The Oneness Society -You are free!

01/04/2013 16:04

The Oneness Society – You are free!


All of you are not only free and sovereign already but you owe nothing – do not own anything- and need nothing that you cannot already create and enjoy in life without the fear of any other hindering you, but you are still in fear because you are not yet awakened and cannot therefore remember yet. We are here to help you dear ones and we have once again connected to third dneisty Daniel in order to explain these things to you. You do not need to adhere to Laws on stealing if no one owns anything that would therefore provide the illusion of stealing.  The whole of humanity has access to all and everything that exists on your planet – except when it comes to another human being. You have no right and no legal claim to another single human being – as each of you was born into this world as equals. Each of you was born into this world as another representation of the same person or human soul. You are indeed the world (as the song goes) but you are not the children unless you have not yet awakened as to who you truly are, which is God.

So you cannot steal if you have come to the realization that they own nothing- you own nothing- and each and all of you have equal access to all things of this present world you live in and on. Again however – you do not have the right to invade another humans space- you do not have the right to cause harm or loss to another human being – you do not have the right to take that or covet that which another human being is in possession of or in the process of using so as to fulfill the needs or apparent requirements of their present (now moment) human body and form. In other words if they feel they need it or require it so as to satisfy their present illusions in life then you as a  fifth dneisty human (awakened human) are required by universal laws  to oblige them. And because you are a fifth dneisty (awakened) human you will always wish to do so from the moment of your awakening - forth.

Those of you who remain asleep in your world dear ones but wish to one day awaken need only hear the messages offered to you at this day- as you sent ( the future you)us back in time to bring you these words so as to guide you all toward your shift in consciousness better know to most as ascension. Those of you still asleep in your world are now in the process of awakening and we are waking you up in such large numbers at this day that the collective consciousness of your world is growing immensely at this present hour and during every  now moment. You can all know that you are not yet awakened simply by the evidence seen  that you do not yet understand that you are all already free and sovereign human beings and you no longer have to live your lives in slavery to the present systems of your world. Many of you presently live in fear and in poverty, and this is the ammunition they will use on all of you at this present day to hinder your awakening. You simply do not yet know or can you know if you have not yet awakened that you are free and sovereign human beings.

We ask you all to sit and ponder at least once a day on this idea- and each time try and spend a little more time trying to understand what we are telling you here. The governments and rulers of your world today have placed rules – set orders of your many different societies – and laws that they intend for the people not to be capable of obeying or adhering to. They keep you in fear and they keep you all in service to self in your present third dneisty world that can easily be terminated and penetrated, so as to move directly to fifth dneisty life, simply by no longer requiring in life what they have to offer you so as to keep you bound in slavery.

Again you think you need to own a home – you think you need a new car every so often – you think you need enough food to eat three meals a day every day – you think you need to send your children to college and will do whatever it takes to eventually get them there- you think you have to borrow all the time in order to be able to pay your bills when in fact your bills will never end until you end them –  you think that if you do not provide for your family into tomorrow and far beyond in many cases that you will not be able to handle the stress and worry that will indeed come with it, based on the falsehoods the system has placed on each of you in life.  To put it in terms every non – awakened human being can understand you think they own you and can place any laws and rules on you as a people that they wish to from generation to generation – and you teach your children to be submissive to them as well, never attempting to break their laws but to adhere to them so as not to be punished.

You are asleep dear ones and the only way to awaken from this sleep is to stop taking what they offer you, as they know what things to offer you so as to keep you dumbed down and in third dneisty. Your prophet Jesus told it the best “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” You do not know the things you do dear ones because the rules have been changed and corrupt to no end.  You all came here on equal terms- with no terms but a blank slate so to speak. Because you are all born into this world knowing nothing but what is given you by those of the present system you are a slave to that system until  each of you learns ( remembers) how to  get out of it. And so each and all of you have the choice right from the very beginning to either live your life from your heart (or higher consciousness and self - like you did when you were a child) or you can follow the system that began teaching you from the very beginning of your birth into this present world of yours and follow your rational human mind (or lower consciousness).

Many things are being taught you all once again in this day in time dear ones, with some of it being your truth and some of it being that truth of all human souls who are about to enter into timeline number two – which is not necessarily the negative timeline, but one of lower consciousness and third dneisty life. Those of you who accept what things are being offered you of a lower density and consciousness will indeed move to timeline number two, but this was decided by each of you long ago already. For you cannot change who you really are dear ones. So wherever you are to go you will go. In the process if the present world and system you are each  living in is going to begin manifesting all the happiness and abundance you have all been waiting for and creating within your minds then that is what will be created. For as we have already stated you are all creator Gods already, but you just do not know it yet.

The reason many good things are indeed beginning to take place and be created in your world today dear ones is because your world is seeking its equilibrium even as we speak. It will no longer be ruled by the lower levels of consciousness and densities many of you in the past understood to be the hells. No longer is your world being flooded by the waters (natural and rational understanding of mankind) and never again will it be. All things are moving back into order – which is equilibrium and moderation of life- and then every living soul will begin their creating from chaos. It is not chaos that got you all here in the first place dear ones but it was order; rules; and laws. It was the creation of right and wrong; sin and sinner; good and evil; and one opposite after the other.

You will no longer be required to adhere to opposites and order- separation and duality- life and death- and so on once each of you awakens to who you are.

In closing dear ones we again tell you there are no longer any rules or laws for you to follow but your own that you each place on yourselves from within. Know that you are sovereign and you are free, and no one has the right or the power over you to enforce rules; order; or laws on you ever again – unless you give it to them. And once you give it to them it gets harder and harder with each passing day to get out of it again. They began this false teaching of humans at childbirth once they killed off all who knew the truth – and then they built their new world of rules- order- and laws- and slavery form scratch. Those days are gone as your generation is awakening is such great numbers that they can no longer control; the masses.

You will all now be given the tools to win your freedom in life and move on to that world and reality you each so choose, but it must be your choice in the end - whatever that choice may be. It was said by a wise man once that if you give a man all the money he needs to sustain his life and lifestyle to his death that he will every time become the man he has always wanted to be. We will not stand dear ones and allow one human soul to be forced into a world and life of slavery any longer without providing him or her the tools that will win their freedom once again – if they wish it. So we say to you all dear ones your tools are on their way and each of you will either awaken or you will not – but each of you will choose that life that will be known to you as heaven. And there will be no more wrong choices.

We are the Oneness Society and we love you all dear ones unconditionally.


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