The Universal and personal ascension of man

12/19/2012 12:02

The Universal and personal ascension of man!


Hello dear ones we come to you again to speak to you on ascension symptoms and who you are. We will begin by asking Daniel to draw us a wave on his present page.






Note: If the wave chart does not show up simply picture in your mind a wave with up and down curves that represent positive and negative beats of the human heart.

Now that the wave has been drawn we wish to explain a thing or two to you dear ones. Look at this wave as the lower curves being the negative and the upper curves being the positive. Another way at looking at the wave is that the upper curve represents the Golden Age of Enlightenment of the human soul. The lower curve represents the Iron age of the ignorance of the soul. In between with the copper and bronze age being the second age from the bottom it is followed by the Silver age that is second from the top. And so in looking at this graph you have the Golden Age; Silver Age; the Brass or Copper age; and last the Iron Age which is the lowest on the graph or wave.

Another way of looking at this if you are a Christian in your world dear ones is that the lower curve represents the Adamaic Church; second form the bottom is the Israelite Church; third the Jewish Church; and last and the one at the top is the Christian Church. Of course the Churches would be different according to your religion in your world. Then dear ones we have the four seasons of your world and they from bottom to top would be winter; spring; summer; and fall. Notice that at the top of the chart it ends with fall and not summer or spring. This is because of equilibrium. Right in the middle of this chart or graph or wave is what we will call equilibrium.

Therefore right in the middle we have the middle of spring. This is where man is at his best in life and where he will have learned to live his life in moderation. This is where every human returns upon his awakening and ascension in life which happens not necessarily at his Golden Age in life as he is at his most heavenly state at that time. But a human cannot exist for any period of time in his Golden State of life and existence as he or she is so used to change. Therefore the most perfect time for awakening and ascension for all humans is when they are right in the middle of the copper and silver Ages. If you are in your Golden Age of Enlightenment then you must start back down the chart in life based on your awakening and remembering.  Therefore there is the Universal awakening in your world and a personal awakening for every human soul as well.

The Universal awakening will take place at the same time in your world but the personal awakening and ascension will take place at a different time for each human, based on his or her spiritual understanding. And that spiritual understanding can take a day or it can take ten years, all based on the free will choosing of every human individually.

Either way every human being must reach his or her equilibrium before he or she ascends and moves over to sixth density with all other souls who presently make up his or her world.  You do not awaken or ascend simply because you have come up on the Golden Age in your life. And as a matter of fact there are those in your present world who are now experiencing their Golden Age and think they are prepared for ascension, when the truth is they have to start back down the graph or wave, and come to understand what equilibrium is about and why they must each eventually find it before they are to ascend. You do not ascend simply because you are loving and wish to help and bless everyone, as there is a time and a season for all things, and ascension is not the time for nothing but love and blessings. Neither is ascension a time when the awakened are to come form some other planet and save your planet, as that is violence dear ones. You cannot be completely loving and ignorant of universal Godly wisdom all at the same time. In fact you must possess spiritual wisdom and moderation (equilibrium) of life at the same time in order to ascend and move to the next higher density.

Again dear ones it is all about equilibrium and moderation of life every time a human soul is to awaken at the Consummation of the Ages, as all things must return to their original source. Everything that has been thrown out of whack so to speak must be put back in order so that every human being knows now who and what he or she is, so that they can receive the abundance of energies coming into your world at that time, which will allow every human soul to become what he or she really wishes to become in life. This is how the new life and world will be created for; by; and through every human soul. You are the Creators!

So again dear ones it is not the Golden Age you seek but you are to seek Equilibrium, which is midway between the Copper (or brass) and Silver ages on the wave chart. Every human soul on your present planet is somewhere on this chart. Those who completely awaken and then go on to ascend will be those who very soon (eventually) in their life will find that equilibrium and therefore moderation of life. Those who are of the nature to reflect love to the world but are still bent on revenge of those who harmed them in the past will not yet be ready for the ascension and must continue back down the wave on the chart. And of course those who are still bent on negativity; fear; evil; and the ways of your present third dneisty world will continue in third dneisty until that final day comes when they too will move down the wave and find their equilibrium as well. Will they be good and loving people once they are ready for ascension? Not all of them, and basically only about half. In other words there will be a whole planet full (your planet and others as well) of people who will be divided, with half of them at and above the center line of the wave and the other half at or below the centerline of the wave.

Those who are in the center will make up the higher souls of your new sixth density society and those who are not at the center will either make up the upper or lower societies of your society. But the most upper places in your new sixth density spiritual society and soul group (world) will be those in the center who have found equilibrium. Again we say that there will be a personal ascension and a universal ascension, and both will be decided by those who find equilibrium as well as those who do not.

So do you ascend if you do not find equilibrium and moderation of life? Yes! Do you go through the personal ascension if you do not find equilibrium and moderation of life? Not yet! But in much less time than you might think.


Again not everyone who is loving and caring will be wise in your new life and world and not everyone who is evil and negative will be ignorant and left out of the decision making of your societies. You have spiritual truth and you have worldly truth, and there will be both in your new world and society known as sixth dneisty dear ones. It is up to the spiritually wise to follow the spiritually wise and it is up to the loving souls to earnestly  seek spiritual wisdom and guidance in life rather than to be a hypocrite and judge his or her neighbor based on his or her spiritual wisdom or righteousness in life. We hope we have been of service to you this day dear ones and we shall return with more on this subject at its appropriate time. Again we ask that you all take note of our misspelling as it will be our calling card in future references dear ones. We are the society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.