There is a love that is service to self

12/19/2012 12:14

There is a love that is service to self!

We of the higher sixth density realms of existence wish to offer you all dear ones an explanation on the subject of what is required in order for a human to be in service to self which is also being in conditional love and what is involved in living in service to others and therefore being in unconditional love. We do this at this day and hour for your world (third density) dear ones, as we now prepare ourselves for you to come and make your new homes among our numbers very soon. The reason for our coming forth this day and hour with this message is because we are aware that third density souls do not understand what love it is you are to be seeking in order to make the shift that is shortly coming and how a new understanding of love will offer each of you a whole new understanding on becoming in service to others as apposed to living in a world that is solely in service to self.

Now we realize that many of you today feel that you have served the brother; sister; and neighbor before yourselves many times in your present life but we tell you dear ones it is not so. You have served self in that you have always thought or acted in a manner in which is in agreement with your own beliefs and wishes in life while assuming you know what is best for your friends and neighbors. You have always expected something in return for your many good deeds, even though that something may have been nothing more than satisfaction and pleasure for doing for another those things you believe is for their own good or needs in life. To be in need is not permission for any human soul to offer assistance to another. There are benevolent awakened souls in your world who would never ask your assistance whenever they appear in need as they would not learn the lessons in life they were previously scheduled to learn.

Because of a choice they each made long ago in the ethers, to prepare certain lessons for themselves at the time of their incarnation into your present world, they know they must endure to the end with only the things they have provided for themselves. They also know that when there comes a time that they feel they are in over their head and cannot endure certain experiences in life that they have the free will to ask for assistance, and they will not be judged for such actions. Still an enlightened soul knows that it is far better to learn the lessons whenever this is possible for any awakened or non awakened human being. Therefore an awakened human will never act to aid or assist another human being unless they are first asked to do so, and even then they will hesitate often times so as to ponder on whether or not that human can endure the lesson they are about to learn, in which case the awakened soul will decide whether or not to be of service. This is not cruel as some would think as it only makes us stronger and allows for a human to later understand just how much we can endure when we put our minds to it.

If an awakened soul believes an experience is too harsh or painful for another human and the other human should ask their assistance in making it through such an experience (or the awakened soul believes the other human would wish for their assistance because the lesson is too harsh for their present state of life) often the awakened soul will indeed assist, rather than watch another human suffer beyond what they can endure. Still only an awakened soul has this ability as they have been enlightened to these matters, and will always seek to act according to the good of all humanity in all situations. This dear ones is what is called unconditional love and service to others. Now if you were to act in the opposite manner; one in which you always came to the aid and service of another human whenever asked to do so, and when not asked to do so, then you would be considered (through universal laws) to be in conditional love and in service to self. So in most all cases an awakened human being will not help or come to the aid of another human being in life.

Before we move on let us explain a few things to you dear ones. We are not saying at this time that it is the practice of an awakened human to sit and watch another human being die when their flesh is in flames; at deaths doorstep with no hope of recovering; or to appear to be in such pain that a human cannot endure it. Still we are human and we are bound by the laws of third density when we are in contact with or are called to the assistance of a third density human being. We cannot choose between the life or death of another third density human as this is only given to be decided by you dear ones, as was your decision long ago in the ethers when you were among your peers in the higher densities. And because this (life or death at any certain time in your third density human existence) was decided by each of you long ago, it will also be decided by you in the flesh when the time comes. Now of course others will act in some situations to stop the death of another human being, but it is actually you (long ago) who chose for their involving themselves in the matter (as all humans are nothing more than your other selves).

We dear ones of the higher realms have had our hands tied therefore because of a decision each of you made long ago when you were presented with lessons of this magnitude, as you wished to push yourself to the limits in some situations while pushing not so much in others, for the sake of others. Many of you would often ask why God would allow such misery in our world to take place, but the truth of the matter is each of you is that God that allows some things while showing much compassion in other situations. God ( you) is not a cruel; inconsistent; and  unjust God, but the lessons God ( you) laid out for you long ago were laid out for the good of your whole spiritual society and soul group, and not just a single human being as is believed.

Death is an illusion and each of you will experience the illusion of death that you need to experience. When someone shortens that lesson it is permitted by you because you knew in the higher realms long ago that this was how it had to be on that day in your physical third density human existence and life. You knew (your higher self in sixth density) when the time came that your dying (fleshly human) would not hurt in the least as it is an illusion. Still it is the other selves that represent other humans in your world ( those who witness your death) that will learn the lesson in these circumstances, as they are the ones left in the illusion of life while they also witness your illusion and theirs of your death. If you are an awakened human you will allow the death of the human as you know they are better off, but if you are not awakened you will in many cases attempt to save the life of the human and will of course be in service to self (conditional love) because you will know no better than to act as you have been taught, and will believe death is a bad thing in your world. But it is you who presently believe this and it is you therefore that is acting according to the illusion that you know what is best for another living soul. These are hard truths dear ones but they are truths being offered from those realms of unconditional love and service to others.

What bad things appear to be happening to other humans are usually not as painful to those humans as is the inner pain another human has to endure while witnessing the suffering of a friend; neighbor; or loved one in life. Every human being in third density has a different level they can withstand in pain, and that level is always determined in life by the level of the lesson to be learned. In order to aid in this situation in your world and sphere of existence each human being is surrounded at all times in life with a bubble or sphere that can either be a protection to them or it can allow in harm; sickness; and disease.

This is why those loving mothers in your world who do not fear for their lives when taking care of their sick children who have gotten bad viruses or plagues do not end up getting such sickness and diseases. There is no fear in unconditional love but only in conditional love. So in other words if a mother believes it is her duty to care for the sick child, rather than doing so with no fear and no expectations, she loses that protection of her sphere surrounding her human form. She has put conditions on her love and so she is in conditional love and therefore in service to self. A mother in unconditional love and in service to others is a mother who has no fear for her life when caring for a deathly sick child.

In your world dear ones it is those dark leaders of your world who have over the period of many generations of teaching the people traditions separate from spiritual truths, that you have been taught to help whenever another human is in need, but your Churches do not always practice what they preach. The small Churches of your world will because they are still in innocence and know not the things of an awakened soul. The Churches and rulers of your world do not practice what they preach because they still know the old spiritual teachings of unconditional love and being in service to others. They know that they are not to help unless asked, and that even in those situations they are supposed to allow for lessons in your world to all human beings. The Churches of your world therefore are being guided by higher sixth density service to self souls of a non material and physical nature. They are service to self in third density but service to others in sixth density. They do what pleases them and provides for their happiness in third density but they do what an awakened soul is to do when they come in contact with third density humans. Therefore if you become an awakened human being their ( the present world rulers) truths will all gradually become known to you as you too will began having contact with higher sixth density human beings. Still dear ones we must warn you all to remain cautious as those souls who we speak of who continue to rule your world are “Service to Self” higher beings, whereas you will also come in contact with service to other beings or souls when you awaken and will therefore have the choice from the awakening on to be of Sts or Sto affections in life. But more on that in a moment as we wish to continue on the Law givers of your world.

The law givers give you their laws to abide by but they themselves do not abide by them as they know they are unlawful in a spiritual sense in third density alone and not in sixth density.

If each of you has representatives (many) who reside in the higher realms that many of you call God, why would you think all things have not already been prepared for you in this life, and that you are all indeed loved most unconditionally? Why? Because you have been taught over many generations of human life to believe these things and therefore live your lives in fear of what things you will have in order to survive from day to day and deep in to tomorrow. You have not because you fear you will have not whenever you need or want in life from the moment you were each born into your world. You believe the law givers are bad and negative when in fact they can be seen in a positive manner once you see them for what they truly represent in the spiritual realms.

If there were no sins- If there were no offense by one human toward another in life then there would be no need for the law, but the sin and the offense will always exist within third density life and existence. Because of this and the need for sin and offense the law was long ago created through mankind. First you had the laws Moses brought down from the mountain and then the laws that man provided within every generation upon your planet; some taken from those laws of Moses and some added from one generation of mankind to another. The laws of Moses were not added by God but they were created by mankind to punish those who offended and sinned against other men from eternity, and will continue in this manner on into eternity. Third density life and existence will never cease to exist as it is the foundation of mankind and his existence.

So we say to you dear ones get rid of the sin and the offense and the law will fade away on its own without the need for mankind to remove it forcefully upon the awakening. To awaken is to fully understand that everything in your life has been a lie. If we were ever to suggest to you dear ones a work to read that was written down in your words it would be the book of Romans within your holy bible. Read those words with the understanding we have presently given you and you will begin to understand if indeed you have been led to our words of your own free will.

As we have stated before those in your world who presently rule your world would surely appear to you to be bad and evil people but we tell you that in this new Golden Age of Enlightenment wisdom will come to those who were once now wise and ignorance will come to those who once were wise, as all things will begin to be seen in their opposite light and truth will be spoken loudly from your rooftops. Those who rule your world dear ones will continue to rule your world as they have always done, and no one human being will ever have to take the place of another human being who once appeared to be corrupt and against the good of the people. Those who hold offices of power in your governments will continue to do so but they will begin to do so with a whole new light about them. Third density is not what will change about your world dear ones but it is you who will change and will move out of third density while at the same time living along side it and seeing it from what appears to be the outside, when in fact you will become the inner man.

Man in the world you presently live in will gradually be of less and less concern to you all dear ones, as you take on a whole new understanding of life and existence. They will continue to fight their battles – they will continue to lift up their arms in aggression – they will continue to see fault in one another – they will continue to incarcerate their fellow humans; judge them; convict them; and punish them. Some will continue to suffer long term detentions while others will be put to death. There will be the sick and the lame; poor and the rich; homeless and hungry; uneducated as far as man is concerned; and worst of all they will continue for a time to be lied to day after day; year after year; and life after life. Third density will continue on most assuredly but you dear ones will move on to a whole new life and world while your evil and opposite twin will remain to continue his or her education in the material and physical plane of existence.

No one is leaving this world in ascension and no one is leaving this world of yours in order for each of you to ascend. Truths will not be told in order to set the people of your world free. They will be told to prove to you all that what was will never again be of concern to any of you as it is no longer important what has happened in the past. Again those who you know as your world leaders have only done for you what you long ago asked them to do for you and toward you in this life. They were already awakened long ago and are here to help guide each of you into your awakening as well. They cannot offer you unconditional love and teach you of being in service to others until each of you are prepared to accept those teachings, in which case the awakening is happening every moment of every day in your world, and every soul will awaken in his or her own time. There will be some of you who hear these words now and will accept them and there will be those of you who will skip past them this time around, only to come around once again – and again if need be, until all have awakened to the higher vibrations and wisdom of sixth density.

Before you saw your world rulers as dark and evil because they did not provide you the things you each wanted out of this present life. The truth however is that they gave you each what you asked for and you simply forgot these things long ago because you descended down into this present existence of yours so as to live out those lessons and experiences you chose to teach others as well as learn the lessons that those others sacrificed themselves for so as to teach you as well the lessons of third density life. Therefore some offer themselves to descend and represent the dark and evil, as well as good and positive lessons of your life while you do the same in order to provide such things to other souls in life. But these things we tell you were all worked out long ago, and have long been forgotten, until this day that is.

As long as you continue living your life dear ones in conditional love and service to self you will not see the rulers of your world for whom they truly are. Yes they are in service to self; yes they are living their lives in conditional love; and yes they appear to be dark and evil to the people of third density life, but they were asked to provide it all to you and for you while at the same time they are permitted to enjoy the life they are living in Sts and in conditional love to their fellow humans. When you remember what they provide, and realize you no longer need their services their opposite twin souls, who are in unconditional love and in Sto will begin replacing those human beings in possession, and will turn your world upside down, inside out, and you will begin sixth density life.

But first you must know dear ones that this is what is happening and stop blaming the world leaders and rulers for doing what each of you asked long ago. Stop looking for another monetary system; stop looking for new technologies that you can afford, while others in your world are penniless and have no possible way of sharing in the pleasures of such technologies, as long as mankind seeks to profit in life off of a lower class of poor citizens in your world. As long as you seek someone to rule in your societies and provide the rich with a way to continue to take advantage of those less fortunate in society you will remain third density. As long as you have wars and possess weapons of war there will be wars. As long as there is the law the will be offenses and punishment of mankind. As long as there is punishment there will be death; wars; and lawbreakers.

The rulers of your world know this dear ones, and their commitment has been to remain until the very last soul has learned the lessons they committed themselves to learning long ago. When all lessons are learned all human souls will know that the bad guys have always been the good guys, but it is we who have had to learn the lessons in life between conditional love and Sts Verses unconditional love and Sto. The enemy is not outside of you in the world around you but the enemy is within each of you. The things each of you want the world rulers to provide you in the days ahead are the very things you no longer need in order to move on to a higher vibrational existence within sixth density. The choice is your! You can drag it out for yourself and the world rulers will hang around for a while longer, or you can get with the new program and move on in ascension. Sill it is your choice and no one else will make it for you. How do you spring yourself dear ones from this trap? Simple! Seek unconditional love and living in Service to others and you will move on in ascension simply by expecting that you will move on in ascension. We have explained to each of you how to love unconditionally and just how it is that you can be in Service to others in life. Now all you need to is act it out in your life. We wish you all well in doing so and we look forward to seeing you all very soon in the higher densities of the sixth.

We are the society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.