Things pondered by Daniel Gross - answered by higher self ----

10/14/2013 21:15

Things pondered by Daniel and explained through the God Man and higher self!


Hello friends and loved ones – and all my other selves on our present world – I am Daniel. I have been in contact with many sources and societies of higher self as of late – and I must share with each of you the things I pondered following my most recent connection - to higher self and the God Man - and answered thereafter through higher self. I did not ask higher self or the God Man to answer these questions for me as I needed only to become higher self in order to provide Absolute Truth and Data to all things – and in a very timely manner I might add. And so I will put my ponderings in question form for the benefit of all – and immediately answer those questions through higher self and the God Man.


Please keep in mind that I am not speaking out against anyone when asking these questions – nor in the answers provided. I only take what I absorb in life and when it does not resonate with what I am to understand in the now or present - I take on higher self or the God Man for clarification. I wish to offend no one who may think differently than what my truths have to offer to the one and Whole – but at the least this is my understanding and truth in these matters. For it is a given that all are free in life to decide on their own truth’s while all is happening in the now.  And so I will proceed with my ponderings in question form ---


Daniel:  My first question is a simple one - Is it more beneficial to ask or pray for anything in life – whether for self or another self – and expect to receive it more easily than if we were to simply become higher self?


Answer: Hello dear friend it is good to be with you again according to your higher levels of consciousness – and so we will provide a better understanding of your ponderings.

When an awakened third density human being and soul comes to ask or pray to a higher representation of themselves for anything – whether for self or for another self in life - they connect to that part of their conscious spiritual society and soul group that is in service to self – as all things asked for or prayed for within third density are in service to self – there on your third density plane while asking or praying – and on your higher planes of existence as well – as service to self energies are what correspond to same – according to the laws of attraction. However an awakened human being and soul – at a level of their evolution where they have now received the necessary Absolute Truth and Data – they will already “know” that whenever they ask for something or pray for something in life they are in a state of their existence and consciousness where lack – want – or need is playing a part in their present conscious mind – and they are therefore in lower energies of service to self because of the Laws of Attraction.

As we have stated many times dear friend when you achieve a certain level of your awakening you will no longer have to ask for anything in life - for you or any of your other selves  -as you are now aware that all things are provided according to those things required to sustain you in the now moment. You have come to know that the human being is to have achieved equilibrium of life and is therefore now content in life with all that he or she has at their disposal within every new now moment to come. The human being and soul who is not awakened will not understand these things however – and will therefore draw on his or her own rational mind – powered and conditioned by your present world of third density – and will therefore do as he or she so decides in life in these matters – as we cannot offer advice or solutions for third density man in an unconscious and dreamlike state of their existence.

What we have to offer those of your present world is guidance for those who are in the process of awakening to higher self – and none of our words of guidance will tickle the ears or provide acceptable understanding for those not yet awakening on your world. Are they wrong to pray or ask for things in life from a God they believe to be separate from themselves – and existing somewhere out there in the space of your world? Not at all as they do not yet know their true selves in life. Neither are those who are awakening and still seek to pray and ask for things from a God separate from themselves in life  -as they too are not yet fully aware of just who they really are.

However the case is still the same for both groups ( non – awakened and those early in the process of awakening) still seeking things in life through prayer and asking for things that are already accessible to them in life simply by “knowing” these things are all accessible to them. If you seek in life from lack – want – or need of something then you are in service to self and you will connect to higher energies and consciousness that are in service to self as well. Therefore many times it will not appear that you or another has received that which you have asked or prayed for – and if you do – you are serving or in submission to a false God who is connected to negative and dark entities on your present world through the collective consciousness.

In these cases the Laws of attraction will either provide things or experiences in life that are fear based – in service to self – and of a negative polarity. For if you believe you are lacking the universe will keep you in lack according to the laws of attraction – or the person (other self) you may have prayed or asked for as well. If your intentions and thoughts however are in service to others and toward the good of the One or Whole ( Only found with the awakening human being and soul) you will have also received the knowing that you are not to ask for or pray for anything in life as you are the Source of all your own creations.  We hope we have answered you inquiry to your liking and full understanding dear friend. And so we await your next inquiry --------

Daniel:  If a human being chooses not to forgive self or another self in life – is this not beneficial to the One and the Whole?


Answer: This is a good question Daniel as many have pondered on this subject – and have truly come to the conclusion that it is not beneficial to the One and the Whole. Our simple answer to this question is - yes – it is still beneficial to the one and the Whole as all things are indeed beneficial to the one and the Whole that is the God Man. It matters not if you forgive another or yourself as both sides of equilibrium must be played out for the God Man (the One and the Whole) as well as lived within third density in order for equilibrium to be established as well as maintained  in the higher densities as well as the lower ones. If all human beings in and on third density were to forgive all things then those ruling loves and affections would also be a reality in the higher planes of our existence according to correspondences – and there would therefore no longer be a possibility for equilibrium to be maintained for the God Man – nor for the human being and soul within third density.

As it is third density man – as well as the higher God Man – are forever being drawn toward equilibrium of life to eternity – and we could never return to equilibrium of life if it were not for those ruling loves – affections – and souls that represent the human soul and God Man on both sides of equilibrium in all densities of our existence.  There is of course the saying “all things are permitted but not all things are beneficial,”  as this knowledge is not accessible or understood for the lower third density representation of our selves – according to the rational human mind created within a dreamlike state and world of illusion.   And so we conclude our explanation to your second inquiry dear friend – and are prepared for the next.


Daniel: Does a third density human being and soul need to raise their vibrations and levels of consciousness in life in order to connect to higher self and the God Man within fifth and sixth densities?


Answer: It is true Daniel that third density man cannot share vibrations and densities of life with the higher fifth and sixth density God Man and higher self.  However every third density human being and soul is connecting to higher self each and every day of their lives whether they know it or not. If they were required to raise their vibration and frequency of consciousness in order to achieve this process many third density humans would not ever connect to higher self until the season or moments of their awakening. Third density human beings and souls do not therefore cause the connecting to higher self but higher self causes the connection instead. The lower human soul can never raise their levels of consciousness but only higher self can lower their energies and levels of consciousness to that of third density and lower even – according to ruling loves in life – affections required – and the will of the God Man. Third density humans are there to stay in third density until their allotted time of departure from third density in the illusion of death – in which case they come to return to third density through the transmigration of the soul( reincarnation) and therefore take on a new human form as a newborn baby in third density.

The higher self and God Man chooses at any time – and according to their free will to do so – to return to lower planes of their existence – such as is happening at this day for the Consummation of the Ages – and the grand awakening of all finite human civilization throughout the known finite universe to eternity. Those higher souls who represent or provide a soul contract that is to incarnate into third density existence – within a human body and form – that is of younger souls will simply create new and younger souls so as to incarnate within third dneisty for them – in their place – as all souls that have lived out their seasons of life in third density never need return to third density – except through a new soul contract.

It is true that soul contracts continue on in to eternity for all souls – so as to continue their evolution of the soul – but the older or more evolved souls can come to spend very little time in third density so as to still provide a use or purpose for third density man to eternity. They are not however bound any longer to an individual human being and soul in third density life – but can move from human form to human form at will – for the duration of their stay in third density. The younger and less evolved souls can do so as well (moving from one human form to another) but they do so in an unconscious manner and do not yet know who they are nor anything having to do with Absolute Truth and Data.

However – in getting back to the original question – no third density human soul can come to raise their vibrations at will as they do not know how nor do their habits and ruling loves and affections in life ever come to permit this. Therefore the higher self will provide all things necessary for sustaining each individual human life according to the evolution of the third density human and will provide only Absolute Truth and Data to said human being and soul when he or she is prepared in life to live what is offered or provided. When higher energies and consciousness are therefore provided higher self must lower their energies and consciousness levels in order to provide said consciousness and energies to said third density human being and soul.  

He or she who ascends cannot do so unless he or she first came from whence he or she ascends. In simpler terms unless you know you came from the higher densities you cannot ascend into a higher density in and of your own abilities in life. Even when you know you came from the higher densities still what is understood as ascending is actually the creation of higher self newly created souls. Finally Absolute Truth and Data provide that true ascension and dissension are illusions like many other terms found on the plane of third density as there is no true high or low in the aethers – in or out - nor time and place of any sort.

Every higher soul is in existence continuously – along with all lower souls – and this to eternity. For the higher soul to take the place of consciousness for the lower soul – so as to provide the illusion of ascension (now representing Creator Source or the God Man) for the lower soul – the higher soul simply reflects on what is absolute instead of the illusion. The higher self assumes the conscious mind of lower self – sleep and the dreamlike state of consciousness are done away with in the now moment – and all illusion becomes full consciousness and the awakened state of third density man.  Many a third density human has therefore connected with higher self – has become higher self – and has traded their dreamlike state of existence for full consciousness during their every day lives since eternity – and all was accomplished through higher self assuming the conscious mind of said human being and soul every time.

And so we conclude our explanation to you third inquiry Daniel – are there others?


Daniel: Final question – When soul contracts are complete for our present generation and all souls awaken as to what societies they truly represent in the aethers – will the dark and negative polarity souls (those on one side of equilibrium) come to the light and begin to unconditionally love all of mankind?

Answer: No they will not as every soul is representative of his and her ruling loves and affections in third density (always) just the same as they were (or are) when coming from the higher densities. No created soul ever changes his or her ruling loves and affections to eternity – no matter which side of equilibrium they reside on – or what density of their existence their consciousness is found to be. Whatever ruling loves and affections a soul represents within the God Man these are the ruling loves and affections that soul – soul group – and spiritual society come to represent to eternity. Therefore when the dark – negative – other side of equilibrium type souls awaken in and on your world they will know themselves for who they are and what they truly represent within the essence and being that is the God Man. Therefore these negative souls in service to self in and on third density – upon their awakening will come to live life by the rules or laws of Absolute Truth and Data as they are provided them – and will not therefore wish to affect any longer the lives of third density humans – knowing now that they must now become responsible for self in order to receive all things – and return to equilibrium of life within fifth and sixth density.  Those dark – negative – and service to self souls who do not yet awaken will continue life as before – but will no longer hide their true ruling loves and affections in life – as all will begin to wear their true feelings – ruling loves- and affections out on their sleeve so to speak. In other words there will be no more hiding our true feelings – wants – and will in life as all souls are in the process of returning to equilibrium of life and their true spiritual societies and soul groups within the essence and being of the God Man. There will be no more hiding our light or false light behind a mask in third density any longer – as all will shout their truth and life’s purpose (ruling loves and affections) from the roof tops - if you will.

It is a process and the Harvest of souls we speak of here – where all return to that place in the God Man from whence they came will be a gradual thing – but it will be played out to its end – and all will begin to be seen for who and what they truly represent in life.  We hope we have answered your inquiries to your satisfaction Daniel – are there any other questions you wish to present to us at this time?

Daniel: No thank you as you have provided sufficient content for myself and other selves to ponder at this time.


And no I end this transmission of the two densities of my existence – and hope we have provided sufficient understanding for all to ponder at this time. In unconditional love --Daniel