The Oneness Society through Daniel - What is the sense of it all?

01/03/2013 11:37

What is the sense of it all?


For quite some time now I have been coming to you with my messages and many of you have had the idea that my messages have been offered to you all from a third dneisty prospective. In other words you see very little different in my words from what you experience in life even today. You think that you too could speak these words and they would not make one bit of difference in raising your frequency and vibration as they are just words or opinions – right? Do you think I simply make this stuff up, or that some government agency has tapped into my brain and caused me to provide you all some false message, so as to aid in their efforts to further enslave you all at this day? Well I don’t buy that at all.

I am a spiritual and physical human being or soul and my consciousness is indeed made up of many – many myriads of human souls called a spiritual society or soul group, and we are all within this soul group a civilization or society of souls that make up a world and system of our own. Every thought; words; action; affection; or creation that has come form me is manifested in my present third dneisty world as well as my sixth dneisty ( and higher) spiritual worlds. Each of you human beings out there is another representation of my ruling loves in life, and I am simply acting out or living a single set or society of ruling loves, based on the spirits or souls that provide all the details and workings of my life on a day to day basis.

One way of putting it is that you could see me as an automobile factory and my factory puts out many different versions of cars. So every one of you out there in my world ( factory) today is one sort of car or another, but I am the factory, and I require each of you all the time to complete me ( or the factory). And based on what we advertise our factory as producing to the world, we have a certain number of different cars, and I represent every one of those cars as I represent the factory. If a single one of you were deleted or removed so that the factory was short a single model car then AI would no longer be complete, based on what I once represented as a factory. In other words instead of me putting out twenty nine different cars, now I am only putting out twenty eight. I am no longer complete therefore. Look at it this way – if that one car represented a finger or toe on the human body neither would I be complete without one of them either.

In this case however it takes many – many souls or spirits to make up the human life; body; and world, as far as all the physical and spiritual manifestations are concerned. Therefore once a thing is created in my world it can never again become uncreated or done away with. It is my new world every time a new thing is added to it, and every new creation is what makes me and continues to make me complete in life. So you see every one of you human beings out therein my world today is a group or society that lives within my essence and being, and is manifested as another human being in my present material and physical world.

Just as all of you make up my world so too do I combine with all the other souls in your world to make up your own personal world on the interior as well as the exterior in life. You are complete in that every human soul and every material and physical representation of life or consciousness seen or unseen in your present world exists within you as well as outside of you. A single human being only represents one group of ruling loves that combines with all the others in existence to make up “you.” And so it is required of every human being or soul to exist to eternity in order to make up your world and illusion of being a separate human or God Man (in the higher realms of consciousness) to eternity.

I complete you and you complete me, and we all are connected as one to complete one another in life, and to make up our worlds – every world we ever come to live in, to eternity. We will continue to add to this world of ours on in to eternity, but not one dot or hair will ever be removed from our world to eternity, as I am everything and everything is me – just as you are everything and everything is you – and so on – for every human ever to exist. If I were to die in this present world today I would simply return (as my consciousness) to your consciousness and the consciousness of all other human souls and manifestations that make up our present world today. And every person; place; or thing in all of existence is yours and my world. So again if I were to “appear” to die today I would have gone no where because you see me from within your self and being, and not from outside your self with your physical eyes. It is your brain or consciousness that tells you what you see in your world and it is not what is seen in your world with your eyes that is first manifested so as to be seen by your eyes.

I live within you as a part of your world and consciousness and you live within me as part of my world and consciousness as well – and the same goes for all human beings or souls. So when I appear to die in your world I and my consciousness is reborn into third dneisty (if I have not yet awakened and made the shift in consciousness) as another human child. But even though my consciousness is pout into that child by me and my choosing worlds to be born into, still my consciousness exists within every living human being in and on our world. Why? Well lets say that my ruling love is represented in life (or in our world) as the affection known of as shyness - or ego – or pride- or naivety- or stubbornness. That affection is wanted and needed by every human being in our world once that human comes to learn of its existence in their life, and it always therefore has to have its home in one human or another, so as to be shared with all other human souls every moment of every day in your world.

So let’s just say that if I represent shyness then by each of you possessing the affection shyness you possess my consciousness – given shyness is my ruling love in life. Now this is only an example, as I and all other humans actually represent many – many different affections as our ruling loves in your world.

So everything I represent that is a part of your ruling love in life is a part of you, and I am always therefore a part of you. At the same time everything you represent that is a part of my ruling loves in life is a part of me, and will always represent that part in and of me in life. It makes no difference if those affections are given a body and form in the material and physical world as these forms will always represent the same things once they have been created. So again no matter who ever comes to appear to die in your world – it is only an appearance as every human ever to exist is within each of you as you. And every human ever to exist is within me as well - as me.

So when I lost both of my brothers in the world to the illusion of death – all of a sudden I began to experience and recognize all the traits and habits they had in life, and how they were now my traits and habits as well. I did not so much notice these things before because these traits and habits were used more by both of my brothers, rather than by me. Therefore we never really recognize just how much we are so very similar to one another in life, and yet we are at the same time so very different.

Every human being in your world is created (through your consciousness) by those affections that make up your life in that one present world – at that one moment in time. As soon as anything you have created is no longer wished to be a part of your “present” life, at that particular moment in time (if even for a split second) it does not exist for that period of time. You my friends actually even now create in life instantly and at will, and you do not even know it if you are not an awakened human being. So if you are reading these words and are not an awakened human being you will see my words most likely as foolishness. Yes indeed, when you are in a room speaking to someone, and they leave that room no longer speaking to you then they do not exist any longer for you. It is just like the old saying “If a tree falls in the woods and you are not there to see it fall – does it make a sound?” The answer is that it does not make a sound for you, and does not therefore exist based on your consciousness and existence.

Of course every third dneisty human being would think otherwise in life as they have been taught in life that once a thing is created that it exists forever until it either dies or is destroyed in some fashion. This is not the case as we have not been taught properly as to how creation actually works.

So each and every ones of you is truly a creator God, but you can only create those things you know to be possible to be created in life. If there is the least bit of doubt in your mind and you are not in the presence of another human being who “knows” in fact that it is possible to create such a person; place; or thing, then it will not be possible. Someone has to know, and the one who does not know does not have the power to create anything they come to doubt in life as to whether or not it can be created.

Again if I am in doubt but am in the presence of another human who knows a thing can be created I can see such a created thing if its vibration is low enough to be seen within third dneisty existence. But creation is not from third dneisty, but rather from sixth dneisty, in which case anything a human creates from sixth dneisty through knowing, would have to lower in density and vibration first ( to third dneisty vibrations) before it could be experienced or seen in third dneisty. So you see everyone – everything created within this present third dneisty world was first created form sixth dneisty, and later was lowered in vibration because of one human being or another wishing to keep it in place to be owned or possessed in life for a time – within time and space.

So if you create something for your present now moment to enjoy or use in life as long as you do not wish to own or possess it but in fact let it go when you are done with it, then it does not exist for you in third dneisty, and your vibrations do not have to be lowered in order to experience or enjoy its presence or use in your life. The longer you possess or attempt to own something the lower and lower your vibration tends to fall in life. Do you now see why money and technologies are so much being sought for today in your world? Do you see now why the rulers of your world wish for you to own a house – no matter how far any one of you have to go into debt in order to own one? And fear for losing a thing and for what you will have tomorrow is two other things that maintain a low vibration for the human being as well. All of these things will forever be pushed on you for as long as you seek the things of third density.

You cannot know nor can you see instantaneous creation in life as long as you are bound to third dneisty, and this is the timeline each of you will return to if you continue to seek monetary abundance – new technologies to own (such as having them in your home or in your vehicle). Believe me when I tell you that these things will indeed soon come as they are simply lowering everyone’s hopes and lifestyles in your society and world today, taking all of you back down to bare minimum so that when they come to offer these new technologies and monetary abundances to you all that you will jump to possess and own them in your lives. It is however they who possess and own all things in your world and simply allow each of you to believe you do. And as long as you believe you possess and own a thing in life the more things you possess and own the lower your vibration is held and maintained in life.

At the same time they hold your freedom in their hands and cause it to appear that you must continuously seek your freedom in order to survive in life in the days ahead. And as long as you are in the survival mode, not knowing that you are already free – you are their slave- and a slave to third dneisty life and consciousness.

Look at all the groups and different folks out there today that I have had to speak against for years now – and most of you just brush me by thinking it is me that is speaking hog wash. The reason is because they are tickling all of your ears and telling you those things you ( as third dneisty humans) still wish to hear. You still want money – you still want a new car ort one that looks and runs good- you still want credit cards –you still want to own a house – you still want a high paying easy job – you still want your complete freedom while having someone else watch your children all the time so you can go out an party – you still want your televisions and cable services – you still want this you still want that. What is the sense in it all? And don’t give me that “why don’t you stop judging people,” as you all know if you fall into this category or not, and I didn’t pout you there.

I am simply telling you the truth and many of you are not going to like hearing it at this day. Many of you don’t want to give these things up, and seek a new way of life – one that makes so much better sense when it is all laid out for you. Look at all these guys filling your heads with the illusion that you are a slave and not free, and must therefore fight for your freedom. Whose work do you think they are doing these days? Do you think it is Gods or the Creator Sources work? Exactly what is it that you think keeps you all in third dneisty/ Do you think it is as they are all telling you – that you have to go out and spread love to everyone all over the world in order to one day awaken and ascend? Well how’s that working for ya?

I am here this day –and have been here as the unpopular guy for years now and here we are in 2013 and nothing has happened as far as ascension or the raise in consciousness is concerned. At least not for those of you out there still seeking what they have to offer – when everything you need this day is already with you and inside of your knowing, and you simply need to be patient until the day comes when you have been given enough information so as to guide you into remembering just who it is you truly are. Instead of sitting back ( or even going out and picketing or striking in the streets – instead of thinking of a possible civil war how about you just let go of it all and start over )  and listening to those who would have you fight or die in violence – just get out of their system and see what comes tomorrow. Can you do it? Can you let go of your many apparent blessing in life that you have to own?

 Do you think you are blessed simply because you still have a bank account; a nice car or any car at all; a home with your name on the deed; nice clothes; plenty of food; and so much more still? Do you not think they are not coming to take what you have as well? For if they permitted some of you to get comfortable and think you are so blessed in life, and then all of a sudden you had nothing and had to receive a government voucher just to eat every month – who would win in the end? But let’s say this does not happen and everything soon clears up so that many people have jobs and the economy returns to per 02008 standards.  Do you win then – once it looks like everyone is happy all over again?

No! You are back to living third dneisty standards, and you are on your way to returning to this world again and living it all over again. And I am speaking to a lot of you out there who thinks you are in fact awaken. Sure those spreading these false messages of hope want you to think you are awake by allowing you to think ascension and prosperity are both so very close. They are keeping you all bust just so they can reface their present world – so that the masses are once again lolled back into their false fears and anxiety so that society is once again submitted to them and their slave tactics. In other words the people are indeed waking up,. And so they have to provide many false and deceiving messages that make them think there are awakening to something ever so different, when in fact they got many of you thinking you need to free yourselves and then the wonderful world you seek will be right here waiting on you. That is bull!

The world you seek is indeed right here waiting on you but it is not the world or picture they paint for you all. The shift in consciousness and the ascension is all natural for every human spirit, and no one has to do a thing to bring it about, as it will indeed come about for every human in his or her own time. And you cannot go lay in some chamber in order to speed the shift in consciousness and ascension along. Again you are being fed false information telling you certain world rulers and government’s officials have to be arrested and put out of office – just so they can be replaced with other interim leaders that are supposedly more trustworthy. And when all is said and done they tell you it is all just temporary until they can completely get rid of governments and a monetary system- give you all the many new technologies- and this and that.

They are promising you friend’s one thing in place of another, and then telling you it will all one day be gone – and you will all be in fifth dneisty. It don’t work that way folks! So when you die in this world and your children are still here under their control simply because they were not willing to give up all the stuff they were permitted to (supposedly) own in life, where will your children be in those later days? They will be in the same boat as you are all in now at this day. Someone has to hear the call and we need to prepare this world for those generations to come.

As I have stated in many of my past messages much work is being carried out behind the scenes, but it isn’t working toward a world and system you think is coming your way. What is being planned out is a world with no punishment – no laws – no monetary system – no reliance on technologies – no owning a single thing in life – no borrowing or credit – no policing the citizens – no war but only world peace – no killing and no death – free health services and medications – free and much better education – freedom for families to live and exist as they please – and happiness and abundance of life for everyone.

If you wish to live in such a world as is even now being formed and planned out, then let go and focus your minds on the important things in life, as your thoughts are what is going to create your future world for you friends. It is true that my comrades ( The Oneness Society0 speak of monetary abundance as well for your world, but it shall be a temporary thing simply because no one human will have more than e or she needs in life in order to help them make the transition over to the new world and life we speak of. There will be no more credit cards or bank accounts and money will fade out very soon – to be followed by a society of abundance in resources and services to all. Those of you who think you are soon going to be rich beyond your wildest dreams; while others remain poor are totally misled. And those who think everyone is going to be rich and that they will therefore continue in a world based on currency and technologies will very possibly see these things very soon, but we have provided a better place for you all, and all you need to do in life at this day is to choose not to return to third dneisty by your actions and choices you each make in life at this day.

Still you cannot be someone you are not and therefore those who wish to continue following these false messages while all along being offered another choice are all free to do so – but keep in mind that you were offered another choice. Stop seeking revenge – justice – an eye for an eye – arrests – civil war – war of any kind – money in the bank – technologies to own for your house or car – and all the many things that continuously keep you all bound to third dneisty. In your new world and life that is indeed eventually to come for you all, you will then be capable of instantaneous creation and creation at will, whenever and wherever you wish in life – as long as you no longer go against the free will choices of others in life- cause no one harm- and cause no one any further loss. So what messages are each of you poised to continue listening to in the days ahead? Will it be one of seeking your freedom and survival – or will it be one where you already know you are free and you simply need to begin acting it out by the new choices you each make in life in the days ahead.

It is all in your hands now!

This is the Oneness Society in partnership with Daniel – bringing you this message as it is time for such a message to be delivered to your world.

We love you all unconditionally and we will come to you again very soon

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