The Oneness Society- Would you hurt people in your dreams?

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The Oneness Society – Would you hurt people in your dreams?


Now tell me friends would you say that thought exists within a world separate from the present one we live in or is the present reality we live in a fantasy; falsity; and illusion, and the thoughts we each possess  actually represent the reality? Does light and darkness exist as our present reality or are they too both of the world in which thought exists as well. And if so just what world is it where these things have their substance? Again can you put a thought in a jar and encompass it so that you can show it off to your friends and neighbors? How about light or darkness – can you enclose them n a jar and show them off to your friends and neighbors? If not would you say they belong to a different world and reality than the one we presently believe to be our own?

Does light- darkness- or thought - exist within time or space my friends? If not then what reality or plane would you say they exist in? If not third dneisty consciousness – given the fact that we now know that all planes of existence are actually planes or levels of consciousness – then what density would you say they exist on? Now we know that oxygen and aether cannot be seen in our plane of existence either ( in their purest form), but they do exist within this third dneisty plane of existence based on their form alone, as their forms can both be contained within a glass jar- causing them to be of this density or plane of reality. These are what are known as airborne elements in our world and they do indeed exist in our world. But again what of light- darkness- and thought?

Indeed there are other elements that exist within our world as realities but they do not exist in our world as physical forms but only as the appearance of physical forms. For instance I can smell a smell but I cannot touch it based on its odor – nor can anyone else who is within my presence smelling the same thing I smell. I can taste a thing with my taste buds as well but if it carries a high enough vibration I would not be capable of seeing all things that I taste as they may be of a density not seen by the naked eye. The same goes with my hearing as I cannot see sound with my human eyes of third density but indeed it is there in our world to provide the sense of hearing. It also exists within the spiritual world in a higher density where sounds have a smell- taste- form- vibration- and feel to them as this is the case with all things of the higher planes of existence for the spiritual human soul or inner man. But I have to tell you friends all the senses exist in third dneisty in their most dense form, and they are not therefore as acute or heightened as they are for the inner and spiritual human being.

All the senses you each possess therefore is possessed by each of you only according to illusion as the senses actually belongs to the inner and spiritual man. You see in the spiritual world, because you understand in the spiritual world, understanding is sight in the spiritual world, as it is in its most pure state within the inner and spiritual man. You hear in the spiritual world in its most pure form of hearing known as telepathy, and it is given a denser version of itself when you are connected to third dneisty human body and form through the illusion of the human ear. You smell within the spiritual world through a more pure sense of smell without even having the need of the third dneisty human organ known as the nose. In third dneisty if you did not have hairs in the nose and if every smell of your world did not have tiny little microscopic forms that are carried in the air so as to represent every different form of smell bouncing off those hairs in the nose- then third dneisty man would not even have the sense of smell. And so every sense in third dneisty man is provided through vibration and form of one kind or another provided through the spiritual world.

Every thought in the spiritual world has a vibrational frequency- touch or form- taste- smell- sound- feeling – color- and so on. Every vibrational frequency has a thought- touch or form – taste- smell-sound- color –and so on. Every touch or form has a thought- a frequency- a touch or form – a taste- a smell –sound- feeling- color –and so on. And this goes for everything in the spiritual world as all things in life and in both worlds and realities are all connected and have a relation one to the other. Again every taste has a smell and form and sound and color. Every color has a taste and a sound and a form and a color and a form and so on. Get the point! However when moving form one reality or vibrational frequency better known as conscious state the forms all change and they become denser as you approach third dneisty. So the ear in third dneisty is not the ear in fifth dneisty simply because the inner and spiritual man does not need ears when he or she is not of third density body and form.

Every fifth dneisty man or woman has the same body and form as third dneisty man or woman but they do not need the use of their bodies and forms in a way a third dneisty human would require and use the body and form while living and being conscious within third dneisty. In other words the inner and spiritual man (or woman) has a body and form but they only use their body and form for the good of others- as they need not wear them in order to exist within sixth dneisty or higher. However in order for a fifth dneisty human soul to speak and interact with a third dneisty human soul they need the body and form present so they may possess it in order to interact with the third dneisty human that does not know they are speaking to a fifth dneisty human. Every fifth dneisty human also needs the body and form in order to come home to it at the end of what they would understand to be their day – as they still live the illusions of days even though they now know there is no such thing as time. But every inner and spiritual man still likes to rest time and time again in certain intervals in which they choose based on their own wishes in life, and they therefore need a body and form in order to rest within.

This does not mean a spiritual being cannot possess any form they wish in life in order to take on a body and form – but how much could they do from within the form of a rock or a leaf or a raindrop. And so the only times a spirit or soul chooses to move into the form of such things is when they are carrying out their purpose or use in life as in the spiritual world everyone always has a use or purpose. The reason for this is because there is not a single thing within your third dneisty world that has a form that does not need myriads of spirits or souls in order to always maintain that form for said person; place; or thing. The same goes for the human body from within and without as it takes myriads of different souls to create and maintain the third dneisty physical human body; all of its parts; as well as all of its many functions in life. And so when a spirit or soul has completed his or her use or purpose at the end of their day (and the end of their day is always based on what their purpose; use; or function in life is for the third dneisty material and physical world) they too return home to their house (have you heard ‘ the house that God built?), which is the human body and form, and they do as they please in order to act out and enjoy their lives like any other human soul.  Therefore some uses in the spiritual world require longer or shorter durations of time to carry out their actions of use and purpose, but you must remember still that time does not exist in the higher densities and a soul can do in an hour what most all third dneisty humans could not accomplish in a week or longer. But that is another story----

All of you are a spiritual being and your consciousness exists right now in the present now moment in fourth dneisty. Fourth dneisty is not only a dream world but it is the realm and world that provides all the thoughts for the third dneisty human being. And then when you wish to draw thoughts from an even higher spectrum or dneisty of consciousness then you take those thoughts from your fifth dneisty human who in fact is the next density level up from fourth dneisty thought. Therefore it is a given now that third dneisty- fourth dneisty- fifth dneisty- sixth dneisty and on up to infinity are all levels of consciousness; vibration; and form. Just because third dneisty and fifth dneisty are known to you all as the body and form state of your consciousness matters not- as you can create any density or size form you wish in life based on your level of consciousness and vibration.

The difference is that in third dneisty all you see are third dneisty humans and you are therefore raised and taught in life that these are the proper forms of your world- and so you create your form accordingly. At the same time each of you is plump- skinny- old – young- sickly- muscle-bound- unattractive- attractive -  and so on in life simply because you create that body and form within every now moment of your live based on what you believe or know. Every day you wake up in life you look in the mirror and you expect to see the same face and body you had the day before- and so that is what you create instantly and at will. You do not know you are creating these things instantly and at will simply because you do not yet know you are God and Creator of all things in your life and within every life you have ever had. Sure others can manipulate you and brainwash you in life to believe certain things- but still in each case you create what you know - and in truth no one can cause you to think; do; say; feel; or create anything in life that you do not already know to be a part of your truth’s and life and you therefore always create the life and surroundings around you based on what you know to be right and proper for you.

So when you think you are suffering or doing without in life because of someone else - that someone else is only doing their part to help create the world in front of you that you caused them to create based on what you want to experience in life. Every human being out there in your world today is another version of you (or other self) and they must think; say; do; act; and create all according to what you wish for in life because they all make up the same world outside of you that also exists inside of you yesterday- today- and forever. Now you might wonder ‘Hey, if they create everything in the world I want- why don’t I get to see all the things they created for me, the things I want every moment of every day in my life?’ And it is like this dear ones:

If you create in life through your thoughts based on your “Service to self,” those things you come to create will indeed be manifested in your world but they will be manifested for your other selves or other “you’s” ----   At the same time when another you out there in the world ( could be one of any of the seven billion human beings on your planet) wishes for things and therefore creates those things through their thoughts and then their willing a thing to be created then it is created as well for someone else in their world( your world) because you are creating out of service to self; from the human rational mind- and from order- rules- or laws of the land. Yes we said laws of the land. For as you create for self and only self you are doing exactly what you have been taught all of your life within your present third dneisty reality. Now if you do not create in this manner then that is great as you may possibly now be an awakened human being. But for the most part we are speaking of every third dneisty human being.

So as we were saying – everything you create in life is truly provided you every time as it is you who is the creator – but because you (and we speak only of those truly not awakened) do not know who you are yet you do not yet know (or remember) how creation works. If you create for self then all of your creations will indeed be provided to self- but you must understand that you are the world- and you are all of its people. Each of you creates through higher self in life as you (the third dneisty human) do not know the needs of any other human in your world. So every creation is set – every creation is predestines- and you are simply all the actors in the play that is always playing out every thing that has already been created form above in the higher realms of consciousness and existence. So if you are in fact an awakened human being or soul you will remember and come to know these things once again.

Yes dear ones each of you is creating all the things that have already been created and all you are doing in living the illusions of life and death is to give any and all creations within third dneisty their own body and form. So no matter what you create in life it is going to be given its body and form within the hands or life of that human being that it best benefits in life as all things in your present world are created fro the good of the whole. Even when you do not know all things are being created and manifested in life for the good of the whole- still it is always the case. The only difference is that when each of you awakens as to who you truly are in life and the collective consciousness – you will actually be doing the creating instead of just giving everything its body and form in the third dneisty realms of existence. So now we would imagine you would each like to know how can a thing be created for you and you alone in life?

Do you recall us telling you in past messages (based on time in your world) that true creation is done in chaos? True creation is done from the heart and it is done for the good of the One and the Whole every time. True creation does not require thinking as it is creation carried out from what is already known or truth from within a human soul. You think of a creation in the now moment- you create it- and you move on. You do not judge and you do not ever cease to forgive another for their created words; actions; or forms in life that they have created. At the same time once you are an awakened human soul you are always among those who are similar to yourself in life as you are living life based on the laws of attraction. Therefore the creations of one soul in the presence of another who is so very similar to themselves is most always never to cause harm or loss in life for the other. It is most always a given that the one soul in a society will always create those things that give happiness and pleasure to all other souls of that same society- and this is why they end up in the same spiritual society upon awakening in the first place.

As far as those souls in the higher societies who are in Service to self and conditional love- they always tend to latch on to third dneisty humans given that third dneisty humans live their lives mostly from lower consciousness and thought. They do indeed create as well in life; they therefore know they provide services and lessons to the third dneisty human as they too are awakened souls – but because they connect to third dneisty humans they spend much of their time in the lower societies of your world where service to self humans spend most of their time as well.

You each live in a dream world dear ones and the dream you are presently in is even more dense than the dream you each move into at night when you lay your heads down to sleep. That is why when you are conscious within your dreams it is sometimes seen as a high or blurry state of consciousness. The reason for this is because you are in a higher state of consciousness and your bodies molecules are actually vibrating at a more rapid pace. Sometimes when you awaken from sleep you have to pinch yourself because you do not know if you are awake or now. This is because sometimes when you go from the higher level of consciousness (your dreams) to what is usually your lower levels of consciousness (your apparent awakened state)  you do not always lower in vibration and consciousness  - in which case you do not yet know if you are still asleep or awake now. Your vibrations are still high and your level of consciousness is still heightened- and you are still at a level of consciousness therefore that causes you to feel that high you get often when you are dreaming. Therefore your surroundings do not at first look familiar to you as you have not yet returned to your life that is there in your awakened state. As it goes according to the rules- when the third dneisty human is awakened their inner and spiritual man is asleep; and when the inner and spiritual man is awakened your third dneisty human is asleep. But it does not always work out that way and the two worlds collide or get stuck together sometimes while at other times you cannot reenter your third dneisty world because you cannot ( for some reason) leave your fourth dneisty dream state – or spiritual world. All worlds you each have your consciousness in are a world of illusion. At the same time every world you have your consciousness in is also a different reality.

The place you go when you appear to die in your world is also the same place you go when you sleep in your world, as both are that level of consciousness that is fourth dneisty. That place many of you have heard of called the Matrix is that place many of you know as your home in third dneisty. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes as is said in the movie the Matrix.


So you see dear ones when each of you begins to create from your heart you will each once again be connected with higher self – and you will understand every thing that has been created or will come to be created in your lives from that point forward. Whatever it is that you want in the world- as long as you are wanting it for the good of the whole you will be receiving all the creations you have ever created ( as they have indeed already been created)- as there is nothing new under the sun. If you want technologies in life that provide the people of your world free energy for their homes and their cars- and you truly want those things- they will indeed be created in your world- but not necessarily in your own house or front yard in the meantime. And so each of you must come to be content in life when you have little, and when you have much, as you will always have both in your life from now to eternity. For when you are doing great and are as happy as you could ever be- who do you think in your world is creating the opposite of that scenario just so that you can enjoy the positive side of life? Did you not know that when you are doing badly in life your opposite twin spirit (who also lives in your present world) has to be doing good, and visa versa? It is not like this in fifth dneisty and higher- where there is no longer any right or wrong- nor any opposites that will rule your life and world any longer- as all things will now be lived in chaos without any set order – rules- or laws of society. Everything is created there from the heart. If your heart is therefore evil and dark you will create from darkness  and evil in life- and all of your creations will be given body and form within third dneisty within the hells of every third dneisty human who decides to draw their thoughts; words; actions; and affections in life from their hells.

Again each of you can now create at this day and you can do so from your heart -if you want your creations to be manifested in your present world. Whatever you create from the heart will come back to you in life even if your creations do not immediately affect or become manifested in your present home or neighborhood. The best thing you can each do at this stage of the game is to seek equilibrium of life and moderation. This way half the time your opposite twin spirit will be happy and you will be happy the other half of the time. But if you seek to be happy all of the time this would cause your opposite twin to be sad or in all the opposite affections that gave you happiness in the first place. If they are bad or evil they might rather enjoy being in the hells while you are happy within your heavens- but what of those who have to be in their company in life? They could harm very badly- they could kill- rape- commit adultery- rob a bank and shoot people – and on and on. So you see everything in life has its purpose- even good and evil- right and wrong. But in a world where no two souls can come into contact with one another unless they are similar these things are no longer a problem.

Creation is now yours dear ones to experiment with at this day (for some more than others) – if you are still in service to self you will enjoy less and less of the things you wish to have in life simply by your wanting to have those things in life over and above others who help to make up your present world. That is known as service to self. Begin creating in unconditional love and in service to others and you will find that world you seek to manifest and live in much quicker in life however- and every human soul in your word will benefit as well in the process. Create from the heart now and do not create according to the rules- set order- principles- or laws of your present land, as they are there to steer each of you in the opposite direction of that which you wish to go at this day.

Do you want money for you or for everyone in your world? Why do you want money? If you say for everyone then have you thought it out as to what that will do for every family or group of human beings living as a family in your world? Will it provide for them to destroy their lives or will it allow for everyone to be the person they would have always been if they had all the money they wanted in life? The answer is both - and so money is not evil but it is those whose hands it is in that causes either good or bad things to happen to mankind and themselves in life. The same would go for technology and all other resources in your present world dear ones- as it matters not what a world possesses but only what the people who possess all things chooses to do with the things they possess. As is the present cases with every human on your planet- some will awaken at this day and some will now. For those who awaken they will take what is provided them from the world and they will choose according to what their ruling loves in life are from this day forward. So it matters not what things you each possess in your world but what you decide to do with it all.

So you have two groups at this day dear ones residing or living in your world. The one group is in service to self and in conditional love. The other group is in service to others and is in unconditional love. Therefore there are those who are presently awakened or about to awaken spiritually and there are those who will not awaken in this generation – as they are there in your world so as to provide the future third dneisty reality for all of you. This does not mean they will not all ascend to a higher consciousness level along with the rest of you- and experience a third dneisty world much better than the past one – but they will still return to third dneisty. So some will in the days ahead create for themselves and therefore possible never see their creations in this lifetime. Then there are those who will now create for the One and the Whole of their world- and they will receive many blessing and happiness of life in the process as they are putting the one and the Whole before their own wants and needs in life. They can create anything they wish form this point on, but it must be with the mind frame or state of mind that is seeking the good of the One or Whole. If they were to create something to harm the one or the Whole it would harm themselves in the end. And so all human souls are sorted out in life according to universal laws- in which case like attracts like- and the good of the one and the Whole is always provided for in life no matter what your density or level of consciousness in life is from eternity to eternity.

In the end dear ones the best advice we can give you all is to seek the good of the one and the whole – and take life now as it comes to you- being content when you have much, and being content when you have little. If you continue to seek happiness and feed your flesh in life over and above that of the One or the Whole in your world you will each reap that which you sow.


We are no longer here to tell you your truth dear ones but we are here to tell you each what things you need to know in life. It is up to all of you to find your own truth and cling to it.

We are the Oneness Society and we come to you in unconditional love; respect; and acceptance in our world and reality.






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