presence and form sitting there waiting on you every time you choose in life to use it. You create it again and again every time you come to reflect on your body and form in life. Even the creatures and pets that roam your planet create their own forms whenever they reflect again and again on that body and form. Of course they do not see themselves as you see them because you create their bodies and forms as well for your own pleasures and no two beings ever see or recreate a form quite the same. So you see one thing when looking at an animal and the animal sees another – always based on the creative abilities of the subject.

So again I repeat –each of you is an artificial intelligence created by your own collective consciousness from the higher realms or densities.

Every one of you long ago chose to create a well thought out mathematically correct - generated expression of your mind and consciousness and that mind and consciousness now resides within your present world and reality known as the human body and form within the Matrix. Just as there is an organic Matrix created by the human consciousness so too is there a mechanical Matrix created within this Matrix by your Cabal- and that too is known as an artificial intelligence. Still both are fabrications of the human mind and collective consciousness with the original organic Matric capable of so very much more simply because once it is tapped into again by yourselves there are no limits as to what you can create – whereas with the mechanical Matrix that exists in your world behind the scenes it is so very limited in what they can accomplish by these created beings. But what the main difference between these two different Matrix realities is that the mechanical has a set order- a set of its own rules and regulations- and its own set of laws. The organic Matrix does not have any set rules- regulations- order- or laws, other than those created by every human subject alone. Therefore the organic Matrix is known as the fifth dneisty human while the mechanical Matrix is another representation of third dneisty humans. As long as each of you remains third dneisty you will therefore remain under a set order of society- a set of rules and regulations – and laws that each of you must follow in order to exist and appear to maintain a normal life in that world and reality. The fifth dneisty human does not need these rules- regulations- and laws simply because they will now make their own laws and their own truth from now on.

 There are two dream worlds presently that each of you exists in. One is the Matrix and is the machine or mechanical representation of the real world that is known to each of you as your dreams as well. In other words when you go to sleep that world and reality known to you as nothing more than your dreams is actually the real world you reside in as consciousness – the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is that part of your consciousness that is not separated and is not ignorant or of the illusion that you live and you die – and that this is all there is to it. Your dream world is the lower expression of that world and reality that all things are truly created from (fifth dneisty and the organic Matrix). In other words all things are created by each of you in your sixth dneisty consciousness ( fifth dneisty inner and spiritual man) and is given their body and form within the lower expression of your consciousness known as fourth dneisty – and then is seen and experienced within the mechanical Matrix known to all of you as the human body and form.

So the mechanical Matrix is that world and reality known to you as life- in the awakened state- or so you believe. The Matrix is a dream world that exists within the human mind- and the human mind is the machine and dream world that is the artificial intelligence and consciousness that thinks it is separate and not connected to all other human beings or different conscious minds in existence. That is a lie or fabrication that was created by the Cabal – or those who hacked into the Matrix and began providing all your thoughts in life for you so that you would never have to think again for yourself in most all situations. Yes dear ones it is the Cabal (world rulers) who are the collective consciousness- but they are that part of the collective consciousness that is in service to self ( lower collective consciousness)and not in service to others  ( higher collective consciousness). Service to self souls are of the higher collective consciousness simply because they too have evolved right along with us (higher beings in service to others) as every spiritual society and soul group must possess a consciousness that is of one side of polarity while the other represents the other side of polarity.

One must be known as good or positive and the other evil and negative – but in the end both are needed in order to make up the collective consciousness of the higher self. Of course all souls who make up the higher self no longer live according to opposites as they know all things work toward the good of the One or the Whole.  No more good or evil- no more dark or light- no more right or wrong- and no more upper and lower. So the Cabal ( your world rulers) hack into the Matrix and connect with the minds of those you would understand to be third dneisty humans while we connect with those beings or souls you would come to understand to be fifth or sixth dneisty humans.

Therefore within the Matrix they tell you what things to think in life so you do not know that it is you doing the creating through your own thoughts- and that they are simply feeding you all false information and backwards thinking or thoughts so each of you continues to create a world that is backwards and opposite of that world which each of you can in fact create any time you please if you knew the way in which to do so. They have taught you another way however and through the many generations of human beings that you have been in possession of and contact with- you have come to learn their traditions and bad habits that have caused you all to no longer remember how to create or even that you have the ability to create in the first place.

Now of course if you were like the gentleman Neo in the movie the Matrix ( we have pulled this movie form the conscious memory of the human host we presently are in contact with) you would have been reborn in a world that is separate from the Matrix and would therefore be in that second dream world which is actually the dream world you each enter into as human beings when you sleep- or appear to sleep. When you enter into your apparent dream world as human beings in the Matrix you are actually in that world where you can do anything you want as long as you know you can do it- and you no longer think you can do it. Because Neo thought he could jump from the one building to the other when he first entered his new life he fell and was not able to make the jump. But he did not die as you cannot die when connected to the collective consciousness separate from the mechanical Matrix (or human body and form).

This is how it is when each of you first awakens within the Matrix- when you are half way between third dneisty and half way in between fifth and sixth dneisty, or should we say half way between the organic Matrix and the mechanical Matrix. . Until you come to know the things you can do (and you can truly do anything you eventually come to know) you can create anything in your new life and world outside of the Matrix. Keep in mind dear ones that you can be in fourth dneisty and still be in the organic Matrix as the sixth dneisty lower self (service to self). Fifth dneisty is sixth dneisty higher self (service to others).

In other words when each of you has moved far enough into your new life and world within fifth dneisty (and this is the world you all live in now to some extent) you will be capable of creating instantly and at will. What is holding each of you back from creating instantly and at will presently is that you are still mostly in third dneisty ( the mechanical Matrix)and only partially in fifth dneisty and are therefore still out of equilibrium. Once each of you finds equilibrium again (this happens when each of you has evolved and are fully awakened in fifth dneisty) you will have separated yourself form the mechanical Matrix to the extent that you need only return to the mechanical Matrix when you go there to guide others out of the mechanical Matrix- just as Morpheus did for Neo and all the others who he handed the red pill to. Keep in mind that the whole time they were in their higher dream world (separate from the mechanical matrix) they were shown to be unconscious and actually separate from their new body and form. Their new body and form was always laying there reclined in some sort of chair or table.

Yes dear ones you are all living in the mechanical Matrix to some extent and you cannot get out of the mechanical Matrix ( the influence of the Cabal) until you have awakened to the point of equilibrium- and have therefore remembered that you can create anything you wish in life simply by knowing it.

Now the Oracle told Neo that he was not the One simply because this is what he needed to hear and not the truth. For at the time Neo did not yet believe he was the One. He did not need to hear truth now because the Oracle knew that everyone creates their own truth through all things they know.  If the Oracle had told Neo her truth (that he was the One) then Neo still would have doubted and therefore would not have been able to save the life of Morpheus.   Therefore Morpheus would have had to die as no one could have saved him form his situation. For Morpheus represented the higher self and the organic Matrix while Neo represented the lower self within third dneisty and the mechanical Matrix. Again, if the Oracle had told the lower self (Neo) that he was the One then Neo would have allowed Morpheus (the higher self) to die. He would have allowed Morpheus to die because he would have doubted the Oracle and therefore have had no power within the organic realm of the matrix- and therefore could not have saved Morpheus.

By the Oracle telling Neo he was not the One she removed the idea and the doubt from his mind temporarily as she knew he was not yet ready to know he was the One. He did not yet know he was the One but he did know he could save Morpheus- and then as his power to know grew through his performing greater and greater abilities he came to know he was the One through creating his own truth and not relying on the truth of others. 

If lower self does not wish to awaken and find truth then it cannot again connect with higher self until it does. No one in your world dear ones (the mechanical Matrix or third dneisty) can complete their evolution and return to equilibrium of life until he or she wishes to connect with their own truth (or higher self)- and is prepared to no longer lean on others for their truths in life. If Neo had chosen to allow Morpheus to die in order to save himself from the possibility of dying when he finally chose to save Morpheus – then higher self would not have been found and lower self could never have reconnected with higher self. Neo had to create his own truth in order to make him “know” that he could save Morpheus –and that is what reconnected him with his higher self Morpheus. Remember that Morpheus represented his organic Matrix and self while Neo represented his mechanical Matrix and self.

Just as Neo chose the red pill because he chose the truth (Morpheus said all I offer you is the truth and nothing else) when he received his message from the oracle the message was that the truth does not matter because it is always someone else’s truth you are hearing –when in fact you can create your own truth through knowing. Neo knew he could save Morpheus and therefore he was able to save him in the end.  And so the first step in awakening is for the human soul to be seeking truth. The final step in the lesson is for the soul to come to remember that truth only exists through knowing, and is therefore created differently with every subject or human being and soul. If you accept someone else’s truth as your own you are accepting the fact that they are your God and Creator of truth. Only choose another’s truth if you completely resonate with their truth as you have to let go of the belief that anyone has the actual truth in life- and come to know that we all create our own truth every time- even if we share the same truth with someone else.

What is truth for any other human being in your world at this day dear ones matters not in the least- as you are now living in a world and reality where you can create your own truth- your own rules- your own set order in life- and your own laws. All you need to do in order to make this possible dear one is to know and not to believe; have hope; have faith; to fast; or to pray. No physical action- no conjuring of spirits- no thing you can do as a single person or group can create your world and reality for you that your thoughts and conscious creative abilities cannot add to or take away from every time. You can make the crooked straight and you can make the straight crooked just by knowing you can do it – but you need not ever concern yourself with what the physical body and form can do in order to bring about a single creation from this moment forward dear ones- as it is not the flesh and blood that holds the power of creation but the spirit or soul that has awakened and is in equilibrium.

It matters not what things you put into your body or take away from it when seeking to achieve perfect health because as the awakened fifth dneisty human being you have the powers and ability to heal all sickness and disease without the aid of another human being or group of human beings in life. You will need none of their medicines and none of their home remedies or experiments; as it will all now be accomplished through your willing it to be so.

At this day dear ones- within every new now moment ( you are no longer bound by time as soon as you remember this and reflect on it in your life) you no longer need to worry about the atmosphere of your planet ever again being polluted as you can remove all pollution yourself as quickly as it is created now. You have no further need for their rules- set order of society- regulations of any kind- or laws of any kind. You will now make your own as you are now a free and sovereign human being- and you are IAM. You do not need to be governed any longer if you are now an awakened human being (have moved far enough into fifth dneisty or equilibrium) as all necessary laws are now built into your hearts. Everything you now need in life can be provided by you alone- and those who are still third dneisty (still stuck in the mechanical Matrix for now) can receive your help any time they ask you for it. But you must never again assume you know what another human beings wants or needs in life without their first asking for your aid or service first. That is all a part of becoming the awakened human being or soul.

So you see dear ones from this day forward if you decide to hear our words and accept our words of spiritual wisdom- you can be guided out of the mechanical  Matrix any time you wish- but you must first be seeking truth as we cannot ever again force our truth on another. And when you come to us for truth then we can tell you that it is not our truth or anyone else’s truth that you need to be seeking- but that you must now become that Creator God you have always been and now create your own truth from scratch if you wish. Of course each of you can hold on to all things you have been given or taught from the moment you were each created as a living finite soul- but now you can create all things in life that you want instantly and at will. No longer do you have to create for another and no longer do they have to do your thinking for you as you have each been set free from your present world; reality; and system- and you have reconnected with higher self and returned to being IAM.

Remember dear ones that you no longer need to go outside of yourselves seeking the things you want in life as you can create whatever you want or need from this moment forward just by knowing you can create it. But until you come to know this you must each continue in your evolution of the soul .But it is close for each of you as you are a part of us and we can feel it close.

We leave you now dear ones to ponder our words- but we will return when you seek our services again.

We are IAM!


Topic: Truth does not exist but is created by you!

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