The Oneness Society - To everything there is a season!

01/01/2013 17:43

The Oneness Society— To everything there is a season!


Hello again dear ones it is we the Oneness Society coming to you this day with a new message long ago planned to be delivered at this very point in time, from us outside of time. To accomplish this of course we have to connect with third dneisty Daniel, our corresponding lower self (though this is only occasionally the understanding he holds within his mind) as it is he who holds our consciousness within your world. Keep in mind dear ones that in reality there is no lower self and no higher self but only different levels of consciousness of the one single God Man known as third dneisty human and then again that same human living and residing within every other dneisty of consciousness. And so we begin:

We have come to you many times in your past telling you that we cannot involve ourselves (sixth dneisty Service to others beings or souls) with the details and systems of your world as far as its physical and material thoughts; words; actions; affections; and conclusions are concerned at this day. We have many times said that it is only the Service to self souls and beings within sixth dneisty (or higher) that have any involvement with your world whatsoever. This is possible because they are connected in a certain manner with third density service to self human beings or souls, and both according to their levels of consciousness are in conditional love. This of course being a third dneisty type of love and service that cannot have connections of any kind with a sixth dneisty or higher being or soul.

Still we have come to many of you as of late and told you we are presently providing certain things to the people of your world that are presently in third dneisty consciousness. Again we tell you just as before that we still cannot have dealings of any kind with third dneisty experiences; situations; workings of your world; nor the type of order or system your world is presently in. We cannot help you gain material things; we cannot help you receive at any time financial abundance or monies of any sort that are found within your present world and society. We are here dear ones simply to show and prepare each of you for your ascension and shift in consciousness, and this is indeed about to happen to all on your world at this day.

Those higher souls who are most certainly connected to our own consciousness in the higher densities are the ones, who offer you financial abundance as well as many new material things accordingly, of your world today. They can do this dear ones as they share a consciousness with you each as well, and that consciousness, because it is in conditional love and in service to self can very easily connect to the thoughts and consciousness of a third dneisty human being. And they offer the things these days that they offer you because their consciousness is found within their heavens much more often today that it has been for a very long time. And so even though they are still in service to self, they know (because they share consciousness with us) that equilibrium and moderation of life is upon them at this time in their evolutional cycle.

We did not say dear ones that they are in the Golden Age now as many presently see things in your world today, but they have returned to equilibrium, just as the God Man originally existed according to His consciousness before the dissension and fall. As far as the Golden Age is concerned you each still have this to look forward to in your new life and world, as the people of your world are still finishing up the Iron Age in your world. Everyone is presently in the process of returning to equilibrium and moderation of life, where all the negative souls return to their original homes in the hells, and all the original loving souls are returning to their equilibrium and therefore returning to their original homes in the heavens. When this sorting out is complete and third dneisty man is returned to equilibrium and moderation of life, so too will the planet and world you presently life in and on.

For the moment however we wish to stick to the subject at hand and stray no farther off course than need be.

You do not need ET’s and other worlders to come to your world in these last days (or the Consummation of the Ages) in order to fix things or save you dear ones from yourself or any other outer ruling powers. You are all about to take care of that for yourselves. It is the Iron Age that ends out the Ages in your world and reality and not the Golden Age as some would today believe. Therefore it all ends with the Sts Souls who are in conditional love as they will finish the lessons up in your world, and it will again have its equilibrium and moderation of life as it moves into the Silver Age and closer and closer to your Golden Age. Again fifth dneisty and a new consciousness must begin for your world and third dneisty Consummation in the spring time as this represents the Silver Age. This is when everything has died off that is of no use any longer and starts a new beginning.

We will be there to help start you in your new beginning dear ones but it is our Service to self counterparts that must be there to guide you out of the Iron Age; winter; night; old age;  and third dneisty ( fourth density consciousness). Therefore you are each in the process of moving into the Silver Age; morning; a new child birth; and springtime; and fifth dneisty (sixth dneisty consciousness). The reason we will be there to guide and interact with you dear ones is because we will share that world and reality with you then. We cannot be with you now, nor can we share with or help provide new third dneisty things, as we have no parts in that lower density. We are in sixth dneisty consciousness; Service to others; in unconditional love; in the true light; in chaos; instantaneous creation; and in a free will society for all soul’s. What we are not is in Service to self;  third dneisty consciousness; conditional love; a false organic light; order; rules; laws; and in slavery one soul to another.

And so all the things you are each waiting for today in your world, which you have indeed been waiting for now for quite some time, is in the works. We do not have any control over how soon it all comes about in your world (such as financial abundance; new technologies of zero point energy; world peace; world debt forgiveness; and many other new things that will help and allow you all to usher in the new world and consciousness about to come on your world at this day) as we no longer seek these things in life and would not therefore wish to help you get them even if it were within our powers or abilities in life to do so. We dear ones are excited instead of greeting you once you return home and once again come to live among all of us.

The only reason we know things are so close to happening in your world presently that you seek is because things are so close to happening in our world and densities of consciousness. And we therefore know things have to very soon wind down in your reality in order for certain new things to happen in our world. Still there is a saying in your world and it pertains to time. It goes like this: “A watched pot never boils.” So we suggest to you dear ones to stop watching and continue creating your new world and reality within your minds as it is very close to shaping up and being manifested in your life.

Again we say to watch!

We are the Oneness Society and we love you all dear ones so unconditionally.



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