Thoughts on the creation of the CVAC's

03/04/2013 18:32

Thoughts on the creation of the CVAC’s


My added suggestions and questions on the post below by the BP  the Old China Man



BP The Old China Man speaks ----


Please consider the following steps for the implementation of CVACs:

1. On Global level set up CVAC Council.

2. The Council will then set up ONE PEOPLE RESERVE BANK to replace The Federal Reserve System. The only difference is that OPRB is not making money but provide money to everyone with no interest => Set interest rate to zero and relax debt repayment. (To infinity if necessary)
The easy transition is to change the CEO (Ban Bernanke) and keep the infra structure.

3. Set up ONE PEOPLE WORLD BANK to replace The World Bank. Offer Dr. Jim Yong Kim the current President to keep his position to accelerate his program to eradicate poverty in the world, but revise the lending policy with zero interest rate and flexible repayment terms. This will create a rush of infra structure projects (and jobs), which automatically will also accelerate the implementation of new technology.

4. On "National" level, which may be dissolved later on, set up CVAC to government level and offer the Prime Minister / President and the whole government infra structure to really work for the people. If agreed / accepted the government may become local CVAC.

5. Increase social security to a level that people can live comfortably. With this, we eliminate employment issue and automatically increase all wages to above social security level.

6. Abolish taxation and set up a new 'economic score-board' geared up towards a surplus sharing system. Everyone who has job will have surplus since they earn more than what they need to live (social security level). We are then free to 'share' our surpluses to the benefit of the community. Surplus sharing will than be recorded in the new 'score board'.
(Our current economic score-board is 'wealth' indicating those who 'take' the most are the winner. In the new score-board, those who 'share & give' the most are the winner)

7. The transition from current 'capitalistic' (profit oriented) system to surplus sharing system will change our attitude towards money. Simply we are changing the charity system into main economic activity.

With the above steps I believe humanity will change course.

BP - The Old China Man




I would like to add some comments to the ideas BP The Old Man had to offer- and I do like some of his suggestions very much by the way as they too speak of a better world.


Suggestions to follow in the order the points were made.


1) If we have a Global Council they would be over and above the other 192 (OR SO) CVAC's throughout the world. If we are all One now and there are no more borders where would the Council be located? If all is now completely transparent and connected digitally what would really be the need of a Global Council? It is already Global in that it is all One. To me the Council is in the transparent digital system is it not? There can be no one Council or group in the world that would ever again be over and above another - as all supremacy will now be gone. I respectfully submit these questions and suggestions for all to ponder.


2) Again there are no reserves any longer and no one has wealth- abundance- or assets over and above another- whether they work a job- provide a service- or is a hobo on the street. This will be an asset and equity based economy now and no more debt whatsoever. Presidents can no longer be president as that position is old system and a thing of the past. No more titles or ruler ship or authority. No more Kings- Queens -Presidents- Dukes or Duchesses - no more hierarchy of any kind. No more old infrastructure for the new system whatsoever.


3) Everything that needs keeping track of will be done digitally and out in the open in complete transparency. Again there can be no flexible repayment terms- as there is nothing to repay. There is no more need to create jobs as they will be coming out of the wood works once all new technologies are offered on the world stage. And those who do not even wish to work - no matter how high the numbers may be- because those who do not work and wish to be provided for by the new system will be provided for simply in their asking. Those therefore in the old system who still wishes to work will be provided jobs out the ears. Again I respectfully submit these suggestions in addition to what has been suggested and by no means over and above them- as both scenarios can be played out in the world for those who do not wish to live by the one system or the other. Everyone can create their own system and reality by themselves or by co -creating in small or large groups during the transition over to fifth density earth. I offer these words in complete unconditional love and respect and I hope the reader knows this.


4) You cannot offer those who presently hold offices in the old system jobs in the new system as this defeats the purpose of the new system. All jobs are of the old system in that within the new system there will be no actual need for any jobs. During the transitional phase of this new system those who have jobs of authority will not wish to work a job within the new system given jobs is no longer a requirement when everyone has access to the world assets or CVAC's. Most everything will be digital now within the new system in which case those from the old system would not fit in as they were (and in many cases still are) politicians and not secretaries. In truth all that will be needed is guides or Elders of Societies all over the world that are there for nothing more than to offer their wisdom and guidance to the people of the world. Again respectfully submitted.


5) There will be no more need for Social Security as again the elderly in society will enjoy all the pleasures in life they want equally and individually. We will no longer have to work -put money into a fund for later on in life so that others have the authority to divvy it out according to their rules and wishes. Respectfully submitted-----


6) Taxation is already abolished and certain people just don't know it yet. No more need for surplus as all will be provided for equally and fairly. Until they move over to the new system still they will not be given surplus (something over and above another) as all truly have access to everything. If they choose to hoard at first( before they awaken to their new energy levels and consciousness) then they can do as they please because absolute data will always be available to teach them a better way when they seek it - and they will all eventually seek it upon the release of absolute data. As far as the statement "Those who 'share and give' the most there will be no scoreboard as all will come around to this way of thinking in their own time without being forced to do so against their own free will. Respectfully submitted -----


7) Again there will be no surplus.


 I offer my words as my offering through unconditional love toward all humanity or the One -and I do not go against anyone's ideas or possible future realities and creations as these are for me and those who choose to Co -Create this type of reality alongside me or separate - when it is their time to be and do. It is a truth that all human beings have been set free through remembering who they are and what they can do or be in the days ahead.