The Oneness Society - Time to Awaken!

12/23/2012 11:04

The Oneness Society – Time for you all to awaken to the facts in front of you!


Hello again dear ones we are the Oneness Society and we come to you once again with encouraging words of truth. Everything you need you already possess within every now moment of your life and existence. Many of you have been waiting on a certain date to see your awakening and ascension simply because you are not yet there and you do not know when you will get there, and  so you therefore either choose dates or you pick up on a date that someone else provides to your world and go with it.

Either it is true that a certain group of souls long ago predicted this date of the shift in consciousness and was found by someone of your world and reality or someone has made it up and provided a story to go with the prediction. Either way you are leaning on predictions of other human beings in your past; human beings in your future; or those that make up your present. You are each looking outside of yourself for the answers to your lifelong questions when you have been told time and time again to go within, and many of you simply skip by this truth and listen to your fellow humans of your present world and their many falsified statements on the shift – telling you that it has either already come; is already here; or is to come in the very near future. Why do you need anyone to tell you when the shift in consciousness will come for you, when in fact it is you who is in control of your own consciousness and its evolution?

Every one of you is the same human soul and you simply do not know this yet – or you are reading our words and do in fact know these things, in which case we are in agreement. Either way we are one or we are separate – we are one or the other- and yet we are both. We are one when each of you has awakened to this truth and have come to remember it. We are separate as long as you have not yet awakened to the truth of us all being one, in which case you lean on others of your world to provide the answers that each of you already possess. We are your raised consciousness and we are here whenever you are ready to once again come join us. But you must decide to make the choice to seek truth in life, no matter what the cost to your present living situation and wishes for the human flesh. Because every human soul in third dneisty represents a part of the ascended and awakened human soul within sixth dneisty and higher every third dneisty human must choose at their own time in life when to awaken and ascend – therefore reconnecting to their own higher consciousness known as the collective consciousness of the spiritual realms.

No one single date in your present material and physical world will come in which the whole planet will just all of a sudden one day or hour shift in consciousness and ascend to sixth dneisty ( or higher). If we had told each of you this truth before the date you chose to depend on in your world fro the universal shift in consciousness or ascension; you would not have believed us at that time. That is why we chose to wait until after that dater in your timeline so as to allow all third dneisty human souls to live out their false illusion of dates and times. Your world is so very stuck on dates and times, and you therefore think that it is time that chooses when you will do a thing when in fact it is your third dneisty human consciousness that decides all things for you yesterday – today- and forever. And when each of you moves to sixth dneisty or higher your higher consciousness will be responsible for deciding when you will do a thing in life. But as for now dear ones you (by yourself) are the one that will decide the date and hour of your ascension or shift in consciousness. You will not however decide this with your carefully planned out thoughts on dates but this will all be decided by your actions and decisions in life, based on the laws of attraction.

You cannot just pick a date – any date dear ones - and therefore end up ascending on that date. You decide the level of vibration your consciousness and human form hold every moment of every day. Therefore no one human soul will ever maintain sixth dneisty consciousness all the time – always – to eternity. When you ascend or raise your level of consciousness for a time – that time fulfills its wishes for the human and then the human returns to their natural state of life, or lower consciousness which is easiest maintained for that particular human being or soul. And since every human or soul is different in their ruling loves and affections in life, every human can maintain sixth dneisty consciousness for different periods of time, or different periods of the illusion of time.

Even though we have told you all these things before we know you did not receive these truths before simply because you were stuck on a date your world provided you for your ascension dear ones. And so we come to you all with this message once again so as to guide as many souls into truth as possible and this is in fact your truth not ours. You will each move up in consciousness when you have put off the things of third dneisty that maintain your present consciousness within third dneisty, as each of you is the decider of your own fate.

As we have said in past messages there is a personal ascension (rising in consciousness) and there is the universal ascension (the one your world experiences). Each of you is a single human soul and each of you is a universal human soul (or world and universe). Therefore each of you is the microcosm and each of you is the macrocosm within a realm of higher consciousness. Therefore as far as the Macrocosm or higher consciousness is concerned your world has already completed the universal ascension in consciousness. Your world (the God Man) has now moved over to sixth dneisty and He is waiting on each of you to come join Him. You are all already there with the new God Man because you must be there to make up His essence and being and world – but it is you that must become conscious of this for your own understanding. Until you understand these things for yourself you will each appear to remain in third dneisty life. In truth however – you are all now the sixth dneisty God Man.

The date your world provided for you (like all past dates for your world) has now come and gone, and you must now take the responsibility for yourself in life. When you ascend and raise your consciousness level your world will have ascended and raised its consciousness level as well. Is it not a fact that every human soul that makes up your world on the exterior also makes up your world on the interior? Yes it is a fact – one you must soon remember. Make the inside of the cup clean and the outside will have been already cleaned as well. Sound familiar? All changes in a human’s life are always gradual and they simply appear to be quick according to the standard and illusions of some human beings in your present world. Where many of you thought the shift in consciousness would take place quickly in your material and physical world it only does that in the spiritual world where time is not an issue. In your world where time is in fact an issue all things must take place according to “your” illusions of time. And when we say your illusion we mean each human being separately. For your illusion of time is not the same or identical to the illusion of time any other human being experiences in life. It may often appear this way to many of you but all time and space is subjective to human beings.

Again we tell you that each of you is the ascended macrocosm now outside of time and space and within the spiritual realms. At the same time each of you is moving up and down between ascension and dissention every moment of every day, and no one can hold their heightened levels of consciousness continuously, but each according to his or her own ruling loves in life. In other words if you can maintain your heavens for longer periods of time than you can maintain your hells – then you can maintain higher consciousness for longer periods of time within third dneisty. However there is always the intention toward equilibrium within the spiritual world or Macrocosm, and this equilibrium always keeps your world as close to equilibrium and moderation of life as is possible for the Macrocosm or God Man. And there is many – many God Mans. Now according to what age the God Man is in at any given time in His (or Her) life the God Man is either partially out of equilibrium leaning more toward the side of His hells or He( She) is partially out of equilibrium leaning more towards His ( Her) heavens.  Still at the end of the Ages the God Man is returned completely to His (Her) equilibrium, so that the God Man is now right in the middle of His ( Her) heavens and hells – as all things are retuned to order – and then creation in chaos begins all over again. But that is another story.

So we tell you again dear ones – according to your third dneisty selves and consciousness you will always appear to be a third dneisty human moving up and down in life between ascension and dissension. Your levels of consciousness will raise and lower all the time according to the souls presently possessing your human form and how they wish to think; speak; and act in life while possessing your body and form. And so the spirits or souls that possess your human are always being changed in your everyday life so as to provide the illusion of change of state of mind and change in the illusions of life. As the God Man( you) experiences the Consummation of the Ages and the shift in consciousness universally, the God Man will have more mature and evolved souls making up His consciousness therefore, and life will get easier and happier for the human( God Man) as we continue moving toward eternity.

Therefore each of you is here to stay – going no where – but you will begin experiencing greater and greater happiness in the days ahead as the God Man is presently in the process of receiving or is now in his conscious state of sixth dneisty consciousness. You ( we as well) are all in this together, and no one is any less or any greater than another in your present world at this day dear ones – and so no one will move to another planet or world in their ascension and no one will move to another planet in the material and physical world – even though some of you may latch on to the promises and false beliefs that others will provide – given the false promises of your world rulers – in which case many of you may think they are taking you to other planets for one reason or another, and that will again be the decision of each and every one of you dear ones. There is one world and one reality for every human soul, and depending on your state or level of consciousness you will be in one of many – many worlds, though you can only experience  a single one each time.

Levels of consciousness are worlds and there are no actual material and physical worlds out there dear ones other than the one you each create for yourself every moment of every day. You consciousness in your future life will always decide what world you appear to be in, but it will all be the illusions each of you creates for yourself, based on your level of consciousness and level of evolution and maturity in life.

Where a third dneisty human sees pain; suffering; loss of material possessions; and death in their life at this present day in your world as all bad things– the sixth dneisty man that is even now there along side you (within you as your inner and spiritual self) sees all of these things in a whole different light, and can therefore become so much happier in life without even separating from its present third dneisty lower human form. Nothing a third dneisty human needs or wants in life is needed  by the sixth dneisty self ( inner and spiritual  man)- even though the sixth density self can have what he or she wants in life any time he or she wants it. To the sixth dneisty man death is not death but sleep, as the sixth dneisty man experiences a sleep state and never a painful or horrible death as does the human soul. What the third dneisty human feels inside as pain when at the time of death in your world he or she feels the same pain felt by those who make up his or her world, as those who are outside are the same as those within a human being. So if you have many enemies in your world you will have greater pain at the time of death, according to your own illusions, and this is always controlled by the human and the human alone.

That is not to say your higher self is without  compassion and complete unconditional love for all of you dear ones, and would never allow pain and p[physical suffering at the death of a human for any extended period of time, and would therefore cause the spirit to pass quickly at the death of a human. So again these things are not felt by the inner and spiritual man that is sixth dneisty and above. They will therefore always be with each of you in life, but will always allow for the free will choosing of third dneisty man, as this was worked out with the higher self long ago. And now dear ones as we see we have gone for quite some time in our explanation on this present subject we will stop here for now. We will come to you again dear ones very soon, as we have many messages for each of you at this present day in your world.


We are the Oneness Society and we leave you all in unconditional love.