There is a love that is service to self - Part 3

12/19/2012 12:10
Hello again dear ones it is us again of the sixth density society Daniel and we come to you once again to speak once again of our previous message to you on topics such as Service to self; Service to others; compassion while in third density; and the Cabal of your world. It is a truth that these topics are very important for your awakening at this day and hour. As we have seen many of third density wish to understand our words we also understand that it is very difficult to go from the understanding that your world presently holds on these subjects to the understanding it takes to connect with your higher selves and in turn take on a sixth density understanding of these same subjects. We will therefore continue to attempt to provide you with that understanding.
We will begin at this time in speaking on the subject of your Cabal or present world rulers. Now we realize the situation seems hopeless for many of you as you are those who would be considered poor in your world and it appears the present world rulers are doing very little to make your situation more even with those known in your world as the average middle income families, and even the rich of your world for that matter. We know these things simply because this is how it is in every third density world at the time of the Consummation of the Ages. Because we know when your iron age began in your reality and plane of existence we therefore know when it will end, though we do not know exact days or hours within your illusion of time.
Now often we pick up the vibrations of many of you and can feel that you are wondering whether or not it is our sixth density Sts or sixth density Sto levels of consciousness speaking at any given point in our messages to you and we would tell you that often it is our sixth density Sts consciousness as those are the souls within our society who are concerned with those things of your world, while the sixth density Sto souls within our society care nothing for the happenings in your world simply because we know it is all illusion and lessons for our society, which in fact is your society as well, and we could change nothing even if we wanted because of universal laws, and so we do not burden ourselves with the knowing of your sufferings when we cannot change them or take them away. At this time we work in tangent with our sixth density Sts Souls to bring you these messages of your world and they in turn offer their pars whenever it is needed. If they were to offer untruths, as they would often wish to do, we would know this and would simply let their deception known to the reader. Therefore they in most cases do not attempt to add their falsities to our words.
Therefore dear ones third density Daniel (fourth density mind and consciousness) knows in most instances when he is being deceived as he has been in connection with his sixth density higher consciousness ( Sts and Sto) for quite some time now and knows the one ( Sts souls) from the other (Sto souls). He knows what we have taught him over many hours of study in your world and therefore realizes he has a positive and he has a negative side that both feed him information in his lower mind and consciousness, with one feeding him information pertaining to his present world and life, while the other speaks only of higher things having nothing to do with his present world and life, but the one to come in the higher planes of existence.
He also knows for the most part when the ones group of souls is speaking and when it is the other group. Therefore the human Daniel in lower third density consciousness pretty much knows that even though those Sts Souls speak of things of the present material and physical world he presently resides in, they can often give him false or deceptive messages if he is not on his toes so to speak. As we cannot tell Daniel what things he is being deceived about ( when pertaining to his present life and world, we can provide him corresponding understanding which will often guide him back to higher understanding of your world, in which case falsities he has received will no longer make sense to him, and he will see those deceptions for what they are. We tell you these things dear ones as we wish you to understand that it is not always those sixth density benevolent Sto souls speaking in our messages, but that we are always guarding to make sure the human Daniel is given good information just as often as we possible can, while still remaining in universal free will to the human.
We also would state to each of you who later come to read our words that you too have the same benevolent and malevolent souls in your higher realms of existence looking over you this day and every day, who do the same for you based on your level of understanding of spiritual matters and the evolution of your soul. And so we will again speak of your Cabal in your world.
As we stated previously the Cabal (world rulers) like the things of your world because they previously were the ones who molded your world based on their ruling loves in life. The fact that they are losing their hold on many of you this day , with so many more of you to come (awakened souls), simply means they have to move aside because like attracts like and they do not like the souls who are about to inherit your present world and life. They (Sts malevolent souls) cannot destroy those (Sto benevolent souls) or cause their present reality to cease to exist simply because the awakened souls have the free will to do as they please in life and they now know this. You cannot make a slave out of a soul that knows it is no longer a slave, and that it never really was to begin with. In other words those souls possessing human beings in your world today are not of the majority of Sts Souls any longer, but Sto.
Again what this means is that the ruling loves of the majority of human beings in your world today dear ones is of the benevolent and Sto nature in life, and cannot therefore live under the illusion that it can be enslaved or ruled any longer, and if they have not already realized this, they are beginning to know this. Those who still are of this nature in your world today dear ones (believe they can be enslaved and ruled) are simply those younger souls who have not completely awakened yet, but are about to very shortly. However there are enough awakened souls in your present world to have began the transition from the Silver age to the Golden Age, and those who are not yet of the Golden Age will be protected and constantly guided as long as they choose the positive timeline ( even if they do not yet understand how it will come about).
Keep in mind all of you that even the human Daniel has just this hour come to know the things we speak here, as he too has had many questions as to how it will all come about and be worked out so that everyone will awaken and ascend. The only really good hint we gave him a while back was that we assured him that everyone who made up his world presently would make up his world when he awakened into the Golden Age of Enlightenment, and all would call sixth density their new home. In other words there will be a Daniel in sixth density while at the same time there will always be a Daniel in third density. Each of you will have a counterpart in sixth density while at the same time you will always have your corresponding person or consciousness (counterpart) in third density as well. Third density will never end for a single human but the souls that provide the life; death; and illusion of both will change.
The world rulers in your world are no different dear ones, as they too have counterparts in all densities and they are all coming here in your present world to guide you each home to your higher planes of existence. But in order for you to understand how this will all unfold the first and most important detail you must each understand is that a human is not a single entity but a society of benevolent and malevolent souls who exist in all densities and levels of consciousness all at the same time, which is the present now moment, and now is present always. If you continue to hold on to the beliefs and traditions of third density and therefore continue to judge and to blame those who have long ruled  the citizens of your world then you may be a young soul who will soon leave here for a new world, though it may still be in third density.
To put it plain everyone will awaken and ascend and everyone will move on and return to third density. It is you ruling consciousness that will move on and your newer (babies) souls that will all come and take your place and continue third density for you, so that each of you may move on and wake up one morning all of a sudden in sixth density or higher. Some will appear to awaken sooner than others, but when each of you gets to sixth density and above you will see every human soul you see today already there as their sixth density corresponding soul.  It will always depend on your level of understanding of the present ways and traditions of your present world and life in allowing you to understand whish souls possessing you are third density and which are sixth density and higher.
 In other words if what is practiced by those citizens of your world who are of the lower vibration of third density (wanting money; power; ruler ship over others; technologies that allow you to live better than others; wars and weapons of war; and enjoy a society that aids the rich while subjugating the poor), then (those souls who love those things) these are the souls that possess you that have not yet awakened. Again if a soul does not awaken it does not mean the human has not awakened it simply means those souls not awakened will make up the hells or lower societies of every human upon ascension. We have often been told dear ones that we over explain things, and we are happy to do so as this is the day and time when things should be over explained for those who are hungry for the truth.
And so we reiterate, each of you will awaken and ascend ( and are in the process of doing so) as will the Cabal( world rulers) of your world, but it must all happen gradually as all things are to come to pass in their own season. Still we would also add dear ones that the season has come for your awakening and many of you are already there and just don’t know it. Each of you has a piece to the puzzle, but there are certain pieces missing for each of you that simply make it all seem so very fuzzy presently. That could change in the next hour; the next day; or the next week. As you have often been told, things are being taken care of and set up behind the scenes and when it all breaks loose and wonderful things begin to take shape it will all happen very fast, as all the hard work ( so to speak) is already done.
What things you see in your world presently are those things your media and news providers are beings told presently to tell you. This too is not a bad thing as it would appear to many at this day. Remember that those souls who are awakened or are presently awakening are not out there seeking to arrest, imprison, or punish those who in the past made your lives miserable, but the awakened remain passive and await what they know is coming. And what is coming is a system that has no fear and is no longer being enslaved in the least. The awakened know they do not need to seek their freedom or attempt to save their lives as their lives were never actually lost.
You have simply been asleep and those who were separate from that sleep tricked you into thinking you were a slave and that you had to abide by their rules and laws in life if you were going to make it in your present world. No longer is that the case, as the awakened know this now. So they sit; separate themselves from your present world system as much as they possibly can; accept and appreciate the life they presently have, and they wait. Those who are going to repair your present world are not repairing it for new third density human beings (as third density human beings simply think they just need a new government); but for those sixth density and higher souls who are coming. So whatever each soul is looking for at this day; that is the world you are going to each create and find for yourself in the very near future. Still if you are awakened you will know this as you will no longer be seeking to gain or possess anything over and above any other living soul you come into contact with in life from this day forward. You will also not wish to prop up or recreate a system that would ever again allow or offer these things.
We tell you truly to sit back and watch the party that is very shortly to begin. And it is closer than you think.
We are the sixth density society Daniel and we love you all completely and unconditionally.