There are no rules and therefore no need for enforcement!

02/19/2013 11:18

There are no new rules- and therefore no need for enforcement.


I hear talk these days of the new rules when in fact there is only a new system on the way. In fact the new system is already in place in the ethers and is being manifested on the present world stage as we speak. In other words there are two worlds and planets in place today with one being third density earth and the other fifth dneisty earth. Therefore those who know the new system to be a possible reality are those who will see it as reality just as soon as they know it to be. And these are those human beings who awaken to the new energies and consciousness shift. All will go through the experience but each in his or her own time.

But as fifth dneisty earth is now in place and it has been pretty well populated by past third density humans- all other humans will awaken at a much more accelerated rate at this day and it will not be long now before the world in front of all of us is fifth dneisty planet earth. But the new world; reality; and system I speak of here is not one with rules- it is not one that has new laws and regulations to keep society in order as before. It is a system that allows every human being to now experience a life and reality where every one is now responsible for him or herself in life.

It is true that if you have rules you need someone or some group of someone’s to enforce those rules when they are broken- so as to hand out the punishment for breaking the rules. Fifth dneisty earth will not be like that my friends. There will be no violence - no guns (yes I said no guns) – there will be no set order to society- no regulations for the people to abide by in life - and no governments to rule over the people. There will be no punishment- no religions- no courts or judges- no police officers- no jails or prisons – as this new world and system will lack many things our old system relied upon to control the masses and enslave them for the duration of their lives.

There will be no contracts on fifth dneisty earth as this is my creation- and the way I want my new world and system to appear so that all the people are free to live in unity and harmony- while at the same time we will all work toward the good of the one or whole in life. At the same time all other human beings sharing my world today who resonate with my words will most assuredly be Co – Creators right along side me- as

I cannot live as one world and society without all those human beings that made up my world and society when I was a third density human being. The same goes for all of you out there as well- as we can live life as a single human being or we can live life as many representations of the same being or soul- while living life as though all were each an equal part of the One or whole – always seeking in life to work toward the good of the One or whole. Now would you want me to ever place rules of any kind on you simply because I was stronger or more ferocious than you in my demeanor?

Would you want me in other words to force rules and laws on you or other members of society simply because I could do it and get away with it if I had enough backers in my army? No you would not! There will be no more rules therefore in our new world; society; and system because we will all be under universal law. There will be no more right or wrong- and there will be no more punishment of the people. Nothing will ever again have to make sense to the rational human being because there will be no more rationality but only the child like nature of every new human within this new system.

If it doesn’t make sense to you then you will know that the sky in now the limit and there are no more boundaries or borders in life you cannot cross just as long as you cause no other human being harm or loss of any kind and you accept full responsibility for your words and actions in life form the moment you enter into the new system of fifth dneisty earth.

Everyone who is spending their time today trying to figure out what those still attached to the old system are doing are still attached and bound by the old system. If you still fear what they can do to you or you have doubt and negativity in life then you are still attached to the old system. It does not matter if anything is disclosed to you if you are about to awaken to a new reality where everything is now at your fingertips- and the new world and system you are about to move into can never harm you or yours ever again. What can you do about those things the rulers of the old system have carried out against you and other people of your world?

 Will you arrest them? Will you put them in jail until their court date comes up- so that you can hand them the punishment most third density humans would wish to put on those who caused them harm or loss in life in the past? If you say yes to these questions then you are still locked into third density and you are not in the process of awakening yet. For those seeking the new world and system of fifth dneisty no longer want these things that existed and still exist upon third density planet earth (the old system).

So for those who want to move over to the new system I offer you my guidance as to how you can go about it- but just remember that I offer guidance and there is no ill will in my words nor do I tell you these things are a must for you this day. I simply tell you that if you wish to choose fifth dneisty life for your future then that life will require you to raise your energy and vibrational levels- and in order to do so you have to let go of the old system - but not many of the things that provide you happiness and joy at this day. For much of what exists in and on third density earth exists in and on fifth dneisty earth as well. Just imagine most of it in a world with a different system- one where everyone works toward the good of the One and not the good of self in most cases.

So no matter what groups you are prepared to join at this day –whether it is Drake- David Wilcock- David Icke - Cobra- the OPPT – Sheldan Nidle – George Kavassillas- or the Galactic Federation of Light – just ask yourself one question – will their teachings lead me to another version of the same old system or will they truly lead me to fifth dneisty earth and the new system? Because in the end one of these dimensions or timelines is going to be your new home. If you choose third density you will not have access to fifth dneisty energies while you are conscious- but if you choose fifth dneisty you will indeed have access to the lower energies when you wish to visit them once again.

As I told you in previous messages each of you is all and everything and therefore each of you is a different representation of the OPPT- a different representation of the Galactic Federation of Light-  a different representation of Cobra- Sheldan Nidle- Drake- George Kavassillas- and so on. So never get the idea that you can actually say “Hey- I would never be like that guy” – because in truth we have all been the other guy or girl we see in every different human face on the planet. Therefore we will each have to eventually forgive ourselves for all things the moment we do something we think to be wrong according to our own standards in life - and we will have to forgive all others as well for every offense they ever commit toward our being.

These are just a few of those affections and ways in life that you will come to notice in the days ahead that will raise your vibrations high enough to be each moment in fifth dneisty energies; vibrations; and consciousness.

Again third density earth is here to stay my friends and I hear all the time people stating just the opposite- and saying once we each awaken that third density will be no more. Well then what will happen to our lower self and energies if third density is one day going to disappear?

And how can you create something out of Source (as all things already exist within Source and we all have access to draw from those things in order to create all things in our lives) and then destroy or get rid of it when you are done with it. What about all the others who come along and need to learn the same lessons in life as you did from the moment of your being created as a living soul –will the third dneisty world and system have to be completely created anew for them? Of course not as this is the lesson we are in fact learning today- that it takes less energy used up to Co- Create a thing as it does to create something completely new out of pure energy.  

And so nothing is ever discarded from Source but is held in that Grand Warehouse called Source or God for all to draw from whenever they seek a thing in life though their creative juices. Many humans have come and gone that have created many different forms and realities for each of us- and because of this we do not have to create anything in life anew any more at this day as we simply just draw all that we wish in life from what is already there in waiting. And we do this now through the collective or co- creating of the One or whole. Err go the saying “There is nothing new under the sun.”

So where does this leave us now? It tells us that it is better to live as One in life and not in service to self always seeking to please our own fleshly desires instead of the good of the One or whole.

SO what do we do at this day? Do we wait on the powers that were or are still (and we just do not know it) to form an apparent new system from the old one and give everyone a bunch of money so as to silence them all for a little while- only to revert back to the same old system over a period of years by once again placing their favorite candidates in governments offices where they can once again rule over the people - again making them slaves to the system? Do we not understand why the people of the world are steadily waking up all over the world and speaking of a world with no more rulers?

Why would the people of the world permit a system that has never worked- and brought us all to our knees at this day – with many having no more than a monthly check from the ruling governments of the world to provide them bare minimums in food and shelter in life – to be replaced with another representation or illusion of the same system? Why?

Because most of those people who are willing to allow this to take place are those who have spent their lives loving that system because it has provided for them to a point where all they need do is get up in the morning- go to work for eight hours- come home and eat dinner- and watch television until it is time for bed- and then get up tomorrow and do it all over again. But guess what! Even these folks are waking up in drones at this day- and the system is gradually falling apart to the point where when it is all said and done that third dneisty earth and old system will still remain in place but it will now have a lot less slaves to push around and hand a check to every month.

The old system will always be there in order to maintain equilibrium in the world that is now here at this day – but everyone will once again have a choice as to the life they wish to live in the days ahead instead of it being forced on them at birth. For it is a truth that there are people who wish to be lead around in life and told what to do- so that their life is very manageable and all they need to do is do their part in life to feed the system that is in place and they can enjoy a few pleasures in life in the meantime as long as they do what things they are told by the rulers of this system.

Some people like being the boss and some like being the worker bees –and it is these worker bees who do all the physical labor in life for fifth dneisty human beings who do not at all feel it is important to work for a living or to do physical exercise as they very much enjoy in life the things that do not even require the use of their bodies and fo4ms most of the time. For it is a truth that the food and drink for the fifth dneisty human being is wisdom and truth.

So if third density man is already going to do all the work- and even believes “if a man does not work he does not deserve to eat,” and we are that man (every third dneisty human is the outer and physical representation of every fifth dneisty human) then what is wrong with each of us enjoying all the things that are already there in life- rather than create them all anew and use valuable energy that can be stored or held back to carry out other things that are always for the good of the One or the whole?

This does not mean that every fifth dneisty human has to use or experience all the same things the third dneisty human does and cannot create something anew in life for his or her own pleasures – it only means that fifth dneisty humans will in most every case do what is best for the One or whole. The fifth dneisty human being can leave the body and form of the third density human (their outer self) any time they please in life but while they are gone they will use up high levels of energy while being away from the body- in which case they use their energy (in most cases) for those things most important and for the good of the One or whole.

Now in getting back to the world scene- we need not concern ourselves nay longer with the goings on in and on third density planet earth any more at this day because everything we now create in and on fifth dneisty planet earth will be created according to its correspondence upon third density planet earth by third density man. But of course only the awakened human- or those in the process of awakening will know these things as they are given them anew. So if you are not yet in this process of awakening then you   remain concerned for the things of the old system – and there will be many who think they are awakened but will not be- and this can be seen in their actions and choices in life at this day.

For if they speak as though they are prepared for the new system- but do not understand the workings of the new system- and are more involved with the happenings of the old system – chances are they are not awakened- but are certainly seeking to do so- and that too is a good thing. For if they are not against us they are for us.

So I say do not concern yourself any longer about money- while at the same time do not make decisions that will harm you or your families life if you do not need to- for there are no wrong decisions at this day. Therefore if you wish to connect yourself to the new system while playing the game for a while longer in the old system there is nothing wrong with doing so- as the rules have been done away with and we can now use their rules and laws against them while we move over to the new system of fifth dneisty.

 But I did not say we should cause them harm or loss in this process as that is third density thinking. Simply live your live as simple as you can while working toward the new system. There are no more wrong decisions and do not fear you will make a mistake and end up losing in the end. There are no more losers here my friends.

You will be using third density principles to better your life and the life of the One or whole- and you will be using fifth dneisty principles to do the same- until it is all said and done- and we all wake up one morning and we are living in and on fifth dneisty planet earth. We need not take anything form them nor do we need to cause them any further harm or loss in life - but if you get the chance to win your freedom take it! Your freedom and the knowledge thereof will certainly work toward the good of the One or whole.

I love you all friends as my own brothers and sisters- and I would not tell you something that I did not think was for your own good. And so I will not lie to you to lift my self up or to tickle your ears. And if my higher self were to tell me tomorrow that I told you something wrong- you can rest assured I would correct all things. May you hear wonderful things today!